Three Days of Darkness?

Just now, a good friend asked me about the ‘Three Days of Darkness” phenomenon that has been mentioned in many channeled messages. I was asked if I believe this will happen, and if it will happen as soon as some people think it will. With the closing of the Mayan Calender on October 28 which is just a few days away, I guess there have been messages coming out claiming that this is the time we will be experiencing the Three Days of Darkness that are to completely transform our reality as we know it. I have read other messages claiming the 11.11.11 will be the date that will herald the three days of darkness, and even other messages that claim that 12.21.2012 will be the big ‘three days’ date. Let’s look at what we have learned about this perceived phenomenon so far. First, I would like to post some words from SaLuSa on the matter: (1)

“This period you are referring to marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is, in your terms the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. The period of this may vary from one day or less, up to three days to be accurate. It is what you are refining to as the Shift. There are many shifts to be considered here dear friends. It is all a matter of scales. Each individual, each living creature will have to make his and her own transition into this shift. You, dear ones, will make your shift with mother Earth, although many of you are already well advanced in their own journey, according to the limitations imposed on you by outer factors.

 (…)It is important that some of you will enter this time without fear and knowing what to expect exactly. There will be many changes occurring at that time for you individually, for Mother Earth and for the entire Universe. We look forward to the time ahead dear ones, the outcome will be a time for rejoicing, reunions and happiness. You will not believe how simply and quickly the shift can take place for some of you. And nothing will look different, yet all will be different when the day light returns. You will see the spirit world as well as the material world after this period of “dark night”. You will laugh in happiness at how, while having being trapped in the cycle of the lower vibrations, you were entirely unaware of entire worlds and beings evolving all around you. You will not believe the level of limitations in which you are currently stuck, at this time in your evolution. You will literally not believe how cut off from reality you have been for all these eons in time. Yet this unseen world has been around you and aware of you for all this time.  

For those of you who have worked in this life with the aim to remove their blinkers, the transition will be joyful and peaceful. It will be like a night watching the comic events and the star. This will be a true show to you from above, full of stars and lights, all during this “dark night”. You will feel all the cosmic changes affect you and transform you in marvel. The Galaxies will offer you the best entertainment, as you are crossing the galactic heart alignment of your galaxy. You will connect with all and with the galactic heart chakra. You will be blessed by pure love and joy energy from the Universe.”

(…)You will be able to hear Mother Earth’s heart, her breath, her warmth and her love. You will feel, hear her rotate and shift in perfect peace. You will be aware of her Ascension first, as yours will shortly develop from hers. You will cry in tears of joy and sorrow at times, for past mistakes, due to the limitations imposed on you by agreement. All your tears will wash away your past fears, pains and hurts. All of the past, which was dark will vanish away, along with the darkness you have been surrounded by for thousand of years.

In that particular message, SaLuSa has much more to say on the matter, but I think we can stop here. Ok, so what we know based on these words from SaLuSa is this: The ‘three days of darkness’ will not be experienced the same way by all of us. For those of us who have kept our spirit complexes void of Light as we toyed with egotistical patterns and ways of Living, those souls will be experiencing darkness, will be experiencing outward manifestations of the lower patterns of BEing they had been infatuated with. Many will probably choose to leave Earth, the planet they are experiencing this on, and choose to go to Nirvana where they will then plan out their next Lives on the next 3D world.

Those of us who have awakened will experience an entirely different ‘three days’ period, and again we will all be experiencing it differently. Based on our levels of awareness at the moment of the beginning of the event, us awakened will be seeing, feeling and experiencing wonderful things. Many of us who have been working with the Earth and anchoring so very much Love to the core of our dear Gaia, will more than likely be in direct communication with Earth as she thanks us for our many efforts in helping Her and Her citizens ascend. Basically, what is being told to us is that this ‘three days’ period will be a direct shift point for us, where the darkness in us is exposed fully to be transmuted, and our Light is revealed to us in wonderful ways. I would like to give a bit of an example, to perhaps make this whole subject a bit more approachable.

Imagine it is a hot summer day. While the sun shines brightly and hotly, you sit inside in an air conditioned atmosphere. Now, imagine one of two things happening. Imagine you are suddenly given either a cheeseburger and a big soda, or some carrots and a big, refreshing glass of pure, blessed water. This is where the reality we are ‘imagining’ will split into two realities, into two timelines. Bear with me on this one. First, imagine yourself with the cheeseburger and the soda. Imagine yourself woofing both of them down very fast and impatiently. Now, imagine yourself stepping outside into the mighty sun. As you step outside, the heat will make known that which is in your belly, namely the unhealthy meat and the equally unhealthy syrupy soda. As the powerful sun beats down on you, you will feel that which is out of balance in your body complex, mainly the unhealthy food and drink you have put into your body. You may feel quite awful, and you may wish to rush back inside into the air conditioning, where it is more comfortable.

Now, imagine yourself with the carrots and the water. Imagine you thankfully eat the healthy carrots and drink the blessed water, and then you choose to go outside into the mightily hot weather. Now, our powerful sun will beat down on you and show you what is in your body by how it makes you feel in the same way, only you will feel much better; much healthier and more energetic. These alternate timelines can be compared to what we will be experiencing with the three days of darkness, if they are in fact to happen. Those of us who have lived a spiritually pure Life and maintained a connection to Mother Earth and to ourselves, may not in fact experience darkness at all. We may instead, as SaLuSa suggests above, begin to perceive the many higher dimensional wonders we have waited so very long to perceive and enjoy. Much the other way, those of us who have kept grounded in darkness may experience that very darkness that has been kept inside of themselves, which may make them very uncomfortable and make them wish to move elsewhere, to an environment that matches and suits their lower dimensional selves. 

This article has provided only a small glimpse of what our three days of darkness, if they do happen, may be like. I cannot stress enough not to fear this change, as if it is going to happen then it is meant to for the evolution of Mother Earth and the advancement of humanity. As for the date of the ‘three days’, I do not personally believe it is going to happen at this end of this calender month, October. The Mayan Calender is coming to an end in just three short days, and with that will come many more energy gates that will come online, and those that are already online will expand more and more as the frequency of the Logos being sent through them to us and to Mother Earth increases in purity. As has been told to us, we also contain these energy gates within our beings, and they are what we refer to as ‘chakras’. A more scientific term for this would be ‘torsion fields’. I have a feeling that the ‘three days’ may be centered around the important date that is the 11.11.11, but I cannot say for sure. Either way, we are in for one hell of an energetic ride in these next couple of months!!

Wes Annac


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