Message from SaLuSa for 30 Sept. 2011

SaLuSa, Sept. 30, 2011

The dark Ones are losing their power and the Lightworkers are closing in on them. The object is to keep them from delaying the changes that are so near, so that our plan can take off with all speed. As you might realise, immense organisation has gone into it, and our allies have been taking up their positions for quite some time. Each project is a massive undertaking, but with our advanced technologies we can progress even the tiniest detail. When we give the signal to go ahead, it will work like a military campaign and it will overwhelm any opposition. As you may guess, matters will proceed much better when the right people have replaced those in authority who do not truly represent you. Attending to that is high on our list, and about to take top priority. Continue reading

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People who read this blog are awesome!!

I would like to thank all of you, the dear readers of this blog. Without the support and encouragment of all of you, I would be in a very different place. I have made many good friends since starting my spiritual work on the internet, and I am so very greatful for all of the relationships I have re-forged. I say re-forged as I’m sure I knew most of you in past Lives as well!! Thank you all dearly, and Much Love :)

Feeling and Creating

I wish now to take you somewhere. I wish to take you on a journey of mind and Heart, to all of the places of this Creation which demand our attention if we wish to truly create and move into our New World. Let us now go deep, down inside of ourselves to where our personal astral levels exist. Some may call these lands ‘imagination’, some may call them our expression of the new ascended Earth. Whatever you wish to call these lands, I wish to take you there now. Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, sit back and truly feel yourself in these lands I wish to take you to. Continue reading

Growing out of Psychic Attacks

Hello dearest friends and fellow souls of the Light. It is a very energetic day we have the pleasure to experience today, and I for one can feel the uplifting Divine energies enveloping my being and re-assuring me that all is always well. Can you all feel these energies today? Can you feel the uplifting nature the Heavens are blessing us with? I know I certainly can. :) Now, I know I have written on here of the problems in my Life I have been going throught that have caused my time and energy for readings to shrink, but I haven’t been very specific on what some of those problems are and how they trace back to ascension. Some of the more personal problems I wish not to get into, but I would like to make known some of the non-physical elements of the problems I have been trying to get past lately. Continue reading

How ’bout them readings?

Friends, I am dealing with some personal issues in my life at this time, and as a result my available time for readings has shrunken. This is something I have felt endlessly guilty over, as the joy a reader feels when they receive a reading from me that resonates is something I wish to share with all souls. However, there are many happenings in my life that need addressed, that are more important if I am to stay grounded in positivity. So, if you have donated and not yet received a reading, ask for a refund. I will give it to you. To all of you who have stayed patient and understanding, thank you dearly and I will get your reading to you as quickly as I can. If anybody feels dissatisfied with the waiting period for a reading from me, I apologize. It’s a free reading anyway. For now I need to turn my attention to myself, no matter how selfish that may sound. There are elements of my being that are still based in negativity that I need to address and transmute if I am to be of service to anybody.

The Dimming Leaf (A short story by Wes Annac)

Here I sit, in my dark room though it is daytime out. I find my emotions or lack thereof match the darkness around me quite perfectly. I feel as a robot, void of emotions, feelings and mind. I feel as if I am in a hypnotic state in this place I call home, but if I am hypnotized than the question remains: what happens when I wake up from this dull dream? Where do I go, what do I perceive that could be any more ‘real’ than this reality around me? These questions and more are what keep me inside the illusion, what keep me from thinking that there isn’t something past this life, past this existence I find myself tolerating. The only thing I find enhances this reality, is the awesome and profound substance that I and many others call the sweet leaf. Continue reading

Living and Loving our Heavenly Ascension

Dear friends, we are merging with the Heavenly and Astral planes of Living, and this is becoming apparent when we stop and take a look around us. I’m sure I am not the only one who has lately looked around and noticed a certain, hard to define similarity between this world we Live in and the dream world that we have been taught to believe is ‘fake’. This is a result of the merging of realities, of the veils thinning. For many, astral travel has become much easier as we all begin to feel and notice a new reality that is more and more seeming to exist side-by-side with our own. This astral reality is the foundation that our New Earth is being built upon. Many dear and advanced souls have been working on these planes that are soon to be our Homes, and they have been transmuting the negative and strange nature of such places so we can begin to manifest Heaven upon the planes where our dreams teach us lessons. Continue reading