Reading Requests

Hello to all dear friends on this fine day. I am afraid that for the time being I am going to have to stop accepting requests for readings, as I have many requests piling up and must also find time in the day for myself. I am absolutely going to continue doing the readings, I just need to catch up to the many requests I have had come in. So if you have sent me a request for a reading and I have replied to you, do not worry as you are still absolutely getting your reading. Even if you don’t receive it for another week (unlikely) you can still bet that I haven’t forgotten about you. Once I get caught up on readings and give myself a bit of a break, I will begin taking requests once again. I was hoping to channel and have out a message from our Pleiadian friends by tommorow, but due to the level of tiredness I am feeling it may be a bit longer. Much Love friends :) :)

Wes Annac :)

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