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Saturday, March 28, 2015:

Music: The Language of Spirit

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Friday, March 27, 2015:

Yes, Music is a Form of Meditation

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Thursday, March 26, 2015:

Creativity and Social Acceptance

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015:

Embrace Your Creative Passions

Beyond Non-Relative Consciousness

Zen Gardner: The Hamster Wheels of the Matrix

Frank M. Wanderer: The Effortless Presence – Active Meditation vs. True Meditation

Marijuana Compound Superior to Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Tuesday, March 24, 2015:

Our Path is Our Path… But We Have Help

Relative and Non-Relative Consciousness

Gordon Yumibe: The Healing Space

Lissa Rankin: The Cure for All Anxiety

FDA Approves GMO Apples & Potatoes, Likely No Labeling


Hello, and thanks for visiting this blog. Here, you’ll find articles and discussions related to a new paradigm in human consciousness in understanding, and in this introductory writing, I’ll give my perspective on this paradigm.

On a lot of spiritual and alternative news blogs, you’ll hear talk about a ‘new paradigm’ – a standard of living that’s outside of the confines of our social norms.

A growing number of people are ready to move beyond our old, divisive ways and welcome a new way of life that integrates unity, harmony, and an understanding of our oneness, and this drives our continual discussion about the things we can do to bring our planet into the light and move beyond the written and unwritten social rules that keep us from acting on our greater potential.

A ‘new paradigm’ is essentially what the name suggests – a method of functioning that turns us away from things that have hurt our world in favor of a more harmonious and sustainable collective lifestyle.

People are striving to bring the new paradigm about with endless work that’s intended to inform and uplift humanity into a position of creating the planetary change we want to see, and the goal is for more and more people to start working for the greater development of our society as the entire world becomes aware.

We’re standing up to the forces who strive to keep us in the dark, and in doing so, we’re welcoming and anchoring a new social standard that treats every person equally, rather than catering to the few and leaving the rest to struggle to survive.

People who recognize that a large percentage of the planet has been left to deal with ridiculous circumstances that are caused by poverty are doing everything they can to address and fix the conditions most of humanity has been forced to live under, because they’re ready to start healing this massive and ongoing neglect.

We’re starting to understand that we are and have always been one consciousness, and we’re striving to awaken everyone else to this and myriad other important truths in an effort to fashion the manner in which we run our planet around a widespread understanding of our oneness.

Imagine a way of life rooted in peace, love, respect, and service. Imagine a world where division and the self-serving mindset have been replaced with the understanding that we’re one creator consciousness experiencing itself and, as a result, everyone works together to repair this planet and keep it in a healthy, stable condition.

A world where the ‘every man for himself’ mindset has been replaced with an immense collective drive to make sure everyone can get ahead in life. A world where everyone lives comfortably above the poverty line, because the wealth that’s been amassed by the few has been put back in the hands of the many where it’s always belonged.

A world where competition is replaced with the drive to work together in every way, and no person is forced to go without. This is what the new paradigm will entail, and it goes without saying that all of these amazing things can’t just happen on their own.

This appealing new paradigm can’t just manifest with the snap of a finger – we have to actively pursue it if we want to see it. As great as all of these ideas sound, I think they’re basically worthless if we don’t start taking real and solid action to bring them about.

One person can only do so much on their own, and when it comes down to it, all of humanity will need to be ready and willing to construct a new paradigm if we want to change anything. I could make predictions about what a new world will be like all day, but they mean little if effort isn’t made to achieve them.

Reading about a new paradigm is nice, but I have a feeling that working together to bring it about will be much nicer. Imagine the unity that’ll be bred from coming together and respecting our perceived ‘differences’ instead of bickering over them like children.

Imagine being able to work harmoniously with your neighbor, his neighbor, and everyone else who strives to act on the inspiration they feel to change the manner in which this planet has functioned. Imagine the satisfaction we’ll each feel when we lay our heads down at night with the knowledge that we’re completely transforming this planet on a widespread, collective level.

This can become much more than a fantasy that sounds nice – it can become our reality. Right here, right now. We simply have to be willing to take the steps that are needed to move from point A to point B. Point A is, of course, the paradigm we’re currently rooted in, and point B is the utopian paradigm we want to establish.

We have a lot of work to do to get to point B, but the sooner we start this work, the sooner we’ll reach our ultimate destination. A new paradigm is only the beginning, and once we’ve built the society of our dreams, we’ll branch out and explore new planets; new states of consciousness; new realms of understanding.

And we’ll do it all as a unit.

When we grasp just how close we are with one another and just how much we’re meant to work together, our drive to use our unity for good will be stronger than it’s ever been before. Most people still can’t even fathom the idea of working together, much less harmoniously building a new world, but this’ll change as we continue to get active.

Those of you who were led to this article must have some desire to change the planet or welcome a new way of life, and however much you might disagree with what I’m about to say, you can. You can start changing the world right now. Whether it’s easy or difficult, you can start taking the first steps to bring people together and transform our planet and society.

In my opinion, it’s essential for anyone who wants to see a new world to start doing anything and everything they can to bring it about. The more people who are working, the more our influence will spread, and every one of you who reads this can feel free to explore your passions and what you can do to raise consciousness and bring humanity into the light.

You can pursue whatever avenue works for you, and you’re encouraged to have fun with it – to be creative. One of the aspects of a new, spiritually rooted paradigm is a society of people who are able to follow their greatest creative passions, so feel free to pursue the creative ventures that work best for you.

It’s been said elsewhere that we’re creators by nature. Creating things and expressing ourselves is what we do. It’s one of our missions here on earth. As such, you can feel free to pursue creative ventures that excite you over ones that don’t.

Pursue something you enjoy with all of the enthusiasm you can muster up, and if it doesn’t seem to work for you after a while, pursue something else that will. Like I said, have fun with it. Challenge yourselves and really develop your creative, awareness-raising abilities, because they’re essential to our creation of the new paradigm we want to see.

If everyone passionately developed their abilities and challenged themselves in a way that’s intended to help raise consciousness, the planetary vibration would grow immensely.

Eventually, every person would be able to pursue their passions in the name of raising awareness and restoring the earth to the pristine condition it was once in, and nobody would hold themselves back by pursuing things that don’t fill them with the invigoration we’re all meant to feel.

Openhearted creativity would replace the dullness that currently permeates life on earth, and everyone would be excited to change this planet with creative efforts that they can really enjoy. This is the kind of life we’re all meant to live, in my opinion, but it can’t happen if we don’t make it happen.

We’re really only asked to pursue things we’ve always wanted to do in the name of the progression of humanity, and when you think about it, that doesn’t sound like a very tall order. You want me to do something I already enjoy doing anyway? Sounds great!

Given that we’re meant to enjoy whatever we do to bring humanity into the light, what’s stopping us from doing exactly that? You’re all encouraged to find the talent or craft you enjoy and use it to help awaken humanity, and it’s interesting to think that pursuing our passion is so important to humanity’s development and evolution.

Having fun in a way that utilizes our creative abilities and awakens others is all we’re tasked with doing, and eventually, our efforts in doing so will motivate the rest of the planet to take the steps needed to transform our society and enjoy ourselves doing it.

Let’s individually take these first steps now, fellow seekers, because the planet can’t change without us. We can’t enter a new paradigm if we don’t make an effort, but we’ll be able to enjoy the efforts we make and appreciate the social standard we’ll set for ourselves.

Needless to say, it’ll be very different from our current standard, and I, for one, can’t wait to do everything I can to bring it about. How do you feel about changing the planet? What are you passionate about doing to raise humanity’s awareness?

Feel free to leave a comment about your world-changing passions below, because an essential aspect of changing the planet is changing it as a community. The hope is for this blog to become a community where like-minded seekers can talk about the creation of a new world, and I sincerely appreciate your visit. Thanks again for being a part of our new paradigm.

Wes Annac – One of many children of the universe who are dedicated to raising the collective vibration.

Serapis Bey via Julie Miller: Hope Does Matter

Serapis Bey: Hope Does Matter. Received by Julie Miller, Lightworkers.org, March 27, 2015

No matter how much talent, ability or skill that you have it is not enough to get you to the outcomes you wish to achieve. Of course having decent skill, talent or abilities will help you to a point, but if you don’t believe in the direction you are going, the best ideas will only take you so far. You can have the best engine in a car made for driving, but if you don’t drive it, it will not take you anywhere. Continue reading

Music: The Language of Spirit

Bob Marley, chanting down Babylon from heaven. Photo origin unknown.

“If we can feel that

“It is not our voice,

“Not our fingers,

But some reality deep inside our heart

“Which is expressing itself,

Then we will know that it is

“The soul’s music.” – Sri Chinmoy

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Have you ever picked up a guitar or put in your favorite CD and let the music carry you away to a place of bliss and ecstasy?

Most people might not understand where this euphoric feeling comes from, but in my opinion, it comes from an innately spiritual place. I think music elevates our consciousness and introduces us to a spiritual reality that’s comprised of pure sound and color, and this is why it appeals to so many people. Continue reading

‘The Founders’ via Daniel Scranton: Conscious Breathing

The Founders: Conscious Breathing. Received by Daniel Scranton, Taken from Lightworkers.org, March 27, 2015 (Source link at the bottom of the post.)

Breathing keeps you alive, but it is so much more powerful than even that. Breathing infuses you with lifeforce energy.

Breathing opens chakras, portals, and your hearts. Working with your breath is so easy that few of you actually believe in its effectiveness and strength. You are much more likely to believe in some mystical object that is thousands of years old than you are to believe in something that is necessary to keep you alive. Continue reading

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Quality of Power

Angel of Light - gabriel - marlene

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as power.

One of the most powerful forces in the universe is the power that is latent within one’s soul, and this has everything to do with one’s connection to the Divine at the deepest level.

One’s soul contains untapped wisdom, and the individual who realizes in the core of their being that they have this connection can turn to their soul during the times they need guidance, healing, or hope.

They learn to be guided by their conscience, the divine discriminative power within them. By constantly following the inner voice of conscience, which is the voice of God, one becomes a truly moral person, a highly spiritual being and a person of peace. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: An Integrated, Direct and Unitive Spirituality – Part 5/7

Sacred 11By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 27, 2015

Now that we’ve introduced the three leading characters in life’s drama, I need to step back and address what it is about this account, and the philosophy it gives rise to, that makes it “integrated, direct and unitive.”

As much fun as we may be having in probing the mysteries, this account is intended to perform work: to offer an account that spans the religions and receives from them their truths, while leaving the rest behind. Continue reading

Michelle Walling: The Three Levels Of Learning Discernment

The Three Levels Of Learning Discernment in5d

By Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D.com, March 27, 2015

Our consciousness is experiencing this lifetime in a holographic matrix, and we are existing on many levels and many places at the same time. Really, the only thing real here is our Source energy consciousness. However, in order to move out of this reality into one that is more pleasing, we have had to become a sleuth in order to find the highest path. Discernment is the tool that we use to accomplish the highest and best outcome in any particular moment. Continue reading

Rudolf Steiner Video: The Invention Of God And Religion

Rudolf Steiner: The Invention Of God And Religion in5d in 5d

Taken from In5D, March 27, 2015

Is ‘God’ a Christian? Muslim? Roman Catholic? Buddhist? Does he or she prefer one religion over another? If a UFO landed in your backyard, would the extraterrestrial be religious? Would the ET pray to the same ‘god’? Why do all religions basically follow a similar story? Is it possible that they were all created to keep us living in subservience, control and conformity?

While a strong religious influence has entered today’s “anthroposophy”, it is good to listen to what Steiner really thought. After he began his public mission he tried to upgrade many paths, including theosophy and religion. A free spirit isn’t a religious believer, but rather the one who invents religion for the believers.