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I’ve just had a taped conversation with Archangel Michael who has confirmed all the details of the trip that Grener discussed with us last night. I will be posting that tape probably a few hours from now and I think Ellen will also provide us with a transcript.

AAM has increased the number of people allowed on the trip slightly. Because things are so busy, and I must go out for a while, let me say to the various people who have written me that I’ll be getting back to you perhaps later today and it’s probable that you who have already written as of 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time today will be able to join us.

AAM has furnished us with details like the fact that people can come for a time and then return if they have work or other commitments, people will receive healing on-board, young children under the age of majority cannot come unless accompanied by parents, elderly people are fine to come, people need not speak English to come, etc.

Opinion leaders like David Wilcock, Lisa Renee, Lauren Gorgo, Drunvalo Melchizedek, etc., will be invited by Grener separately and do not need to be included in our plans. They can also confirm matters by writing to Linda Dillon directly if they wish. I will furnish her email to those who ask for it. Please use the site’s comment form.



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Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, Jan. 30, 2012, with Grener | The 2012 Scenario


Ellen has outdone herself in getting this transcript to us within mere hours of the recording.

In the transcript Grener discusses his willingness to take a group of around 20 terrestrials on board his mothership, the Neptune, this Saturday for a ten-day voyage to the stars – and back!

If it doesn’t happen, you can send my mail to the Himalayas. If it does, then we shall disclose. The governments of the world have had their chance and now it’s our turn to push the matter forward.

An Hour with an Angel, January 30, 2012, with Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario, who will be asking questions. Tonight we have special guest Grener of Ashira, from Neptune, the President of the Intergalactic Council. So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

SB: Thank you very much, Graham, and good evening, Grener.

Grener: Good evening, and thank you for this surprising and delightful invitation to speak to the people of the world.

SB: Thank you for coming. And, sir, how do I address you? Because you are the President of the Intergalactic Council, and it seems a little strange for me to be addressing you as Grener. How do I address you, please?

G: I would like it if you would call me Grener.

SB: All right.

G: I would like it if all of you would call me Grener.

SB: Okay. Continue reading

Taking the Leap in Pushing Disclosure Forward | The 2012 Scenario

Well, I suppose you already know.

If the governments can’t get Disclosure off the ground then we need to step into the breach.

And in order to do so, I’ve asked Grener of Ashira, from Neptune, the President of the Intergalactic Council, to take around 25 of us on board his ship, also named the Neptune, introduce us to the Intergalactic council, and take us for a spin.


He has agreed to take the people who I already had selected prior to the show from the staff of the 2012 Scenario site, the Bridge Fund, the 2012S discussion group, Share 11, and other places on a ten-day excursion starting this Saturday.

No sooner did I get off the call then my email lit up like a Christmas tree. I’m afraid I cannot squeeze more on the trip. I’ll be talking to AAM tomorrow and I’m sure he’ll have more details. But as it stands now, the 25 people selected will already know who they are because they’ll have have received emails informing them of the matter.

All of us will have a chance in the weeks and months ahead, I’m sure.

I’m also under the impression that Grener will be inviting others who are committed to public broadcasting and will agree to publicize the trip.

So I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a meanie. I know lots and lots of people would like to go. But only a small group can on the first trip. My wife used to be a travel agent. Perhaps I’ll ask her to consider arranging other trips!

If you wish to hear the whole discussion, go here and listen to the Jan. 30 radio show.


Link to Original Article

Message from the Galactic Federation

Mission statement: I am consciously connecting to my purpose here at this time. I intend to fulfill my duties as outlined in my pre-incarnation blueprint. My assignments were clearly discussed with me, and I agreed to undertake these tasks in a timely and efficient manner when it was deemed the appropriate time. It is now the appropriate time. You are being called to your positions. You are being signaled to begin your assignments that you have agreed to and that you have trained for, to be of service to humanity at this time. Your talents are special ones, and each of you has your own unique gifts to share with the beings of this world. Many souls incarnate here can benefit from your experience in the upcoming events, and they will come to you seeking guidance and answers to their specific questions. Each soul that comes to you, comes to you not by chance or by accident, but has been directed to you by forces of your reality that many at this time do not fully understand. The details of this process are not of importance at this time, but what is important is that you recognize when a soul is sent to you and understand that you are being required to act in service to this individual. How you handle your assignment from that moment on is up to you, but we ask you to be kind, be patient, and fall back on your knowledge, experience, and intuition when offering guidance.
Many of you have done this work before, and your tasks are not any more difficult at this time. You knew you could successfully accomplish this mission, and we of the higher realms also shared your confidence in yourselves and your abilities. You are not being asked to wait for further developments in your world around you at this time to begin your work. You are being called to begin your assignments now. The tools are at your disposal. Your workload is assuredly to grow in the near days ahead. Events are about to commence, and we wish you to be up and running for ‘business’ before the floodgates open. The dam is about to burst. It is time for you to be a pillar of your society, to strengthen it at its foundation and keep it strong throughout the changes that will be quite profound for many.
Where will these changes begin? News of our presence will soon make ‘primetime’. Many families with no idea as to our existence will be shown our ships and our people through their television sets. This will certainly be quite a shock for many that have never even considered the possibility of extraterrestrial life before. This limited vision may be quite hard to understand for many of you of greater expanded consciousness, but there are many worlds that have been cut off from the truth just as your world has. All civilizations eventually reach a point when it is time for them to understand a greater truth, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are very experienced with assisting these worlds facilitate the immense changes associated with such revelation.
Today is humanity’s moment, and we are here in service to again assist a people in the many areas that will be affected by our presence, and we are also here to offer you gifts that will advance your world greatly. Lessening your daily burdens in the name of survival is one of the gifts we offer you, and this will allow so many of you to freely pursue greater wisdom and creative endeavors. With so many more of your great minds free from their daily toils and also free from the limitations of censorship, your world will be free to blossom through the brilliant visions of those of your own race, the human race. We feel so many of you will be quite surprised to learn just how intelligent and visionary so many of your people are, and this includes yourselves as well.
Many of you have never experienced the freedom to pursue your wildest dreams and innovative desires, and we know you will so enjoy this newfound liberty. Your new world will be a world virtually without limit, with no restrictions of information whatsoever. All of your planet’s hidden secrets of your past will be revealed to you immediately and completely, leaving no mystery or questions about any subject of any kind. What a wonderful experience this will be for you. You will be like children again, seated among countless books that reveal every secret you have ever wanted to learn, and your library will be an endless labyrinth of book lined shelves for as far as the eyes can see. This is your new world. Prepare for it and expect wonderful things. This is only a small part of what you can expect. Take a close look at your lives today, as you will soon not recognize them from your new existence.
Keep your eyes focused on each task before you. Do not lose your center. Remain balanced for others to steady themselves. Be a pillar for them, as you have for many before. We have described many wonderful things for you to look forward to, and the moment of unveiling is at hand. The changes will be swift, and will continue in rapid succession as we begin the next phase of our campaign. We will not stop or slow as there will be no call for this.
The cabal will be completely obliterated in due time, and will present no problems for us from this moment forward. Many lanes of progress will be newly opened at an almost daily rate, and the changes to your society will take place from many different angles and locations. Some of these changes will take place from the inside, and some from the outside, of your institutions. We have all bases covered. We will leave no stone uncovered as your civilization experiences a complete and thorough overhaul from top to bottom. No one of your world will be ignored and left without. All will share in the new wealth and prosperity of a Galactic society. We will see to that.
You have many friends, some off planet and some from within. You will meet these friends from both of these locations. Humanity has seen many peoples that have migrated throughout many parts of your planet, and each of these migratory families has taken on their own culture and their own personality. These migrations have been well documented by your historians and researchers, yet some of this history has been purposely kept from you in the name of control. Some of these migrations were from one continent to another, and some of these migrations were from your surface world to your inner planetary locations. The details of this piece of your history will come as quite a shock to many of you, even to many of your experts in the fields of geology, geography, history, and science. You will soon be reintroduced to your inner Earth cousins, and we see a very joyful reunion indeed.
As you have been divided for so many eons, you will, of course, have grown somewhat apart in your natures and your cultures, but what remains inside of you all will never change under any circumstances, and it is this that joins you in common bond, as one, forever.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles
http://ascensionearth2012.blogspot.com/- English
http://spanishgreggiles.blogspot.com/ – Spanish
http://brazilgreggiles.blogspot.com/ – Brazil
http://bulgariangg.blogspot.com/ – Bulgarian
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Transcript of Bill Wood, David Wilcock, and Kerry Cassidy interview of last week.

Bill Wood aka Bill Brockbrader : 2 videos – Interview and Livestream Q & A (see below)

Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass: An interview with an ex-Navy SEAL

Note: scroll to the bottom for the written transcript of the interview.

mp3 |

This is an interview with an ex-Navy SEAL, who, during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Years after the first Gulf War when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq yet he and SEAL Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly “soft”… involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Find out how this highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the military into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911.

And if that weren’t enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psy spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond.

Groundbreaking in every way.

Kerry Cassidy
Los Angelles, CA

If after watching this video you wish to contact Bill Wood here is his email address for that purpose:

Bill Wood


Note: this youtube version has edited out the technical delay at the beginning and end.



Note: this transccript has not been checked by Project Camelot for accuracy…but I hear from the Coordinator they are 99% accurate!


Bill Wood Interview by Kerry Cassidy

KERRY CASSIDY (KC): This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot [Project Camelot Productions].

I’m here with Bill Wood. He’s going to be talking about his experiences as part of a special unit, a SEAL unit, in Iraq and other places around the globe as part of the American military.

Some of his testimony may be considered to be in violation of his National Security Oath, but we are going to be trying to stay within the parameters of that.

He is going to, first of all, speak on the subject of a disclaimer in regard to a project that he is using this for on a personal level.

BILL WOOD (BW): Hi. I just want to disclose to everybody that I am writing a fictional book about this interview and the things that I discuss in this interview. The reason for this interview is for purposes of marketing that book, and that book, of course, is fiction.

KC: Okay, great. And so at this point, we are going to start in the beginning. I’d like you to talk about why you came and contacted me; what group or groups you, in a certain sense, represent, if you want to use it sort of loosely in that term.

BW: Okay. Basically, I don’t really have any group that I represent.

However, there are many, many people — both former and current military — that have a huge amount of concern over what the members of the military know to be what’s really going on in the Middle East and places that we are occupying currently outside of this country.

Those concerns have grown more and more throughout the years and it’s to the point where a lot of these current and former military members speak. The best description of these military members would be “Oath Keepers”

And an Oath Keeper is somebody who basically focuses primarily on the Oath that they took when they joined the service, and not so much what they’re ordered to be — keep secrets, or to tell a secret, as opposed to what is in the best interests of the Constitution and the country.

KC: Okay. Let’s say also that there’s a purpose behind this that has to do with the NDA.

BW: The main purpose for this interview was the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act.

The individuals that I speak with on a regular basis have grown a consensus that this is the end of the erosion of our constitutional rights, and it pretty clearly spells out in a lot of paperwork that America has been declared a war zone.

American citizens are subject to arrest and detainment outside of the constitutional protections of trial by jury, the right to an Attorney and the right to being charged with a crime, even, is stripped away in that bill.

I don’t believe most of the American public has been properly informed via the media, so we’re trying to get the message out and get some support, in the fact that we cannot continue to allow the progressive erosion of the constitutional rights, and expect to have our rights ever be taken seriously at some point.

KC: Okay. So, at this point, Bill, when you approached me, I really had no idea what this was going to be about. And it was quite surprising that you had the kind of disclosures that you have, and some of the background that you have.

So, what I’d like to do is go back through your testimony, because at the time I didn’t have a camera.

BW: Mm hm.

KC: And I do want to say that we’re in a public place here, but we are, we are forced to be in this kind of a public place for a number of reasons that I can’t explain on camera, but take it from me, there’s a purpose for this.

And at this moment what I’d like you to do is start from the beginning, the way you did with me. And eventually I want to work our way to some of the more, what you might call Top Secret disclosures that happened later on.

Some of the experiences you’re going to be relating, at this time may not be considered quite as risqué, or damaging, or — to the U.S. military, as might otherwise have been perceived back in those days.

BW: Mm hm.

KC: Back in those days you had a very special clearance, and so I would like you to talk as much about that clearance in setting up… you know, setting the stage for the story, as possible.

BW: Okay. So, in June of ’91, I joined the U.S. Navy, and I was less than a year into my Navy experience and training in Fire Controlman A-School, when I was approached to take part in a Special Team.

At the time I wasn’t really told that much about it other than it was secret. But, from my background and my family involvement in the military, I was excited to take the opportunity.

Shortly after that, I was reassigned to San Diego, California, and was assigned to a ship that was being built so that gave me a lot of time to go to schools, which — that comes in handy at this point, because very quickly after that I was taken to this special training school, and found out the details, the details of which were…

The basic sense is that I would be controlling Tomahawk Cruise missiles using specialized equipment that nobody really knew about in order to fly those missiles from when they come over the horizon to line of sight of the target.

To drive the missile directly into the target, [to] be able to verify prior to the targeting of any kind of building or designation that it is the target that we are looking for — then it is approached and the Tomahawk missiles are used against it effectively.

Then we also do bomb damage assessment after that.

KC: Okay. The reason you got involved in all of this was because the Americans found — was it during the first Iraq war that their Tomahawk missiles were going off-target?

BW: There was a problem with Tomahawk missiles in the first Persian Gulf War.

If anybody can remember the baby food factory incident, when buildings tend to look alike, they have trouble; the Tomahawk missiles have trouble telling which one’s which.

And the problem that they had, that they found they had, was that it made the missiles only about 70% accurate.

And that was a big problem because we ended up blowing up buildings that the Iraqis would then put on the TV and say: They’re blowing up baby food factories.

That tended to negatively affect us on the news, so we had to come up with a solution to that problem.

KC: Okay. And so they brought you and people like you onboard. Can you explain why you were selected?

BW: The primary reason I was selected was: (A) because of my background; I came from a military family, and (B) because of my qualifying scores during training.

I found out later that they selected the people who knew absolutely everything about everything, were very good at taking tests, and very good at solving problems, which is what it eventually came down to.

It was after that that I found out that I not only scored very high on the test, I got a perfect score on the test, which is one of the main reasons I was approached, and the others in my group were approached.

KC: Okay. So what kind of a test was it, though? Is it — does it test your intelligence? Does it test your, I don’t know, is there a physical test as well?

BW: The test, the original test was the ASVAB [Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery] test, and that is just a standard military test.

It tests many aspects of how intelligent you are, how you process problem solving, how you approach different situations, and ultimately, how much knowledge you have on many, many diverse subjects.

When it comes down to it, it’s an over-blown IQ test, and…

KC: Okay.

BW: …it relates mostly to your cognitive reasoning skills.

KC: All right, and was there a physical test as well?

BW: No, physical testing wasn’t necessary for this project; intelligence was more important. They later proved that the physical portion they could fix; the making somebody smarter — very difficult to do.

KC: [Laughs]

BW: [Laughs]

KC: Okay. Right here — I know this is kind of going way ahead, but at a certain point you were trained and selected also, you found out later, because of your psychic ability. Is that right?

BW: I guess the proper term would be potential.

KC: Uh-huh.

BW: Everybody possesses a certain amount of inherent ability towards upper-level thinking, and what really matters is to how prone they are to being able to effectively use it, and not let lies get in the way. [Laughs]

KC: Okay. And so, you were trained in a very special place, to enhance those skills. Is that right?

BW: Lots of special places, but one in particular that I think people would find most fascinating, yes.

KC: Which is?

BW: One place that I was able to train at in particular that people would be familiar with is Area 51. I was able to go there for a single training course that was popularly entitled Advanced Psi.

And basically, what that class did for us is teach us to use advanced intuition, basically bringing out your ability to know things ahead of time, predict things, delving into reading minds, and predicting the future, if you want to use plain English to get into it.

KC: Okay, and would you say that you were trained as a Remote Viewer?

BW: Certainly that goes into the ballpark or the wider spectrum of what we were being trained to do.

The wide spectrum is to trust, hone and use your intuition effectively enough that you could rely on it in tactical situations to give you more information than your five senses were giving you.

KC: Okay. And you and the other people you worked with were a group of nine people. Is that correct?

BW: We were a group of more than nine, but it was nine people that operated. We had Officers and Senior Enlisted that helped us, and a support staff; but essentially, it was nine people that were trained to do the job, yes.

KC: Okay. And is that nine people to go into the field?

BW: Yes.

KC: Okay. And so you went to school, and then what happened? At what point did you start to be deployed, or what was the trajectory?

BW: In ’92, at the end of ’92, we started to be deployed on missions.

A basic overview of a mission would be to get to a target, usually by some extraordinary means of jumping out of an airplane or walking further than most people would imagine.

Getting within the line of sight of a target, setting up electronic equipment that would allow us to control the Cruise missile via line of sight, wait for the missile to come in-bound, sync up with the bird as it was in flight.

Then use regular airplane-type controls on the box, or the targeter, that for what people know today would be essentially flying a Tomahawk missile just like an operator would fly a regular drone aircraft nowadays.

In my description, I would say that Tomahawk missiles were the first generation of drone aircraft.

KC: Okay. So, did you have to have computer skills, special computer skills, to operate something like this?

BW: We were highly, highly trained in advanced electronics, optics, electromagnetic devices, motors, synchro-servos, and also radar and laser energy.

KC: Okay, could you repeat that one, that last line?

BW: The whole thing? Okay.

We were highly trained in advanced electronics. We also did a special amount of work with optics, with special electromagnetic devices, motor servo-synchros, and a lot of information about radar and laser systems.

KC: Okay. And so far, have we violated any kind of Security Oath?

BW: Not yet.

KC: Okay.

BW: [Laughs]

KC: [Laughs] No, I’m just going to ask you that periodically just so that we can sort of monitor that situation?

BW: Mm hm.

KC: Because we don’t want to endanger lives any more than necessary here? You know, both of us are adults and know what we’re getting involved in here.

So, at that point, you must have been deployed to a ship, right?

BW: We were deployed — I was deployed on several ships during my career. But on this particular occasion, yes, I was deployed to an Arleigh Burke class destroyer.

KC: Okay. And where was this base?

BW: It was based out of, originally San Diego, and then later moved to Japan.

KC: Okay. And so, from this point, you were — can you describe the team you worked with, briefly, and then how you were sent out on missions, and where, specifically, the problems began?

BW: Originally, we were deployed to missions throughout the Middle East, in various countries. The one that mainly I spent time in was Iraq and that area of the Middle East.

To most people’s understanding, I think everybody thinks that the Gulf War ended shortly after it began in 1991.

However, I do have personal experiences that would say that the level of occupation and the level of violence that the American military perpetrated between 1992 and 2000 would be surprising to most people, I believe.

KC: Right. So, at this point you were deployed with a team on these missions. Is that right?

BW: Right. Basically the designation that we had was SEAL Team 9. Now, if you do all of your research, you find out SEAL Team 9 ‘doesn’t exist.’

That’s okay. Until recently, SEAL Team 6 also had the same level of security and also ‘didn’t exist’ until shortly after we killed bin Laden and then a couple months after that, a helicopter was blown up, and then SEAL Team 6 really didn’t exist.

KC: Okay. And they didn’t actually kill bin Laden on that, on that foray, either.

BW: Based on the information that I had during the time that I was in the military, I do not believe Osama bin Laden was alive in 2011 when he was reported killed.

KC: Okay. So, you were deployed on missions, and you were a group of three. Is that right?

BW: Yes. We were actually three groups of three. We went out in three-man teams. Basically, we were all trained to do each other’s jobs, but we tended to do our individual jobs, mostly. We had a team leader who was a First Class Petty Officer.

We also had another member of our team who tended to concentrate mostly on weapons and protecting everybody while I was doing my job, mostly.

Then I ended up running the equipment most often and flying the Tomahawk missiles and the air surveillance drones that we would use to also cover our butts when we were moving around.

KC: Okay, so you were targeting the missile, in other words.

BW: Yes.

KC: Okay.

BW: From when I started operating in about 1992 till about 1995, most of the missions that we were performing seemed [to be] military targets and above-board, and worthwhile for the level of effort that we were putting into it.

KC: Although we were not at war.

BW: Although we were not at war, we were going after “viable,” — quote, unquote — targets, or things that at least seemed viable from the outside.

KC: Okay. But they were in — so in a sense, but they — I mean, if we’re not at war, for us to be sending a Tomahawk missile to bomb even a military installation in another country is technically an act of war, is it not?

BW: It’s very much a — it’s very much an act of war and completely violates U.N. rules and regulations, yes.

KC: Okay. And so you were doing this on a regular basis.

BW: Yes.

KC: As part of a top secret group.

BW: Correct. [Helicopter sounds in background]

KC: Okay. Are you able to describe what kind of clearance you had?

BW: The level of clearance that I had, or the designation for my Top Level, Top Secret level clearance, would be Indigo. [Helicopter gets louder]

And Indigo is a level of clearance that anybody that worked with Tomahawk missiles got that was related to SEAL Team 9.

KC: [Helicopter right overhead] Okay. So we’re having a helicopter fly over quite low at this moment, I’m not sure why, but it’s an interesting dynamic.
So we’re just going to wait a brief minute here and see if we can hear it disappear.

[Helicopter sounds fading away] Okay. So, at this point you were doing targets and you were doing them in what countries?

BW: Throughout the Middle East.

KC: Do you want to name some of those countries?

BW: Some of the big ones that everybody would recognize: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, one or two in Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya.

Those are the ones that people would most appreciate knowing about.

KC: Okay, and would this be termed asymmetrical warfare?

BW: Very much so. Based on the fact that the level of industrial revolution, complex material that we were using against these countries, they had nothing that could counteract it or prevent it. [Helicopter returns]

KC: Okay. So, let’s describe the missile itself, its range, its capabilities, and then the idea that I think you said that, ultimately, you were targeting two. Is that right? [Helicopters overhead – very loud]

BW: Correct. Tomahawk missiles are — Yeah, you like that? [Referring to the helicopter(s)]

KC: Okay, we’re having more helicopter flyovers here. I’m not sure what — we’re actually in a shopping center in Malibu. I’m not sure why we would be having some over — flyovers here. [Helicopter sound diminish]

BW: Popular.

KC: I mean, there is plenty of helicopter activity in the Malibu area, but it’s usually along the coast. Just FYI.

Okay. So…

BW: Okay.

KC: …moving right along, the capabilities of the missile itself.

BW: How Tomahawk missiles work. They’re normally sea-based launch missiles. The primary launch platform was either a Los Angeles class fast attack submarine, or an Arleigh Burke class destroyer.

There’re certainly other ships in the Navy’s arsenal that can launch those missiles but that wasn’t their primary purpose.

Once a missile was launched from a ship, it would go along pre-programmed way-points until it got close to the target.

Then it would use a combination of radar, lasers and terrain mapping to sneak its way through the landmasses until it got within the line of sight of the target.

The official version of what a Tomahawk missile would do at that point was compare a picture of the target to a picture that it has in its database, and designate itself upon that target based on what was inputted up to it shortly before it was launched. [Helicopters coming in again]

At that point we could interrupt the flight path of the missile by synching to it with a special piece of equipment… [Helicopters LOUD overhead now]

KC: Okay, I’m sorry; we have a helicopter again, flying very low over this building. [Laughs] I mean, if this continues, we’ll probably have to move on to some other location.

BW: That’s fine.

KC: I can’t for the life of me imagine why it keeps going over and over.

BW: No.

KC: Okay. [Helicopter sounds fading away again]

BW: Okay.

KC: Just back up a tiny bit.

BW: Okay. Once the…

KC: So you say that there was an “official” version of the targeting, right?

BW: The…

KC: Of how targets, and then there’s an unofficial version that you were involved in. Is that correct?

BW: Correct. And the way that I got involved in the launch of a Tomahawk missile was with the special piece of equipment that we had with us.

We could get in between line of sight of the missile and the target, and synch up with the missile and control it remotely from that piece of equipment.

And basically, the only thing that that does is control it, just like everybody would understand how a drone is controlled by a “pilot” that’s stationed in Las Vegas when the drone is in the Middle East.

KC: Okay. So — but you actually did seem to go on location.

BW: Correct. We had to be on location because back then the only way to exchange information fast enough with the missile system would be to be within line of sight of it.

KC: Of the target?

BW: Of the missile and the target.

KC: And the target… Okay, interesting. So you did need protection, obviously, being somewhere in the vicinity of the target. Is that correct?

BW: Correct. And that’s where all that cool advanced training came in. [Helicopters return] Experts at counter-detection and counter-surveillance certainly aided in our cause as well as… [Helicopters overhead now]

KC: Okay, we have another helicopter going. [Helicopter very loud]

BW: This one’s different, though.

KC: Yeah, isn’t it?

BW: Not the same one.

KC: Not the same. [‘Copter sounds diminish]

Okay. So… but at this point we haven’t really answered the question as to the capabilities of the missile itself.

BW: The capabilities of the missiles could be altered quite a bit. They do have the bomb-load capacity of a thousand pounds.

There were generally two types of Tomahawk missiles: one that would carry cluster bombs and a main explosive charge, and then the other missiles would just carry an explosive charge.

Generally I would deal with both kinds of missiles? [Stated in a questioning tone] However, the bomblets, or the cluster bombs, would have been dropped prior to me ever seeing the missile. That would have been done remotely, usually.

KC: By someone else?

BW: By the missile itself, on a preprogrammed path. Cluster bombs usually are antipersonnel, or small, soft targets. When we were designating targets we were usually going after buildings.

KC: Okay, interesting. So you also talked about the cost of each missile.

BW: That was one of the things that we always questioned. They were amazingly expensive… $1.2 million dollars each. And…

KC: Okay, and…

BW: Let’s just say that the one classified thing — unclassified thing that I can talk about Tomahawk missiles is to encourage everybody to get on line, [Helicopters faint in background] and figure out how many were used between 1992 and 2000, and see if those numbers ring true with the fact that we weren’t at war.

KC: Okay, very good point. So — well, let me ask you that question. Do you have any idea of the numbers?

BW: Hundreds, probably pushing into the thousands.


KC: Okay. But you were sent out on missions, didn’t you say every month? So once a month you would be doing, what is in essence, a bombing mission?

BW: On average and that I’m just one of three teams as well.

KC: So would you say that all three teams were sent out at least once a month?

BW: Though we were highly compartmentalized and I wouldn’t know, I can reasonably assume that we all did just as many missions, yes.

KC: Okay. [Helicopter sounds in background] Is this the sound of a helicopter, still?

BW: Mmm-hmm.

KC: Interesting… it’s, like, hovering!

BW: Yes, just right there!

KC: Okay. Do you feel threatened at all by that?

BW: No, but it only has to do with what I’ve been through, not that I don’t think your concerns are unreasonable.

KC: Oh. [Laughs] Okay… interesting. Yeah. Well I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what happens here; we may actually have to move on.

So at this juncture, what we haven’t talked about again is the amount of damage that could be done by one missile. And explain the notion that you used two after a while and when you started using two?

BW: Right. The most important thing to know about Tomahawk missiles was the material that they used for their explosive.

It’s called Semtex and the easiest way to explain Semtex is C-4 that you need a lot, lot less to cause the same amount of explosion. So 500 pounds of Semtex would be the equivalent of 2,000 pounds of C-4 in explosive potential.

KC: Okay… and because I don’t know anything about this, can you give me a radius? So if you targeted a building, what radius of damage would happen?

BW: The shockwave would destroy everything between fifty and a hundred yards of the building.

KC: Okay.

BW: Loss of life would be almost complete at a hundred yards.

KC: Almost complete at what?

BW: A hundred yards.

KC: From the epicenter…

BW: Anybody within a hundred yards of the bomb would… the over pressures…

KC: Okay and what about further? Further away than that?

BW: Beyond that is the potential for dying from anything from weak blood vessels in your brain to debris, and that would spread over a much greater distance, depending on the target.

KC: Okay. And these installations or buildings that you were bombing, even though we were not at war, were in the Middle East. You had intelligence that gave you a background on why that target was selected – is that correct?

BW: Correct. We always were given information about the target and what it was supposed to be and, you know, how we were supposed to be doing the mission.

Later on, after we’d been doing it for several years, we tended to question that information based on the fact that we found that more often than not the information was either kind of wrong all the way up to completely wrong!

KC: [Helicopters directly overhead again] Okay. So I just want to make sure that we cover this sort of preliminary until you go to the blow-by-blow of what went on.

And we are still having helicopters in the vicinity in the background! [Helicopters quite loud] What do you think? Should we change and go to my house?

BW: I think if we ever want to get it done, we should change. [Laughs]

KC: Okay.

BW: This is not going away…

KC: All right, yeah.

BW: …and I was thinking about that long before you were.

[Interview moved to another location]

KC: I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot [Project Camelot Productions] and I am here with Bill Wood.

We have had to move from our location where we were to a more private situation in order to take this testimony because we have been over-flown by a repeated number of helicopters that simply did not want to go away!

BW: Well, they were there long before the interview! [Laughs]

KC: [Laughs] Okay, but they made themselves very, very prominent during the interview, I have to say, so… and we will have kept that on this tape and I plan to use that part. Okay? But…

BW: I’m used to the attention. [Laughs]

KC: I’m sorry?

BW: I’m used to the attention.

KC: Oh. All right, fine… Well, I’m not quite used to that degree of attention, let’s put it that way. For me this was something of an unusual situation.

But, at this moment what I’d like to do is just maybe summarize what we’ve talked about before, because in case we do have any issues…

Having helicopters fly over is fine – it’s a problem of course – but if they’re shooting an electronic pulse at the camera simultaneously, then the footage that we’ve already shot could have been affected and what we have talked about has been excellent so far. What I’d like to do is re-cap it…

BW: Okay.

KC: …sort of in as short an amount of time as you can. And what we’re covering here is, you know, the team you were part of, the part of the service, the special training and the capability of the Tomahawk.

BW: Okay. Basically, my military career was such that I was in the United States Navy from June of 1991 until June of 2001. In that time I served in a Special Unit called SEAL Team 9.

We were trained primarily to use us as an asset to control and handle Tomahawk missiles, Cruise missiles that were used inside the Persian Gulf region in the Middle East throughout the timeframe of 1992 to 2000, to my knowledge.

And those missiles were used in a capacity similar to what people would understand how drones are used today both as intelligence-gathering, but obviously the end game with Tomahawk missiles was to blow something up at the end of the flight.

So that’s what we would do… over a secure link. We would get the equipment ready, wait for the Tomahawk missile to come inbound, sync up with the missile and then control it through its terminal phase of flight.

And then after detonation we would do bomb damage assessment and then get out of the area quiet as ghosts. Tomahawk Cruise missiles are usually sea-launched… [AUDIO SEEMS TO BE CUT OFF ABRUPTLY HERE]

KC: So from that point on, you’re in 1995 and you’re still being called out. When you’re not doing these assignments, these once-a-month assignments, you are on the ship doing other jobs?

BW: Yeah. We were perfectly capable of fixing regular radar weapons equipment and weapons platforms. I worked on one very specifically called Close-In Weapons System.

I also worked with the Harpoon Weapons System, the Five-Inch Gun Weapons System and the AEGIS Weapon System.

So, on an Early Bird Class Destroyer I was qualified to take care of a lot of equipment, which came in handy. [Laughs]

KC: Okay and so you were… and I guess… did you enlist?

BW: Yes.

KC: Okay, so this was a choice.

BW: Yes. There was no draft at that point, everybody that was in the military was there of their free choosing.

KC: Okay and I know this is slightly a digression, but you chose the military – why?

BW: I come from a military family. My uncle was a Command Master Chief in the Navy and retired after thirty years.

I believe he made it up as high as somewhere between the third and the fifth-highest ranking enlisted person in the Navy while he was there.

And when I was very young, I got to ride on the USS Missouri when it was re-commissioned and I was pretty addicted after that! [Laughs]

KC: Okay… that being a ship?

BW: Yes. It was one of the eight battleships that were re-commissioned shortly before the first Gulf War.

KC: Okay. And did you have other members of the family that were also in the military, or just your uncle?

BW: My brother was in the military, the US Navy, at the same time I was. And a cousin, my uncle’s son, was in the Navy also at the same time that I was.

KC: But not your father?

BW: Not my father, no.

KC: Okay. Well from this point on, 1995, you start noticing there’s a change in targets. I mean do you really think there was a change or do you think that your perception for some reason changed?

BW: No, there was definitely a change.

When you couple the seemingly insignificant aspects of the targets and evolve that with the amount of overkill that we were using when we would use these small buildings as targets, it would be what I would term as a massive [With EMPHASIS] amount of overkill.

It was when that started happening that we began to ask questions about: Is the intelligence correct? Are we getting the right information? Why are we going after these, you know, tiny targets with massive amounts of ordinance?

KC: Okay and in many cases it sounds like you didn’t work in cities. As I think we talked about, you seemed to be on the fringes – in the country, and what you’re talking about a small… really small villages?

BW: Small villages, out-of-the-way places. In that part of the world, that’s how most of the rural population lives. Large cities tend to be, you know, relatively obscure in any part of the country except for, maybe, the capital.

KC: Okay. So at this point, it’s 1995. What happens to… is there any incident that specifically happens at this time?

BW: It progresses up to April of ’97 when we were out on a mission, and like I was telling you about the dual Tomahawk missiles. Normally it wasn’t a big deal.

They would come in right behind each other; it would be boom-boom and there wouldn’t be many issues.

But in April of ’97 I had an incident where the second missile came in five minutes [EMPHASIZED] late and I was faced with the prospect of hundreds of people pouring through the debris of the first Tomahawk missile, being right on top of where the second Tomahawk missile was going to be designated.

It would have killed hundreds of innocent rescue workers if I re-designated that target five minutes later. I had an aspect of conscience that made it, so I chose not to detonate the second missile on top of those rescue workers.

That was against standing orders and got me in a lot of trouble.

KC: Okay, so… but can you describe it in a little more; fill in the blanks, you know, for the people that are listening? Because this was a village in Northern Iraq, was it not?

BW: Correct.

KC: And then also describe, you know, maybe a little bit more, blow by blow that incident and what you did with the missile.

BW: When the first detonation went off, it took out a small two-story building that was kind of set off away from most of the other area.

When the missile did detonate, a huge number of people from the surrounding village came in to go through the debris and find any survivors and help people that were injured, because there was a large amount of collateral damage in and around the building as well.

Smaller buildings, homes, were knocked over or torn to bits and there were a lot of injured people…

KC: So… and what you’re saying was that the impulse of the townspeople when any building is targeted is… afterwards, is to rush into sort of deal with the wounded or handle the situation, right?

BW: Correct. Yes. And that was normal from my experiences to see people go in after the detonation and do what they could to help the people that were inside or help the people that were hurt outside.

KC: Okay. And so at that point, what happened?

BW: At that point, I made the decision not to detonate the Tomahawk on its designated target and I flew it safely off into a mountain and detonated it there where it didn’t hurt anybody.

KC: Okay. And what people need to understand is that you were completely in charge of the controls at that point, right?

BW: Yes.

KC: So it wasn’t the other two people that you were working with that necessarily agreed with that decision, this was your own decision?

BW: This was my own decision and there was nothing that the other two people could have done to make it happen because there was just no time in between when they realized something was up and then the missile was destroyed instantly after that.

KC: Okay.

BW: Certainly they realized afterwards what I’d done and that it wasn’t going to go good when we got home.

KC: All right. And at this point you were in Northern Iraq?

BW: Yes.

KC: And how far away from the place of detonation, so to speak, were you?

BW: That time we were probably two miles away.

KC: Uh-huh, but you had line of sight as you call it?

BW: Yes. We always tried to get up as high as possible and extend line of sight as far as we could — didn’t need to get close, so we tried not to. [Laughs]

KC: Okay. And as far as that goes, what do you use for line of sight… just out of curiosity? Were you using some specialized equipment in order to see the target area?

BW: ‘The box’ as we called it would use a narrow-band microwave frequency that was encrypted to sync up with the missile when it came into line of sight. The reason we would use that type of communication is because it was hard to interrupt or jam.

KC: Okay but… so your visual was good, is that what you’re saying?

BW: Well, we would have visual of the target, but I would also have visual of the target via the camera in the Tomahawk, so I could fly it via the camera.

KC: Oh really, so you actually were riding… in a sense riding along with the missile when it went to its target?

BW: Mm-hmm… yeah.

KC: Wow.

BW: The fact that there were cameras in Tomahawk missiles was Ultra Top Secret.

Then I happened to notice when we were launching Tomahawks on Libya just last year that they showed the camera picture from the Tomahawk and I just wondered if most people knew how many things they saw on TV ten years ago were Ultra Top Secret! [Laughs]

KC: Yeah. Well no, I think that that’s important for people to realize is that what’s happening right now is that we have an asymmetrical war being conducted just as it was back then.

The difference, I think, is that some of these incidents do get reported in the news; we do hear about the US, for example, attacking in areas of Pakistan, areas of Syria, from what I understand — periodically, right?

BW: Mm hm. Yes and a lot of that information doesn’t come from journalists or news reporters; it comes from assets that I would say are doing what they can to fight for their country even though they work for the military.

KC: Okay. Okay… to try and get the word out as to what our government is actually up to.

BW: I believe the proper term is whistle-blowers! [Laughs]

KC: [Laughs] Okay. 48:57Hee-rah as they say or whatever!?

So what happened…? Okay, so this happened and then what happened when you returned or what was the trajectory?

BW: Nothing per se happened when I returned, but a month after that incident I found myself facing a general court-martial for unrelated charges.

KC: Okay. So you literally went back to base and there was no repercussions, no one said: What did you do with the other missile? Why did you fly it off-target?

BW: Oh, during de-brief — I mean, there were some very upset people and Why did you do…? And many, many, many conversations with many different people about it, saying exactly what I said to the person before them.

But I was adamant that it was a mission gone bad and I wasn’t going to kill a whole bunch of rescue workers. And I thought [With EMPHASIS] it was left at that.

KC: So you continued to be called on assignments after that, right? You and your team?

BW: I didn’t go on another mission before I was facing court-martial, no.

KC: And what was the period of time between those two things?

BW: It was a month, or less.

KC: Oh, so you immediately were… it’s pretty much…

BW: Yes.

KC: I mean, one month of down time and then you were called into court-martial.

BW: Hmm-hmm.

KC: Okay and that was for what?

BW: That was for what they said was child rape, which… it definitely was not true! [Laughs]

KC: Okay. So basically, you’re based on a boat, you know, a ship, from 1992 until this time which was ’97?

BW: Yes, I was based on a ship, but realize that we weren’t always on a ship and we weren’t always in the Persian Gulf.

KC: Okay. So was this on leave, an incident that happened when you were on leave?

BW: This was an incident that happened two years earlier when we were back in home port in San Diego.

KC: Okay, and just to summarize that quickly, the situation was what?

BW: The situation, what actually happened, was I found myself in a situation where I was having consensual sex with a sixteen year old girl when I was twenty five years old – not what they characterized it in my court martial as! [Laughs]

KC: Okay, so she was sixteen, but you thought… but even that was under age? I don’t even know what the laws are.

BW: Well, the laws in California at the time were that sixteen and seventeen year olds could consent.

That law has since changed. Now it’s a misdemeanor for sixteen and seventeen year olds to have sex with people over the age of eighteen, which is why I didn’t get charged in the civilian community; I was charged via court-martial.

KC: Okay. So they went back two years prior and charged you and did you know why? Like… I mean you basically put two and two together and figured that they were targeting you somehow.

Can you describe what the rationale is on the part of the military and how they… you explained how they kind of have something on each person?

BW: Well, the rationale is obvious. If the military has something they can use against you, which in my particular case was obvious, they can not only use the situation, but blow it completely out of proportion.

And in the military justice system there is no real recourse to being able to prove yourself innocent of charges. More typically, you’re found guilty long before you ever make it into your court-martial.

You don’t have the right of a jury of your peers. Your jury consists of military personnel that are senior to you in rank and that have an overwhelming desire to protect their career over what they decide in your court-martial.

KC: So, in other words, they’re sort of conditioned to find you guilty regardless because that works in their favor?

BW: Absolutely, because if you go into a room being told by somebody that’s in authority over you that a person is guilty, it’s nearly impossible to be an impartial juror at that point. I think Bradley Manning could tell us all about that! [Laughs]

[About Bradley Manning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradley_Manning ]

KC: Okay. Yeah. No, that’s pertinent actually. Okay. So at this point, you’ve actually, you know, gone against orders, they decided they want to pull you back into rank or whatever you call that – rank and file – so what did happen then?

BW: Shortly after I was charged, I was contacted by my Seal Team Lead Officer who was a Lieutenant and he gave me the option of rolling the dice and facing my court-martial and pretty much guaranteeing that I would spend eleven years in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Or I could take a slap on the wrist, plead guilty to something completely innocuous, go back to work, do my job as a good sailor would, blow up targets with Tomahawk missiles and not say anything about it to anybody. That’s what I chose to do.

KC: And you also suggested that they sort of had something on the other members of your team as well?

BW: I believe they had something on every member of our team because we all had at least one skeleton that we all knew about, so it was definitely something that would make it so they could pick and choose and destroy the life and career of any member of our team and easily get away with it.

KC: Okay. If for some reason, one of them decided not to follow orders or be insubordinate in some fashion?

BW: Correct, or something similar to what I did! [Laughs]

KC: Okay. All right. So when you did what you did, did you have the sympathy… assuming that everyone found about it, did you have the sympathy not only of the people, you know, the two on your team, but other team members? Or was there, you know, were they not sympathetic?

BW: Yes and no. Really, the only two people that had all the information were the two people that were on my team. We were fairly well compartmentalized from each other.

The other members of the other two teams got the military’s version of the story long before they ever heard mine, so when you’re given the military version and the guy you know’s version, it’s very conflicting.

And I’m sure most people saw it for exactly what it was, but at the same time didn’t want to believe anything but the military version, because they don’t want to think about the reality, if my version was the true version.

KC: Okay, because what your version in essence said was that not only was two Tomahawk missiles overkill to begin with, but that on top of it, these were soft targets and that the targets in and of themselves were suspicious, right?

BW: Correct. And basically, hammering me let everybody else know in the group that all the complaining, and all of the trying to, you know, bring out the reality of what was happening was not appreciated; it didn’t matter.

It made every member of the team feel like they ultimately had a gun to their head and free will wasn’t an option. Just do your job. Don’t think.

KC: So what happened at this point? You accepted the deal and then what happened?

BW: I accepted the deal, I pled guilty to a charge of unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor, I swear… very Van Halen but… [Laughs]

KC: Okay.

BW: …and went back to work under the guise that I was in jail. Everybody that I was related to or that was involved in the court martial was told that I pled guilty and went to jail.

What actually happened was I pled guilty, got on an airplane and proceeded to spend the next three years in the Persian Gulf doing my job.

KC: Okay. Interesting. So you’re saying the civilian world… is that what you’re talking about?

BW: Yes.

KC: The civilian world heard you were charged with this and pled guilty?

BW: Mmm-hmm.

KC: Okay, so then you went back to work and you were basically… so then at that point what happened? I mean you started… continued to target soft targets?

BW: At that point it was fairly obvious that we were the team that would get the hardest targets, not militarily hard but the hardest to blow up.

KC: Meaning the softest targets?

BW: The softest targets, the one they were most obviously not military assets, not worth the amount of explosives that we were using.

At that point the targets became plainly obvious that it was a terrorist-based mission and the reasons that we used the missiles and the explosives and where we targeted was to scare people and not to blow things up.

KC: Okay, but you did blow things up.

BW: Yeah but… it was not… The destruction wasn’t the main mission, the main mission was to scare the people that survived and get them talking and… [long pause, searching for words]

KC: Was it to turn them…? I guess I’m kind of…

It’s interesting because at that point they have, like, a captive audience, so to speak, in you guys, such that they can do whatever they want with you, and you can’t complain, you can’t object, because you’re sort of under a certain level of coercion to be quiet, right?

And do your job…

BW: Right.

KC: …regardless of what they ask you to do, so they can really sort of run you all over the country doing whatever they want. But how does this sort of state-sponsored terrorism, as it were…

BW: Mm hm.

KC: …facilitate an agenda? Do you know how it links up?

BW: I can see it more properly in hindsight now, but it’s very easy to understand.

What we were doing was creating the problem. When enough people are left behind with enough dead and injured relatives that strapping a bomb on themselves, and, you know, doing a suicide mission seems very reasonable.

KC: After you have been targeted by…? [OVERTALK]

BW: After your mother, your father, your wife, your sisters, your brothers, your sons and your daughters, are killed in a Tomahawk missile attack.

KC: Which they knew would be an American attack, right?

BW: They knew better than anybody that they were American missile attacks.

KC: Okay.

BW: Most Iraqis were well aware of Tomahawk missiles; what they did; how they did it, and more importantly, how many people they killed.

KC: Okay.

BW: It was a BIG DEAL [Slowly with EMPHASIS] to them. They didn’t like that terrorism.

KC: So in a sense, it was homegrown terrorism being bred out of these incidents…

BW: Correct.

KC: …that the U.S. was actually creating the problem, as you rightly said.

BW: Correct. That also coupled with our occupation of bases in Saudi Arabia. Plenty [of] people in Saudi Arabia were very, very unhappy about us being there long after the first Gulf War.

KC: This is 1997; you’ve been called back on duty.

BW: Mm hm.

KC: And you said for the next three years, you’re given targets that are highly suspicious, and basically, we are creating terrorists that will facilitate the so-called ‘War on Terror,’ by actually manifesting that ourselves.

BW: Correct.

I can unequivocally say that the targets that we were given and the way we were used was solely for the purpose of creating massive amounts of fear in the general public of northern Iraq; rumors and stories of which filtered all throughout the Middle East.

Definitely in 1998, I would say that the average Middle Eastern person knew for sure that the U.S. military was targeting civilians under the guise of combating terrorism.

KC: At that point your sort of mental state must not have been great, right?

BW: No, I was very distant and dark. I was only able to deal with the fact that I had to do what I did because I knew that the consequences would just put me in jail.

KC: Would you say that that was true of the other team members as well?

BW: Certainly everybody was well aware of my situation after that and my situation coupled with the targets and the evolution of what we were doing, as far as warfare, was plainly obvious to everybody that was performing missions.

KC: Okay. So what happened then, at that point?

BW: Basically we continued on and continued on to go after these soft targets and do our jobs and not really say anything. That climaxed in December of 2000 for me and my group.

During the time that we operated in northern Iraq we found certain groups of indigenous population that we would consider assets and would use on a semi-regular basis to accomplish our missions.

In turn, we would help the indigenous people of the villages with food, water, ammunition, protection [and] intelligence — give them what we could to pay them back for the kindness that they offered us when we needed help.

KC: Okay, and these individuals or the villages where you were finding shelter, so to speak, were they among Kurds, or among Shiites?

BW: Kurds and Shiites. Sunni sect wouldn’t help us.

KC: All right.

BW: But the Shiites and the Kurds, they were more than happy to try and do something positive for their country, to try and help the U.S. military.

So eventually, the dictatorship that existed in the country would eventually fall and they would have democracy and freedom. That’s what they believed.

KC: That’s the rationale that they were sold, so to speak.

BW: Umm… yeah. [Hesitating] I mean, it wasn’t propaganda. It was more of a choice between the lesser or two evils; I guess is the easiest way to say it.

KC: So this went on until 2000, and then what happened?

BW: In December of 2000 we came back to a village that we were using as an asset, and on the mission before this one we had gotten intelligence from the village elder that described an imminent attack on U.S. soil that involved pilots.

Did not understand what the information meant, but we took it back to base, and reported it, and didn’t think much of it. Later, or very soon after that, we went on another mission, came back to the village, and discovered that the village was destroyed in a Tomahawk missile attack.

At that point we were psychologically broken, as to how we were being used and the obviousness of that village being destroyed. There was no military significance whatsoever in destroying the village. There were probably 30, 35 people, and no permanent structures other than… three?

KC: Initially. And so…

BW: Before it was destroyed.

KC: Right.

BW: These people lived very simple lives. They were very nomadic and detached, and there would be no reason whatsoever to bomb that particular target unless the information that we obtained was significant.

KC: But you didn’t bomb them.

BW: No it was another one… it was another team that knew of [With EMPHASIS] the village but when they destroyed the village they didn’t know who they were bombing. They were told lies.

KC: Okay, and this is in theory one of the teams of The Nine?

BW: It was one of the other teams in SEAL Team 9 and I know which team it was. When we got back home from the mission, I actually got into a violent altercation with the person on that team who does the job that I do for my team.

And it sent shockwaves through The Nines. It really fractured things and tore us apart. In my estimation it was probably either the end of the end or the beginning of the end of the SEAL Team 9 program and its mission.

Certainly at that time we were seeing the evolution of drones come online, and more and more often we were being assigned drones as assets so we were aware of them and their capabilities on missions.

And shortly after that, drones became weapons-based platforms and they started using the more much humane Hellfire missile to accomplish the goals that we were accomplishing with Tomahawk missiles attacks.

KC: When you say much more humane, are you joking?

BW: Ah… tongue in cheek. A Hellfire missile has a 25-pound warhead. A Tomahawk missile has a 250-pound warhead.

Yes, a drone can minimize collateral damage; however, we are where we are today, and we know that there are lots of collateral damage with drone-based missile attacks.

KC: Okay. Yeah, I didn’t even realize that drones were military, you know, equipped to… I thought they were simply surveillance.

BW: Most people don’t. It’s not one of those well-advertised things that our media keeps us up on.

KC: Right. Okay. So at this point you basically had what you call an altercation with the individual who bombed this group of people who had been giving you guys shelter, who in a sense… it’s almost like, I don’t know if you, you know, it’s like a shelter or a home base for you guys…

BW: Huh hum.

KC: …in this small village, right?

BW: Yes.

KC: So the village is destroyed?

BW: It wasn’t a home base. It was an asset that we used in a military sense, but at the same time we developed an emotional connection to the people of the village.

We knew who they were, we knew what they were about, we knew the basic-ness of their living and how they went about. And destroying that village and killing all of those people was unnecessary and sad. [With EMPHASIS]

KC: Okay. So at this point what happened within your… sort of, when you attacked the person did you almost kill him?

BW: Yeah, I got into a fight with a… did go overboard and the physical violence was enough to put him in the hospital and threaten his life. I’m pretty sure the only reason I was able to do that level of damage is because that person didn’t fight back.

Certainly we’re evenly matched as far as hand-to-hand weapons or combat at any other given time. The fact that I almost killed him doesn’t seem possible unless he felt guilty and just didn’t fight back.

KC: Okay. So at that point what happened?

BW: At that point it was pretty obvious to the ‘powers that be’ that I was never going to be able to be used in the capacity that I was being used anymore.

I was never going to be able to designate missile attacks and kill people, so I was taken out of service and put in a psychological hospital for 6 months.

I spent most of my time in a drug-induced haze/coma experiencing wild hallucinations, paranoia, and treatment programs that focused my mind solely on fear, distorted reality and believing in a bunch of things that were only manifesting themselves because of the drugs, the hallucinogens, the psychotropics.

KC: So they were basically messing with you at that point through, would you call it mind control techniques?

BW: I would more correctly characterize it as mind destruction.

KC: Uh huh.

BW: Or psychological destruction, from stripping me from all reality, as far as, you know, up and down, left, right. Perception became something that was very fluid and could be influenced very easily.

KC: Okay, so and this went on for 6 months, did you say?

BW: Six months. Toward the end of the 6 months the drugs stopped, I came out of my “cloud,” I guess is the best way to put it, and was told that I was being released from the military and that everything was going to be fine.

And that they just made the decision that I was at my ten-year mark, which was when I was supposed to get out of the military. I was pretty happy about that, especially after the 6 months of what I would easily classify as torture.

KC: Right.

BW: I would have done anything [With EMPHASIS] to get out of that. [Laughs]

KC: I understand. Would you say though that… and you alluded to this off camera, the coincidence is a bit sort of mind bending, if you will, that you actually got out on your supposed planned release date…

BW: Correct.

KC: … had none of these other altercations, etcetera, etcetera, happened along the way.

BW: Well, according to my court-martial, I should have spent 11 years in prison. According to paperwork that I have, I spent exactly 3 years and 1 month in prison and got out at exactly the time I would have gotten out if I would have otherwise been discharged.

So, two questions I would ask, is: Do we normally let people out 8 years early? And: Do we normally pay them while they’re in prison?

I don’t think those would be easy questions for anybody to answer inside the military right now. And I’ve proven that since I’ve gotten out.

KC: All right. You know, there are so many avenues we could go down and I did ask you to watch the video of Duncan O’Finioan, which you weren’t familiar with prior to our interview.

BW: No, didn’t know he even existed prior to you mentioning it.

KC: Okay, and do you want to say your reaction to seeing that?

BW: My reaction would be mostly based on my perspective and what I know, and in a word, the things that I heard and the information that he gave were eerily similar to many, many aspects of my training.

It was quite spooky, the things that he went through and the things that I went through, how strangely they coincided. I understand completely why you would bring it up because they are, for all intents and purposes, parallel paths that we both experienced on some level.

KC: At this point you got out of the military. What happened then?

BW: I got out in June of ’01. I went back home to Salt Lake City, Utah, and got a construction job, and was going to be completely content putting all of my military past behind me and moving on with my life.

On September 11th, however, that thought process got majorly interrupted when the Twin Towers were attacked, the Pentagon and another flight was hijacked.

It was at that point, based on my experience, that I looked at the events of 9/11 and drew much, much different conclusions about the whys and wherefores of the event and [had] some major, major problems with the popular story…

KC: I see.

BW: …based on what happened. Certainly if you’re the guy that for 8 years drove planes into buildings, you might see the correlation between somebody coming back and doing it to us.

KC: When you’re saying “drove planes into the buildings,” you’re actually referring to the Tomahawk missile as a kind of a plane?

BW: A Tomahawk missile flies like an airplane, it acts like an airplane; it can be controlled with normal airplane controls. It has wings, it has tail fins, it has a rudder and it has a jet engine. It sounds like a jet.

It would be hard, based on the fact that they fly very low to the ground and they fly very fast, to get a good look at it enough to be able to tell it from typical airline plane to a Tomahawk missile. Certainly all anybody would get is a glimpse.

KC: Okay, and basically you also talked about the… you know, because they said there was a missile that hit the Pentagon, that it wasn’t a plane, and you actually have some very good evidence in a sense to substantiate that that was much more likely to be a Tomahawk missile.

BW: Correct. The best information out there in my opinion is a documentary called Loose Change. It tells out all the information in much, much greater detail than I can express it.

But the one important thing that I noticed was the turn that the airliner supposedly made before it actually hit the Pentagon.

That turn would be almost impossible to make with a 757. You want to fire up your flight simulator and fly all the controls that airplanes have and try to do it on a flight simulator, I think you would find that you crash the plane every time.

However, that turn was something that I had seen many, many, many times when I used that turn to overfly a target, come around, and hit it again after I had marked on top and verified that that indeed was the actual target with the inboard camera in the missile.

Also, where an airliner’s wings are particularly susceptible to damage and knocking over 5 light-poles would be an issue when you were trying to control the aircraft at low and slow like they were.

A Tomahawk missile’s wings are reinforced, aren’t filled with fuel and [are] very, very hardened surfaces that made it so if the missile is ever attacked, it can still fly into its target.

Certainly it could knock over 5 light-poles and not even blink before it hit the Pentagon.

The other eerie part about the whole situation is that it hit the Pentagon at the one area of the Pentagon that had just received reinforcement or an upgrade that made it the most reinforced part of the building, the part of the building that would be damaged least by an attack.

Couple that with the fact that there wasn’t any jet fuel blowing it up and that the wing span of an airplane driving into that building doesn’t match a 757.

You model a Tomahawk missile in its flight path, payload, wing span and all the other technicalities of it, I think you would find that the estimated damage of what that attack would cause to the Pentagon at that particular area would fit very nicely with the actual damage…

KC: Okay.

BW: …that happened to the Pentagon in that particular area.

KC: And the fact that they had evacuated or at least that a lot of people were not there, and that… Didn’t you also allude to the fact that it appeared that there was evidence that Cheney had been waiting for this in another part of the building?

BW: In the documentary Loose Change…

KC: Right.

BW: …it does have some pretty damning evidence that the vice president was well aware of the attack. Then again, you could look at the reaction of President Bush at the time that he was notified and realize too that somebody knew something ahead of time, that his reaction would be stereotypical of that, in my mind.

KC: What you also alluded to was the idea that you weren’t the only one who… or your group, your SEAL Team, weren’t the only ones that had received advance warning of 9/11 during the time prior to that, is that right?

BW: No, I would say most government agencies received some notification or some warning of the attack ahead of time. Certainly there is more than enough actual evidence out there today that’s as easy as getting on YouTube and doing a search to find.

After that I spent a lot of time and effort going back and connecting a bunch of little pieces of information that, if somebody was doing their job back then could have easily determined exactly what was going to happen and then prevent it.

KC: Okay, meaning you went back and looked at intelligence that had come in over the years? Or…?

BW: Not over the years, but over the weeks and months prior to 9/11.

KC: Okay. So at that point you’re in a situation where you have actually been sort of, as you call it, flying these planes into buildings using Tomahawk missiles.

BW: [Nods affirmatively] Mm hm.

KC: 9/11 happens, you suddenly… In a sense, that’s like a wakeup call, I would imagine.

BW: Oh, it was a HUGE wakeup call because now I knew what the incident in.

The Ascended Masters: Societal Conditioning, the Ego Complex and Difficult Life Lessons

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Are you beginning now to feel the sweeping energies of 2012, which are to act further upon the drastic shift of your consciousness that has been on a set course since before your incarnation into the bodies you currently inhabit? We feel that many of you are experiencing difficulties and traumas, the proportions of which are so vast that you did not think you would be tested in such incredibly difficult ways.

This is why Earth has been called a Master planet many times, as the lessons which are set for you to learn throughout your venture out of the low vibrations have been especially more difficult than the lessons on many other worlds. You are now in a time of intense acceleration, and waiting just beyond the horizon of the difficulties many of you continue to experience in accordance with your Life plans, are the heavenly feelings that you have been so desperately wishing to feel again as you begin to remember them from your past ascensions. Continue reading

Message from Jennetta of the Galactic Federation of Light

Open your hearts. What is it that certain of you want to do at this time? What is it that your heart desires? What is calling you? Whatever it is that calls your name in the winds shall you heed, for it is this calling that is your reason for being here on this planet at this time. For many of you there are a multitude of different worlds you could be living in right now, but you chose to be here at this very time. Why? What is it that is so important for you to be here at this point in time? The only way for you to find out is to go out and seek these answers. Along this journey you may discover many other things as well, and you will have the opportunity to bring all these wonderful discoveries home with you when your mission here is complete.
We see so many of you searching for these answers, and we are so pleased to see that you are now motivated by what truly matters in your lives. Releasing the distractions of your 3D world is the key to finding the paths you have laid out for yourselves before you entered into the human vessel, and it is this path that will lead you back home.
Take the time along your travels to assist your brothers and sisters on their journey as well, as this is not a race, but a team effort, and there are no prizes for you for finishing first. You may find that the greatest prize comes in the satisfaction in knowing that you helped another soul on their journey. Such is your never ending journey through your many stages of development throughout this universe. You will find that all the things that you work so hard for here on Earth come easy to you once you release yourself from this land of illusion, but what requires effort is assisting others that could benefit from your help. Such has been the careful design of your universe, with the intention of bringing us all together in love and service to each other while we enjoy the splendors of this magnificent creation.
Take the time to look after yourselves at this time as well, as it is important to take care of your body as well as your mind as you approach the many changes in store for you. Ascension, as magnificent as it is, is only one of the life-changing events that your race has to look forward to, and this year of 2012 shall see the unveiling of many of these. We await your house to be put in suitable order, clearing the way for the commencement of some of these events, and there are many men and women working tirelessly behind the scenes to see to it these paths are cleared. Be patient my dears, as you cannot yet see the tremendous efforts of so many of your brethren to bring about these changes at this time.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are doing our part as well, and soon our efforts will combine on a greater personal level. This is the plan, and we have every intention of seeing this plan reach fruition. Nothing will stop us, and together we shall see the fruits of our hard labor. There is so much in store for you dear ones, and you shall soon see for yourselves the early stages of these changes as news of these events begin to be shared with you through your so far reluctant media.
Are you going to share the words of truth and justice? Are you going to set out to discriminate truth from disinformation, light from dark? You have all the tools necessary at your disposal and you all know what is required to discriminate between opposing forces. It is time you all began to utilize your powers of discernment, and filter through the large amounts of disinformation and misdirection that has been placed before you. It is time you cleared your path yourself, to advance on your journey without undue interference.
Whatever it is you need to complete these tasks you may ask for, and if it is within our power we will deliver to you what you require. Never feel that you are alone in this endeavor, as we are here to assist you in any way we can. Give us this opportunity to assist you in this way. Allow us to use our experience in these matters to their fullest potential. We have taken part in many similar projects all across this universe, and wish nothing more than to assist humanity break free from their tyrants and ascend into the higher realms where you belong.
Ascension is never an easy task, and that is why you have so much help available to you today. Virtually all civilizations could benefit from outside influence from one time to another, and your planet is no different. You have not received any more or less help than most of the other worlds we have assisted, and although some of the difficulties you must overcome are unique to the obstacles other worlds have faced, on the whole your situation and challenges are quite similar to the majority of the worlds at your current level of development. We not only assist 3rd dimensional worlds, but we also assist civilizations that exist within the higher dimensional vibrations. Our work with you is not nearly complete after you achieve ascension, but in many ways it is just beginning. We assist worlds beyond your next level as well, and each successive dimension offers its unique challenges to us.
One of the things that make your ascension so unique is that not only will many of your population ascend, but your host planet as well, simultaneously. This has never been done before in this universe, and this is why the eyes of this entire universe are upon you. This is why everything you choose to do at this point forward is so crucial to not only your future, but the future of your planet and your universe as well, for the successful outcome of this immensely complex project means that similar projects based on the mold created here will be undertaken in the future. What this means to other worlds that still exist within the limitation and struggle of a lower dimensional world is incalculable. The gift of your experience here is a gift that will be shared throughout this universe, and will be offered to so many worlds that could benefit so greatly from what can be offered them from your work here. Please take the time and make the effort to give these many other worlds the gift that they deserve, just as you are receiving many gifts today that you have earned. This is the plan, and now you see how important a role you are all playing. What happens here affects this entire universe.
On to matters concerning day to day operations, we are currently engaged in warfare with the dark cabal and their underlings. If many of you could see our operations, we feel you would be less motivated to voice your displeasure at the speed at which matters are progressing. On an almost unrelenting basis, our forces of light move forward towards certain victory, capturing and dismantling vast amounts of the dark’s fighting forces. There are seemingly endless supplies of men and women willing to sacrifice themselves for those who plan only to enslave the entire human race, including their own soldiers after their necessity is no longer required. This has only been made possible by the complete lack of information based on fact, rather than fantasy. This is why we say again that one of our main goals is to restore the free flow of information and idea to your world.
In information there is light, and in disinformation darkness. When we speak of restoring light to your world, this is of what we speak. Your world has been submerged in darkness for so long that there are many of those around you who cannot recognize the light as it shines upon them. The reeducation of these individuals will be a long and difficult task, but it is absolutely necessary for them if they wish to reenter a free society again. We cannot allow them unrestricted access to other worlds where they can wreck havoc and spread destruction like they have done here. The toll taken on you and taken on your mother planet has been great, and many of you will need healing and counseling when your 3D experience is completed. Your Mother Earth also requires healing on many of her different levels, and we are here to assist you and provide to you the tools necessary for this important task. You owe it to your mother, as she has provided for you throughout so many successive incarnations. It is time you repaid her for her generous gifts to all of you.
This is the task we will begin immediately upon our re-introductions to you and we feel it is safe to land our ships en masse on your soil. Many of you will be working personally with us, and many more will be working in a more indirect relationship with us in the days ahead on this, and many other vital projects as well. Until then, apply your hard earned skills to your tasks now at hand, as the successful accomplishment of them are required for us to move ahead with further projects including full disclosure and a mass first contact with your people. You are all loved, and we eagerly await our reunion with you so we can get busy on our work together.
I am Jennetta of the Galactic Federation of Light, and it has been a pleasure to speak with you today. Be well all of you. We will be with you soon.

As channeled through Greg Giles

Ben Fulford (Jan 30 2012) ~ Out Of The Box Negotiations Are Proceeding At The Highest Level

Benjamin Fulford| January 30 2012

The reason that many of the top Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate crooks have not been arrested yet is that the old system needs to be kept going with string and wire and duct-tape until final preparations for a radically new system are completed. For example, an Asian proposal now being negotiated calls for 10 million yen or about US$125,000 to be budgeted for each and every individual human being on earth. The Pentagon is also making similar radical proposals for a complete change of how humans interact with each other and with nature. The big conclusion being reached at the highest level is that the old financial system in the West was an illusion used by a secret cabal to keep us enslaved. We are now about to become truly free in ways that will exceed most people’s most optimistic expectations. However, there will be some hard work at first before this becomes true.

The proposal being forwarded by the White Dragon Society to Asian clan elders is for the creation of a new, meritocratically staffed organization to be set up near Tenri City, South of Osaka. The name now being proposed for this organization is “Long-term Investments For Everyone,” or LIFE, for short.

The negotiations towards unifying the Korean Peninsula with Japan and moving the capital of this new entity to the same region are also proceeding smoothly. We can confirm that Japanese “kidnap victim” Megumi Yokota is the mother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Kim has agreed to accept the union of the Northern dynasty with the Southern one in the region in exchange for a ceremonial post. Perhaps he can become the symbol of unity and have his own palace and staff.

The initial funding for LIFE, to be backed by Gold returned to Asia from the West as well as by other historical assets, can be set at 7000 trillion yen or, as mentioned above, about $125,000 per human. The money will be delivered in the form of development services such as canals, sewer systems, desalination plants, nature preserves, fish farms etc. People working for LIFE will receive generous salaries and be subject to draconian penalties for corruption.

LIFE will not be the only major organization working on planning for the future of the species according to White Dragon Society proposals.

The British Commonwealth, with its 1.8 billion members, will want their own independently financed development and future planning organization built according to commonwealth consensus. It will probably have to be initially headed by someone from India in order to make up for past British racism. Indian and other historical gold assets as well as commonwealth real estate will back their funding.

The Catholic Church and Vatican Bank will also want to have a Christian planning agency controlled by actual Christians for their 1.2 billion members once the Satanists are purged from the Vatican bank.

Similar independent groups such as the Chinese, the Muslims, the Africans and the first nations will also be able to plan for their own independent futures.

In addition, the United Nations will have to be radically restructured in order to make it truly representative of the human race and not be an instrument of Western imperialism as it is today.

Studies by the pentagon, anthropological research and corporate governance research all conclude that the most effective decision making bodies number between 6-9 people. This is the size of the traditional human family during hunter gatherer times. The most natural division for humanity along cultural and historical lines suggests a new council of elders be put at the heart of the United Nations Security Council.

The White Dragon suggestion is for a representative to be selected by each of the following groups: Africa, China, East Asia (excluding China), India, North and South America, Europe including Russia, the Islamic world and first nations.

This 8 person grouping would only function as an emergency consultative council to deal with issues affecting all humans. It would operate according to majority rule. Each region would have a veto but that veto would be restricted to that region only.

Sovereign nation states would continue to exist as before unless voluntary agreements to merge were reached between countries.

The Pentagon, for its part, has reached an agreement to merge with the Chinese and Russian Military to form a global peace keeping force, according to a high ranking agency source.

There has also been an agreement to break up many of the large corporations controlled by the Khazarian Satanic Cabal. Microsoft was specifically mentioned as a company that was about to go Kaput. The major corporate media corporations will also be broken up. Many other top 100 corporations will be broken up into as many as 20 smaller units, according to this source.

The cabalists in charge of the G5 countries are also going to be excluded from the new financial system. If necessary the Pentagon will round up both the Illuminati and the Nazis, in order to make sure they cause no more trouble.

In the US there is also going to be a detailed study of what happened over the past 100 years since the Federal Reserve Board took over and a lot of stolen funds are going to be returned to their rightful owners.

A lot of billionaires will soon be out on the street pan-handling if they are found to have been living on stolen funds. A lot of poor people will suddenly be able to live in their own, mortgage free homes.

Needless to say, revamping how we run the planet is not an easy job. There is a lot of nitty gritty to be taken care of before anything public is announced. We also need to be on extreme alert for any last minute Satanic terror attacks aimed at trying to prevent the freeing of the sheeple.

However, have no doubt, the Satanists will be defeated. There will be world peace, an end to poverty and an end to environmental destruction. Humanity will be set free.

Here is something sent by a Pentagon source. It is by Jim Channon and reflects the kinds of ideas being bandied around as humanity heads into a new age.

Twelve Break-Thru’s Of The Next Decade

Opportunities on the event horizon

1. Oil companies realize they are liquid transportation companies and start to move fresh water to needy places on the planet.

2. Major engineering companies respond to rising seas and create canals that take the excess water into barren lowlands inside the continents where it is needed.

3. The national military forces of the planet merge to form natural security teams and restore their respective parts of the earth’s forests, plant life, watersheds, wildlife and the biosphere above all that.

4. That schools recognize that content is already available on line and change their courses to life skills, learning based pursuits, and a new partnership with nature.

5. That Universities build upon the science of conscious evolution, a visionary mindset, and life force living intelligence and then structure their experience based curricula to that end.

6. That government decentralizes into bioregions and organizes military units, school kids, fire departments and others to generate food foraging forests in all available sites for complete global food security.

7. That neighborhoods take on a wide variety of energy producing solutions to become fully independent but not totally separate from the power grid.

8. That web-based democracies attend to their regionally based constituents and use the global web intelligence system to optimize local living.

9. That railheads, airports, and warehouses converge to be able to launch global air rescue missions that deliver major emergency living villages to all peoples globally within hours of a disaster.

10. That the global public achieves a clear unifying identity and the pre-emptive political power to defang the nuclear arsenal and its fear based factions while offering alternative product lines for the military industrial complex.

11. That we accept the notion that life is more likely to exist in the galaxy than not and prepare for the real benefits of new connections.

12. That we embrace a new level of profound simplicity and reintroduce creativity as a replacement for things and mindless entertainment.

~Radio Ann With A Message from The Council of 12~ Just Do It~

[Hello. This is Ann. Would someone like to chat with me today?]
Yes. Hello, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you this fine day. We always enjoy our little talks. Thank you for inviting us in to your life today.
[Thank you! You are always welcome to visit me.]
Good! What would you like to discuss?
[There is an article today in The New York Times about the search for ETs. Is this part of a trickle of information about disclosure?]
Oh, yes. Most certainly. The public is being prepared for this history-making event. You will see more and more references to off-planet life as the days go on – various articles about other planets, the components of life, what ET life might look like – none of these reports will be terribly accurate, but that’s not their purpose. We are seeding the idea in broad swaths that we are here. Don’t forget that you are on the cutting edge of thought. Although you and your friends take our existence for granted (and by “us” we mean any being not human or incarnate), big segments of the world population think such a thing is bunk. So there is work to do, and the work is being done.
You can help. We have talked about this before: Take every opportunity to discuss the ET presence calmly and confidently. You know your friends and neighbors better than we do. Your ability to communicate is an important tool for us. Look, the whole reason for making contact with us is to help humanity grow. If you go ahead and grow on your own, the whole process of planetary ascension is faster and more pervasive. Do you understand? We’re telling you to be proactive in all that you do. Passivity is Piscean. This is the age of Aquarius. You can move forward at your own pace.
[Move forward spiritually, you mean?] No, we mean in every area of your life. What’s the slogan? Just do it!

SaLuSa 30 January 2012

Have no fears because much can happen from just one week to another, and the plan for your release from the dark Ones is progressing along very nicely. As we have already suggested, keep aware of the developments around the world as your wishes for change are coming true. It is a matter of finding a reliable news sources from which you can get a feel of what is taking place. You know that time is racing by, and that is welcome as you have waited long for the end times to get underway. Believe us they are just as we would have them, with our allies succeeding in creating the conditions that will enable us to come closer to you. All that has been promised will come to you, even if it is not quite as you would have imagined, and in fact in some ways it well may prove to be more exciting and fulfilling.

Remember that everything is in the hands of Higher Beings, who have followed your pathway to Ascension from the very beginning which was a very long ago. You knew it when you started out, but with the degeneration in your levels of consciousness you became separated from the Source and each other. However, that was expected although it did come about by you misusing the freewill that you had been given. You now know that you went through the Dark Ages, that showed how far down you can go when you lose touch with your true self. This present cycle has been the most testing one since you came into physical incarnations, and it was preceded by lives in earlier civilizations that you know very little about. You may have little memory of them, but be assured that every single experience has taken you to where you are now. You have grown immensely in your understanding of physicality, and it has also helped speed up your evolution.

Ascension and beyond will continue to be planned experiences with the guidance of your Guides and Higher Self. However, you will be in a position to have a greater input as to what they will be when you journey onwards as a Galactic Being. As you will understand, life will take on a completely new look, and have little bearing to how you see it now in your present dimension. You have yet to realize what it will be like to be totally free, but when you are it will be when you have risen to a new level of consciousness that will ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities. The Laws of the Universe are quite simple and require that you respect the sovereignty of all other souls, and intend no harm or interference with them. Indeed your inclination will be to share your Love and Light with all life forms, having understood and accepted the Oneness of All That Is. All life is on the path of evolution and has the powerful urge to return to the Source from whence it came.

Life on Earth can seem very lonely and you meet souls all types, at very different levels of advancement and understanding which adds to your experiences. Your challenge has been to master them and learn whatever lessons they had for you. You of the Light have succeeded and you are ready to move on but will always benefit from them, as the lessons are held at a subconscious level. You have every right to be pleased with yourselves for having come through duality and moved into the Light. Now you can return to a level of consciousness that you are really familiar with and once lived by in the higher dimensions, never to have need to return to the lower dimensions.

In the higher dimensions you still face challenges but they are more acceptable, and best looked upon as missions that often involve souls that could benefit from your experience. Remember that at this stage you will have committed yourself in service to others, and practically every ascended one naturally follows this course. All of the time you are still ascending but progress is much slower, as you rarely have to face negative situations. It does of course depend upon where you elect to go, as you may be one who desires to return to the lower dimensions. The rate at which you desire to rise up is very much your decision, and no one is forced to go any faster than they wish. Hence, in your present dimension not every soul will feel ready to ascend, and will stay in it where they feel more at ease.

It is during this time that karma comes and goes very quickly, and for some it will seem that one thing rapidly follows another without any respite. Dear Ones, it is according to your needs and the necessity to clear your karma before you ascend. Some of it will be a legacy of times past, as it does not necessarily follow that it comes back to you in exactly the same lifetime. Often it is when you are best able to handle it, and be successful in clearing it. In the final reckoning some karma may be released according to the Law of Grace.

You can understand why you are discouraged from making a judgment about another soul, if we tell you that you have no way of knowing what has brought about their experiences. Also, where you perceive one appearing to be punished bear in mind that it is not always as it seems. Sometimes a soul will accept another ones karma as a way of service to them, and it is usually where there is already a strong link or bond between them. One of the greatest deeds you can do for another is to sacrifice yourself for them. Also remember that there is karma that is in the way of a reward, and is earnt through your love and service to others. It is you who creates your path and experiences, and there is no one else to blame when they are undesirable, at least not as you would think of them.

Learn your lessons well, and you will never have to come back to them again, although there are occasions when you might be tested again to ensure that you would not let yourself down. If you have an experience that clearly has a lesson in it for you, think about it honestly and without any bias and you are sure to understand the reason. It all works out divinely and fair, because as we have often stressed there is no sense of punishment involved. God is All Love and has unending patience with his Godsparks that will always be connected to God, and held in God’s Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and close with a loving wish for you all to find you true path, and true self. Keep shining your Light wherever you go and you will unknowingly be helping others find theirs.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.