Forgiveness and Other Deeply-Rooted Issues that 2012 is Bringing Us

Can we forgive those who have hurt us? Most if not all who read this, will at the surface think that since forgiveness is a Supreme tool for the establishment of Unconditional Love, that forgiving those who have hurt us would not only be the right way to go, but  would also be the most desirable way to go. While I agree with that, forgiving, being a grand tool for Unconditional Love, can be much less easier than it seems to be. Think back upon your Life, to those souls who have hurt you most, who have hurt you in ways so painful that you wish to keep yourself and your energy away from them at all times. (Not tryin’ to be a bummer here guys!)

Now, imagine such souls coming to you for forgiveness and understanding. How would you feel? I mean how would you really, truly feel? It is easy to think upon this hypothetical scenario and say to yourself, ‘I think I would be able to forgive’ but if actually faced with such a situation, would you be able to find, deep within your heart, the compassion and understanding that would require such forgiveness? Or would your mind simply conjure up all of the pain, all of the grief and seemingly unnecessary trauma that the soul in need of forgiveness, may have put you through? For me, this is another issue in which the surface us my find very easy, but when actually faced with such issues, we realize it is actually much more difficult and complex than we could have imagined. 

These are the types of difficult karmic issues in which 2012 is already beginning to bring to us. Part of me is still trying to exist in 2011, though we have passed on from that marvelous and at times, very painful year. 2011 saw many wonderful advancements and developments toward our evolution as a collective and as individuals. If you consider this blog of mine and my commentary to be helpful and informative, than it can be said that this blog and my own spiritual presence on the internet is just one of the helpful developments that 2011 brought us. Many of you may not know, but this blog did not exist until late June 2011, and I did not start channeling until June as well. But I digress.

For me, 2011 was a year of preparation while allowing of the experience of karmic issues in which I am ultimately to grow out of. It was also a year of establishment, such as the establishment of this blog and the establishment of my own role in these end times. For me, 2011 was about realizing my own Divine destiny and spreading my newly-acquired Light and knowledge with this world, while still indulging and staying in the lower energy of habits and addictions, which again I am to grow out of. Now that we have entered 2012, our Angles are letting us know that things are not going to be the same anymore.

I have found that my usual methods of indulging in addictions which form a direct bridge to the lower dimensions, is beginning to be severed as the energies of Mother Earth are now beginning to allow only the purest expressions and manifestations to be produced on Her surface. For many souls still steeped and rooted in the lower vibrations of fear, separatism, lust and hatred (among others), this year is going to be especially difficult as those are the very energies and vibrations now being cleansed and purged from Gaia’s surface. However, the developments and manifestations occurring on Gaia’s surface will not all be bad, though they will for the most part be very intense.

With that statement, we come back to the original point of this post. I am beginning to learn first-hand that the issue of forgiveness of others who may have hurt us, in some cases very deeply, is going to be a big lesson for many of us this year. 2011 turned many of us as inside-out as we felt we could go, and I now have the feeling that in 2012, we are to realize that we can in fact, be turned inside-out even more, and expose even deeper-rooted pains held inside of us for so long. It is not going to be easy, but Earth never is!

So I wish you to ponder and truly ask yourself, if  a soul who hurt you in the deepest and most twisted ways (whether in this Life or past Lives) suddenly came to you for forgiveness, how would you treat the situation? Would you be able to turn within for the Love and compassion needed, both for yourself and the other soul, and realize that the pain behind the actions of another may have served to teach you a very needed lesson, or will you choose to continue to bury the pain associated with the actions of the soul seeking forgiveness, and deny them their wish?

This will be just one of many, many difficult lessons and decisions we will have to make in this already magical year of 2012.

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7 comments on “Forgiveness and Other Deeply-Rooted Issues that 2012 is Bringing Us

  1. kp40 says:

    Thank you Wes for this beautiful and resonated message!

  2. kp40 says:

    I saw your e-mail answer Wes and I’m glad you liked the paintings. To what specific being of the first drawing you are refering to (I’ve seen your photos)?

  3. John Scott says:

    “Awareness asks that you consider each other as being where each is supposed to be for this particular moment in time and space-that you not condemn each other for doing or being what each is, but that you suggest movements when one is troubled, suggest changes when one wishes to escape a situation, suggest solutions when you see that which appears to be a problem for yourself or others.
    This Awareness suggests that you begin to question, to make suggestions, to make recommendations; but asks entities to avoid giving orders to one another, to avoid condemning one another, and asks each of you to remember Who, In Fact, You Really Are , and that each of you is every other human being; where you are is where you are, and there needs be no judgment about this fact. ” (Cosmic Awareness)

    It is “thanks to” all of the individuals who led me to face the most difficult situations in life, that I have been able to overcome at once ‘fear’ and the ‘resentment/rejection’ of fellow voyagers. For, after all said and done, it is “us” and our use of “our” emotions that determine the quality
    of our life. It is up to us to assume and develop our own “response-ability” and free others from the ‘negative’ roles that we attribute to them, thereby assuring the continuation of our self-imposed victim identity.
    Joyous 2012 Wes and All !
    May all beings awaken to the inner Light of their true nature !

  4. Will I am says:

    Ho! to John and CA.
    I can only humbly add that, where we find a lack of ability
    for forgiveness of others, is where we are unable to forgive
    our self. True responsibility.
    Will I am

  5. [...] Forgiveness and the other Deeply-Rooted Issues that 2012 is Bringing Us ( [...]

  6. John Scott says:

    Only too true, Wes !
    There is no fear in Love. There is no fear within Divine Unity.
    (If someone is afraid of love, it’s not ‘love’ :)

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