Smoking Cannabis

For me, that first toke after a long day is like heaven. I have found cannabis to be the ultimate stress reliever and mood-lightener. The wonderful yet indescribable feelings that wash over your entire being when using cannabis can only be likened to a higher state of consciousness. While on the oustide it may simply look like a plant, there are components that make up this plant that are not of this world. Cannabis opens us up to a higher part of ourselves if used correctly, I ask what can do this that is also legal? Clearly there are ‘special interesls’ out there that wish to keep the miracle that is cannabis away from us, for many reasons. Some are doing it for monetary reasons (cannabis could strip a lot of billionairs of the sources of their fortune), some are doing it for much deeper reasons. Cannabis makes us question things, and there are people that wish us not to question, as these people make money off of our ignorance.

I ask all to open themselves to the miracle of cannabis, especially coupled with meditation. To quote St. Robert Nesta Marley,

“The herb reveals you to yourself”.

Thanks for reading. Much Love.

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Wave of Criticism of President Obama Continues

Hello friends. I would just like to say that I fully support Obama, and it is my opinion that any Lightworker with a basic sense of discernment can see past all of the propaganda about him that is constantly shoved in our faces. Have you ever noticed that it seems impossible to reason with somebody who is anti-Obama? I have not had anybody actually tell me a legitimate reason to hate Obama without throwing in a bunch of nasty labels, (I.E.- “I don’t like Obama because he is a socialist marxist corporate money-grubbing puppet”) What is up with that?

I understand that some feel dissapointed that Obama hasn’t seem to have come through in what he promised, but that is discussed in this message from Steve Beckow. Thanks Steve! :)

I nearly died of a heart attack when I read a prominent lightworker mentioning a White Hats Report that included the following statements about President Obama:

“We have been informed once again that Obama has flipped and flopped on the World Global Settlements. …

“Since our White Hats Report # 16 wherein we explain that President Obama had moved the funds from the Vatican Bank into a trading program with Josef Ackermann at Deutsche Bank, his trading profits have far exceeded 3 Billion Dollars according to Falcone’s investigators. …

“It doesn’t take a genius to talk knowledgeably of Obama’s greed and narcissism in destroying America.” (1)

However, as it turned out, the lightworker mentioned them only to refute them.

We all of us base our political knowledge on some sources since none of us have access to any of the individuals involved. Many commentators base their knowledge on political “insiders” or “intelligence” sources.  I don’t choose to go that route myself. I base mine on information supplied by the Company of Light (celestials, galactics, and ascended masters).

And they’ve been staunch in their support of the President. (2)

Rather than rehearse the whole of their comments, I’d simply prefer to record what Mathew said recently, acknowledging what lies behind the tsunami of criticism:

“A few months ago Hatonn spoke with great passion about the powerful opposition President Obama is dealing with and the need for your supportive thoughts and prayers for him and his family.  Still, my mother is besieged with emails asking why the president is taking one action or another that maintains or worsens the very situations he was elected to remedy.

“The questioners, who may be attributing more authority to the office than the constitution does, are not recognizing that this government has long been the Illuminati’s bastion and their purpose in creating the misconception about the country. Their hold on many members of Congress still is strong, and only after that control ends will Obama be able to guide his administration toward national reforms and the peaceful world he is dedicated to achieving.” (3)
A few years ago, Matthew commented on the strategy the Illuminati’s henchmen were following in their attacks on the President:

“Is Obama leading the nation into socialism, and, if so, was this always his intention? Attaching ‘socialism’ to his leadership is a strategy to create anxiety, distress and dissension among the citizens. When labels are applied to any government, movement, group, or philosophy, the labelers’ intent is to undermine its genuine value because that conflicts with their ideas or motives. Witness the effectiveness of ‘conspiracy theorist’ applied to anyone who questioned the official reports about the assassination of US President Kennedy or who was responsible for ’9/11.’” (4)

It’s interesting that President Bush’s administration could bring down the World Trade Center, blow up the Pentagon, start illegal wars that resulted in the deaths of thousands, if not millions, of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis, apparently use cocaine in the White House if reports are correct, (5) and do assorted other reprehensible things and yet opposition to Bush never reached the levels of acrimony they have against President Obama.

Well, maybe that isn’t so strange since the same sources that worked such great destruction on 9/11 and later are, according to Matthew, behind attempts to darken the reputation of the President.

I say this knowing that the President agreed to be part of the subterfuge around Osama bin Laden’s “death” earlier this year in Abbotabad. Not a good move. I append Matthew Ward’s comments on the bin Laden matter. (6)

I remember reading biographies of Abraham Lincoln when I was young and hearing that he too had made a few unwise decisions comparable to this one. I can’t recall what they were any more, but my recollection was that they were subterfuges as well, that he agreed to them under duress and that he later regretted them.

Matthew has suggested we neither condone nor condemn the bin Laden subterfuge. I’m following his lead on the matter, which I find hard to do. But the Light has never abandoned the President and I don’t plan to either, no matter how many allegations are made against him. It’s my belief that in a short time subterfuge will no longer be practiced and the truth about everything to do with the President and his detractors will emerge.



(2) See the articles under the breakout page entitled “This Site is Pro-Obama.”

(3) Matthew’s Message, March 12, 2011, at

(4) Matthew’s Message, June 24, 2009.

(5) “Secret Service members attached to White House domestic security, FBI and CIA agents, and written national security field reports all confirm that President Bush has been using drugs which could be affecting his performance as the nation’s war-time commander-in-chief.

“Multiple federal agents having direct knowledge and access to Bush’s medical records say the President has switched from using Ritalin to taking Prozac while also succumbing to periodic alcoholic binges which have led to tirades and explosive personal conduct among White House aides, absent required random drug testing of all public employees and elected officials.

“Federal law enforcement agents have at different times witnessed President Bush doing lines of cocaine in the early morning hours at the White House and drinking straight shots of whiskey in the evening hours on other occasions, according to U.S. intelligence sources who confirm multiple stories appearing in the tabloid press which say the First Lady is assigned to ‘keep an eye on him.’” (Tom Flocco, “Secret Service, U.S. intel say Bush uses cocaine, Prozac, alcohol,” TomFlocco.Com, 17 Nov. 2005, downloaded from, 7 August 2007.)

(6) Here are Matthew’s comments on the bin Laden subterfuge:

“On and off-planet members in the vanguard of the light forces, who know that a great deal must be accomplished rapidly, agreed that it must begin with the emergence of truths so the peoples will demand the changes that have been formulated to achieve a transformed and peaceful world. The members agreed that no time can be wasted in disclosing the truths that the Illuminati have kept hidden by assassinating knowledgeable persons or ridiculing them into professional oblivion and labeling anyone who believes them a “conspiracy theorist.”

“The members also agreed that something dramatic was required to get the peoples’ attention; however, because it is your world, it was up to your leaders to decide what that would be. Announcing that members of other civilizations are among you required resolving myriad details before it could be properly presented, and the suggestion that all truths be told straightforwardly was vetoed because there was no agreement as to which should be revealed first—in essence, which finger should be pulled out of the dike. Some felt that would best be achieved by announcing the death of Osama bin Laden, the officially accused mastermind of “9/11.” They felt that announcement could be veered into exposing the truth about the horrific events of that day almost ten years ago, and it would eliminate fear in the people who believe what they so often have been told: No one is safe as long as bin Laden is alive.

“Only when that suggestion was raised did some in the group, including US President Obama, know for certain that the man had been dead for almost a decade, and those few vehemently denounced the suggestion. But since no one had any other idea that would get the attention of the world, the majority voted to ‘kill bin Laden’ and later publicly explain why that story was released.

“It can be argued that deception to achieve a positive goal is ‘better’ than deception to embark upon a negative goal. It is not our desire or our purpose to judge the decision, much less judge those who made it, but only to relate the information given us by Earth’s monitors in Nirvana. They do not know how the explanation for the decision will come because the responsible parties are still discussing strategies for the next steps.

“Regardless of how this plays out, by the end of next year, the light will have vanquished all darkness on Earth—this has been assured from the beginning of her ascension. You can best serve in your capacity as lightworkers by neither condoning nor condemning the bin Laden story, but rather by adding your light to its intention—to speed disclosure of all truths so reforms also can come swiftly. And for those leaders who know the greater urgency, the intention is for all persons to have the opportunity to embrace the light within truth before it is too late for them to physically go along with Earth if they chose that journey in their soul contracts.”  (Matthew’s Message, May 8, 2011.)

Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message

Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ July 31 – August 6, 2011

Beloved Ones,

Life on the Earth plane begins to take on a faster pace than before. There will be many happenings that occur that will seem to be miraculous and hard to believe. As these events take place, remember to keep your equilibrium at all times and be at peace. As the dimension…s converge into closer and closer proximity, there will be greater feelings of joy and anticipation felt within the hearts of all and the sense of impending freedom will begin to take root.

It is time to take your steps to the next level, that of self responsibility and self mastery. Focus completely on what you desire to manifest and take shape in your lives and in your World and do not let anything distract you from this focus. The coming weeks and months are times of opportunity to make great strides forward in your spiral of evolution to achieve Mastery of your human selves and begin to make progress towards encompassing greater abilities and talents than previously thought possible. Each of you is capable of achieving greater things than you have ever dreamt possible.

As you step up to the plate, know that as you take back your personal power and sovereignty, you make a choice that is for the highest good for all. Every positive and focused action that you take counts very much in the overall scheme of things and it behooves you all to create a new game, one filled with joy, infinite goodness and wholesome possibilities. Believe in the innate goodness and greatness of your fellow humans and hold this vision with all the strength you can muster each day no matter what takes place around you.

The great task that is before you now, Dear Ones, is the shattering of the band of deeply embedded negative thought forms that have formed as a field of low density energy that surrounds the Earth. The new Cosmic energies that are coming in are assisting in this process but you are the ones who must state your intentions to make it so. On a free will Planet, it is the inhabitants who must exercise their sovereign and Divine rights to restore this Planet to its original Divine blueprint by intending that this is so. Practice your rights as co-creators with the Divine Source of All That Is by daily intending alignment with the Divine Plan for the Earth and everyone and everything upon Her.

Make it your intention each day to align with your Holy Christ Self and to follow Divine Will for the highest good of all. There is and will continue to be many, many distractions that will pull you away from your central core if you allow it. These times require discernment and the following of your hearts promptings, even if you do not currently understand the reasons why. You are all learning to follow a higher vision, the vision of your Great I AM Presence and this will require surrender of human will in favor of Divine Will. Believe that your Higher Self desires only the very highest and best outcomes for you and all those whom you love and trust that all will be well.

Visualize yourselves as Light Beings about 12 feet tall and play with that vision daily. Imagine and feel yourselves as powerful Beings who can effect great changes just by being here during these momentous times. Feel the love of the Creator in your heart chakra and radiate this out from you in ever growing concentric circles and know that your Light and your Love is truly making a difference.

Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Message From The Pleiadian High Council And SanJAsKa, 7-30-11

Greetings to all dear souls, we are the Pleiadian High Council.

Advancements have taken place both outside and inside of you all that will see you rediscovering your true selves in much greater aspects than you originally anticipated. We have been so long awaiting your return to full consciousness, but having the perspective that we do already see you after you have ascended. Even still, we understand the plateu of forgetfulness you are on, and respect the fact that you don’t quite feel ‘there yet’. This feeling has been felt by you all and sent up to us on our starships, and it is a feeling we regret you having. However, these hardships will be forgotten so very soon, we understand the use of the word soon isn’t very comforting but please know that when your future comes knocking on your door, how long it took will no longer be an issue as you will have found the Harminious and Heavenly existence you had so long been awaiting. We are honored and delighted to be a part of this wonderful process, we know that at present some of you can not feel the Joy of these end times but please know it is there and it is waiting to be picked up on by you all. The energies of Joy and Hapiness are energies that thrive off of being felt by all, and every being of Light so dearly wishes every soul the Harmony and Peace that we presently experience.

In previous messages, we have spoken of these spiriutal changes now getting real for many of you. This is a point we will continue to elaborate on, as it is a very important factor in your personal awakening and the awakenings of those around you. For many, their lower survival instincts are telling them to run from anything based in spirit. Dear ones your egos are dying and as a result so many of you are feeling an intense psychc ‘pull’ towards your former third dimensional lives and activities. We wish you to understand that this will pass, but only if you acknowledge it for what it is, a part of yourself that is not ready to move on. We watch as many of you consider yourselves very advanced, and yet go out of your way to not acknowleddge that part of you that is still wondering if your newfound beliefs are actually real. It is very difficult to engage in the process of scraping every last bit of darkness off of oneself, after having known darkness as a sole form of existence for so long. If you can get past this last ‘hump’ you will find yourselves so much more advanced than you have event recently dreamed of. It only takes acknowledging that part of yourself that is still grounded in fear, and thus still grounded in illusion. We understand the diffuculty in doing this, and again remind you that you are some of the strongest souls to be found throughout creation for what you have undertaken on Earth for the good of all.

You have reached the final stages of duality and the third dimension, we now ask you to reflect on your experiences. What did you learn whilst on Earth? What lessons hit you straight to your core, and taught you a most valuble lesson that you will never forget? Many can find life on Earth difficult, because of the back and forth duality and karma being served out, coupled with learning very intense lessons. We wish you to know that we can see Earth as a Galactic Society once again, the potential reached by you collectively is soon to form you into a full blown Peacful Galactic Society of Light. These initiations you have been going through have not just been personal, collectively as a planet you have all been through much initiation with your dear Gaia. We watch with glee as so many of you begin to realize the impact you have for so long had on your environment; it is another hard truth to realize, how much you have collectively hurt Mother Earth. We live by a sarcred edict when it comes to this situation: forgive them, for they know not what they do. It is regretable that some on Earth still don’t realize the enormous impact for the worse they daily have made on their environment, but we now enjoy the fact that so many have awakened to these truths.

Life and Spirit have always intermingled, and everything you know is that of the energy of Love. What you call atoms are simply the individual molecules of Love coming together in Joy and Harmony to present the reality you have come to know. Many on Earth don’t understand how joyful and harminous a process composing your reality really is. We enjoy immensly helping the molecules of Love form your reality. You will understand how amazing the coming together of souls really is when you experience it yourselves with your planetary ascension.

Greetings to all! I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and I wish you all to know that we are ready to be with you. Because of this we have instigated the beginning of the process that will lead to our coming together. In the coming weeks you will see much exposed, because you are all ready to know these truths. Many of you have been ready for quite a long time, and as was mentioned before we can feel your frustrations up here. Please know that despite the delays these emotions really don’t have to be felt, as regardless of whether we were with you tommorow or in a year, you would still be ascending! Your ascension is the real thing to get excited about and anticipate, because once you find your true selves once again, you will also feel the immense satisfaction of a spiriutal ‘job well done’. We are so very excited for this, and we wish you to know that we fully intend to feature our Lightworkers on the ground with us, once our presence on your planet is filmed. Every one of you Lightworkers who are holding the line for those unawakened and perfoming miracles every day deserve to have your efforts known by the people. If it is your wish, we would Love to have you with us whenever we make ‘official’ first contact with Earth!

Allow yourselves now to transcend the illusions you have immersed yourselves in, as these illusions will no longer bring you happiness. Your true happiness has always been grounded in the Divine, despite the efforts of many on Earth to find happiness in materiality. Material things have always been hollow, as they are simply illusions created by you all in an attempt to make sense of the unfamiliar reality you found yourselves in. Wesley continually attempts to steer this conversation towards the fall of Atlantis, but I say that such times need not be reflected on now, for this is a time of Harmony and celebration! You have worked through the negative Karma that was built up since the fall of Atlantis, and you are now all ascending to further levels than you ever achieved in Atlantis and even Lemuria. Obviously most of the Lemurians traveld to the Inner Earth where they ascended, but there were a few from Lemuria who stayed behind on the surface.

I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you all to know how Loved you are at all times. Feel the Love in yourselves that you anchor unto Gaia, and let it clear your energy fields so the energies of Love and Peace can fully take form in you. Enjoy your lives dear ones, from now on they are only to get better and better.

Permission is given to post anywhere.

-Channeled By Wes-

Conversations With Mikos, 7-29-11

-Channeled By Wes-

Me: Hello Mikos, would you like to have a chat with me on this day?

Mikos: Hello dear Wesley, I have only been waiting! I have been so eager to have a discussion with you, my how busy we have both been lately! There have been many preparations that have been ongoing here in Telos. We have been continuing to put the finishing touches on our announcements to you all. We are so eager to have you explore our inner realm! We will have seemingly infinite guides present for you all when the time comes to take a visit down here. We wish we could have you all here now, but being that time doesn’t exist down here, in a way you are already here!

Me: Indeed Mikos, I know there are many of us up here who can’t wait to explore Agartha. Now, is Agartha anything like Lemuria was? Because I know for many in Agartha, Lemuria was your original place of living.

Mikos: There are parts of Agartha that one could find similar to Lemuria, but there is also much that is different. While we were advanced in Lemuria, we were not yet ascended, so there is much here in Agartha that is different from Lemuria. We still had the crystal cities going, as you did in Atlantis. Most of our atmosphere here and now is that of a harminous nature, everything glows with the infinite and harminous Life Force of the Creator, who dwells in all of us. If we were to bring a surface human down here (and we have before) they would think they’d died and gone to heaven!

Me: Wonderful friend! I feel the need to ask you this, because one of my friends had a question concerning lower dimensional survival problems getting in the way of spiritual matters. Would you care to elaborate on this subject?

Mikos: Sure friend. I say to those who are struggling, let all of your fear and concerns go, for as long as worry is prevelant in your energy fields, worrysome situations are all you are going to create for yourself. You on Earth are constantly changing, shifting, and learning. All it takes is a simple shift of perspective to begin creating that which you have always wanted out of Life. I know these words may be neither comforting nor helpful to your friend, but this is my advice none the less. Only when you begin fully focusing yourself on matters of spirit, will you begin attracting to yourself the means to have a happy life. Live in Love and Spirit first, and the rest falls in place. It is sad to us that so many are caught up in issues of survival, as if they simply change their perspective than things could begin to get so much better for them! It doesn’t happen overnight, however I can say that if your friend can get through this latest ‘challenge’ she has been presented with, she will find herself on the right track.

Me: Thank you Mikos, I will pass the information along. Now, I know I normally ask you questions, but is there anything you would like to share with us on your own?

Mikos: Certainly! As was said before, we have done much careful preperation and planning to make sure these anouncements concerning Agartha and Telos go off without a hitch. The revelations contained in these announcements will shake the foundation of what you on the surface think is normal. Ready yourselves for a paradigm shift, because this is exactly what is occuring! Certain celestial events that will have you all more advanced spiritually are being prepared for right before the final moment. You may think that becuase of this the final moment is now known, but alas, it still is not, and won’t be until right before it occurs. Nevertheless, we have many events waiting to come to manifestation for when everything ‘pops’. It will be so wonderful! We have been working on getting our Atlantean friends (thats us on the surface) out of your darkness since you fell from grace so long ago. These times are to be a victory for so many souls of the Light, and for so many souls that used to be of the dark!  

Me: That is amazing Mikos, thank you dearly for sharing with me. I have to say, when we chat I feel like a kid in a candy store. I just don’t know what to ask you, as there are so many things we wish to know!!

Mikos: And know you shall, soon my good friend. The form of commiunication going on between us at present will be not needed once we are face to face. Obviously I mean not the mental communication, as this is the standard way of communication for ascended beings, but I mean of you scribing messages from me. Soon I and many other ascended souls will be with you on the surface, so scribing will be unneccessary!

Me: Thank you for chatting with me Mikos, I always enjoy our communications.

Mikos: Thank you Wesley.

Permission is given to post anywhere.

Paua’Alowa with The Galactic Federation of Light, 7-28-11

Thanks to Paua’Alowa and Pep St.Wolf

Clear your minds, turn off your ‘internal chatter’, sit in the beautiful silence of your soul and just listen. You will soon realise that your access to the brightest and most powerful parts of yourself, those that flows on and on through the timelessness of infinity, are found when the ego is subdues and the mind kept at bay. You need not ask any questions of ‘go anywhere’ for this again reactivates the mind. All you need to do is connect with Mother Earth, connect with the ‘all that is’ and just wait in silent patience for whatever it is that will enter your consciousness. Do not be afraid of what may appear, for that which appears in fear is there only to pull you back from your consciousness and lather you once more in the thickness of illusion. It is there to ‘challenge’ your truths, your commitment to letting go of fear and your ability to hold your highest vibration at all times. Do not fear it for whatever it is serves you non in the wider process of self-enlightenment.

 Enter the silence of your soul in full knowingness that love and light is all you require to journey, explore, gain wisdom and make your ascension. By sitting in the silence you are actively re-connecting to the ‘all that is'; the Godly-self, the creator, the infinite source. Should you find yourself distracted by your own mind, the internal chatter do not despair and do not worry. Just bring yourself back to the ‘stillness’ again and again and again. For some it takes practice, for others they find it easier; non is better than the other as all have learnt to do this at many stages throughout their many lives. Just relax and breath, enjoy your own company, the pure divine silence, and know that it will come. Using a beautiful crystal will always help and as long as your intent for pure divine connection to the ‘all that is’ is held, the crystal will assist in raising your vibrations to transcend the mind and enter the light of an infinite universe. White crystals such as quartz and selenite will assist your greatly, as will those that awaken and open the heart such as green adventurine, green apophylite, malachite and rose quartz.

Do not discount the power of sound in the univesral connection for it raises your energy or drops your energy depending on the tones and intent. The repetition of positive affirmations is the perfect way to seize the mind whilst opening the heart and lifting the vibrations. Set a pure intent and repeat a word or short phrase over and over; watch and feel how it changes your energy, lifts your light body from within your physical density. Listen as the universe joins in on the words, assisting and magnifying the vibrations as it echoes your intent. This channel has been using a simple phrase: ‘ I am love, I am light, I am oneness’. Simplicity is the key to potent power. Let the words resonate from your heart, filling every cell, every energy centre, every auric layer and connect you to the great infinity. Feel the connection to everything and everyone. Feel how your affirmation resonates across the planet, into every soul and vibrates out across the universe. You are never alone. Your feeling of loneliness only appears due to a feeling of separateness from everything else. Know that you are the light, therefore you are everything. No longer see others as separate, greet them as you would the light; with open and loving arms. You are fulfilling all that you set out before you in your soul contract for this existence and realise now that you are completing it at an exponential speed. We smile, our hearts full of love and joy as we watch you become your full and most illuminated selves.

Blessings on your day.

SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council Of Nine, First Contact

-Channeled By Wes-

Hello friends, this is my first contact with the being known as SanJAsKa. SanJAsKa is from The Pleiadian Council of Nine, which I am told is different from the Pleiadian High Council, but in what ways I’m not yet sure. SanJAsKa and I give this message in Love :)

Greetings to all, I am SanJAsKa. I greet you in the purest form of Light and Love. We here of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, along with the rest of the Galactic Federation have a great personal stake in the future of planet Earth. We are related to you in ways you have yet to rediscover, just know that it will be very startling when all of the revelations really begin to take off. We can tell you that we were in fact on Earth before the humans, before and during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, before the wars started. Like the rest of your space family who were with you in these times we left after the war games reached their peak. There were only a few not from Earth who stayed around, and these were the Annunaki and what you have come to know as the ‘greys’. They had much to do with humanities enslavement after the fall of Atlantis.

We now have many of our own on the gound on Earth and you have seen many coming forward with our messages and messages from other Councils of the Galactic Federation. This has always been apart of our plan and obviously it is only the beginning. I wish to offer you all a little bit of history that you were never told about in your schools. After the fall of Atlantis a heinous plan of slow evlsavement of those races created on Earth was gradually drawn up by the Annunaki and those whom they had brainwashed and trained to become their minions. We had to watch as this plan unfolded, as your collective conscousness was in a sort of bruised state caused by the war games that had you all clearing much negative karma. The Annunaki knew this and they used the manifestation of negative events that were originally for the purposes of clearing your karma to their advantage. They planned very negative and heart wrencing events that then had to be played out to balance out the whacked out karma you had acheived as a result of the aforementioned Atlantean war games. You have collectively been through some of the darkest times and I say this not to make anybody uncomfortable or upset but to remind you that dear souls, this is how strong you all are! To be able to go through everything you have and come out of it all the shining beings you now are has been the most wonderful sight to behold!

For a few decades now we have been in touch with many on your planet but for a while we did halt our personal contacts a bit and this was because of both the stepped up security of us by your dark ones, which made it harder for us to visit an earth human personally, and because of the freewill of many that were not yet ready to presonally know the truth about extraterrestrials. Very recently we have turned our sights to telepathic contact until the ball gets rolling into the public’s eye. So in many ways first contact has begun and has been ongoing for decades. Again when the full truth comes to be known much about your existence and relation to us will become more clear. These announcements are to be in front of you all very soon and we up here continually ask, are you ready? We can feel in your collective consciousess that many of you are now ready and will openly accept our presence. This is a very real truth and has caused much swift action on our part and on the part of our earth allies. You will see the manifestation of our efforts very soon and this manifestation will have been brought out by not just us but you as well, in fact moreso!

I am SanJAsKa from the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and wish you all to know that you are our brothers and sisters, both spiritually and physically. You will come to realize that we look very much like you and that our planets are actually very simalar to your Earth, and are what your scientists would consider ‘earthlike planets’. I close this message in the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator who dwells in us all at all times.

Thank you SanJAsKa.

Permission is given to post anywhere

Message from The Pleiadian High Council, 7-27-11

 -Channeled By Wes-

Harmony and Peace are about to be bestowed upon your world, are you all ready for these amazing physical and spiritual changes that are to manifest in your everyday lives, seemingly instantly? We have so long been awaiting these many joyus reunions that are to come to fruition soon. We are all at the end of such a long journey and we will never forget the experience we have gained whilst involving ourselves with Earth’s ascension. Every last one of you on Earth, awakened or unawakened, have contributed to your New Age far more than you could imagine. For many of you, your old abilites are beginning to resurface and we tell you to go with the flow in that sense. Much more will be coming to Light in the times ahead, both outside and inside of yourselves. What a glorious time to be in, and how lucky you all are to be taking part in this ascension!  Soon our words of Harmony will be not just on your internet, but on your television sets as well. Our ‘voices’ will be heard planet wide, not since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria will we be working so openly with you all.

Our excitement builds more and more every day as we know full well the amazing occurences that are to take place shortly. We so dearly wish you could all have the perspective that we do, and we celebrate knowing that so very soon you will! We have felt often the angst and frustration of many who wish to get on with everything, we wish you to know that we have been ‘getting on with everything’ for over a millenia. We understand that what we say will not resonate with many, as many people think that we are tip-toeing in favor of the dark ones and giving them the authority to step all over everybody else’s freewill. Again we say that we wish you could have our perspective, as you would understand how complicated this whole situation really is, and how inter-related every soul is, even to the dark ones. In reality we are all the energy of God, the Mother/Father Creator, and there is no distinction or differences between us. All of the differences between one another you presently experience are illusions that were both created by you all and are kept going to this day in favor of seperation. You see dear ones, seperation is the key to keep a planet of souls from reaching it’s collective potential. If you all would just get together and live in Peace with one another, your world could and would change instantly. As you would all come together, you would realize how hollow the illusions of seperation you have all believed in so strongly in really are. Further, you would realize the slow and steady manipulation that has infested itself into your collective consciousness for so long. We speak of you all coming together not only because it is the right and natural thing to do, but because this is what will be happening shortly.

The energies have increased in frequency and purity, and as we have said before things have now gotten real for many. Some have begun to turn back to their lower dimensional selves, as they find it increasingly hard to live in a vibration that they are not yet completely familiar with. We tell you all to stay strong, as out of this difficulty will come the victory you have so long immersed youselves in duality to achieve. Our presence is soon to be known, and that will only be the beginning. Truth after truth after truth will continue to be exposed until every dark action ever commited against you is brought to Light. These end times mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For many these end times signify the defeat of the dark ones, we wish you to know that this is just a small part of what will be occuring. The main point of these end times is to get your focus on ascension,  and this will be the base subject of our many announcements to you. So many startling things will come to be known, about our relationship to you and about your relationship to the dark. Many seem to think that the dark ones on Earth presently are here for no reason, except to keep everybody else down and in fear. We wish you to know that the troubles you experience that are caused by them, were brought into your lives by yourselves. While the dark ones may have ‘pulled the trigger’ so to speak on so many bad events, we wish you to know that they are only alowed to do what YOU allow them to do. They can only do what is allowed based on the reflective state of your collective consciousness. Every second you have a choice as to whether or not you will give them your power, and if you choose to feel negativity of any sort then you are re-fueling them so to speak.

If you act in anger, you are giving your energy to that of the lower vibrations, which is what the dark ones feed off of. Yes, they have perpetrated many heart wrenching events, but the places in which these events occured are significant. There is no such thing as a civilization that lives and complete Peace and Harmony getting destroyed, if positivity dominates than it becomes impossible for the materialization of anything negative. Some may not understand the concept we are attempting to put forth, but soon you will. Your minds will expand more and more as so many truths are revealed to you, and the result will be a higher intelligence and understanding in yourselves. We wish you all to please understand, things are not going to be the same anymore. Your world is changing, and the third dimensional life you are used to is crumbling away as you advance. As long as it is your desire, you will be leaving behind that which was always comfortable to you for the greater Life you had forgotten so long ago. For so many of you who find yourselves awakened on Earth, know that you came here for a specific, divine oriented purpose. Lightwork is the key foundation of this purpose, as the more you give to the side of Love, the more the ratio is shifting on Earth. We can tell you that based on the amount of Light now encircling your planet, the time of the dark is over. The dark has more than served it’s purpose, and you are all moving back into your own Light, your own divinity that is never truly lost, simply forgotten for a time.

Again we guide you not to feed the energies of anger, frustration or hatred, as they will feed the dark ones that cause the events you so despise on your world. Oh how we wish we could see everyone on your planet make an effort to let positivity in, as indeed on a global scale that is all that is needed to bring change about, a simple perspective of positivity. We wish so dearly that all of your emotions could be grounded in positivity, as it has such great power. We understand and accept that many have lessons to work through before they can get to this perspective and we, living where all is known, are actually in the presence of all of you after you have ascended! We understand that this may be difficult for some to understand, but it is so true!

We are the High Council of the Pleiadies, and we send our Love and Respect to all who both read our words and are begining to familiarize themselves with every aspect of their own divinity. We have begun contact with so many, and soon you will see messages from us and other councils of the Galactic Federation of Light flooding your internet more than they already have. First contact has begun, send out your intent to connect with us and you will find this truth for yourselves!

Message from SaLuSa for July 27, 2011

Thanks to SaLuSa and Mike Quinsey

As you might realise many of the events that you have awaited, have commenced due to the work of our allies. The plan has been laid down and bit-by-bit it progresses, and every now and again you will surely see the pattern that is emerging and recognise what is happening. You will by now have connected the worsening financial conditions in the West, with the coming changes that will take advantage of it to implement a totally new set up. It has been long promised and founded by St.Germain, who has always been behind it and still is of course working for its implementation. His dedication has been constant for hundreds of years, and he has worked for your interests to ensure completion as planned. Indeed under various identities, St. Germain has been guiding you for thousands of years.

You are understandably unaware to a large part, as to how many great Masters have lead your civilisation out of the darkness and directed you onto a path of Light. They have come in reply to your prayers, to be released from the thrall of wickedness and evil that has beset the world. Yet they have had to acknowledge the karma involved and allow it to work out. The path between what you call good and evil has been very narrow, but now the Light has interceded and proceeds without interference. The way is well lit and those upon it are well protected, providing they keep their guard in place. You do of course have other forms of protection, not least of all your own guides and angelic Beings. Call upon them as often as you need, as they never tire of doing good deeds for you and they give them great satisfaction.

 Whatever happens there will always be some strife between people, as there are strong views held as to what the final months hold for each person. Simply allow others their point of view and do not be concerned if they challenge yours, as your powers of creation mean that more than one path leads to the final days when Ascension takes place. Even in the end times your freewill applies, and you can experience as you desire but we say follow your own beliefs. No one should be putting pressure upon another to go with them, but allow every soul to make up its own mind. If things seem unclear to you now, you can be sure that matters will be clarified so that each one of you knows what the options are.

Our presence will naturally be a strong influence, and to some extent it is necessary for you to know what your future self will be like. From where you are now to our level, is a great leap forward and you have everything to gain. Naturally you will first have to reach higher levels of consciousness, and you will know if you have succeeded in doing so. We have always informed you that the intent to ascend is the first step, but from thereon you have to live out the life that you aspire to. Service to others will take you a long way towards achieving your goal. You do not have to perform miracles, but by your example alone you will be of great help to others. See in others yourself and know that you are All One, and your tasks will become that much more easier.

Dear Ones, we have never been closer to disclosure, and it steadily comes into view. However, more facts about us than ever are entering your public arena, and our activities are becoming more known. We allow that as it is time you knew how much we do for you, and in the present times we are quite busy keeping the dark Ones in their place. We ensure that their plans only have a limited degree of success, whilst using every opportunity to turn matters into our favour. Since we know what they plan, it comes easy for us to intervene through the presence of our allies. Of course we can take direct action when necessary, and do it in a way that does not leave us being accused of interference in your affairs. You must remember that as a civilisation you are on Earth to experience duality, and we must not stop you from learning through your own actions.

Your spiritual progress remains the most important issue for you, and is indeed your reason for taking on the challenge of going through duality. It has been tough and demanding, but from it you have learnt an immense number of lessons. Returning to Masterhood does not happen overnight, but that has always been your goal. Many of you are on the verge of succeeding and you will find the run in to Ascension easier for you for that reason. Each of you have agreed a life plan to take you exactly where you wish, so follow your intuitive guidance. No two are exactly the same but you will find souls who have a very similar approach. It is usually because of that reason that you are attracted to each other, and groups form that can work in harmony with each other.

We could stifle the guns of war if so required by divine instruction, and at some stage that may be necessary. Meantime, we cannot interfere into the affairs between nations, and each altercation is another challenge to seek peaceful solutions. Unfortunately, there are vested interests that benefit from wars, that have no intention of stopping them until they get what they want. Pressure from other countries is a step in the right direction, but it should be possible to introduce a peaceful solution if peace is earnestly desired. The days of taking up arms to each other are passing very rapidly, and there will be complete world peace declared in the near future. We shall then be allowed to enforce it, and all war machines and weapons will be destroyed. You clearly cannot allow the existence of such low energies if you are bringing the Light to Earth and are in the process of Ascension.

We do engage in wars, but as the Galactic Federation it is our responsibility to put a stop to them anywhere in the Universe. We do that by negotiation, and there is no situation that our diplomats cannot overcome. Where you are concerned we have offered many times to bring peace to your world, but you will already know that our offers have been rejected. This time we answer the calls for peace from your population, and respond to the Divine decree that has put in place a date from which all wars will cease.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel privileged to be part of a cosmic organisation that is destined to bring peace to your beleaguered planet.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

The Ascended Masters- “The Exposure of The Dark is a Lesson in Compassion”

The Ascended Masters-Channeled by Wes-

Blessings to all! We are the Ascended Masters! As always we have much to discuss with you all. Much has taken place that is to make sure your space families arrive before your biggest shift in energy! Obviously you have all been going through shift after shift upwards, but in your calender month November all is to come to a head. By this time you can be assured that any remaining vestiges of dark will have been wiped away, but know that this can only occur if you all forgive the dark for their heinous crimes. Forgiveness will be the way in these times, once the exposures fully begin. You could all see the exposure of the dark hats as a lesson in compassion. Indeed, if you could look into the eyes of those souls who have hurt you and your planet and caused so much destruction and still be able to forgive them and show them Love, you will have grown into your Mastery more than you can currently comprehend. As many of you notice, the third dimensional lessons you are curently learning are precursors to the bigger lessons you are to learn in the higher dimensions. Everything is a precursor to something bigger, every experience you have, every moment of Joy you experience, is all heightened in the higher realms. Many of you have begun to notice a sense of heightened emotion in yourselves, this has to do with your return to the higher realms where everything is intensified.

We Love you all more than you can possibly fathom at this moment, and when you have the perspective we do you will understand why. Here in the heavenly realms, Love just IS. Love is not felt through terms or conditions, it is felt at all times for all reasons. We have of course said this many times, but Love is EVERYTHING. There truly never has been anything else but Love, and this is a truth that you will soon discover. Some people are so ‘in the dark’ that they wonder if they have souls, and this inquiry vexes us. We say this because everything is ‘soul’, as everything is consciousness! The lives you experience daily could not be without consciousness, as conscousness is what gives every dimension its life force! It boggles us how so many have dropped so low in vibration as to where they think soul can’t even exist, what would your reality be without soul, without consciousness? It would be nothing, empty. This is why your bodies cease to functon after your consciousness leaves it, as without consciousness there is nothing, and so it has always been!

Many of your dark hats have attempted to clone others for the purposes of not having to face the people, but these clones are nothing if a soul does not impart into them, even what you would call technology both has and is consicousness. At present the technology you deal with is of a much lower nature, when you all discover the new technology soon to be at your doorsteps you will realize the power of consciousness. The technology we and your space family posess is actively involved in any project it is used for. It is not like your techonology, which only has a few purposes and works quietly, doing what it is told. Rather our techonlogy is an active member of all we do, we impart it with our own Love and consciousness and it has a say-so in every activity it is used for. If any on Earth tried to use this advanced technology for any heinous puroposes, it would simply shut down and not let itself be used. This technology is consciousness, and like you has feelings and emotions and being at the level it’s at, would refuse to take place in any dark deeds. Many of you would think us crazy, talking about our technology as if it were ourselves, but this is the level of understanding and compassion you are heading to. You will soon understand, and once you advance you will find even the Life of a piece of dirt no less valuble than your own.

It hurts us to see humanity treat so many advanced lifeforms with such little respect, in the heavenly dimensions we really can’t even fathom why you would eat the flesh of another. Those on the ground that we speak with have very many reasons and justifications for doing so, we say that the Life of an any soul on Earth, cut short for the purposes of ‘good taste’ shouldn’t be justified. However, we watch this all play out as it is a part of your freewill experience in the lower dimensions. We do however wish to remind you that every soul is connected, and you actually play a big part in the Life of the animal that you may ingest. When your space family are with you, many of these problems will be no more, and with this we come back to the subject of our technology. As some are already aware of, we have technology that can genetically manufacture whatever is needed. Once in the posession of this techonlogy, one could engineer any kind of food they wish, with the exact taste of what one is used to but without the previous ways of bringing said food into being. Many would be uncomfortable with the idea of genetically engineered or modified foods, we guide you that with our technology anything that is created will be of the utmost safety. The dark has taken many of our miracle works, and perverted them. Genetic engineering is just one of these perverted activites. In Atlantean times there were very many engineers, genetic or otherwise, who started their profession with pure intentions but were unknowingly brought to the dark side by the subtle advice of the Annunaki. Many who were caught up in this have repayed their negative Karma pertaining to such times, but still have a deep sense of sadness and guilt as to what they let themselves be tricked into perpetrating.

In these times of ever changing energy, much will come to the surface for review. We guide every soul to not be afraid, as giving fear to anything will only increase the strength of the low vibrations. Worry and concern are emotions that should not be humored at this time, and deep down you all know whether or not you should fear or be concerned about a situation. To anybody that is in fear in this current moment, please know that you have legions upon legions of Angels at your side at all times, healing your energy patterns and doing everything they can to sustain hapiness and health in yourself. Many fall victim to ‘automatic negative thoughts’, because they seem to think that for whatever reason, at that current moment they need to feel a certain way. We guide that this is a complete illusion. Dear ones fear, worry or concern should never be felt at all, for any reason! Do not let yourselves get caught up in what are clearly the last events of illusion playing themselves out, as if you give your energy to illusion than illusion increases in your perspective tenfold. This is because of the power of creation that you all have! Many lately have been closely monitoring their negative thoughts, and filtering out that which they wish not to create for themsleves. We are so happy to see this occuring, as it means you are all truly rediscovering your powers of creation! We guide to those who are beginning to do this, to focus your thoughts and actions on what you want out of Life. Not what your ego wants (i.e, material possesions) but what YOU want. If you wish for happiness, focus your thoughts and attention only on happiness, and create happiness for those around you as then you will have both the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma working on your side. There is so much more you can do as well!

We are the Ascended Masters, and we welcome whichever term you on Earth wish to refer to us as. We understand the discomfort some feel with the term Master, but know that this ‘status’ if you will, is what you are all returning to with your ascension! If it makes any feel better, we are not a sole branch of ascended souls who are referred to as Masters. Every soul in Creation that has ever ascended can be called a Master! We send you all our Love, know that when this Love is acknowledged and picked up on, you will be feeling our presence in your Hearts, Minds and all around you!

Permission is given to post anywhere