The Voice Within: No Words Can Describe the Unknowable


An intuitive reading by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Note from Wes: This reading’s title might seem to contradict my article from yesterday, “Spiritual Revolution and the Power of Words”, but while words are limited when it comes to spirituality, I still think they’re a great help along this journey.

There’s a subtle yet noteworthy difference between writing and channeling.

Writing allows you to give your perspective on various issues while also allowing you to access your greater awareness and pull some expressions and observations back up to the surface, while channeling bypasses the mind (while still using its translating capabilities) to offer the expression of your higher consciousness.

Your higher consciousness is always with you and always wants to help you along your journey, and to access its guidance clearly or properly, you have to be willing to release any false notions of what this connection should be like or what your spiritual evolution should be like in general. Continue reading

Spiritual Revolution and the Power of Words


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I love writing, because I love words. While they’re limited when it comes to communicating spiritual experiences that are beyond our ability to describe, they allow us to express whatever we want about our life, our spiritual evolution and the forces who are trying to keep us in the dark.

Words give us a weapon to use against injustice, and we can also use them to talk about lighter subjects that nourish the soul. With words, we can talk about how amazing and awe-inspiring the natural world is, and we can delightfully express our reverence for this planet.

With the power of words, we can strengthen our spiritual revolution and encourage others to get out there and get active, while remembering to go within for the guidance they require to creatively and spiritually thrive. Continue reading

We Are On The Threshold Of The Golden Age – Santos Bonacci

We Are On The Threshold Of The Golden Age – Santos Bonacci  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.,, May 30, 2015

According to Santos Bonacci’s studies into astrotheology, based on the writing of Sri Yukteswar, we are on the threshold of the Golden Age.

To read what Sri Yukteswar has to say in his book, ‘Holy Science’, please check out the text below the video.

For over 30 years, Santos Bonacci has researched these ancient works. Now, with his training in media and music, he continues with his study, to compile and translate this marvelous knowledge into more accessible and contemporary terms.

Bonacci lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a professional musician who is also involved in the creation and promotion of Social Truth Networks.

Please visit Santos’ website, Universal Truth School.

Bernhard Guenther: The Dark Side Of The Internet

The dark side of the internet

By Bernhard Guenther, Wake Up World, May 30, 2015

Carl Gustav Jung suggested that everything we feel about (or see in) another person is comprised of about 75% of our own “stuff” – our infamous shadow (i.e., the unconscious aspects of ourselves) – which we project, in either positive or negative ways, onto others.

In reality, such perceptions really have nothing to do with the other person. A more accurate indicator of an individual’s character and intentions are based on one-on-one interactions with them in real life, from a place of grounded awareness of self and the experiences which accompany that ‘work’. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Lightworkers Are Society’s Trimtabs



By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 30, 2015

Back in the early Seventies, Buckminster Fuller introduced the notion of conscious people as trimtabs. He said:

“Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.

“It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab.” (1)

Lightworkers function as society’s trimtab in the matters of abundance, disclosure and Ascension. As SaLuSa said on May 29, 2015: “Lightworkers do have a voice and those seeking illumination will be drawn to those people who can guide them along a suitable pathway.” (2) Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Will We Clear Forever? – Part 2/2

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 30, 2015

(Continued from Part 1.)

What is the mechanism, structure or system that perpetuates our ignorance and creates blocks to the unveiling of our crystal-clear awareness? Perhaps I can include my own description of it.

The system or structure of our own dysfunctionality and ignorance can be said to have five components:

(1) Root Vasanas or Core Issues
(2) False Beliefs or False Grids
(3) Character Armoring.
(4) Self-induced Illnesses and Other Medical Conditions.
(5) Our Image.
(6) The Constructed Self. Continue reading

USDA-Approved GMO Salmon Called Into Question for Being Disease Prone

Image from: KCRWBy Christina Sarich, Natural Society, May 30, 2015

The infiltrated US Department of Agriculture may have given AquaBounty Technology’s (ABTX) genetically modified salmon a green light, but the Canadian government has issued a draft statement saying that GE salmon is not safe since it is ‘more prone to disease.’ Continue reading

Julie Henderson: Multi-Dimensional Beings With Reflections in the Spirit World

Smudge SageBy Julie Henderson, Waking Times, May 30, 2015

The spirit world, also known as the mirror world, is the authentic underlying truth of humanity’s collective evolution. It contains humanity’s truest feelings, ideas, beliefs, and sacred consciousness. The subconscious of humanity was placed inside of beings who are dreamers, people who are capable of holding space and making life sacred again.

These are the mamas and the papas, the sacred indigo children, the seers, the navigators, the creators, and the lovers of life. These are the dancers of space and time that shake rattles in their eyes and bring you back to life when they crack a smile. Continue reading

Huge Win: Mainstream GMO-Free Baby Formula is Coming!

baby_formula_similac_735_350By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, May 29, 2015

In line with Targets recent proclamation to offer more ‘green’ and ‘non-GMO’ foods to their customers with its Simply Balanced brand, global health care company Abbott will soon sell a GMO-free baby formula at Target called Similac Advance – the very first mainstream baby formula that will not contain genetically altered ingredients. Continue reading

Richard Smoley: Has Consciousness Evolved?

Conscious EvolutionBy Richard Smoley, New Dawn, Waking Times, May 29, 2015

The idea that consciousness is evolving is one of the most important doctrines of the New Age. But is it true?

Over the long term, the answer seems obvious. Even the stupidest of humans is far more intelligent and sophisticated than a trilobite. Although materialists have skirted the conclusion that evolution has a direction – and that this direction is toward greater complexity – they have not managed to shoot it down. Continue reading

S. Ali Myers: Decalcify the Pineal Gland with Alkaline Foods

S Ali Myers

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Charge up your third eye (pineal gland) with high-vibrating, nutritionally enriched foods and drinks!

Most people, especially in America, are consuming a diet that is detrimental to our spiritual growth. With the influx of low vibratory foods (ie. fast food, sodas, microwave dinners, sugars etc.), we are contracting more diseases and evolving slower spiritually than we have to. Continue reading