Support Obama!

“Every person I know who is on the inside, still in black-ops, reveals that there is great hatred of Obama within their ranks because he is NOT working on their side.”- David Wilcock

 “Regardless of celestial origin and current culture, age, skin color, religion, gender, ethnicity, or nation of residency, prior to birth all peoples now on the planet knew the soul who would incarnate as Barack Obama and joyfully agreed to his becoming president of the United States to lead that country and the world into the Golden Age”- Matthew Ward

Friends, there are many at this time who feel dissapointed in President Obama. There are many that feel he has not accomplished what he said he would for the United States, and there are many who send him outright hate on a daily basis. I personally understand the reasons behind dissapointment, but pointless hate towards Obama benifets nobody, least of all We The People. You see, Barack Obama is and has always been truly trying to enact real change for the United States, and for the world. The problem is, he is facing extreme opposition from those who have held all of the power for so long. It is not easy for one person to stand up against an entire network of criminals who have had a tight grip on government for a century. These criminals know that the best way to weaken Obama and keep him from enacting real change is to get the public against him, and that is exactly what they have done.

These criminals have used the ‘news’ media networks that they own to constantly slam Obama, to use their age-old propaganda to sway the public on an issue. Propaganda has been their main method of control over people for a century now. Think about it. How did cannabis become illegal? Propaganda. How did we get tricked into senseless war after senseless war for decades now? Propaganda. They use fear to get what they want. They use fear to manipulate us, and make us think a certain way. It is the exact same with Obama. Remember the healthcare debate ‘coverage’?

They were actually trying to convince people that with universal healthcare for all, their grandparents would actually be put before ‘death panels’ that decide whether they live or die! I mean come on people! Clearly senseless fear-mongering. I remember they also used illusory ‘polls’ that stated that over half the country were against Obama Care, only to have those ‘polls’ exposed as hoaxes! People, I pray for those who are so anti-Obama to wake up and realize they are being manipulated by the very system they rebel against. It is one thing to feel dissapointed in Obama for so far not being able to break through the seemingly invincible power structure of those who keep us down, but it is entirely another thing to accuse him of being one of those who keep us down. He certianly is not. There are so many people who send Obama extreme hate on a daily basis, you have to realize this weakens him and keeps him from being able to enact real change! Those who manipulate others to do their hateful bidding know this.

I leave you all with this song by Wyclef Jean, please listen, truly listen to the words as they demonstrate the power these shadowy cabals have over government:

If you look back in history you will notice that there were a few presidents who attempted (and in some cases succeeded) to enact real change and expose real truth to the public, and they ended up dead, usually before their terms ended. Coincidence? You decide.

Much Love, Wes

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9 comments on “Support Obama!

  1. kip152 says:

    Hey, I was with you till the last paragraph; really.
    But that kind of assassination talk is uncalled for.

  2. John Paul says:

    …Hello rawanderer…!…have U considered adding a paypal button…?…another $ource to receive from those who can Give Gratitude Offering$…me just putting it out there,as i am Prompted…:)

  3. Wes Annac says:

    Thank you babajij, I have never thought of that! I am certainly to look into it now :) Been missin ya! :)

  4. margarethaverbraeken says:

    thit is politic, obama? is he enlighment,he have good iedea s but not the power to succeed; further the revenge one bin laden wass a bad movement. whe mi kind work hard to guide the energy s in the middle aest in good direction whit so less victims and disasters as possible. its a hard battle between light and dark, and freedom. he have cross our work, and create great difficulte s and open gates whos overwhelming us. its a hard battle evry day. iff you are safe one orion, pleiaden our where ever in the universe its nice to give messages.
    why is the USA so more important as the dying children in Africa, India pakistan? their is no haeltcare, no basic care no school evry day strugglle to survive. its time for global thinking. all humann must have the same right for live standard and security. Evrybody is verry willing to incarnate in the USA and West europe. it are hotspots from enlightment thinking.
    whe need volonteers to work and live where their are little possibillities. even i live in europe. i be the kind that working a lot outside the body. and be a lot in connection to equilize the energy. I got now bussy multytasking in different invisible work.( whitout payment one aerth) just because whe are whit to little who wanted do more as write messages. whos be even not can be read by the people in need because the lack one internet, electricity. so this is a helpcall for who wanted do really energy work and make sacrifies. for the love for the creator and the humans and the aerth. remember iff the aerth going lost, all the 13 universums shall feel it.
    if the energy become not in harmony one global scale she go break. thanks for reading and thinking margaretha light/energy worker servent from the 1 creator TaHaa. helping the Chi Eil. and responsable to the lightcouncil from 12.

  5. margarethaverbraeken says:

    hello lightbrother, mi memory become more open and claery and mi destination and ordres come clear in mi haed. mi power and understanding growing fast. today i be able in verry powerfull way long distance haeling. i reach persons one line, take their pain away, revive them, make them strong. be in a major battle whit the black spirits and free the capture souls. Become more and more spichic, Even mi human body look weak and have badly movement disordres. and mi thinking comes not in 1 line. because all the information come in 6 D . so how translate you that in 2D. whit sensitive persons i can reach 3 D but not more . The most have no idea from whatt i talking. Even not that one call themself lightworkers. somtimes i found 1 who s reconize mi energy. but not reconize mi source. whe are not whit many one this vibration.. I be bussy also harmonise the energy from all religions to bring in 1 line whit the universele laws. so i have search miself from evry religion and thinking stroke 1 resonate soul. So in meditation the energy is sending out and its work like a gsm line. i reach 1 and it go around. After 6 months hard work i started to experience results. all changins started whit 1. mi own langauge comes back and i remember mi own spaeking and thinking. Spaeking is hard for me because i can not spaek so fast as mi thinking. and people already thinking i spaek to fast and to high. i dont think she can coop more and higher.
    Mi hands have a constant stream from haeling power. and even who just talk whit me for 30 min feel themself hael and revive. Because mi high energy and the avarage people i work whit i lower mi vibration to mi max. and keep mi transmition in short time max 15 min. our lower the power. Mi paints becoming also higher in vibration. i just much search the right people for them. i have obeid mi ordre to step forwards and show more mi own nature. and dont longer pretend i be a normal human. the regio from the middle east and the islam wass not mi choice. i feel miself better in the combination from christianity and hindu. Because i serve one the golden ray. So now i must work whit indentity s and angels i be not familiar whit. i be bussy to make miself familiar whit the energy and thinking. because i have strict ordres never interfair our guide in the matter from believe. and never reveil mi true nature whenn she not reconize me. so somtime i must be like a camelion and just change mi collours and vibrations to fit and not attract attention who is not wanted. and because the telepatic line is back estabilishment i be not longer lonly and homesick. enjoy to be bussy whit mi spiritual job and the ability to hael people and educated and open their mind. i be now on the level i can see and feel mi kind cross the distance and time. so it go well whit me. to experience mi energy you can visit mi you tube margarethaverbraeken. their is showing miself as human side an mi own energytransfer in meditation. the freqeunce are lower. because its for the avarag human. and mi camera stopp taping once i cross the white.silverglobe. their stopped the human vibrations. so i greet you whit mi energy print and wish you well. follow your postings in mi mailbox

  6. Wes Annac says:

    Sounds wonderful Margareta :) I have been feeling myself in the higher dimensions as well, and along with my healing work it has been quite wonderful. I will gladly check out your youtube page. :) Much Love friend, you are blessed for your healing work :)

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