The Energy of Holidays (Re-post)

I originally wrote this article back in October, but given what day it is I think it can be appreciated today as well. 

Since we have reached this time of year, many who are finding themselves awakening may ask, “what is the significance of the holidays?” Some may think that many holidays were simply created by the dark in an effort to get us all trapped in a materialistic bubble; having us buy unhealthy candy on most holidays, and expensive toys on others. Many may think that holidays have no place in an awakened one’s experience, but I would like to present my personal opinion on why that isn’t true.

As a child, for me holidays were the most looked-forward to times of the year. I always looked forward to the end of the year as a child, as there are many holidays at this time to look forward to. I am not gonna say I didn’t enjoy eating all of the food and candy and receiving presents, but for me that was not what it was totally about. For me as a child and as an adult, the holidays are about coming together. They are about uniting and enjoying each other, and the wonderful vibes that come from these holidays. Think back to your childhood, and tell me that the holidays were not some of the greatest times you experienced. Of course this may not be true for many, as we are all different and go through different experiences.  Continue reading

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Poseidon StarSoul through Neo Mi


My deepest greetings to you, children of light, and Brothers of the Federation. I come from my abysses, called by the instinct that has brought me to show me to you, to help you understand some points on the way, you’re looking for, in this life, and in these moments, your desires, appear to our eyes, like lights in the darkness, that we observe, for years, as if it is the garden, where we plant the seeds of light, we generate, when someone, us evokes, as you see you are us, and we are you, a relationship based on perfection, which is not false, is not illusion, but trust and believe.

Many of you continue to seek to understand, what is the purpose of this meditation, and when this goal, it will manifest, the journey is short, it is in your gratitude, but is no lack of interference, when you are in front of the steps that will lead you to what you’re looking for, they distract you, by leading you toward what that has nothing to do with , is really useful for your Ascension. The distractions, of which I speak, there are contexts, materials, and hatred, to which you are called to participate, it is your choice to participate or not, but if you decide to participate in these things, that arise from low energy , you too, you will be wrapped, of these low energies, which will prevent you to open your eyes, and then, to recognize, if you ascended or not. Continue reading

Let’s send president Obama love every day at 3:30 pm Eastern time

Hi everybody,

just wanted to invite those who wish to join us in an effort for sending unconditional love to president Obama and his family. We will do it tomorrow at 3:30 pm Eastern time. Feel free to extend this to any world leader you like around the world.
It is very important to do this now, as GFL reminded me in a recent message.
Please join us in this effort, and let’s ask our world leaders to dare annouce Disclosure of the benevolent ET existence.
Let’s pray for Disclosure and to have a peaceful and loving reunion with our Galactic Families.


Radio Ann – 31 October 2011 – Council of Twelve – Trick of treat!

Hello. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say that Halloween is a wonderful day! The veils are thin. Can you feel the presence of unseen friends? We are here. That’s friends, by the way. Not fiends!

We think Halloween customs are great fun, especially the zombie and ghost costumes. The ones filled with gore and fake blood are particularly amusing. This is because death is not scary, it’s fun! You’ll all have a great time with your transition – when the time comes – and for now, it’s good to make fun of the illusion of death. 

Children have a need to grapple with the concept of a transitory physical body. Halloween is helpful in this regard. It’s a way of facing one’s fears. The reality of death is that it’s LIFE. You’ll be restored to your youthful selves, your true selves, your wise and enlightened selves. In the meantime, enjoy your “real” life, which is more of an illusion than you know.

Costume yourselves as ordinary people. Maybe no one will see through your disguise, except us – who see the real you. You are beings of light, playing Halloween every day. Trick or treat, indeed. Love, the Council.

Our Actions do Not Define Who we Are

I feel I must write about this now, before you all, as writing has proved for me to be a great way to work out energy-blockages in myself. If I have an issue that isn’t too personal, I find writing about it helps me work it out, before the very eyes of you all, my wonderful and supporting friends. I would like to think a bit today about the roles we are all playing in our planetary ascension. We are all obviously helping in our own ways, and one person’s way should never be considered better or worse than another’s, in my opinion. Even those who take on darker roles in these times, are still serving a greater role for the Light whether they realize it or not. Obviously we are all growing past the influence of the dark, and so the clearly manipulative tactics the dark uses against us are beginning to be recognized and exposed by us Lightworkers.

This is a very good thing, and it says a lot about our evolution as a collective. It also says something about those dark souls that use the manipulative tactics we are growing out of. Obviously, if we were in a place where we would accept such manipulations in the first place, then we needed to have the ‘yang to our yin’ – we needed to have those souls who would perform such actions so we could learn not to fall for them. It is a reflection – a lesson for us to grow past. The next lesson in that series would of course, be to forgive the souls perpetrating such manipulation. Because as said above, we needed them! We needed to experience the manipulation those souls were pumping out, so we could learn not to fall for them and their tactics. Therefore, even that soul who was consciously performing dark and manipulative actions, was still working for the Light in that they were subconsciously showing us what to grow away from, what not to follow and let ourselves be influenced by. As we have been told, every soul is of the Light, even those who take pride in ‘being of the dark’.  Continue reading

Ben Fulford Oct 31 Update

I have always followed Ben Fulford, but his updates are always more about the purging of the dark off of our world rather than spiritual and ascension-related events. I am also cheating a bit here, as one is supposed to have a paid subscription to see the whole update, but I was able to find it elsewhere. Please, if Ben’s updates resonate with you, go subscribe to him so you can receive the full updates like the one below. I believe it is only 8 dollars a month, which really isn’t bad. As with everything, discernment is advised. 


Ben Fulford | Oct 31 2011 ~ The IMF And The Major European And US Money Center Banks Are Insolvent

The situation in Europe is making it clear to all but the most brainwashed that something historical is taking place. What is happening is that the criminal element at the very top of the Western power structure, especially at the very top of the financial system, has been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major European and US money center banks are insolvent. No amount of lying or paper shuffling or propaganda is going to hide this fundamental truth. The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers were created through fraudulent book entries and thus do not have to be repaid. That is why the banks suddenly announced that Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt even though such a write off would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out that is just not going to happen. It is game over. The Rothschild banking nightmare is ending.

Even the highly brainwashed priesthood known as Western financial gurus and journalists are starting to realize that something is not right. The big announcement by European governments of a “solution” to the Greek and Euro crises is a case in point. If you analyze the announcement you realize that essentially the banks and governments are saying the banks will pay for 50% of the Greek debt with money they do not have. The governments say they will pay for it by “leveraging” the money they already have. They do not say who is going to be dumb enough to finance a bankrupt gambler who wants to quadruple his risk. Continue reading

Sanada: Confusing Thinking with Feeling

Listen to this message on YouTube

Dearest Ones, Lovers of the Divine,
This is Sananda.

I Am here with you today to help you to understand that there is a difference between thinking and being – which many of you are not clearly aware of.

You can think light, but it does not necessarily mean that you ARE Light.
You can think love, but it does not necessarily mean that you ARE Love.

Mankind has been trapped so much in the mind – that earth humans have forgotten the true space in the heart where there is mere Being. It is the undivided place of eternity where the Divinity, the Source of Existence can Shine trough so that you ultimately can become One with It.

As you have forgotten this place, you have separated yourself from your origin over the course of millenniums by thinking. Thinking is the great separator from Source. Thinking is a process that can only occur when you allow the idea of duality to emerge. With thinking you create a copy of Reality, of All-That-Is.  With thinking you put a veil upon what is alive, what is Sacred, and it flattens the force and dynamic of true feeling into something artificial, a surrogate of living life as an expression of the Divine Itself. Continue reading

Deepak Chopra: Only Spirituality can Solve the Problems of the World

Deepak takes on the difficult task of addressing the wider audience on the importance of spirituality to the world. Thanks to Jeannie A.” -Steve Beckow

Only Spirituality can Solve the Problems of the World

Deepak Chopra, Huffington Post, February 24, 2010

Before addressing the importance of spirituality in modern times, we should first define it. Spirituality is the experience of that domain of awareness where we experience our universality. This domain of awareness is a core consciousness that is beyond our mind, intellect, and ego. In religious traditions this core consciousness is referred to as the soul which is part of a collective soul or collective consciousness, which in turn is part of a more universal domain of consciousness referred to in religions as God. When we have even a partial glimpse of this level of awareness we experience joy, insight, intuition, creativity, and freedom of choice. In addition, there is the awakening of love, kindness, compassion, happiness at the success of others, and equanimity. As the turbulence of our mind settles down, our body also begins to heal itself because it also quiets down. The body’s self-repair mechanisms are activated when the mind is at peace because the mind and body are at the deepest level inseparably one.

All religions are founded on a deep spiritual experience of unity consciousness where there was complete union between the personal and universal. Unfortunately, many times the followers of religion, instead of understanding the religious experience and seeking it for themselves ended up merely worshiping the founder of the religion. It is more important to fully grasp the teaching of the religion and its basic tenets, that have come from a deeper experience of transcendence. Self-righteous morality is not a means for experiencing higher consciousness. Higher consciousness, spontaneously leads to moral and ethical behavior. However, because spiritual knowledge is powerful, the custodians of organized religion have frequently ended up with destructive behaviors — power mongering, cronyism, control, corruption, and influence peddling. As a result organized religion has frequently become quarrelsome, divisive, and led to conflict. No organized religion has been immune to this unfortunate tendency. So, we have had the crusades and witch-hunts of Christianity, the Jihads of Islam, the violent communal riots instigated by fundamentalist Hindus and the persecution of minorities and ethnic cleansing all in the name of God. Continue reading

Audri Scott Williams: Ascension Tension

(Commentary from Steve Beckow)

Serena wants to make sure we see and know about the Ascension teachings of Audri Scott Williams and the Spiritual Grandmothers of the Four Directions.  In this video Audrey goes over what is happening on the energetic level as move towards Ascension.


In the following two-part series, Audri steps back and looks at the whole subject of Ascension.

And here Audri discusses her travels and how she has always been loved and protected in her work of spreading the news about Ascension.