Greg Giles – Message From The Pleiaidians – 18 January 2012

Internet search engines can be your ally in the war of information and disinformation. Making yourself informed is your task, one of many at this time, and you are to see to it that you complete this task by learning as much as you can about your world, either seen or unseen, and your universe. There are a multitude of different questions you would do well to understand, and after that a multitude more questions will present themselves, but not until the initial questions are satisfied satisfactorily. Heightened states of awareness are achieved not only through the attainment of academia, but also of knowledge only gained through the gateway of the heart. Your searches through the many channels of information available throughout your Internet can be not only searches for answers to your questions, but food for your heart and your soul. A beautiful photograph may not answer a specific question you may have, but may unlock emotions buried deep within you, emotions that will unlock new doors for you to walk through.

We see so many of you searching for answers, and we marvel at how you today seek these greater understandings of your environment. We have been monitoring you for ages, through your very early years and formative lifetimes thousands of your years ago, up until the present day. We have watched you from the vantage point of an uninterrupted flow of consciousness, unlike you who have obeyed the laws of incarnation wherein you began each new lifetime as a newborn with a clean slate of conscious memory, although your subconscious has safeguarded all your experiences and the great many lessons and knowledge you have attained through such trial and tribulation.
Seeing from our vantage point how you have all grown, we are overwhelmed by your progress and we are confident so many of you will also be amazed at how far you have come after you make the transition from your current ‘forgetful’ state of the 3rd dimension, through the veil into the higher realms where you will be able to view all your incarnations from this higher perspective. You will see for the first time all your incarnations at one time, in the now moment, and see clearly where you have made some of your greatest leaps in consciousness. Your next leap from your current homes in the 3rd dimension to your new higher dimensional state will be your greatest leap yet, and we are just as excited as many of you for this day to arrive. Keep in mind that you move one step closer to the culmination of your 3rd dimensional journey each and every day, as you never remain stagnant for any period of time. This is why it is so important for you to utilize to your greatest advantage every single day and every single moment within to learn and to grow, to blossom into the beautiful Flower of Life that you are.
Today, we busy ourselves with preparations for our family reunion with you, our brothers and sisters. There is so much to do and so few days left to accomplish all of our tasks, as well as assist you accomplish some of yours, but together we will complete each and every one of these tasks in time for the special day that awaits us all. We now see this day clearly on the horizon, and as we have said, we must be careful not to speak of specific dates as the Cabal still has a few noises and distractions up their sleeve.
We have been asked by our channel Greg if we can shed some light on the mysterious sounds that seem to be emanating from your skies, or at least echoing into the skies. We say at this time to follow your clues and seek these answers for yourselves. It is this search, your quest for the answers to these questions that builds bridges within your mind, and these bridges are your means to new worlds in the higher realms. These words are far from merely poetic, as physical changes are occurring in your brain and throughout your physical vessel whence you set out on the trail of new knowledge and wisdom. We tell you some of the strange sounds are very real and not hoaxes and we also guide you to listen with your heart as well as with your ears, building a bridge between the two. This is your Rainbow Bridge. The Antahkarana spoken of in your ancient spiritual texts and we say to you once again, ‘As above so below’ has many multidimensional meanings. Search on for your answers, your truths. Build your bridges into the Heavens and walk across into your new lives within the higher realms of possibility.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles
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6 comments on “Greg Giles – Message From The Pleiaidians – 18 January 2012

  1. theo says:

    somebody stated Mother Earth is roaring.

    I feel it is exactly what it is.

    The sounds come from the profundity of the Earth
    while their echos are massively filling the air.

    No man or animal throat or man-made machine
    were able till now to give way to such power.

    I hear it as a terrible cry out of Old Mother Earth.
    A shouting out of aeons long PAIN, of aeons long SUFFERING
    As a final let go of unbearable EVIL, DEGRADING & MISUSE & ABUSE
    I hear Mother Earth crying…

    The transformation we are all undergoing in our little bodies
    is the transformation Mother Earth is undergoing in her very huge one
    The ahs… and ohs… we are all uttering when our back pains and our head aches
    and our joints hurt and our temples, necks, knees, legs, feet, arms and fingers –
    what could then be different by Mother Earth, except on a large scale?

    We often have nausea and push out of our body all BAD
    how about the hundreds volcanoes so furiously getting active in the ocean & earth?

    I often hear in my microwaves oven noises and popping
    of matter under the hit of the waves…and take them as micro

    Well, the MACRO WAVE of LOVE from the SOURCE
    is MASSIVELY but GRACIOUSLY transforming by hitting
    all of that OLD & BAD out of Mother Earth

    So what else could be those powerful deep intense loud noises
    if not the very PAINS of RE-BIRTH
    of a healed, crystalline, pure, shiny New Earth?

  2. Jordan says:

    Doesn’t it make you absolutly just appreciate Mother Earth! If it is her crying out. I JUST WANNA GIVE HER A BIG HUG! I believe these sounds ARE happening, there are some trying to mislead people but i commented on his video telling him these sounds are happening and why would everyone be faking them all!!

  3. Bilal says:

    Could it not be the sounds of the Galactic Federation cloaked ships above the skies?

  4. theo says:

    No, Bilal,
    only our man-made rockets are noisy,
    because of the PRIMITIVE fuel used.

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