Steve Beckow: Memo on the Bridge Fund

We’re still waiting for Bridge Fund monies to arrive. Important people on the NESARA side are away and on the banking side are on vacation so we’re busily finding any workarounds we can.

We’re working out a plan that allows for the moving of large sums of money to the U.S. to hook up to Paypal, in preparation for when we can begin. One of the factors we’re encountering is that we’re working within a banking system that is under stress, reacting to world financial situations, and experiencing changes of ownership, etc. It’s not as if banking is a stable environment at this moment.

In general we encounter resistance from those who don’t want to see NESARA-related actions succeed. We must operate in a financial environment that has been organized around false realities like anti-terrorism (which simply masks years of organization whose sole aim is social control).

We encounter regulations that allege they are in place to prevent the movement of drug money and terrorist funds when in fact the cabal itself is behind both.  And we also encounter labyrinthine regulations which reflect a financial community in decline, buying each other’s companies out, merging, closing down services, etc.

Archangel Michael has suggested that no U.S. banks are reliable and that only Canadian banks are relatively safe. That means we have to use Canadian banks as our base but we still have need to have a U.S. presence.

In the face of all this, it’s a challenge to approach bankers with the brief that we represent private donors who wish to remain anonymous while we’re bent on moving large sums of money. AA Michael said in a discussion I had with him two days ago (even that is something I cannot say to a banker so I’m sure you see some of the logistical challenges of working a project such as this) that the Company of Light is wanting things up and running as soon as possible and is doing everything it can from its side to remove the obstacles.

Imagine what would happen if I went into a bank and said that I represent … well, let me not say it in an article … but you can probably guess how well the truth of everything connected to the project would go over if we simply laid things out.  We constantly run the risk of saying something that would be truthful but lose us banker or Paypal confidence.

People who plan to participate in the project should be opening Paypal accounts. BZ has prepared two videos on the subject, which can be viewed at If they cannot open a Paypal account, then send your address to We’ll use Fedex for people who don’t have Paypal accounts.

In any correspondence with us at BF22, include your Paypal account name or number and your local address please.  The more time you can save us, the better it will be when things begin.

The Hope Chest linkup to Paypal is the channel we’ll be principally using since it’s already registered as a non-profit charity and runs the least risk of interference from Paypal.

If there are people with extensive experience with the banking community, Paypal, accountancy, non-profit charities, and various other matters connected with running this kind of enterprise, we welcome them joining in the conversation. They can reach me at We can use help from people with expertise.

Please don’t contact me there for other reasons. I’m in the position now that I cannot continue to have conversations with people and don’t have the time to answer your emails to mention that. I simply have to reply only to emails that are related to the tasks of the moment. I hope you understand.

It would also be a great blessing if people did not write the BF22 email account asking when things will be up and running. That requires me or one of the others to take time out to answer and we have only one answer anyways: as soon as we can arrange matters.

We’re aware of the suffering around us – of the people who face eviction, who are living out of vans, and who are facing difficulty meeting daily expenses. That’s why we’re in existence. We assure you that we’re working as fast as we can to get things up and operating while meeting both resistance, arcane regulations, and the need to work around the results in the banking community of general financial decline.

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11 comments on “Steve Beckow: Memo on the Bridge Fund

  1. John Scott says:

    Please spatre yourself, and us, any further time spent “communicating” your overweight, heavy-duty 3-D orientated financial concerns, and devote your time to extricating yourself as quickly as pmossible from your (gold-dust?) sandpit by concerntyrzating upon your immediate and essential concerrn: transmuting your fear-based, knee-jerk reactivity that continues, paradoxically, to nourish the very ‘forces’ that you apparently elect yopurself to try and overcome.
    “If you are looking for problems, (continue to) listen to your head; if you seek “the” solution, hear your heart.” ()
    AmO…j:)ohnJohn Scott

    • Wes Annac says:

      I normally do not let comments like these through, only because there seems to be a degree of hate attached. Friend, do you understand what the bridge fund is?

      If you wish any further comments to get through, I would suggest turning the dial down on the hate a bit. This is a site of Love, and your opinion is just as important as anyone else’s, but only when you do not try to present it in an overbearing manner such as this.

      Much Love :)

      • John Scott says:

        PPS Dear Wes, I notice that my initial reply to your above comment has been effaced. No doubt this is due to some kind of technical error, and needless to say that there is no need to publish ‘this’ message. Woishing you a peaceful post Winter Solstice tide. AmO…:)ohn

  2. babajij says: Love the Picture PageHeader of the Red Poppies withSnowFlakes!…Very “Wizard of Oz” Awakening… ;)

  3. John Scott says:
    PS: Dear Wes, I would be only too pleased to forward to you and to all and sundry a pdf version of ‘AmO…’ :- an initiatory narrative recounting the overcoming of extreme fear and psychic vampirism on the road towards Unconditional Love, (work still in progress ! :). Bye the bye, it constitutes on an individual/personal level a résumé of our ‘collective’ history since the demise of Atlantis some 14 000 years ago. Yours in Unified Consciousness,

  4. If one receives funds via fedex can you please tell me, does it come as ash or check? Also if a person is not able to have a bank account could check be made out to another?

    Thank you for all you do for everyone.


  5. earthspirit7 says:

    Wondering if anyone else had trouble with the changing the limit portion of the video ?
    My screens didn’t have the same info she was talking about. therefore I cannot find where to change the limit. thanks !!
    I forwarded this article to several friends and all I got back was that this was researched
    and it is a scam….well their loss. :-}

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