Our Ascension Energies have been Both Uplifting and Murky

Friends, the energies that are coming in have been turned up quite a bit and will continue to be turned up, and this greater influx has had it’s positive and negative effects on us. All of our bodies (physical/mental/emotional/astral, ect) are being cleansed by these Loving energies and this cleansing can result in some unwanted feelings and happenings. Even as I type this now it is well past midnight; I have been trying to sleep but have been unable. For me personally, this has been a result of the energies cleansing my body as I release more and more negativity and subsequently become Lighter and Lighter. As I’m sure many of you are, I am really beginning to feel all of my bodies, not just my physical body, and most importantly I am feeling my Ascended Light body coming ‘online’ so to speak and this has resulted in the strangest sensations and feelings.

There are many positive things resulting from feeling this Light body and from feeling the benifits of growing and ascending. One example would be my increased presence in the astral planes and on the New Earth, the Ascended Earth. Eden, if you will. Our ascended world is fully alive and thriving in the astral planes just waiting to manifest on our plane of reality, and as I speak myself and many other souls have felt ourselves on this world, creating it and transmuting the negativity that attempts to stall humanity’s perceiving it. I am excited and honored to be working with many ascended souls that are bringing this world into being, but as mentioned above this increase in ascended activity, at least for me, has come with many new strange sensations and feelings as I begin to perceive these higher dimensions that I have been working on. We have actually all been working on these higher dimensions for some time, for the most part many of us simply do not realize it yet.

Many of us do this work while asleep, as when sleeping we are perceiving the astral planes though many believe they are only ‘dreaming’ and what they are experiencing is not real. It is more real than our Earthly reality. I have been fortunate enough to begin to access these very planes during the day and when in meditation, and you all can to. It simply takes, like many other higher dimensional things, accepting that what you are doing is real. The general consensus between just-beginning Lightworkers seems to be that the astral and heavenly planes, contact with their guides and ascension in general is somehow still out of reach, or still far off. Friends, it is only your beliefs that these things are far off that make it so, and I mean that fully when I say it. Many of you daily are interacting in the astral planes or what you would term your ‘imagination’, and many of you daily are also in contact with your guides. You just have to realize and accept that the higher dimensional activity you are engaging in on a daily basis is real, because it is!

Now, as I said above these energies have been having adverse effects along with the wonderful effects they bring such as an increased awareness of one’s astral travels, ect. For me personally, I feel as if there is electricity pulsing through my muscles, through my very being. It is a bit of a hard feeling to describe, suffice to say it has kept me awake along with many other things. I have felt my mind racing, I mean really racing, a million miles a minute. I feel tired but at the same time energized, pumped up, again as if electricity is pumping through my body. It has become harder than ever, at least at this current moment to allow mind to simply slow down, to relax, to let myself go to that peaceful place. I know this will soon pass, but boy has it been a bit difficult to deal with.

Feeling the energy going up my spine and through my solar plexus has also been quite invigorating and strange at the same time. It is quite a sensation to feel. I notice that when I am in the astral planes, if I begin creating things such as gardens, forests anything really I start feeling this higher dimensional energy in my solar plexus. It is a very wonderful ticklish feeling, and at the same time can be disorienting as it is so different from any kind of physical sensation one can feel. I have also begun to notice a decreased taste in lower dimensional, 3D things. Things such as soda, meats, television ect leave me feeling worse rather than better. It is now extremely easy for me to taste the ‘fakeness’ of soda and meats, and after ingesting them I just feel awful. I am taking this as a good sign as it means I am truly ascending away from those lower dimensional things. I also cannot stand television for the most part anymore, as television only seems to display many lower dimensional aspects of Life that I am simply tired of associating myself with.

Meditation and astral travel have become much better, much more clear, and lower dimensional things have become harder and harder to stand. To me, this is a clear sign of ascension in full swing! We are currently in the sixth day of the ninth wave of the Mayan calender, and on this day the 13th we have hit the peak of this sixth day. While the collective consciousness of Earth on 9/11 resulted in much murky lower dimensional energy that we sensitive Lightworkers were forced to sludge through, the peak on this day should result in a much more uplifting energy that I for one will be waiting with open arms to receive. So hold on to your hats everybody, and stay strong and grounded in your Light as we are to see the fruits of our difficult labors very soon.

Much Love, Wes Annac :) ♥♥♥

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5 comments on “Our Ascension Energies have been Both Uplifting and Murky

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  2. shana says:

    the full moon kept me up it was electric.I couldn’t sleep.

  3. Wes Annac says:

    It was quite electric friend :)

  4. I too have been feeling similar symptoms. Sometimes at night when I am going to sleep, I can hear high vibrational pulsating frequencies in my ears and when I looked at it from my mind’s eye, I realized that my guides and aspects of my higher self were somehow working on me, perhaps on healing or transmuting stuck energies or maybe activating my lightbody. I have been growing to realize more and more that my guides and higher self work with me as a team and that they in fact ARE me and have always been here in every thought and every interaction. The more my third eye/pineal gland awakens the more I am able to see, yet I am also becoming aware that consuming poor quality drinks and foods hampers this development. There are many times of coherence where like you are experiencing a tingling with your solar plexus, I am experiencing a similar tingling right on my forehead. It feels like a slight pressure, but a soft soothing vibrating pressure that feels amazing, like being totally balanced.

    I have also found that my taste in music has changed significantly in the past several months. I really enjoy listening to uplifting music, especially uplifting trance because I find the melodic breakdowns to feel like musical expressions of Ascension! I have no doubt that many of the music artists that are coming up with new music are in essence doing some version of channeling the new energies to some extent. For example, check out the latest music from Coldplay and its clear they are not the same band anymore. All the vivid colors and bright uplifting chord progressions and lyrics are totally expressions of these new energies. They are completely bombarding this planet and have been for a while now. I also have no doubt that the success of our spread of information via the internet is in fact one expression of the new uplifting energies.

    And I too have had feelings of my mind racing lately. So many thoughts, I believe that our new light bodies will be like upgrading to super computers where we will be able to process so much more information that our scope of reality expands. So to help with that, I took your advice and have been listening to youtube videos with binaural beats and solfeggio scale frequencies.

    And I also wanted to make a comment on the whole astral plane experience issue, and how many lightworkers feel as if they are not there yet. Not too long ago I was in this boat, but now I feel in transition as I realize that I am in the Astral Planes ALL THE TIME. I had an experience where I was working out running on a treadmill and listening to my uplifting trance, when all of the sudden, I saw that I was simultaneously in a beautiful meadow with these blue skies and piercing white light that almost felt like a dreamland. The more I realized and recognized that I Am Already There, it became more vivid for me. I instantly felt that tingling pressure by my forehead, heart and solar plexus chakras and it felt like pure Bliss pouring into me. I even realized that a few people started glancing at me involuntarily and I took this as both a synchronistic message from my guides and the realization of the presence of our collective consciousness that we are all connected to at our heart chakras in which information is always being shared whether or not we are conscious of it! And also I agree it is important to point out that we do in fact experiencing astral travel in our dreams and that these dreams are not just figments of our imagination. I had an incredible experience a couple days ago where I and a few other souls were being visited by Master Jesus (Sananda) and he was showing us how to manifest. He was a beautiful being with dark hair and deep eyes that really stood out. I think I can remember seeing his third eye as being completely visible too. He used his inner vision and Love to manifest absolutely anything. It was a beautiful experience and I just remember feeling this intense Love. I Know it was real, I just wish I could have remembered more details…

  5. Wes Annac says:

    Thank you dearly for sharing chris, isn’t it wondeful feeling these astral planes and knowing we are there at all times? I have been Loving every second of it. Perhaps we will see eachother on the other side during our travels. I’ll be wearing a glowing white robe :) Much Love :)

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