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Saturday, April 18, 2015:

The Ancient Giants Of The New World

Steve Taylor: Transcendent Sex — How Sexuality Can Generate Higher States of Consciousness

Secret Agreement to Make Corporations Unstoppable Moves Forward

Arjun Walia: More Than 20 People In Yukon, Canada Saw This In The Sky – A World Wide Phenomena

Friday, April 17, 2015:

End the Internal Struggle: Surrender to the Self

Andreas Toupadakis: Awaken Students! Education is for Self-Awareness and Inner Growth

Liz Bentley: Cohabitating with the Sentient Living Organism We Call Earth

Steve Beckow: Back to the Basics on the Path of Love

The US Finally Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Thursday, April 16, 2015:

The Ultimate Treasure

Brazil Approves more Herbicide-Resistant Corn, Soy, & GM Trees

Sophia Love: Time for a Jubilee

Feeling Low Energy and Tired All The Time? Try This Out!

Road to White House: New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss

Wednesday, April 15, 2015:

Awaken, Spiritual Revolutionaries

Marcus Ajose: Why Do We?

US Navy’s Creepy New Ads Send Conflicting Message About Liberty

We Have the Peak Oil Myth – Now Peak Water Too?

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Part Of The 90% Of Americans Still Using Microwaves

Tuesday, April 14, 2015:

Seeking the Magic

Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It

Steve Beckow: Know Thyself? Love Thyself

Jon Rappoport: Who I Write For

The Essential Eckhart Tolle: “The Mind Can’t Know The Mind”


Hello, and thanks for visiting this blog. Here, you’ll find articles and discussions related to a new paradigm in human consciousness and understanding, and I’d like to give my perspective on this new paradigm and the culture we’ve created around it.

All around the world, people are awakening to the spiritual nature of our existence and the necessity to move beyond our old, instated ways of being, and as they do, they seek likeminded people who are aware of similar things.

The conscious community is growing by the day, and we’ve created a blossoming movement of spiritual seekers who understand that we’re metaphysical beings having a human experience.

We’re dissatisfied with our planet’s broken condition, and we’re using our collective voice to help others awaken and make a change.

The purpose of this blog, which used to be The Aquarius Paradigm, is to provide an outlet for the awake and aware to have their voices heard. We’re here to change the planet, and we’re here to help everyone become aware of love, spirit, and the fact that we can become vessels for the expression of a higher consciousness; a greater, more expanded social and spiritual awareness.

This blog is intended to provide a haven for those of you who are socially/spiritually aware and ready to make a change. In discovering and advocating so many unique spiritual concepts, we’ve created a culture of awareness that’s gaining influence by the day and our work has just begun.

We can start taking steps to create a new world if we all come together, and it’s up to those of us who are becoming aware to be the change we want to see. It’s up to us to help the rest of society become aware, and the harder we work now, the more people we’ll reach.

We have more potential than we realize, and we can uplift those who aren’t in the greatest position to uplift themselves. It isn’t our job to force other people to accept our beliefs or our perspective on life, but we can use our awareness and spirituality to help them see that things are nothing like we’ve been led to believe.

The hope is for this blog to provide a meeting place where conscious, likeminded people can come together and talk about spirituality, the fall of the planetary ‘elite’, the construction of a new world, etc. Beyond this, it’s intended to help inform, uplift, and motivate as many people as possible to do what they can to raise awareness and elevate their own understanding of this infinite existence.

Hopefully, everything that’s offered here will help those of you who’ve searched for a resource or outlet to explore/express your awareness.

Since so many people have become aware, it’s clear that open-minded and openhearted spirituality is more than just a fad that’ll be forgotten in a decade. It’s become a culture. A new society that’s rooted in spirituality and a natural way of life is springing up from the ground, and plenty of grassroots efforts are being started in its name.

Our future depends on the things the conscious public is able to do, and hopefully, this blog will help those of you who are asking yourselves what you can do with your social and spiritual awareness. There’s a lot we can do, but we have to be motivated and willing to use our voice instead of complacently hiding in the shadows.

It’s time for us to rise up, and this blog is one of many things that’s intended to support the awakened community in this ongoing conscious revolution.

Much love!

Wes Annac

The Ancient Giants Of The New World

01 giantmex

From Earth We Are One, April 17, 2015

According to Paiute Indian oral legends, a tribe called the Si-Te-Cah were a native American race of tall red-haired giants that once occupied the area in the distant past.

Amazingly, 9,400 year old Mummified remains were indeed found in a cave in Nevada, though scientific study is NOT allowed on the remains for political reasons.

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, a prominent female Native American activist, educator, and daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, related many stories passed down in her tribe, first hand, about the Si-Te-Cah in her book Life Among the Paiutes, published in 1883.

“My people say that the tribe we exterminated had red hair. I have some of their hair, handed down from father to son. I have a dress which has been in our family a great many years, trimmed with the reddish hair. I am going to wear it some time when I lecture. It is called a mourning dress, and no one has such a dress but my family.”

The oldest mummies in the world are the Chinchorro mummies from northern Chile and southern Peru. While the earliest Egyptian artificial mummy dates to around 3000 BC, the earliest Chinchorro artificial mummy dates to around 5050 BC.

(Check out this post on Earth We Are One to see the accompanying video.)

And while the earliest Egyptian natural mummy (red-head named “Ginger”) dates to around 3400 BC, the earliest Chinchorro natural mummy dates to around 7020 BC.

The Chinchorro culture was the only Andean culture that performed mummification on all members of their society. In all of the other Andean cultures, only the elite were mummified. These photographs of Chinchorro mummies show that they have Caucasoid hair and features.

Related: The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin;

This may mean that only the Chinchorro culture consisted exclusively of Caucasoids, and that all of the other Andean cultures were comprised of a Caucasoid elite ruling over a Mongoloid proletariat.

“Native Races of the Pacific States” by Hubert Bancroft, published in 1874, Bancroft says that in Peru there were “numerous vague traditions of settlements or nations of white, bearded men, clad in long robes, who regulated the calendar, and were possessed of an advanced civilization“.

A major burial site of the Nazca culture was the Chauchilla Cemetery, established in 200 AD, used for 600 to 700 years. The hair of the mummies are obviously Caucasoid and they’re all wearing long robes. The ceramic vessels were produced by the Moche culture (100 to 800 AD), they all have beards, their facial features are Caucasoid, and again, they’re all wearing long robes.

The photograph below of the village Wari mummies, one of the many pre-Inca peoples who inhabited the area now known as Lima in Peru. They were directly taken from a pyramid bearing the blue-eyed masks you see in the picture. Besides the mummy wrapped in six layers of wool, needles were found and other textile materials.

All over the New World we find legends of Quetzalcoatl (by Aztecs), Kukulkan (by Mayans), Amalivaka (by Tamanacs), Manco-Capac (by Incans), Viracocha (by Aymaras). All of them describe: a tall white man, blue eyed, with long blond-reddish hair and beard.

Numerous PRE-HISPANIC Caucasian mummies have been found in South America with fair hair, some with blue stones covering the eyes, as well as gold masks with similar striking blue eyes, matching the legends of the pale-skinned Sun-gods.

Two thousand years ago a mysterious and little known civilization, with a blue-eyed elite, ruled the northern coast of Peru. Its people were called the Moche. They built huge pyramids that still dominate the surrounding countryside; some well over a hundred feet tall.

The Lord of Sipán tomb is held by some archaeologists to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in this region of the world in the last 30 years, as the main tomb was found intact and untouched by thieves.

Pizarro asked who the white skinned redheads were. The Inca Indians replied that they were the last descendants of the Viracochas. The Viracochas, they said, were a divine race of white men with beards.

They were so like the Spanish that the Europeans were called Viracochas the moment they came to the Inca Empire. The Incas thought they were the Viracochas who had come sailing back across the Pacific. (Heyerdahl, ibid., page 253).

According to the principal Inca legend, before the reign of the first Inca, the sun-god, Con-Ticci Viracocha, had taken leave of his kingdom in present day Peru and sailed off into the Pacific with all his subjects.

When the Spaniards came to Lake Titicaca, up in the Andes, they found the mightiest ruins in all South America – Tiahuanaco. They saw a hill reshaped by man into a stepped pyramid, classical masonry of enormous blocks, beautifully dressed and fitted together, and numerous large statues in human form.

They asked the Indians to tell them who had left these enormous ruins. The well known chronicler, Cieza de Leon, was told in reply that these things had been made long before the Incas came to power. They were made by white and bearded men like the Spaniards themselves. (Heyerdahl, ibid., page 253).

The White men had finally abandoned their statues and gone with the leader, Con-Ticci Viracocha, first up to Cuzco, and then down to the Pacific. They were given the Inca name of Viracocha, or “sea foam’, and vanished over the sea.

Archeologists have discovered a lost city deep within the Amazon rain forest of the long-lost tribe of white-skinned, blonde-haired people called the Cloud People. The Cloud People, also known in legend as “the white warriors of the clouds” established expansive pre-Inca kingdom located in the northern regions of the Andes in present-day Peru.

Other pre-Hispanic groups referred to the Cloud People… as “White Gods” due to their height, blonde hair and blue eyes. According to Inca legend, the Chachapoyas remembered that their ancestors came from the East.

Aztec codices are books written by pre-Columbian and colonial-era Aztecs. Note that the giant pictured below has a name near him, the text reads Quinametzin, one of the old ones.

References: Atlantean Gardens;

Steve Taylor: Transcendent Sex — How Sexuality Can Generate Higher States of Consciousness

Transcendent Sex - How sex can generate higher states of consciousness 2

By Steve Taylor Ph.D, Guest writer for Wake Up World, April 18, 2015

Because of its allegedly pornographic content, D.H. Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover wasn’t published until 33 years after his death, in 1963. But far from being pornographic, the book is about the spiritual power of sex, how it can free us from our usual sense of separateness and bring us a heightened awareness and sense of connection to the world.

Lawrence spoke of “the strange, soothing flood of peace, the sense that all is well, which goes with true sex.” And in the novel he describes how Lady Chatterley’s vision of the world is completely transformed when she’s walking home after making love to her gamekeeper:

“The trees seemed to be bulging and surging, at anchor on a tide, and the heave of the slope of the park was alive… The universe ceased to be the vast clock-work of circling planets and pivotal suns which she had known. The stars opened like eyes, with a consciousness in them, and the sky was filled with a soft, yearning stress of consolation. It was not mere atmosphere. It had its own feeling, its own anima. Everything had its own anima.” Continue reading

Gregg Prescott: What If EVERYONE Was Wealthy Beyond Their Wildest Dreams?

What If EVERYONE Was Wealthy Beyond Their Wildest Dreams?  in5d in 5dby Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, In5D.com, April 17, 2015

What if EVERYONE was wealthy beyond their wildest dreams? Who would still want to work if money wasn’t an issue anymore? How would that affect our every day lives and our perceived “freedom”?

I often use an analogy of freedom as a man walking his dog.  The man is the government, you are the dog and the leash is your freedom. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Resist, Resent, Revenge – Part 1/2

By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, April 17, 2015

As a student of awareness, I know that my proper subject of study is me and, as a journalist, my proper partner for sharing is you.

So let me look at a pattern in my own behavior that I’m investigating in order to let go of.

Everything hid shall be made plain. Why would I want to hide anything that’s only going to come out later?  Fear of ridicule, yes. But being free of this stuff is so much more rewarding than fearing ridicule.

I also want to say, if I can talk about these topics, hey, so can others. There’s no need to keep polishing our image when it never worked in the past and won’t work in the future. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Resist, Resent, Revenge – Part 2/2

By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, April 17, 2015

(Concluded from Part 1.)

There’s a relationship architecture that this pattern fits into. I remember seeing it in my family of origin.

When control is assured, things went well and everyone was happy. When one person refused to be controlled, things broke down, slowly or rapidly. But usually rapidly at the end, with a kick or a swipe.

There was also a cyclical pattern to the abuse in my family. Calm/disagreement/explosion/separation; Continue reading

Secret Agreement to Make Corporations Unstoppable Moves Forward

tpp_political_aongress_735_350By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, April 17, 2015

Corporate lobbyists who want to force genetically modified food on the world through secretive and unconstitutional, behind-closed-doors deals have just moved their agenda forward by cutting a deal with the President to move the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) through a fast-track approval in Congress. This agreement would lodge corporate power in place, undermining democracy. Continue reading

Graham Handcock: Psychedelics, Consciousness & the Birth of Civilization

Divine Spark Big BangBy Graham Hancock, Waking Times, April 17, 2015

**Waking Times Note: This article is excerpted from the introduction of The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader: Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization. See more at The Divine Spark Library Page.

I’ve been very lucky; I feel I’ve been blessed; I’ve lived a blessed life. I’m grateful to the universe for giving me the chance to live this life.

But why am I here? Why are you here? Why are we all here on planet earth? Why are we conscious? What are our lives for? Continue reading