Help your Divine Light grow by ridding yourself of darkness

Hello dear souls! :D We have been going through shift after shift upwards in energy, and collectively we have all taken a major turn for the better. The Love and Light encircling our planet has grown exponentially and we are all now finding the old being fast replaced by the new. As I have stated countless times this is a difficult process for many, what we once knew and were comforatble with is gone and we are left only to contend with our new selves, our GodSelves. Letting go of the old is essential to this process, as the old is departing whether or not we are ready for it to!

There are many things in the physical we can do to increase our spiritual clarity and make this difficult process much easier. Even just getting up in the morning and having a morning meditation, followed by some excersise and a healthy breakfast will make much more of a difference than one would expect it to. By getting our mind and body going and providing ourselves with the right nutrients, we are shaking off the usual drudgery that seems to have increased in us. Even as I am telling this to you all, it is something I am in the process of learning. For me personally, I have found that getting up and engaging in the aforementioned routine instead of getting right on the computer or doing something unproductive, has been making this whole process unfathomably easier.

It is good to try to get a general healthy routine going, but one must be careful not to over-schedule themselves. While a routine is good to have it is important that we all remember to live in the NOW at all times. Personalize your routine by doing something unique every time you go about it. Sing a different mantra everytime you meditate, notice the different euphoric and healing effects a new mantra will have on your mind and body. Anything we do can be made unique as no two things or happenings are ever the exact same. Above all, if you can, try to spend most of your time out in beautiful serene Nature. The trees, grass and air are all ascended souls that feed us their divine energies anytime we are around them. Notice how much better you feel outside than inside. Outside there are no dense distractions such as TV, some of my most memorable meditations have been outside in the presence of the beautful ascended trees and flowers.

There are so many countless things that could be done to make this process easier, and most of them have to do with cutting one’s ties to earthly things that will bring one down. Replace soda or any other unnatural drink with pure, blessed water and you will notice the increased clarity within yourself. Things like soda and junk food were never meant to help us feel better, and were in fact designed to keep us down and keep our bodies weak. Avoid confronation, which can be a bit harder if the confrontation is with a loved one. Remember that you, as an awakening being, hold the power as to the general mood of the room and everybody around you. As you grow, those close to you that are still stuck in the illusion will feed off of your energy patterns. If you get upset, notice how quickly that spreads to those around you. If you live a mood of Peace and Harmony, notice how others around you will feel the same way. This is our collective spiritual power at work.

There will be times when, regardless of the peace you may feel within yourself, those around you will still be ‘down’ and may attempt, unknowingly, to pull you down into those energies with them. Recognize these events for what they are, and above all no matter what happens try to keep your own energy pure and of the Light. While those unawakened are still deep into contending with the dark, remember that you are in a process of growing past this and giving your energy to the dark will not only stall your progress, it will send you right back to those feelings of drudgery and frustration, which really are just feelings that are employed by fear and ego.

That is all I have to say for now, please know that regardless of how tough things may seem, we are all Loved beyond measure. I hope my words resonate with some.

In Love and Light :)

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