Offering Readings for Any Who may be Interested; Donations Gratefully Accepted but not Required

Hello dear friends. After many read my ‘Who Am I?’ article on here and over on the 2012 Scenario (infinite thanks to Steve Beckow for posting that) I am delighted to report that so many dear souls have begun coming to me for guidance. I am so pleased for this as I truly feel that I and ‘my’ Divine connections (our ascended friends are really all of our’ Divine connections, I am simply fortunate enough to have picked up on this contact) have a lot to offer in the way of helping others remember who they were, and in the way of helping many prepare for ascension. Yesterday I got an email from a dear soul asking if I may be able to do a reading for her. Now, I have been mostly unfamiliar with readings and how they are performed but needless to say I was very excited at the opportunity of being able to use the Divine connections I have established to give a reading of sorts. It turned out to be a very wonderful experience both for me, my guides, and the soul I was giving the reading to.

I did this reading over the internet through email, and I did it in the same general format that I channel messages, as really it is the same thing. The only difference between my giving readings and my channeling messages is that when giving the readings I am receiving personal information about and for a specific soul (the one I am doing the reading for) and when channeling I am receiving messages related to topics of general interest (disclosure/first contact, ascension ect). I know and understand that many others may give readings in quite different ways, but this was how I did it and as mentioned above it worked well for all parties involved. The soul I gave the reading to (who is such a dear soul :)) was very pleased with the information being presented about past Lives and karma ect and asked if I wouldn’t mind giving more readings. Naturally I replied that I would be honored to. This brings me to the main point of this post.

To the best of my abilities I would like to begin offering my services in giving readings to anyone out there who would like the guidance. I am not asking anyone pay me per se for these readings but donations, even small ones, are greatly appreciated as doing this work certainly can and has taken a lot out of me. Giving the first reading certainly did, but oh my goodness was it worth it! Now, from posting this I may get a lot of responses off the bat, so I apologize if it takes me a minute to get back to you. I am certainly going to do my best to answer all of the emails that will inevitably result from this message. So, if you would like a reading from me, your Pleiadian walk-in friend Wes Annac, please do not hesitate to email me at Donations are of course, gratefully accepted in exchange for this service but will certainly not be required. If you have little or no money but would still like a reading, please contact me! Knowing I have helped someone in any way is certainly sufficient emotional ‘payment’ for me. :)

To make sure I will not have to say this to every individual soul that emails me; a bit of background information about yourselves will be required if you wish to have a reading. It would be different if I was giving these readings in person as I could personally feel the energy of the soul if they were with me, but since this is over the internet I will need to know a little bit about you if I am to connect to your energy and your guides’ energy. Also, not knowing anything about you will make it more difficult to receive legitimate information about you pertaining to your personal ascension process, past Lives ect. So if you wish to have a reading done, don’t hesitate to contact me as I enjoy performing this service. The reading itself will be in much the same format as my channelings are, and if you wish, after telling me a bit about yourself you can follow with some questions you would like your/my/our guides to answer.

Much Love friends, Wes Annac :) :) :)

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2 comments on “Offering Readings for Any Who may be Interested; Donations Gratefully Accepted but not Required

  1. Laura Tyco says:

    Wonderful Wes !!! <3 :)

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