Message from SaLuSa for June 29, 2011

I am posting this in the channeled messages category, but please know that this was NOT channeled by me. Mike Quinsey channels dear Salusa, and all credit goes to him, Thank you! :D

By now you will have a good idea of what to expect as you pass through the final days of duality. Out of the chaos and uncertainty will come changes that will set the scene for what follows after Ascension. All will eventually be lifted up to a higher dimension, where you will have a degree of perfection not presently found on Earth. Indeed anything that is not of the same vibration will be unable to enter it, and will be attracted to its appropriate level. Now you will understand why there is so much emphasis on your individual development. It is up to you whether you ascend or not, but if you do there is not that much required from you to reach the higher level. It is largely a matter of intent and living your understanding of what it is to be at One with All That Is. It is love in action and it will take you all the way to and beyond Ascension. You do not have to belong to any sect or particular group, as it is something that is very personal and within your capabilities.

There is no experience quite like finding your true Self, and living out your beliefs in the face of many distractions and attempts to divert you off your path. Your power lies within your ability to stand fast, when others around you are failing to overcome the challenge from the dark Ones that is always present. Love is the gentle energy that is the supreme energy, that cannot be destroyed and remains all-powerful. It is the energy of what you call miracles, and can be applied even now and achieve results. It is God given and never taken away from you.

We have previously mentioned that those souls who have departed the Earth, will have exactly the same opportunity to ascend as those of you still on it. What you may not be aware of is that those who are of the higher vibration, will at some stage be able to meet you again when the Earth raises its vibration. The veil between the dimensions will no longer exist, and there will be some amazing re-unions with those who never thought they would see each other again. However, you will not be permanently together until the Ascension process has fully taken place. We do know that some of you visit the higher dimensions when out of the body, whether by chance or intent. There are in fact laws that govern entry into the Astral regions, and not every one would be allowed to go into them. For example souls leaving their physical body in near-death-experiences are usually met before they can enter such realms. The result is that most of them return to their physical bodies, when they understand that their time on Earth has not finished.

There is so much to learn about your future lives, and it is all beautiful, happy and most harmonious. In your wildest dreams you have been unable to capture the feeling of Oneness that exists in the higher dimensions. It is truly a heavenly existence where you want for nothing, because you have your own creative powers. How do you like the idea of being where no money changes hands, where there is no need for a health service or doctors for that matter? Where your lives are not run by how much time you have, where travelling is no longer a chore, and you can live in your dream house? This really gives you something to aim for, and makes the effort you put in to succeed so worthwhile.

Understand that all souls in your Universe are progressing through the same levels and onto the Source. For you Ascension is the first major step that will lift you up to levels, where you can meet with extraordinary numbers of different souls. Distance is of little consequence as you will move by thought, and could if necessary negotiate wormholes into other Universes. You will of course be given the necessary tuition so that you can safely travel around. When you reflect on what we have told you to expect in your future experiences, you will understand they are perfectly normal. It is your present life experiences that are peculiar to the third dimension and duality, and were never intended to be permanent. That is why the solar cycle was planned to complete in 2012, thus giving every soul the opportunity rise up out of it.

Since you do not carry long-term memories of your previous lives, you have no feeling of having been in the lower realms for such a long time. If you did, to be present now would be so much more exciting as like any long trek, it is a great feeling when you reach the end of the journey. However, as you begin to learn about your true past and how you came to be in existence, a whole new picture emerges. We are all in it together and a wonderful union of souls will take place, that will see us travelling the wide beyond in one adventure after another. We of the Galactic Federation are made up of units of Beings that often stay together for thousands of years. That is why we can speak from experience where you past history is concerned. Bear in mind that we do not age such as you do, and changing from one body to another is by choice and like you putting on a new suit of clothes.

Dear Ones can you see now how important the power of thought is, which is why you should try to develop it at the same time as learning to control its use. Have no fears however, as there will be much help available to you as you acquire such skills. It is why even in your dimension thoughts are considered to carry the same responsibility as actions. The reason is that both carry energy with them, which can be misused if care is not taken. We create by the power of thought, sometimes individually or in groups depending on what is in mind. Where you are concerned we can heal you by thought alone, read your mind and transfer our thoughts to you. That is something you do, although you are not necessarily aware that you are doing it. So you can see Dear Ones that you are a much more complicated Being than you probably imagined, and have a huge potential that you can now start to develop.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is wonderful to be with you at a time when you are so much more receptive to the truth. Hitherto, your minds have been infiltrated by false beliefs and information intended to mislead you. The dark Ones still use the media to poison your minds, and cause fear amongst you. However, you are becoming wise to their methods, and they do not have the same power over you anymore. Stay in your love centre and live from the heart, and you will be doing a service to other souls by sharing it with them.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mikos of Telos, 6-23

Hello all, this is the first channeled message I have posted on my wordpress blog. The entity I am communicating with is known as Mikos, and he lives in the city of Telos in Agartha, or “inner earth” The beings inhabiting the inner earth are very advanced, and they are always trying to communicate with us. We all need to open up our mental channels and begin communication with these beings, for they are wonderful! Here is the message:

Me: I wish to connect with my dear pal Mikos in Telos. Much has happened since we last chatted my friend, and I now find myself at the end of a long dark tunnel.

Mikos: Hello dear wesley. You will begin to find we all almost always greet you that way. Now how have you been dear soul? :D You know I dont really need to ask that, as I and so many other interested souls have been watching your earthly experiences play out in real time! You are all so strong for what you have just been through! You will see in the coming days that you are not the only one who has found the light at the end of the oh so long tunnel of dark. The ones who were agreeing with you before and matching your energy will also seem much more happy and advanced, as you now do. These past few weeks have been so eventful, have they not?? Certainly not boring :p

Me: Certainly not my friend. I am so happy to be gaining this perspective I cant even put it into words. Now my biggest thing is fully implementing the disiplines that will ulitimately lead to my greater hapiness.

Mikos: You will find soon that this will become no problem. We know you think you raise your vibrations on a periodical basis, when really every day, hour, minute and second you are releasing energy and raising your vibrations. This is fact. So indeed it will be an extremely short amount of time before your collective vibrations are high enough for the safety of all involved in these changes to be assured.

Me: That is wonderful, thank you so much for enlightening me!

Mikos: Thank you so dearly for picking up my mental channels, and so easily too! The galactic federation of light is extremely pleased to have gotten ahold of you as well, this is a sign of the times! Indeed nobody thought they would be this advanced by now, did they? To fully grasp the extent of the changes that have occured in you all, you have to realise that everything happening is completely real. You all sometimes have a tendency to think this is all a distant fairy tale, and for good reason, but you must be able to  see past the regularity of the third dimension  and fully into the truth. Once you do this you will truly notice the “realness” of everything that is happening to you. You are once again becoming a divine being! Every day you are dealing with intense upward shifts in energy, as mother earth is headed for the hills, so to speak. She and all of you are truly ready to leave this third dimension behind for good, and as a result you are continually climbing. You will find even more clarity as you wake up every day, and from now on you will always be growing, learning and loving. Such wonderful times indeed!

Me: Thank you dearly for speaking with me Mikos, I always love your insight.

Mikos: Thank you wesley.

My first post of many, hello all!

Hello all who may be reading this. This is my first blog post of many, and to anybody reading this I would like to familiarize you with the subject matter of what I will be posting. I post information and channeled messages relevent to the coming new spiritual age, and spirituality in general. If this is something you don’t believe in, then you have no need to be here. If spirituality and “out there” matters are of your interest, then i’m sure you will find this blog both informative and enlightening. I will begin by posting messages I have channeled from the Inner Earth, and from the Galactic Federation of Light. These will be in future blog entries. I will also give my own commentary on what is happening in these crazy times, and I encourage all to look within themselves to find the answers. They are there, waiting for you to tap into them! :)

In Love for all souls.