Questioning the Galactic Federation’s Take on ‘Mind-Altering Substances’ (Mainly Cannabis)

Peace on Earth!

On January 16, 2012, The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles said this:

…Further rule states that no person working either directly or indirectly with the Galactic Federation partake in the use of mind altering substances as this can, and does, interfere with the optimum function and performance of the individual and this cannot be tolerated at this level of commitment in service to our mission and to others. Please understand we do not wish to force our views on anyone. We must, however, strive to offer our best efforts and purest commitment to the mission we have agreed to undertake as per decree of our Creator.” (1)

On January 17, the date of which I am writing this article, the same source through the same channeler said this:

We see those voicing their displeasure to learn of the policy in place of the Galactic Federation that stipulates a drug-free work environment, and we understand your confusion at such a rule. We wish to make it clear your ascension is a different matter entirely than working with the Galactic Federation, and these two subjects do not have anything to do with each other in this regard.

Many newly recruited team members will be assigned to stations monitoring and operating highly sophisticated and advanced equipment. Some of this advanced technology involves the direct link between your thought processes and this computerized technology. What we mean by this is that the computerized equipment is directly controlled from your thought processes within your mind, without the necessity of your hands touching any equipment or your eyes seeing any monitors or controls. Considering this, we hope you understand better our policy of recruiting only those who have chosen to make a commitment to keep their minds clear at all times and free of any mind altering substances. (2)

These latest messages through our good friend and fellow Ground Crew member Greg Giles have particularly stood out for me over these past couple of days. Immediately upon reading, the issue of cannabis as a forbidden ‘mind-altering substance’ stuck out and didn’t make much sense to me. Of course they did not directly mention cannabis, but it would make sense that cannabis is included in the list of banned ‘mind-altering substances’ in which one must give up if they wish to join. As many know, I use cannabis, have openly admitted to it and will always admit to it.

It is not something I am ashamed of, or something I feel should be condemned by anybody, Galactic sources included. I do not feel that cannabis is doing any harm to myself or my ability to think clearly, though I also do not wish anybody to feel that this article from me is entirely one-sided. To sit here and argue for cannabis against the words of clearly established Galactic beings will not do anybody any good. I do however, wish to give my own commentary and opinion on the subject, as well as raise a few questions from the camp of those of us who do not feel that cannabis is ‘wrong’.

This is not the first time the Galactic Federation have hinted at the need to stay away from the (in my opinion) quite loosely-defined ‘mind-altering substances’. SaLuSa has spoken before of the need to abandon any types of crutches or mind-altering substances, be they in the form of marijuana, alcohol or even a cheeseburger. I have to agree that using anything, marijuana included, to bury or make oneself forget about painful feelings is a bit of an unhealthy tactic. I also feel if those who are doing so wish to ascend, a part of their ascension process will be facing head-on those deeply rooted pains that they may wish to escape from or forget about by indulging in their crutches.

But that was not what this commentary from Greg’s Galactic Federation was about, and the ‘mind-altering substances’ issue which was presented recently in messages through this dear soul, are not all that stuck out for me in these messages, though the things that stuck out for me and didn’t resonate are linked in a way with the message they have been giving, which is that if one wishes to join the Galactic Federation, they must give up mind-altering substances so that they can have a clear mind (among doing other things). I would like all to know that with what I am about to say, I am in no way condemning Greg or the sources he is in communication with, as in my personal opinion it is clear from the messages through him that he is indeed in communication with the Galactic Federation.

I trust his sources as among the most reliable and best sources of information and updates pertaining to this wild ride we are currently experiencing on Earth. My trust of Greg and his sources is what is leading me to question the information they have been giving, as I would do the same with any channeling from Mike Quinsey, Laura Tyco, Sheldan Nidle, Dreamwalker or any other channeler whom is brining in genuine information from these genuine sources. I would also do the same with any world leader presenting information that does not resonate with me, if only given the chance! Questioning things is healthy, and I think that the Galactic Federation want us to question the information we are receiving, every last bit of it, though there is of course a fine line between simply questioning and declaring everything from the Galactic Federation to be deceit.

Getting back to the point of this article, my trust of Greg and his sources in the Galactic Federation is what leads me to question information they have put forth, which does not quite resonate with me. In many parts of the Jan 16th message from the Galactic Federation, the energy is what feels off to me. Mainly because I felt like I was applying for a corporate job when reading it. The message and code of conduct for joining the Galactic Federation felt less like a message of Love and more like a message of requirements, which to me seems restrictive. SaLuSa (another source whom I follow and trust wholeheartedly) has told us that ‘working’ for the Galactic Federation is less like working, and more joyful:

Your presence would not be so much as one doing a job of work, but using your own expertise and skills for the good of the team you are with.” (3)

It would then stand to reason in my opinion that all would be accepted into the Galactic Federation who wished to be of such a monumental service, and that the (said to be) all-Loving Galactic Federation would not turn somebody away because they had just smoked pot, or because they had done something which others may not find acceptable. I understand completely why other, perhaps more damaging mind-altering substances would cause enough harm to be a problem of sorts, but it is my opinion that cannabis does not possess many of the downsides that so many assume it does.

The ‘banning’ of the use of cannabis if one wishes to be a member of the Galactic Federation, along with the ‘you-must-do-this’ type of energy inhabiting the more recent messages are what really stuck out for me. It would make one question if the Galactic Federation knows the immense value that the hemp plant, which cannabis is a part of, has to this world. Obviously they must, so why would they denounce the use of an herb which comes off of one of the most beneficial plants this planet has ever known? Are they trying to insinuate that despite the clearly-established benefits for this world that the hemp plant gives, those herbs that grow from its roots are somehow unacceptable?

I know of the damages that using cannabis as a crutch have, but there is a responsible way to use it which does not cause problems. If you are wondering why this cannabis issue sticks out so much for me, it is because cannabis has helped in my own awakening, and I have been made aware of the aforementioned benefits that the hemp plant along with cannabis itself has. I am a member of the Galactic Federation, and I use cannabis. Does that mean I am kicked out? Does that mean that my dear friend, who is also a Ground Crew member of the Galactic Federation and uses medicinal cannabis to treat her chronic pain, will be kicked out?

“You can choose to continue your drug use, either for recreational or medicinal purposes, or you can be considered for positions within the Galactic Federation. You cannot have both.”

“Looking back at you 3rd dimensional lives once ascended into the higher realms, we are confident many of you will no longer feel a need for such mind altering experiences for any reason, either recreational or medicinal, and once you begin your new lives you will not miss some of the lower dimensional activities you feel attracted to today.” (2)

Indeed, it stands to reason that once we are inhabiting the higher realms, those who are using medicinal cannabis will no longer need to as they will no longer be dealing with the debilitating conditions which they use the cannabis to help, and those such as myself will no longer need to use cannabis to experience joys and feelings of a higher nature, as we will already be experiencing such joys and feelings tenfold! However, it also stands to reason that we will not yet have ascended fully into higher realms when the Galactic Federation first arrive. So where does that leave people like my friend and other awakened souls who in many cases are already a part of the Galactic Federation, but who use cannabis to help take the load off of the conditions they are experiencing?

Again, I wouldn’t be questioning this issue so thoroughly if the Galactic Federation through Greg were not sources that I respected and followed so much. I would ask the Galactic Federation about this issue myself, if I did not worry that my own belief-based ego filter would distort the message to fit in with what I believe about this issue. I feel that there may perhaps be a bit of an ego-filter in play with these latest messages through Greg; either that or the Galactic Federation really are as one-sided on this issue as they seem. Again (and yes I do feel the need to continue to say this over and over) I am not decrying Greg or his sources. I trust them wholeheartedly and will continue to follow with interest what they have to say.

Many may say that I only feel so strongly on this issue because I do not want to cease my own cannabis use. Be assured, I have found from even my own sources that indeed, we cannot take things such as cannabis with us into the higher realms; merely the act of setting fire to something and inhaling the resulting smoke is an act that is not in resonation with the higher realms, and my own sources have even publicly expressed the need for us to be able to leave such things as cannabis behind, to ascend.

Though that is to ascend, and I’m sure that the awakened medicinal cannabis patients would gladly leave their cannabis behind if it meant ascending to realms which they would no longer experience the pain that drives their need to use cannabis for its immense healing and medicating benefits. Until then however, I could not see the Galactic Federation turning down cannabis users simply because it could cause a fogging of thought processes which for me in many cases, it doesn’t even do.

I simply wish to speak for those of us who don’t understand how this organization, which many of us have realized we are in fact a part of, can seem to be so readily dismissive of those of us who use cannabis, for whatever reasons that we do so. Mine is simply one opinion on this subject, and I look forward to the discussion that I hope to be generated from this article, about this subject. It does seem very clear that we are in a period of figuring things out, for ourselves as individuals and as a collective. As we come together and really begin discussing such issues as the ones raised by the Galactic Federation, our dear friend Greg and now myself, we will find even deeper mysteries to figure out together, which will lead to an ultimate knowledge of many things that many souls still wish not to think about or discuss with others.

Much Love,

Wes Annac :)





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33 comments on “Questioning the Galactic Federation’s Take on ‘Mind-Altering Substances’ (Mainly Cannabis)

  1. Francine says:

    Thank you Wes for your passionate address on this subject. I do feel the Federation should provide additional clarification on “mind-altering substances” and what exactly these are from their perspective. I do not partake in cannabis, but I have known of cancer patients who have for medicinal purposes as prescribed by Doctors. I do feel it would be contrary to our creators Divine path to deny any such patient (cancer or otherwise) membership to the Galactic Federation, if this was their desire. I do understand their perspective as it’s been presented; however, please ask Greg if he is able to obtain further clarification. Much Peace and Love, Francine.

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hello Francine, and thank you for your comment. :)

      I would ask Greg if I knew him personally, though I do not. Perhaps his sources will explain further on the subject in later updates?

      Much Love :)

  2. Oliver says:

    I agree, I find the use of Cannabis to absolutely help me, to feel closer to and refreshed in my natural state of unconditional enjoyment of the now. Ofcourse, it isn’t something anybody NEEDS, but I have no doubts that there are many maaany a lightworker who finds it to be a very useful tool, especially when it’s a bit hard to remember and feel our natural state of being – I find myself immediately more ‘now’, after a bit of herbal touch, Meditation is quite interesting, even makes it easier if I am in the right place –

    Keen to hear what others have to say !

  3. babajij says:

    …I See that G.G.’s Messages have “Sparked Up” (hehe) Ur Analytical Inner Warrior,rawanderer!! :lol: Does cannabis be Considered a “mind-altering Substance”?…Manufactured items like alcohol,pills,white powders,to Me, are the “Man-Made Mind Altering Substances” that Actually Change the Body Physical…From Mother Earth (cannabis,peyote,etc.) ,a Living Energy is Found…A Creative Force…A Sacred Connection to Healing & ExPansion…

    …Ironically,today (Jan. 17th) marks my 4 year & 9 month Total Soberity…Interesting Dialogue Going On, These Days! :)

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hello dear babajij, and happy sobriety! Me thinks I may be joinin’ ya on that soon friend :)

      You are correct, cannabis is a plant of mother Earth, and contains in my opinion higher energies of Love, depending on the variety and how it was grown. Even after my own eventual departure from using cannabis, I will forever argue for its benefits!!

      You rock dear friend!! Much Love :)

  4. LightOne says:

    Thank you Wes, for having the courage to ask these questions and lay it out so clearly. You expressed what has been on the minds of many out here who have used cannabis for years as a part of our spiritual practice. I do understand that I will be giving it up at some point. I expect that will be as much a part of the natural unfolding that the entire ascension process has been and will continue to be.

  5. Steve says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Maybe future discussions
    could provide insights about other natural plants that ancient shamans and indigenous
    people use to heal and keep balance in their lives.

  6. grandelfe says:

    Great posting Wes.I too am a little put off by Greg’s posting about our herbal supplements.I had a contact experience with a Sirian Female, whom I tried smoking a Cannabis cigarette with.She quickly refused, claiming she doesn’t do any drugs.On further questioning on the subject, she admitted that she regarded Psilocybin, as an OK substance.Most of the contact experiences we have, seem to be that of ET scientists, that are monitoring us.They usually wouldn’t condone the kind of stuff, that we would imbibe.They seem to see the benefit of DMT containing substances, probably because of their mind opening properties.

    • Wes Annac says:

      Thank you friend :)

      I do think that they see the value in the hemp plant, which of course is not cannabis and does not contain the active ingredient in cannabis, thc.

      Much Love :)

  7. Steve says:

    PS – Excellent youtube video titled “Cannabis kills cancer cells finds UCLA research
    and other……!

    • Wes Annac says:

      Have you ever seen Run from the Cure: the Rick Simpson story? A marvelous documentary about a soul who used hemp oil to cure his cancer, and began growing hemp to give freely of its oils to other cancer patients, who in turn received much benefit from it. And that wasn’t even intoxicating cannabis; that was hemp!

      A truly miraculous plant in my opinion. Much Love :)

  8. Robert says:

    As someone who also enjoys cannabis, both socially and for “spiritual” purposes, I also was a bit irritated by the message. However, after a bit of thought I have come to understand their side of the story. The example the GfL gave (operating computers with throughts) would be a very clear example of why no mind altering substances are allowed – using technology that advanced with anything but an absolutly clear mind would probably be very detrimental, both to the work and probably to the person doing the work. Even if we get positive effects and experiences from using mind-altering substances, it is still an “impurity” in our minds and bodies. Don’t operate heavy machinery after use :)

    However, since very few of us will be sitting in front of monitors “up there” using our thoughts to control devices, I don’t see it being a problem for the moment, even after disclosure has taken place and we start activly working with our brethren. There will be a time when we realise that all we can achieve with these substances can be better achieved without and we would simply stop using them. Until then I wouldn’t be too worried about it, and I’m sure noone will be left behind just because they didn’t immediatly burn their stash when they read the message.

    • Wes Annac says:

      Such a grounded, intelligent perspective, thank you Robert. As I have said above, I do not wish to use cannabis while working with the Galactic Federation. For me it is simply a matter of perspective; I did not quite resonate with the way they presented cannabis, as just another ‘mind altering substance’ the use of which MUST be stopped immediately if one wishes to work with the Galactic Federation, which many of us are already doing while incarnate here on Earth.

      In the beginning, when we are not yet operating starships but rather setting up and beginning to run the interim local, national and world governments which will work in the best interests of the people, it is my full belief that the hemp plant along with cannabis will have its criminal mindset and penalties removed. After a long day of working with the newly-established local governments in our area, I would see nothing wrong with sitting back and indulging in a small amount of cannabis. However, when it comes to our more direct involvement with the GF, such as operating starships and the like, I think by that time we will not even need cannabis because (as you said) we will have already found ways inside of ourselves to feel energies so much more pure than what even the strongest of cannabis can deliver to us! I just don’t think the cannabis and hemp plant as a whole should be shunned by sources as influential as the Galactic Federation.

      Much Love :)

  9. kp40 says:

    Maybe you’ll have already thought of what I’m going to propose you, but when you’ll find some time you could disccuss this matter and assure some things with Sanjaska or Mariara. Much Love and Light dear friend.

  10. pegalys says:

    Hello Wes,

    Thanks for expanding on this topic, I was a little baffled by this direction of the continuing dialogue, but I understand what is the issue here. I too indulge in the sacred plant for the purposes of easing my mind into that receptive and blessed state, but I have managed to keep the consumption down to extremely discreet levels, and occasionally quit for months and even years at a time, just to change the scenery. I live in Holland, where I can take it or leave it at my desire, and there is no ‘drug culture’ attached to its use here. Of course the GFL know about the value of pot in this world, and if they had the chance they would insist on everyone trying it once to shift them into a higher gear to allow them the insight to break away from their self-imprisonning state of mind. However, because so many people have managed to abuse even pot, and it has been lumped in with all drugs of all types, it is not possible for the GFL to sort all the issues out before the work that needs to be done. Allowing its use under the circumstances directly before us is impractical, because they would have to permit abusers and moderates to simultaneously partake…this would spell disaster. I stopped and started its use many times without any ill effects, and not a hint of withdrawal, so those that are serious about this mission should do what I have done, and just lay it aside for now and get on with the task at hand.

    • Wes Annac says:

      It is wonderful to see you again Pegalys!!

      The funny thing is that despite all of this, all of what I have said, the point still must be made that we cannot take such things as cannabis with us into the higher realms, as we will already be feeling much better than what it brings us! I would have to agree with your stance here; too many souls do not understand the true value and potential of cannabis, so of course regular use while with the Galactic Federation could become a bit of a burden. I’m sure that many people think from this article of mine that I now wish to ‘smoke a joint’ while operating a starship or something, which simply isn’t true.

      Believe it or not, just like you I feel that we will not need cannabis when ascended and/or employed with the Galactic Federation. For me, it is simply an issue of freedom and an issue of perspective. Greg’s Galactic Federation is a source that many people trust and turn to for guidance, and I would hate to see cannabis getting lumped in with all other ‘mind-altering substances’ when it is much much different from those other dangerous intoxicants, as you know.

      I am all for giving up cannabis to ascend and work with the Galactic Federation, it is simply the light they put cannabis in that worried me, as it and the hemp plant are much more beneficial than any pill or alcoholic drink, which cannabis always gets lumped into when so many know that they are not the same thing.

      Thank you for your input dear friend, Much Love :)

  11. marijana pontoni says:

    dear wes,

    i do honor your work and read every day posting you put on your blog. but, this article is from my point of view just your defense mechanism of old 3d programs. since i translate lots of those msgs, among them mike’s, laura’s and greg’s, i think i understand that gf, as always, leave choice to you. but, if you consider that all equipment operates in connection with persons mind, than I’m sure that you can see that there is no place for mind altering substances.

    i do not support use of cannabis. but, not any of similar natural of pharmaceutical substances. i tried once or twice to smoke joint and in my experience there is no safe way to use it. that just messes up perception.

    please, i ask you not to interpret this comment as attack at you and your personal choices. i just wanted to ask you to reconsider whether you are doing right thing for your body if you continue with use of cannabis – and let’s leave out gf this time – since it does something to you and that is not nurturing of your body or your mind, for that matter.

    with love,

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hi Marijana,

      It is understandable that you may feel that way, that I am simply being defensive because I do not want to stop using cannabis myself, but you must remember dear friend that everybody experiences cannabis differently. Some do not enjoy or even feel its benefits, but through years of research and much personal experience I can tell you that besides the obvious risks of inhaling smoke (any smoke) cannabis truly does not possess many of the risks and dangers that so many feel it does.

      Also, it was not just the cannabis aspect of the messages that did not feel right to me. It was also the energy of the messages, the sternness and the willingness to not accept others simply because of what they are doing that is deemed ‘unacceptable’ by an organization who is supposed to be all-Loving and all-accepting.

      Believe it or not dear friend, it is possible to use cannabis without such a blurriness of mind as what is discussed. People experience cannabis based on how they already think it is; based on their own expectations and beliefs of it. If used in the right way, cannabis certainly is not harmful and can in fact be very beneficial to one’s awakening and spiritual development process.

      I do not expect you to side with me dear friend, but I still stand by this article and my own views on cannabis. I thank you for your perspective and input.

      Much Love :)

  12. Jake Lennon says:

    Dear Wes,

    I agree. I feel that Greg is now a dis-information source. I stopped reading him about a month ago. The interstellar space fleet of the cabal is what hit me.

    Stepping back and looking at the layout of his messages, there is no opening greeting, no attempt to establish a loving connection before delivering the information. And the setting of conditions is most distasteful. It does not have the feel of a fifth dimensional consciousness.


    Love Jake

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hey Jake,

      I do not necessarily feel that Greg and his sources are disinformation, as they have given some very helpful information even recently. It is simply the feel of the messages that feels off to me, but it does not in my opinion discount the wonderful work for the Light that both Greg and his sources have performed.

      Thank you for your input friend :)

      Much Love :)

  13. dragonfly62 says:

    Hi Wes, Gregs messages have felt “off” for me too,for a while now.I have always considered myself as part of the crew. Notice they say ascension and working for the federation are two diffrent matters.My personal plan has always been to stay on mother earth for a while.I want to experence her without these draconian laws we have to deal with now.Do you think cannabis will still be here after the shift to 4-5 d ? Thanks,Jeff.

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hey Jeff,

      I do think that the hemp plant will be around until we are ascended fully, which does of course include cannabis as well. I do trust Greg and his sources, it was simply the absence of Loving energies and feelings along with the sternness of the latest couple of messages that made me wish to question.

      I do feel that we will not need cannabis or even hemp when we are ascended, because we will be feeling much more pure Loving energies than what cannabis brings us currently! I do feel that cannabis and hemp as a whole however, should not be held as ‘taboo’ or ‘unwelcome’ from sources as Loving as the Galactic Federation. We have had enough of being told no in relation to this harmless and very beneficial plant!!

      Much Love :)

  14. Will I am says:

    Ahhh…Dear Wesley!
    This discussion is interesting and presents many opportunities to look at where we hold
    patterns/beliefs. Herb is a gift of the Mother for all to make use of as they will, no judgement from the source of that part of Creation. Sounds like the judgements come up around personal issues of appropriateness of use of herb. I do not believe there are any judgements from Source around ANY personal behavior or patterns…..all those issues come up for us personally as we expand our consciousness (in which process herb can definitely be an ally).
    An issue for me here is a seeming tendency to give Hierarchical power to another person or organization over our own process. Need may be to look at how much power is being given away to those outside of our own Heart….which bears our Truth and guides our own proccess/destiny along with our OWN Higher Self. Maybe time to let go of holding our consciousness as something that can be externally be judged by ANY external source put between self and the Ultimate Source of ALL Creation….including Mothers little helper!
    Will I am

  15. Will I am says:

    Wesley….P.S. form Will I am,

    The use of any substance will naturally fall away as the rise in consciousness
    precludes the condition or desire that originally attracted the use of the substance. It’s
    a process of personal growth, not one where rules of membership dictate your process
    ……unless your personal choice to sign on to the rules IS your path/needed discipline.
    Luv Ya…Will I am

  16. sisterinservice says:

    Oh boy! there is so much I want to say here I am afraid I may not have the space.. LOL. Ok, I believe it is a given that the best thing for All is probably NOT choosing to drive the ship all buzzed up, duh!! Who wants to wreck all their Star Peeps? Major bummer! I do not even use the weed wacker during expansion moments….. but that is me. We would also prefer that a Soul taking/giving the responsibility of tending to certain needs (Nurse, Surgeon, Scientist, Engineer or Planetary Ascension Specialists, etc.) be of the mindset and evolution level to responsibly handle their task. It is a CHOICE that is presented to One, transparently, before accepting such endeavors. I take my professional responsibility very seriously. I take my personal and group responsibility seriously as well. I know, absolutely, in everything I AM that when I take my place back in the Starship(s) my emanation will be a piece of The One…. inseparable… and in that whole it includes many Souls with brilliant capabilities and potentials. There will be no need for altering forms of expansion in my perspective. The behaviors that do not contribute to the growth and consideration of All will not even be part of what IS . Now here in 3D we have many experiences that contribute to One’s wanting to escape/relieve and that is understandable; unrelenting pain, nausea, muscle contractions/spasms, seizures, anxiety, cancer, autoimmune distortions and insomnia, to name a few, and these powerful negative experiences can be potentially and compassionately alleviated with The Divine Herb, Cannabis. A energetic gift from Source…no judgement only lessons here folks! It makes sense that the Souls still completing their understanding… through another person or thing… (including escapism through substance) may not be in a position to make decisions that involve the well being of others at a Federation of Light level. At least until they are evolved enough to vibrate in the higher dimensions. It is energetically impossible. This is how I understand it. Now in the meantime I will continue to grow and partake of these magnificent plants. They hold such a pure and healing karmic signature for All. These loving herbs do not hold the distortion of greed and chaos that has severely altered the healing vibration of the marijuana that is sold for profit and Dark intention. I will hold these heirloom seeds and Mother plants safely until the time arrives that I can distribute them, to ALL who seek, for regeneration AND spiritual growth. Now! when the Starship arrives with my beloveds in tow (you all know who you are ; D) I will gladly use new technology to heal my excruciating Earth-suit and soberly take my position…but until that day arrives I will diligently continue my compassionate work here and Light up with Mother Gaia… in more ways than one. Thank you Wes ♡ Love to All ♡ Lisa

  17. dan says:

    i am also a pot smoker and i tell you this with complete honesty and openess- earlier in my life (10 years ago)i studied astral projection and o.b.e. states, and was quite successful- after i had abstained from smoking pot and drinking alcohol for a month. you dont know how hard it is to keep your mind focused until you have to do it. and we all know that marijuana has a thought scattering effect. plain and simple. wish it werent so but it is.

  18. theo says:

    that’s it, Wes
    you will simply drop it
    for you’ll be above any need of it
    and that will be just merely and simply natural

    while the earth will use this blessed plant in million good ways, down here

  19. Wes Annac says:

    I am Loving all of this discussion! ♥

    Thank you for your viewpoint Lisa. I too will be ready to give up consumption of this herb in the near future as it will indeed not be needed as we will already be experiencing a much higher consciousness than what even cannabis can bring us! The biggest issue for me, is that cannabis and hemp are not presented in the wrong light, by an organization as influential as the Galactic Federation.

    I am certainly not calling for consuming while operating starships (LOL!) or anything of the sort :)

    Thank you to everybody for your points of view!!! :)

  20. autumn says:

    My friend Wes, I know most certainly that you are only capable of operating *Heavy* Machinery or *Light* Ships in the Highest intention for All. There would be no other behavior possible from One shining as brightly as yourself. : D LOL…just tryin’ on some ‘expanded’ humor. Nite friends!

  21. This latest subject about cannabis and working with the GFL has me intrigued. I am a huge proponent of the Mother Earth’s herb and can’t help but wonder what state we would be in if alcohol were banned and marijuana legal. If we go back to the early 60s where colorful people with cool hair walked the beaches in love, how different might things have been.This is the one subject that gives me reason to question the direction I have been going with channeling through photography. I don’t question the photos … I question who and what they are representing. love.

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