Every Moment Is Crucial

Credit: Keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Every moment is crucial when you’re in the midst of a personal transformation. You’ll want to observe your thoughts, emotions and actions in every moment to determine if there’s anything keeping you from being an example of true, lasting inner change, and there might be times when negativity erupts out of you, increasing your guilt and making you feel like you can’t achieve your goals.

Plenty of spiritual teachers will tell you that anger’s necessary on the enlightenment path, and true understanding comes when we’re open to everything this life has for us – the good, the bad, and whatever comes in between. Negativity seems avoidable sometimes, and while there are a precious few people who are enlightened or emotionally trained enough to never get angry, most of us will confront it at one point despite how far we are along the path. Continue reading

Jason Hammond: Everything Is a Grand Singularity

Credit: Esctoday.com

By Jason Hammond, Contributor, Culture of Awareness

Think of a square. Think of a circle.

Now square the circle, or vice versa.

Hint: Don’t use the logical mind to achieve this.

When/if you’re able to do that, to even glimpse it, you may well have the briefest little snippet of the levels of consciousness that await both you and humanity, towards which we are growing.  Continue reading

The Miracle of Cannabis Gives Back a Young Girl Her Life

The Miracle of Cannabis Gives Back a Young Girl Her Life

By Carolanne Wright, Wake Up World, July 7, 2015

Charlotte Figi. If you’ve seen Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, WEED, you will recognize the name. Her life story made national headlines when the special aired in 2013.

Charlotte suffers from Dravet’s syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that does not respond to medication. Usually the seizures begin within the first year of life. For Charlotte, they started when she was 3 months old. The disorder progresses as the child grows older with muscle spasms and status epilepticus (SE) that come in clusters, oftentimes lasting for 30 minutes or longer. Charlotte was having upwards of 300 grand mal seizures a week, which took their toll on her health, development and cognitive processing. Continue reading

Antidepressants May be Worsening Depression, Not Treating it

pills-antidepressnats-happy-735-350By Julie Fidler, Natural Society, July 6, 2015

For years we’ve been told that depression is caused by low serotonin levels in the brain. Now, a leading professor of psychiatry is warning that belief is little more than a dangerous miscommunication, saying the marketing of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs is “based on a myth.” Continue reading

Cedella Marley: Get Clear About Your Objectives

Cedella Marley Focus

Positive Vibrations – 7.6.15, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Get clear about your objectives this week. If all you have is a vague idea, then work on fleshing it out so it becomes detailed and specific. Act now, as opportunities do not wait for conditions to be perfect. Persist in your efforts. Make all of your work count for something by seeing it through to the finish. Be thankful for the challenges and enjoy working through them. For they are where the real value is created.

One love…Cedella

Phil Watt: 3 Scientific Fields that are Evolving Humanity’s Worldview

Quantum QuarkBy Phil Watt, Waking Times, July 6, 2015

The collective perception of humanity has been highly influenced by the scientific method, especially over the last few centuries. This consensus has continually evolved throughout that time by transcending old ways of thinking about the ‘reality’ of the universe. It hasn’t stopped either; the accumulating scientific evidence, especially from the quantum, psychological and parapsychological realms, is facilitating a meta-paradigm shift that is significantly influencing the course of humanity’s destiny. Continue reading

Opening up for Moments of Clarity in Your Life

From The Mind Unleashed, July 6, 2015

Lately I was revisiting the idea of clarity which also happened to prop up in separate conversations over the period of a week. It felt like the ‘theme’ or the ‘zeitgeist’ of the week so I took some time to reflect on it. I looked at all those things which became clear in my life throughout the years, especially recent ones, and also pinpointed those which are still going through the process.

Contemplating on these aspects of my life allowed me to see the broader dynamics into play and made me understand a little bit closer which are those enabling factors that are conducive to the so-called moments of clarity. Continue reading

Lee Harris: July 2015 Energy Forecast

Lee HarrisThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for July 2015.

I’m filming today in Mill Valley, Marin County, among the redwood trees. And redwoods, if you ever have the chance to experience them, are incredible, incredible beings. They’re like guardians. They’re so ancient and so powerful. So being down here among them feels perfect for today. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Taking Steps, Creating Visions

Sacred 11By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, July 6, 2015

I said earlier that, if we take the first step, a bridge will appear where none was before.

Well, that’s in a sense what’s happening with me.

I began 2013 saying we are building Nova Earth and I had no idea where the next step would be. At times I’d turn to Archangel Michael and say “I don’t know what to do next” and he’d reply that the idea would appear. Continue reading

The World Won’t Change Until We Do

Credit: Bemagazine.org

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It’s clear that there’s a lot of evil in the world, and it’s easy to get dismayed at our society’s current condition. Sometimes, we’re hit with the world’s ills when we least expect, and centeredness can be difficult when we try our best and still can’t get past all of the negativity and drama.

We only need to look around to see that our world’s broken. It seems difficult for most people to find lasting happiness, and while a corrupt, self-obsessed elite continues to blow the planet to smithereens for personal profit, most ‘common’ people struggle with negative, selfish and uncaring tendencies that keep us from a new world just as much as the elite’s crimes. Continue reading