I AM a Divine Transcendent Being

Hello friends. :) If there is any dear Lightworker out there who is feeling down, or is in any way feeling like they don’t matter or are not a valuble asset in Dear Gaia’s ascension, I wrote this for you. What is said in this message is true for every single Lightworker out there, please understand you are all extremely valube and irreplacable in these times. Your unique perspective is both appreciated and needed. So to any Lightworker out there feeling lost, please know that you are not. You are right where you need to be at all times. Much Love everyone, Wes.

I AM a Divine Transcendent Being

I have found a valuble source of not just spirit, but of the energy of youth and vitality. Through discovering my true self, I AM able to transcend the boundaries of what many know as ‘normal’. I AM a Divine Transcendent Being. I never tire, as the infinite and everlasting energies of Love pulse through my entire being and keep my going at all times, if such is my wish. I fashion with the Divine a system in which the wonderful energies of Love come through me, cleanse my entire being and, before continuing their journey to the core of our Mother Earth, charge my being with unlimited energy. Once this energy is tapped into, I AM infinite. I AM a Divine Transcendent Being.

I have discovered things about Life that most would reject; I have opened my mind and spirit up to something greater than myself. The marvelous thing is, this thing that is greater than myself, at the very same time is myself. I AM a Divine Transcendent Being. I have discovered within myself a sacred Inner Universe, and with this I have discovered the truth that this Inner Universe, is our Universe, and that we all contain the elements of our own existence, and thus we are trusted with the greatest challenge of all: accepting responsibility for our own lives. We are all Divine Transcendent Beings.

I have connected myself with the energies of Nature, having found them to be most uplifting. I have discovered tools, both outside and inside of myself, that help me to attain a higher consciousness. I have seen through what most people call normal, and I know materiality for the hollow shell that it is. I AM a Divine Transcendent Being. I have begun contact with many greater aspects of myself, in ways that most people would scoff at. Through my communication with these greater aspects, I have seen many of my earthly patterns and habits for what they are; just as hollow as the materiality I distance myself from. I have touched the deepest depths of darkness, and grew away from darkness back to the Light, back to where Love rules at all times. I AM a Divine Transcendant Being.

Even still, daily I am growing and learning whilst here on Earth. Each day I am revisiting aspects of myself that most of me is ready to leave behind. I have for the most part shed my earthly ego, but still see the last vestiges of it as it goes about the process of leaving my perspective. I use the lessons I learn to teach others, be it those around me or a distant friend. I AM a Divine Transcendent Being. Whilst involving myself with earthly aspects, I still daily do much work for the Light. Working mostly silently, I give much powerful Light to Dear Gaia and anchor vast amounts of Love unto Her beautiful Grid of Light. I relay Divine messages to others, though anonymously. I AM here on Earth every day doing my part to help the Earth Hu-Mans become a full fledged ascended Galactic Society of Light, as their Lemurian cousins have acheived in Agartha. After all of the experiences I have had upon Gaia’s surface, I humbly consider myself an Earth Hu-Man, and yet understand my own Divine and Galactic roots.

I AM a Divine Transcendent Being.

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One comment on “I AM a Divine Transcendent Being

  1. gregory sharp says:

    Hi Wes
    Gregory here , Thanks for creating this page.. I am since I was 9.

    Love to c it on the net like this , thx

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