AA Gabriel: 2012 ~ A New Evolution of Consciousness


Friday, 30 December, 2011

People of the world, unite in Divine Love, and let your hearts sing together in the Light of true Peace.

The now infamous year of 2012 allows you many new opportunities to be what you came on earth to be. The responsibility you hold as Light Workers means that you are here to bring more Light through you to the Earth, and ground the evolutionary frequencies. Your willingness to work with Divine Light has been one of the powerful ways this new consciousness has been born onto the planet.

The new higher frequencies you carry are transforming your very being. As you allow these Spirals of Light-filled Consciousness to be integrated within you a newborn, complete 12 Chakra system is created for your evolution. These energy frequencies radiate through you and out to the planet. Through your agreement to carry new frequencies of Divine Light, you are literally changing the world. Continue reading

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Cycles of Completion: Using the Energy for Creation thru 2012!!

~Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas~

I have been saying for weeks now, that when Jupiter goes direct on Christmas day (Dec. 25th) that it would be pulling the new energy fields out of your very pores to sew the fields of Light in front of you.  Just because I say something, it doesn’t always mean I know what that looks like or how it affects us humans.  I get it from Spirit/Source and share it outwards in as much detail as my consciousness understands and my words allow.

I pray with all my words (smile) I can share in detail the reading I had done first thing yesterday morning.  It is so important for all of us to understand.  If I leave anyone even the slightest confused, please please ask a question here on the blog.  I promise I will reply.  Please bear with the super humble artwork I inserted here, but because I really feel a visual will help “get this” I did my best to create what I am about to talk about. Continue reading

Tom Shadyac: Shining Like the Sun!

Tom Shadyac is the writer and director of the documentary film ‘I Am‘.

Shining Like the Sun!

Tom Shadyac, HuffPost, 12-29-2011


“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” – Hafiz

Every day we are assaulted with messages, images, slogans and sound bites that tell us of our inadequacies, the sad state of affairs that is you and me:

“With this product, you can lose weight. With this one, you can gain muscle. If your breasts sag, our bra lifts them up; if you have wrinkles, this cream irons them out; if you’re sad, we have a pill that will make you happy; if you’re too happy, we have a pill that will bring you down; if you’re not as much of a man as you used to be, this pill will straighten you out (literally!). And everyone who’s anyone has iTunes, the iPhone, and the iPad, am iClear?

And we participate in this maddening chatter unaware, telling our kids that in order to succeed they have to get the best grades, get into the right school and get the right job. We tell them that one day they must stop all this horsing around and get serious with their lives. We ask them who they are going to be when they grow up, warning them that life is all downhill after 22, declaring college the best four years of their lives. And finally, if they are lucky, they just might make something of themselves in this dog-eat-dog world. It’s enough to stress you out completely — but of course there’s a pill that can fix that, too. Continue reading

James Tyberonn – Archangel Metatron – The 2012 Ostiary – 31 December 2011

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! As the heralded 2012 approaches, we encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so!
You are entering 2012, the 12th Wave of the Ascension … and so much awaits you. The anticipation in palpable, in both your physical realm, and ours. Oh Dear Human, can you feel it ! Continue reading

Lucas – We Made It People Of The Human Kind – 2012 – The Struggle Is Almost Over – 31 December 2011

I know now for sure 2012 will be a marvelous year for us all and the abundance program will come into action soon. I was over the moon when I heard the news from Benjamin Fulford that the breakthrough in the financial system has been made so the new is just around the corner. It made my strong conviction of the help we get and got to ensure the new heaven on earth  to be acknowledged. The help by the white hats and our outer and inner- earth  families, and all who I forgot to mention  (will call them lightbeings of all kind) has mad it possible.We did also do our part in this. We made it people of the human kind. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 30 December 2011

The universe is full of magick and adventure which, if you have not discovered for yourself already, will be at your fingertips as you ascend into the higher realms of possibility. 3D Earth has also possessed her share of magick and secrets, but these aspects of your experience have been quite limited. Soon to be unlimited are your new powers and your new experiences throughout the vastness of space. You will explore unknown and uncharted corridors and meet new races and species of beings. You will discover countless new varieties of life; intelligent, animal, aquatic, and you will also find all beings possess greater intelligence than you might have previously imagined. Such are the many varieties of the animal kingdom of your planet Earth.

Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 30 December 2011

At a time when you are finding that you have the ability to bring unconditional love into your life, and we send that energy to all souls of the Earth. We have a commitment to give you every help to achieve a state of being that is going to prepare you for Ascension. Your part is to be aware and receptive to such energies, and to put them into use in your everyday life. It requires a new mindset as most lives are presently controlled by the ego, that works in your self-interest. It is the final challenge that is the hardest to overcome but you can do it, and will feel elated that you are in total control.  Continue reading