The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, the Water Bearer

Hello, and thank you for visiting this site. Most if not all of you who were led to this site, are here because you know within  yourselves that we are reaching a tipping point in humanities history. The current state of this world is very clearly reflecting the need for change from the way we think and operate as a collective, and as individuals.

As many of our societies seem to be met with never-ending economic or otherwise woes, the clear and needed change from what used to be felt as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new template of Living, of behaving and understanding. Many on our world are stuck in a void, where they feel no need to cease continuing the old paradigm as we have known it, and many know and understand nothing more than their average and for many people, materiality-driven, singular existence.

Many still choose not to believe that there is anything past the physical world that they have grown used to, and those especially prone to judgement may think that others who believe that something, anything, lies beyond this Life are either wishful thinkers or just ‘bonkers’. However, there are also plenty of people who have refused to accept what the majority have felt to be normal, and who have instead followed their hearts and begun to find out for themselves just how this world and reality operates.

Many souls on our world are, in their own unique and individual ways, discovering for themselves the truths of other realities, of other planes of existence, that not only exist beyond our physical perspective, but that in fact Create and form our reality, atom by atom. Consider this mythical-seeming possibility.

Consider that as we play a part in this reality which is Created from and by higher and more refined planes of loosely-vibrating matter, when the time comes for us to depart this land, rather than reality as we know is ceasing to exist as some believe, we depart only the body that was meant to exist in this decidedly-more-false reality, and our true essence, our true spirit, departs onward to the lands which create our lands.

Obviously, the implications of this would be huge. It would stand to reason that within the higher realms which Create our own, must exist beings whom themselves are perceiving and operating at a higher frequency – at the frequency of the realms which would be supporting them. Our physical bodies are designed only for this realm and as such would not follow us into higher and more pure states of loosened matter, rather we will move on to such realms when we are truly ready, and once again become the spirit and the essence that we have always been, before we took on this illusion of physical Life that many on this world have now become quite entrapped in and convinced of.

Consider that at a certain point in the existence of our current established reality, the template that this reality is manifested on which is itself Created by purer planes of existence, begins to transform and meld back into the very realms it was Created from, taking with it any of the souls within its artificial matrix whom are ready and who understand what is happening.

Many have known this miraculous event as Ascension.

Finally, I would like you to consider that there are souls currently Living in this artificial reality, whom have in their own ways begun to open up contact with and perceive the higher or ‘heavenly’ planes of Living in which our reality is Created from, as well as the souls residing in such heavenly realms.

Such concepts and beliefs form the basis of this blog/website. Many of us who have discovered that there is in fact much more than the physical realm we have been associating with, have been traveling upon our pathways back Home to these mythical heavens, which we Created the lower reality we are now inhabiting, from.

On this site are communications and messages, channeled from the higher realms discussed, as well as commentary and news relating to not only the Ascension of our world, but to the unraveling of the old paradigm and the revealing of a marvelous existence, paved with pure Love.

Love (or Logos energy) form(s) the building blocks of the atoms that make up and Create our entire reality, and the loosening of the atoms which make up our reality is guided and manifested through more pure encodements of the energy of Love, being sent through every atom making up our reality, our planet and our bodies. Love is the guiding force of our Ascension into increasingly pure states of consciousness, and it is with Love that I thank you for visiting Aquarius Channelings.

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17 comments on “The Age of Aquarius

  1. margarethaverbraeken says:

    hehe wes you know i be one of this bonkers :) But yesterday somone have say to me i be the most amazing human, soul, spirit she ever have know. And i shall must be scream it from the roof like whe say in Belgium. so be more open and talk from mi knowledge whatt i can. how i change live s. I be just not a writer i work in higher vibration, work one connection. and i find not easly resonatie souls. even who claim s to know, whenn i come open and say i be from a other universum, and other dimension, i excist long before the humans. it stopped. than i cross a limit for the open minds who believe in live in outerspace, in other dimensiens, in spacecraft and spacebrothers. I think one the outside i be to human. Now she have me even send to the psychiatrist. so she ask whatt you than think you are. i say a lightbeing. But in Belgium i can say that. this is a free country. and you can not evrybody put in a clinic who believe that because internet is full from that.. So i just told here iff i be in meditation i sitting in mi white silver cloud. and i feel miself free. It are the only hours i not move because the energy dont fit mi humanbody so i have always musclespasme and contraction, and problems whit good writing. so for the world i be complete crazy. lucky i got you. I say iff you put enough crazy people whit a idea together is becomes normal. Mi kind is not in big amount one aerth. But i know i be not alone. so i just accept you as 1 off us circkle. love mi friend, and paece in haert and mind. and keep talking margaretha ( for this body) so i sign whit mi energetic handprint.

    • Wes Annac says:

      I am sorry you have dealt with so much opposition from supposedly enlightened souls margaretha, but I can feel your energy through your posts and it is clear to me that you are quite an advanced soul. I can feel the, for lack of a better word ascended-ness of you, and you have given me so much guidance and help that I indeed see you as one of my spiritual guides. Thank you!! Much Love :)

  2. Ali Riley says:

    Dear Wes, I have only recently come across your messages and thank you so for the oh-so-important information you bring through to us at this time.
    In a previous message from you, you mention seeing a “44 synchronocity” – I have been seeing this particular combination of digits (sometimes several times a day!) for weeks and would love to know its significance. Could you please clarify?
    With love and light, Ali.

    • Wes Annac says:

      I would Love to friend!! The syncronocity 44 actually means that your guides are with you at the time of seeing the numbers. Very cool right? Much Love!! :)

  3. Gordon says:

    Hi Wes, it’s Gordon from Galactic Messages. The site looks great and I’m so happy that you’ve continued on the path. Best wishes to you and thank you for shining the Light. :)

  4. willy2nd says:

    Regarding your guarded comments about being “cautiously optimistic”-please do not add to the negativism by such a statement. The success of this great advance depends in large part on our enthusiastic support!

  5. starrseeker says:

    hi wes,
    i myself had experienced almost all the signs of ascending to 4th dimension.
    i used some tools that could be helpful in Shiftin but too afraid to continue to embrace it as i have also read an article about the “walk-ins”
    already living among us
    and tipped that the great shift is just another alien-demonic possession wherein the demon spirit will replace the spirit of d physical body of an individual and use love and light to deceive as many individual as they can to prepare for the coming of the antichrist..
    what can u say about that?
    and also,have u a Light Guidance of ur own?

    • Wes Annac says:

      I think that such beliefs are entirely fear based and completely untrue. Millions of souls have found the energies of the higher realms and believe me friend, they are much more pure and real than any of the fear laden prophecies that teach us to look for deception and lower vibrations wherever we turn. Doing so, we will only Create the same darkness over and over which is what the souls who have controlled our world wish us to do. In essence, we are aiding the very energies of the dark by pouring our energies into such fear based ‘teachings’.

      Much Love :)

  6. starrseeker says:

    i respect your opinion and appreciate it.but,how can you be so sure that this shift and ascension isnt the same deception?
    i would realy appreciate if u could elaborate what u mean of fear-based-teachings and the souls who controlled the world before i give my insights.
    thanks and may the force be with you.. <3

    • Wes Annac says:

      I will gladly elaborate friend :)

      Fear based teachings are quotes like this which you said:

      (…)”and tipped that the great shift is just another alien-demonic possession wherein the demon spirit will replace the spirit of d physical body of an individual and use love and light to deceive as many individual as they can to prepare for the coming of the antichrist..”

      The reason they are fear based is because, well, read your words my friend! Do you not feel fear throughout that whole sentence of yours? We have been taught to look for deception everywhere, and deception underlies the reason that you feel we need to fear this beautiful, Harmonious shift which we are undergoing.

      Believe me friend, the ‘demons’ who would possess us have already had their day in the sun.

      Ascension is not possession. Every time you hear of a drunk hurting their family, or a troubled teen causing violence, that is possession. It is a subtle possession from the ‘demons’ you speak of, and now that we are ascending we are growing away from such vulnerability to being ‘possessed’. By allowing yourself to think that this shift is another possession, you are essentially letting your beliefs be distorted and possessed by the very entities you speak of.

      It is understandable if you cannot yet feel the Loving and pure energies that our ascension is bringing us, that you may think that this is all just a sham. Meditate dear friend, and make a clear effort to feel the pure energies of the higher realms. Once you have a breakthrough and feel these energies for yourself, trust me friend you will have no doubts about the existence of the higher realms which we all come from, as well as our ascension into such higher realms.

      Oh yes, and the ‘dark forces’ that have controlled our world are souls in positions of power who are incarnated into various ‘elite’ families that have been known as the Illuminati. They oversee many of the worlds major corporations, and the corporations I speak of are interlocked and controlled by the souls whom I speak of.

      Go to and go to the article ‘Financial Tyranny’ that article will tell you all that you need to know (and then some) about the ‘dark forces’ I speak of here.

      Again, this whole thing is about choosing Love over fear. Do you wish to Love and know that everything truly is as it should be, or do you wish to fear and constantly find things to fill that fear, such as fearing our beautiful ascension?

      The choice is now yours to make friend. I can help you no further.

      Much Love :)

  7. Yes very exciting times and multidimensional reality experiences.i all ways welcome these special vibrations its gr8 fun.lov n light from kb.

  8. Kelly says:


    I am very excited about the changes coming about being a Starseed myself. One of my “urgings” is to start a school that better fits with the coming age on earth vs. the traditional meathods being taught today. I want to mix the Galactic “Family” as well as earthlings. Just a heads up for any ideas that might/should be incorporated into it based on your background.


  9. contramary says:

    To all the community of Starseeds, Lightwarriors, Lightholder on this Planet !

    This is what appears to me a most truthful and honest article of Wes Annac and sharing his own
    lively thinking with us – I think he speaks for many of us – and all his thoughts are well to be
    pondered about also by us readers …..

    Transition and Ascension is not all bliss and ravishing light and we do not must be blindfolded to
    the pains of letting go of our egos and what this will all entail when doing so ……

    This article has moved me into my inner core and I honour and appreciate Wes A. for being so frank
    about himself ! We are really in the middle of this strange thick !

    I myself know what he is talking about – it took me since 1986 when I started to see the truth that
    on my spiritual path I had to let go of my ego in all its shades and variations …. it has been a long
    winded painful route with many many ups and downs …. coping with it up to now in my daily life ……

    Good Luck to Wes and all of us –
    and with anchoring our vibes at the Source of One
    we shall overcome also this issue of entanglement
    in the strange thick in some future time – as our Ego
    is not simply-organized and knows all our selfish
    tricks to stay with us and and to apologize us …..

    It is by such articles that our blindfolded eyes are opened
    and make us aware where we are really individually standing beyond
    all the spiritual Jubelee which we want to believe ourselves so advanced ….
    Are we really ?

    We just know one point for sure ….
    that we have to keep on keeping our vibes at the most advanced frequency
    we can achieve ….. and never forget trying to be very true to ourselves as
    Wes has shown us with his article.

    With Love and Light
    and inner Peace
    Om Shanti

  10. gre says:

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  11. gre says:

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  12. Goke Bolaji says:

    Thank you.

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