The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies: “Prepare for the Inevitable”

**The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies**

 August 31, 2011

Greetings from the Federation: We have taken some time since our last communication as we have been very busy of late. There is a tremendous amount of activity on our side as everyone readies themselves for an unusually big event. We remain excited and expectant about the occurrences to take place on your world. We now have an opportunity to update you in this respect. The recent events in the Americas have no doubt many of you wondering what has transpired. We detected the use of chemtrails and other devices to take what was initially a natural event, a hurricane, and expand it and divert its path. We have taken our own steps to downgrade the ferocity of this event but acknowledge as well your efforts, which have been quite effective, at lessening its impact through the power of your thoughts. While there was great destruction, the vast majority of it was part of the natural world and necessary for Gaia’s transformation. Continue reading

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Lauren C. Gorgo- Changing of the Guard: Failing Systems of the Old Paradigm

Lauren C. Gorgo, August 30, 2011

(Thanks to Steve Beckow and Katalyst)

“You are currently witnessing a complete turn around in the earth’s dynamic … an edifice of human thought that is no longer in alignment with the old paradigm of separation, but one of greater fortitude and of a higher vibrational constitution.  What we mean is this … the soil of your earth has become fertile enough for your pure-hearted intentions to take root.” The Seven Sisters of Pleiades Continue reading

The Ascended Masters: “We are to See Earth’s Golden Age Manifest Beautifully”

-Channeled by Wes Annac-

Blessings to all dear souls connecting with our energy, we are your Ascended Masters and guides. You have all been undergoing many upheavals in your personal lives that have cleared your emotional and ethereal bodies to great heights. As a result of this we are now able to send much more pure forms of Love through your being. Many of you can likely attest to this. Dear souls, the upheavles that have been taking place personally and worldwide are not without reason, these upheavels were necessary to make room for the Divine manifestations of your new Golden Age, your new Divine Lives. It has been a beautiful process, one that you all have been initiating to your greatest capabilities. We are so proud of all of you, because of your efforts we are to see Earth’s Golden Age manifest beautifully. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle Galactic Federation Update

**Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation**
4 Ik, 15 Uo, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world is beginning to feel the effects of the great change which will overturn major governments and restore your inalienable rights. This massive transformation is sending shock waves rippling through your global network of stock markets and causing major governments to alter key elements of their foreign policies. Continue reading

Who is SanJAsKa?

My dear friends, it has recently come to my attention that I have been channeling words from a being that nobody ’round here really knows much about. I am sure many have been wondering, who is this SanJAsKa person? I noticed a couple of web searches wondering exactly that. Well friends, I would like to tell you just who SanJAsKa is based on how much I already know about her*. Continue reading

Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message, 8-28-11

Beloved Ones,
The times of great transformation are now upon you. Each of you is undergoing tremendous alchemical processes within your four lower bodies and this can bring emotional outbursts as you try to cope with these changes. Be patient with yourselves and understanding, too. Your outbursts are temporary in nature and you must remember that it will pass. It is a process of integration, the integration of the masculine and the feminine energies that are within you and these are igniting to a greater degree at times, which leave you feeling bewildered and pondering how you could be expressing all that you are not, so often. Continue reading

SanJAsKa: “You Have Shown Incredible Skill and Patience in Manifesting Ascension”

-Channeled by Wes Annac-

Dear souls, I AM SanJAsKa. I come to you on this most beautiful of nights to share my perspective of Love and Wisdom. We wish for you all to know that you are entering a critical stage in your evolution, one that will require you to be sharp in mind and pure in heart. It is now time to let the earthly patterns you have been used to go, as they are a part of the old that is breaking away and cannot venture with you into the higher vibrations. Many of you as of late have been feeling somewhat held back, this is due to your continued dependence on material things to sustain happiness. Please do not think in any way that we are judging you; we wish you to do what makes you happy at all times, and take part in activities that resonate with you if they bring you Joy. However, we are now entering times where many of you are growing out of what you are used to, ascending past those things that used to give you so much comfort. This is all a part of your ascension process, and one we have alerted you to expect. Continue reading

Staying Centered in Chaotic Times Will See us much Benefit

Friends, in these increasingly violatle times we are finding ourselves in it is more important than ever to stay centered in our own Light. The chaos will attempt to pull us all down as the lower vibrations are meeting an end on our world. It has been said that it is always the darkest before dawn, I believe we are now in the darkest times before the arrival of our space family, before the arrival of our Golden Age. There are now many souls out there preaching hate, seperatism and fear, and these are the exact teachings we should all detatch from as the only purpose of those teachings is to pull us down and board us on the sinking ship that the Illuminati and the lower vibrations are now finding themselves on.  The maginificent thing is, once we detatch from the chaos around us we can actually see very clearly the higher Divine energies taking form on our world. Continue reading

Message from The Pleiadian High Council, 8-26-11

-Channeled by Wes Annac-

-Hello friends, you may notice there is no SanJAsKa update in this message, I intended to chat with her as well but the depth of information I was receiving from the Pleiadian High Council resulted in quite a long message. Worry not however as I was assured the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa were communicating with me along with the Pleiadian High Council. I will most likely communicate soley with SanJAsKa and post it sometime soon. Much Love!- Continue reading

Astronomers Discover Planet made of Diamond

LONDON (Reuters) – Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.

The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond. Continue reading