Just Smile

Credit: listdose.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

When things aren’t going your way and you can’t seem to catch a break,  just smile. When negativity tries to take over, keep smiling and refuse to become another one of its victims.

Be happy regardless of how much you’re tempted to be sad, and see if your new attitude makes things better. Continue reading

What Does It Mean to Have a Mission?

Being on a mission means that we have a purpose for being on this planet.  Credit: cccbic.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

You hear a lot of talk in our little community about being on a mission, but what exactly does that mean? Do the people who think they’re on a mission live or act differently than those who don’t?

Being on a mission means that we have a purpose for being on this planet, however we each define it, and we build our lives around that purpose in hopes of reaching others who also have something significant to give. Continue reading

The Occult Definition of Convict and the Hidden Role of Judges

By Pao L. Chang, Waking Times, November 25, 2015

The word convict is often used in the legal system to identify people who have been found “guilty” of a crime and is serving a sentence in prison. What most people do not know about the word convict is that there is a deeper meaning to this word. Its deeper meaning is used by the Dark Forces and their minions to mock people who were in prison or are serving a sentence in prison. After reading this article, you will know the occult definition of convict and why the legal system likes to use this word to mock convicts. Continue reading

History Proves Why FDA’s Approval of GMO Salmon Is an Environmental Disaster In the Making

GM salmonBy Jonathon Benson, Natural News, November 25, 2015

(NaturalNews) Federal regulators recently made the unprecedented decision to unleash the world’s first genetically-modified (GM) animal life form – a transgenic salmon species that its manufacturer claims grows artificially large, and much more quickly, than natural salmon. And this mutated “Frankenfish,” known commercially as “AquAdvantage,” won’t be labeled on grocery store shelves or in your favorite restaurants, so you won’t even know you’re eating it! Continue reading

Cedella Marley: Be What You Want to Be

CedellaPositive Vibrations, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time, November 25, 2015

Make the choice today, to begin to be what you want to be. Don’t fret if you do not know everything you think you should know to get there, you will learn along the way.

The first step will lead to the second step and the momentum will grow after. You will discover yourself along the way and be proud of yourself for going after your dreams.

One love…Cedella

The True Origin of Vaccines Might Shock You, and the Remedy for True Health – Even More Stunning

From The Mind Unleashed, November 25, 2015

As America struggles with a ‘legal’ drug addiction like no other nation, are we missing something fundamental about how the body realizes true health? If we look at ancient teachings – those which have been around since well before the fairly new invention of ‘modern,’ allopathic medicine, which has only been in existence really since the 19th century, and the dawn of ‘germ theory, ’ instead of relying on the advice of an industry which has grown swollen with greed, might we not discover simple, profound measures to heal the body, once and for all? Continue reading

The Color Attributes Of Your Vibration

The Color Attributes Of Your Vibration

By Lien Potgieter, OM Times, Thanks to In5D.com

The colors of your aura get brighter as your vibration becomes higher. When you raise your frequency, you live a healthier, happier and more colorful life.

What does a high-frequency person with a balanced body, heart, mind, and soul look like; when the whole you with the colors of your chakras are at their highest, best selves? In terms of color attributes, you’d be described as follows: Continue reading

Part 4: 20 More Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink


By Lance Schuttler, www.themindunleashed.org, November 14, 2015, Thanks to Collectively Conscious

The accelerating downfall of the Global Cabal, or the ‘NWO’ as some people call it, is fascinating to watch. While many are aimlessly watching the highly orchestrated “presidential race,” those paying closer attention are seeing before our eyes the old paradigm collapsing. Continue to dream big my friends, we are in for exciting and very positive times for our world. Continue reading