Feeling and Creating

I wish now to take you somewhere. I wish to take you on a journey of mind and Heart, to all of the places of this Creation which demand our attention if we wish to truly create and move into our New World. Let us now go deep, down inside of ourselves to where our personal astral levels exist. Some may call these lands ‘imagination’, some may call them our expression of the new ascended Earth. Whatever you wish to call these lands, I wish to take you there now. Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, sit back and truly feel yourself in these lands I wish to take you to.

First, find and feel yourself in the broken down village of a third world country. See and feel all of the poor souls in this place. Feel their anxiety that they may not get the sustenence they need to keep themselves going. Allow yourself to temporarily feel their sadness, their hardships. Identify with these souls Living in these difficult places, and give them your Love. Walk up to these souls, look deep into their sad eyes and give them a hug. Let them know that you feel their hardships, and it hurts you too. Now, as you feel yourself in this place with these souls, feel the presence of planes up ahead. Look up into the sky, and notice the many planes now descending down to right where you are with these many starving souls. See and feel the planes land, and watch as the pilots along with several volunteers to each plane begin to get out and unload supplies. The poor souls of this broken down village you are visiting are getting food! Not only that, they are getting all of the resources they need. Food, clean water, proper shelter, you name it and these dear souls are receiving it. Watch, feel and enjoy the celebrations that are now taking place. Dance with these souls, laugh with these souls, let them share with you the immense joy that they are now feeling!! Now, recognize that this ‘fantasy’ you are a part of is to be reality so very soon.

After you have spent a sufficient amount of time celebrating with the poor-no-longer souls of the village you were visiting, begin to shift your focus to somewhere else. Feel yourself inside of a fancy mansion, rich with exotic and pricey looking items. Feel yourself in a room of this mansion, with another soul. This soul can’t see or hear you, but nevertheless you are very much there. Look around you in this room, notice all of the different expensive looking items. Now, look back to the soul you are here in this room with. Notice he is quite an old fellow, looking to be about 50 or 60. He is wearing a fancy suit that indicates he is some type of important figure. Perhaps he is a figure in government, perhaps he is a CEO of a big bank. Feel the presumed ‘importance’ of this man as you exist in this room with him. Notice he is sitting with his head in his hands, as if he is somehow defeated. Feel the beaten-down energy of this man, and feel how just a few years ago this man seemed to be on top of the world, golden, as if nothing could ever hurt him and his unfair ‘business’ practices. Feel this man’s angst that he is so close to losing all control over a world he once practically ran. Now, hear the beating on the door of the room you are in. It is the police, and they have come to arrest this man for his many crimes. See and feel them rush in and put this gentleman in handcuffs. He will answer for his crimes, as is just. Even still, I ask you to feel his sadness, his remorse over what he has done but more importantly to him, his remorse over getting caught. Feel compassion and sympathy for this dear soul and ask yourself, if you found yourself in the position he was in a few years ago, would you do it all the same?

Now, feel yourself outside in the city. Feel yourself in front of a very important-seeming building, and notice all the people standing outside of this building, seeming to occupy it. They are holding signs and marching in circles as they chant that they will no longer stand for the ways in which they have been oppressed by the very ‘business’ of the street they are occupying. Feel this protest growing in numbers, in strength. See and feel the police force of this city treat peaceful protesters with force, but forgive the souls that do this as you can feel that it doesn’t matter to the overall big picture. This protest cannot be stopped, and it continues to grow in numbers. Feel the upliftment coming off of each and every protester as they stand up for what is truly right and just. Feel the nervous anxiety of the souls inside the building the people are protesting. They can feel that their time is up. Many of their friends and allies have themselves already been arrested, and with the growing protests they know they are next. Feel their fear over what is to happen to them. Feel this anxiety and forgive these souls for their crimes, as you would wish for the same if it were you in their position.

Now, feel yourself in a beautiful meadow. Feel the cool air around you, allow yourself to be uplifted by the beauty and good vibes of this wonderful place you are at. See and feel around you many trees of different design, many plants and flowers and fruits growing everywhere. Notice these fruits are different than what you are used to. They are much bigger than ‘regular’ fruit, and they seem to glow with a shining aura that arouses your senses and invites you to enjoy the vibes of the fruit. Pluck one of these big fruits off of it’s vine, and notice how another one grows in it’s place instantly. Study this fruit, examine it for it is so very beautiful. Now, take a bite of this higher-dimensional fruit. My, how tasty it is! To the best of your abilities, taste this wonderful fruit. What it tastes like may be unique to you, but for me the taste is indescribable. Like every wonderful taste on Earth and elswhere combined into one enormously wonderful fruit. Feel your third eye pulse as you eat this fruit, and feel your solar plexus tingle with energy. When you create on this plane of Living as we have been, those are some physical effects you may feel. Allow yourself to feel these things as you partake of this delicious fruit in the beautiful golden meadow you find yourself in.

As you walk around this meadow and notice all of the beautiful nature while eating your seemingly never-ending fruit, realize you are not alone. In the distance, notice many beings walking around performing various chores and exercises. As you get closer to these beings, realize that they are not the typical type of ‘person’ you are used to seeing. Many of them are very tall, ten feet and taller, and some of them are very short, two to three feet. Notice how they are all glowing beautifully just as your fruit is, and feel the ascended nature of these beings. Walk over to them and talk with them. What are they communicating to you? Through this manifestation, you are speaking with your spiritual guides. What valuble advice are they giving you at this exact moment? Stare into these beings’ eyes, feel the Love they have for you and for all Life. Allow yourself to be uplifted by their energies, by their ascended nature. Now, when you feel ready, you can begin wondering exactly where you are. What is this beautiful land I find myself inhabiting? What is this beautiful Eden where higher-dimensional fruit and plants can grow seemingly instantly, and where I am in direct communication with my spiritual guides? Your guides may be the first to tell you, Eden is exactly where you are.

Without realizing it, you have been inhabiting our New Earth, our Ascended Earth. I guess I can be the first to say, welcome Home!! Welcome to our Ascended Earth that many higher dimensional beings, now including yourself, have been working to ‘tune up’ as the veils continue to thin and humanity begins to experience this New Earth. How does it feel knowing you are here? You have a direct link to this plane of existence at all times, and you are now fortunate enough to consider yourself one of many souls who are perceiving our New Earth, our Ascended Eden.

Look for me at a creek, any creek, meditating and sending out mass quantities of Love to transmute the negative on surface Earth and anchor the new Earth to our plane of understanding. Dear readers, now that you find yourselves back Home you have a lot of exploring to do!!!

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3 comments on “Feeling and Creating

  1. Wow wes. wonderful words. welcoming, warning, willful, while warming.

  2. Wes Annac says:

    Thank you dearly friend for your words as well. :) :) Much Love :)

  3. [...] these protests will be stopped; no way nothing will come of them. Remember in my most recent articleFeeling and Creating I directed attention to the fact of the unfair police action against protesters, and pointed out [...]

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