Effortless Enlightenment: 5 Pieces of Advice from Lin-Chi

Credit: oselshenphenling.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Most ‘conscious’ people know by now that the love and spiritual awareness they seek are found within, and we’ll make ourselves miserable if we search for them in the external world. Once we understand the futility of searching for these qualities in the world and discover them within, we can appreciate the earth for its beauty and the lessons it teaches us. Continue reading

“Personal Revolution” – Giving Love to a Broken World

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Life can confront us with the most painful circumstances, and all we can do is try to accept them, work through them and move forward. It isn’t easy when we’re confronted on all sides with stresses and challenges we don’t feel like we can handle, however, and we all have our times when we want to give up – on our mission, our struggles, and life in general. Continue reading

Where’s the Inspiration?

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

How can we get excited about creating a new world? How can we inspire ourselves to pursue our purpose in the collective awakening and make sure the inspiration sticks?

A lot of people talk about a new way of life, the meek inheriting the earth, and various other concepts that point to a worldwide transformation, but I wonder how many of them are willing to put in the massive amount of work that’s required. We can’t wait around for anyone else to make a change, especially our governments, and we have to take responsibility for our planet’s situation and work together to find solutions to our seemingly endless problems. Continue reading

Approaching a New Earth: The Fall of the Cabal

A new earth. Credit: greatcomissionschool.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

David Wilcock recently released a new article about the cabal’s inevitable demise, and as usual, it’s packed with information about the ‘cosmic drama’ as he calls it, that we’re going through.

I’ve followed David’s work for years, and he’s been a major force in my awakening and my interest in spirituality, extraterrestrials and the fall of the Luciferian cabal. In his latest article, he continued to offer tons of information from various news sources to make the point that the cabal is falling and trying to take the world down with them. Continue reading

Letters, Numbers, and Spirituality

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the one hundred and sixtieth issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, a paid weekly newsletter that I offer for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps me get by and continue to offer free material, and every subscription helps us keep the blog going.

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I recently realized that letters and numbers are more spiritual than I once thought. I’ve never really considered that they have a deeper purpose or meaning, and I’ve always associated them with nonspiritual concepts that I never really cared about. I wasn’t particularly fond of math or spelling in school (no kid’s really fond of math), though I didn’t really have a problem with English class because I’ve always enjoyed writing. Continue reading

The Mission (and Purpose) of the Spiritual Revolutionary

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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”  ― Gautama Buddha (Credit: Good Reads)

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

All around the world, people are awakening to spirituality, the corruption of the people in power and the necessity to change our ways, and whether we realize it or not, we’re all on a mission to wake up and help the rest of the world become aware.

I think there’s a difference between our ‘mission’ and our ‘purpose’. In my opinion, our mission is to spread love, knowledge and awareness so the world can wake up and make a positive change, and our purpose is whatever medium we use to do that. Some people choose writing; some choose music, painting or something similar; some speak publicly on a number of issues that have to do with a new paradigm; and some share the information and art that’s offered by the rest of the conscious community. Continue reading

Unconditional Love Will Heal the World

GagaiiBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If we have love, we have everything we could ever need and we no longer have to search for something that’s always with us. Love might seem distant or unattainable here on earth, and the lack of love we see in the world results from a lack of love in our own hearts and the hearts of everyone who struggles to find any real joy or happiness. Continue reading

Science: You Have Extraterrestrial DNA

Science: You Have Extraterrestrial DNAThanks to In5D.com

Don’t be alarmed, but you have alien DNA in your genetic code. Science says so.

Scientists from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an extraterrestrial signal by an ancient alien civilization, Discovery.com reports. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: David’s Latest Piece Dazzling, Sobering

David Wilcock 5By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 28, 2015

The number of mind-boggling revelations David Wilcock just made in his latest article is amazing.

(Wes Annac has written an extensive article on it: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/08/27/approaching-a-new-earth-the-fall-of-the-cabal/.) Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: The Power, The Source of Light, and Bugs/Fears ;-)

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, August 28, 2015

Interesting, as I am sitting here feeling into what to share today, my team is rotating the word power all around me.  What Power is, how important it is to us Here and Now and most importantly, how it is growing, or stunting the growth of our life. Continue reading

Krishnamurti Quotes: If You Are Aware of Outward Things

J. Krishnamurti Online, August 28, 2015

Please do listen to this. Most of us think that awareness is a mysterious something to be practised, and that we should get together day after day to talk about awareness. Now, you don’t come to awareness that way at all.

But if you are aware of outward things -the curve of a road, the shape of a tree, the colour of another’s dress, the outline of the mountains against a blue sky, the delicacy of a flower, the pain on the face of a passer-by, the ignorance, the envy, the jealousy of others, the beauty of the earth- then, seeing all these outward things without condemnation, without choice, you can ride on the tide of inner awareness.

Then you will become aware of your own reactions, of your own pettiness, of your own jealousies. From the outward awareness you come to the inward, but if you are not aware of the outer, you cannot possibly come to the inner.

The Collected Works, Vol. XV,242,Choiceless Awareness

5 Signs You May Be A Light Worker And Don’t Even Know It

From Higher Perspective, August 28, 2015

A light worker is someone who wants to see healing in the world on a large scale, considers themselves able to detect subtle healing energy, and has had some kind of a mystical awakening in their lives, be it current or a past life. Have people told you that you have a pure heart? Do you come of as warm and loving? You might be a light worker. These are some other signs: Continue reading

Krishnamurti Quotes: Following Every Thought, Every Feeling

J. Krishnamurti Online, August 27, 2015

If you sit on the bank of a river after a storm, you see the stream going by, carrying a great deal of debris. Similarly, you have to watch the movement of yourself, following every thought, every feeling, every intention, every motive, just watch it.

That watching is also listening; it is being aware with your eyes, with your ears, with your insight, of all the values that human beings have created, and by which you are conditioned, and it is only this state of total awareness that will end all seeking.

The Collected Works, Vol. XV,242,Choiceless Awareness