We are Living a Blessed Experience

Dearest friends of the Light, let us all rejoice for we have the pleasure to experience yet another Joy-filled day on Earth. Many have complained of Earth and it’s difficulties, but I say to you what is happiness without sadness? What is unbridled Joy without temporary dissapointment? Earth offers plenty of both, and we are so very lucky to be here on this difficult plane of understanding that we are mastering every day!! We have in front of us the opportunity to see the ‘negative’ emotions for what they really are: the yang to positive’s yin. They are two sides of the same beautiful emotional coin. We must rejoice, must celebrate, for after we leave this difficult yet lovely place, we get to go home!!

How many of you dear readers have wondered just what the Heavenly dimensions are like? How many of you have imagined yourselves there, with all of the wonders that follow? There is much about the Heavenly realms we have yet to remember and know about, but how often have you tried to remember? Those realms are our true Home, the Heavenly place we used to be before we decided to drop down into these low vibrations. We all carry subconscious memories and feelings about these lands, and now is the time we begin to access those memories. At the same time, we must be thankful every moment for this wonderful Creation of ours that we temporarily call home. We Created this earthly realm we find ourselves in, and since we Created this land, we have the power to make any changes to it that we wish!! There is an unseen realm that we Created this reality in, and this unseen realm is our true Home.  Compared to this realm, Earth is the true hologram! This physical universe is the true cartoon, and we are very soon to be fathoming and Living in the unseen realm that created this cartoon.

How many are truly ready for ascension? How many are truly ready for Resumed Contact with our Space Family? Sure you may feel as if you’re ready as I do, but what will you feel when you first see that beautiful, multi-dimensional starship in the wide-open sky? What will you feel when you see our Angelic space brethren offering you their Divine technologies and their Divine Love, which is the pure Love that they hath been endowed with by our Loving Creator? What will you feel? This is a good question to ask yourselves in the days to come, as we never truly know when things will ‘begin’. I use that term loosely as this whole thing has been initiated since the end of the Atlantean cycle. That is why this momentous even should not be referred to as ‘First’ Contact as it is not! They have been interacting with us for some time, and now that interaction is to once again reach Atlantean levels. Only this time, rather than giving in to negative influences and destroying ourselves, we are to finally ascend back to the Heavenly realms that we all know quite well deep down!! Until then, it is suggested that you monitor your feelings, your reactions to how events in your Life play out over the next few days. Keeping centered in your Love and Light and remembering that we are having a Blessed experience will make Disclosure and Resumed Contact all the better when it does happen. Much Love to all, :)

Wes Annac :)

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2 comments on “We are Living a Blessed Experience

  1. Momotwins says:

    You are SO right, Wes! And I especially like your analogy of calling all of this the hologram!! Thanks! Love, S

  2. Profound words there Wes. Reminded me of a “dream” I had where I was riding a whale and perfectly comfortable doing so…..the colors were not of this world! Really stuck in my head about the color in/around the water sparkles. I could hear a Angelic Choir or the music was obviously of a Heavenly nature, it was everywhere, and there was so much Love <3

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