I’ll be there, in spirit

Hi everyone, this is Wes. As of late I’ve been daily dealing with multitudes of psychic attacks as well as very strong and convincing depression about the Life situation that I find myself and my family in. I wanted to let you all know that I’m taking a bit of a break, until I can find it in myself to overcome these lower beings and this depression that tries to crop up and invade my spirit complex (in many cases quite successfully) nearly every moment of my existence.

If things could change on the outside and Life could get a little bit easier, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But I have to find it in myself to bring forth the change that is needed in my own Life, and channeling and performing Lightwork doesn’t seem to qualify one for a better and more enjoyable Life. In many cases it seems to make Life exponentially more difficult as not only does channeling not pay the bills or help one find abundance, there seem to be multitudes of lower astral beings who don’t like when an Earthbound soul is bringing through the energies of the Light, and they seem very prone to revenge-seeking through vicious psychic attacks. I don’t want to get in to exactly what these attacks are, but emotionally and in some cases physically, they hurt.

So until some of this is sorted out or until I can at least find myself in a less difficult and painful situation, I make my temporary leave from my public-arena Lightwork.

Edit: Reading the comments from  you all and feeling your support as well as the Loving and Lighted energies you have been sending me, has really been helping. I am working on cleansing myself by getting rid of toxins related to habits of mine that bind me to the lower dimensions when I indulge. As my work has picked up in purity and increased connection with our ascended allies over the months, the dark entities have taken notice and I have realized that I cannot continue with many of the old paradigms I exist in when indulging in lower vibratory habits and addictions, as they take notice of any and all weakness that they feel can be used to the advantage of the dark, and to the disadvantage of the target they are trying to bring down, in this case, me.

And worry not, I am not going anywhere. This is simply a break and a cleansing period for me that is much needed.

Thank you all again for your support, it is greatly appreciated. :) :)

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30 comments on “I’ll be there, in spirit

  1. justme says:

    I think may know how you feel .But at the same time I’m aware I may not.. Although, I do want to say Thank you for helping when I feel discouraged amongst other things ,as these messages help me to get through in a inconceivable way .=)
    Maybe in some way this one may help you =) .
    My Prayers and good thoughts !!!

  2. G~ says:

    I too have had to deal with some nasty entities a few weeks ago. Difficulty breathing and a bad taste in my mouth (Like a metallic energy, burping etc .. really gross *). After a few days, one night I saw one, I’d never experienced anything like it .. like a freaking walking shadow came into my room, and start enter me .. OMG! … it finally all clicked .. they were feeding on my fears .. once a realized it, I wasn’t afraid of them .. and they have stopped. for now …

    almost forgot, one of my dogs (who never barks) was barking every night it happen .. dogs can seem them ..

    * it’s possible taking a shower (water) will neutralize the symptoms.

  3. rick says:

    Hang in there bro it will change,i know that does’t help, but even the seasoned ones are fighting this lower mess.Gods speed.namaste

  4. kp40 says:

    Keep your Light strong bother! I know you can make it.

  5. kp40 says:

    Sorry, meant ‘brother’.

  6. Kimberley says:

    Dear Wes,
    Sounds like you may want to sage your home and where you channel. This can be done daily. Start at your front door and dont forget to open the back door (or the last door you bless) a friend of mine while smoking the house forgot to open the back door and a glass door was broken. I would be happy to write more details if you wish.
    I agree with showering to get things off and yes, the dogs see them. My pugs bark.
    Sending you light and love and praying for the very best outcome for you and yours,.

  7. lvarrow says:

    Aloha Brother,
    First Breathe and remember to clear your energy field. I find that I have to everyday and sometimes twice a day….I have had these types of attacks too. In one of the articles I read that as we move up into higher realms things will get rougher…I guess we are clearing still…Take your time. I am glad that you shared because everyone needs to understand that they are not the only ones going through rough waters. I send you healing colors and vibes. Peace, lvarrow

  8. eddieondrums2012 says:

    Dear Wes, In regards to your decision, I would say that the information you have already provided for this long is well in excess of anyones expectations. It was once said by the late great Gene Krupa: “Even the SuperChief has to stop once in a while.”
    My goal: to get ahold of plans to create a ‘free-energy’ device. I know how to use AutoCAD 2011. Please remember that for ‘us’ if you are channeling on your own.
    The LIGHT is always ON! LIGHT! eddie

  9. Betty says:

    Ah… it is challenging–water always helps me find clarity… upon waking each day I embrace the Light… say to myself “I AM Light… I CHOOSE the Light… only Light beings are permitted in my spaces or around me”… I know too, when our physical life is difficult (paying the bills) that it can become overwhelming… TRUST the Light to help guide and bring abundance in those ways too… if you have to remind yourself a hundred times a day… and being grateful every day… moment to moment… when you find little things which bring happiness.

    We can all HOLD this love for you too… sending the blue and violet flames, the golden Christ energies too…

    Much love to you and yours~

  10. Dear Wes

    I don’t want to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs or anything, but really, when we are on this path there must be DAILY rituals and ceremonies that we perform to both protect ourselves and our space. We are certainly targets for the lower energies, but I fear that giving up your work now, at the 11th hour will not do any good as you are already a beacon of light. We have to fight the good fight Wes. We knew when we signed up for this that it wasn’t going to be easy. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I have been hospitalized on numerous occasions over the years due to these attacks and have finally found ways to protect myself enough to carry on with my work. It is true-channeling can be a very thankless task and that is without all the flak that we cop ontop of everything else, but from what I have seen of your work-it is important and a comfort to many I am sure-myself included. Believe in the Light Wes, believe in your words and find a way to rise up above these irritating energies-they have far less power than they would like us to believe…please feel free to contact me on my personal email -antonie.brooks@yahoo.co.uk , can I pass on my site address that you asked for the other day also http://www.prepareyourtemple.blog.com Get strong and get back to work.

    Love and Blessings

    Rev. A.D. Brooks

  11. henry says:

    My brother, your friends, The Hathors, send you this:


    Be at peace with the void where you currently are, be curious and expect miracles.
    Wish you the best!

  12. Laureen says:

    Thank You for sharing your info with us…..may you find peace, LOVE and light on your path. Hope you will back soon, till then, blessings to you and your family. :)

  13. jenxter says:

    Sending Unconditional love to you and family,as i share my love and light with all living life

  14. Stasha says:

    wes, i am in the same boat. i have only been capable of doing a few remote healings and two readings in the past two weeks. the energies are so intense and there aren’t enough hours in the day to do clearings. i think ive gone through a pound of sea salt and at least three full sage bundles. hang in there. call on AA michael. he’s working overtime for us now, but you know he is capable. my heart goes out to you and your family. just know you’re not alone. xox

  15. babajij says:

    …please e-mail me…

  16. muthoni says:

    Atma Namaste,its amazn that one would think that after doin all this work u would be automatically protected, but we forget the universal laws are presice n 3rd dimension activites still apply.
    I am a pranic Healer, n despite all the work we do we are always told to protect, cleanse n purify our selves. Together with a water bath, add salt to ur bath water or in the middle of ur bath get some salt into a paste n smear it all over body, salt neutralizes energy. Also, surround urself with violet light from archangel micheal.
    Uve come too far to stop but u can slow down. Be strong n of good faith, n remeber these energies feed off ur fear.
    To all my brothers and sister who have read this,let us stand in the gap for Wes, send him divine love, protection n light.
    Thank you for reminding us that we r still human n never to take forgranted what we have going on.

  17. pegalys says:


    It won’t hurt to take a break, keep a low profile for a while and they will lose interest in you. I am somewhat surprised you haven’t experienced this before, as you are among a handful of channels that have connected to reliable sources. However, such attacks highlight the desperation of the dark, and the danger your work poses to them, as they don’t attack their own dupes in this way. Maybe your guides are permitting this simply to give you a taste of how attacks like this are carried out, and that the dark operate by trying to induce fear. The best way to deflect it is to consider them as childish attempts to intimidate and bully you, but you respectfully decline to take them seriously. Just make sure you can discriminate your own voice from theirs, as they are expert chameleons that will try to mimic your own internal dialogue. Above all, don’t let your own personal situations drive you into a funk, because that is their gateway to cause mischief, as they are using any legal loophole to enter your personal territory. I speak from experience, I suffered through a massive attack and possession in 1988, and had to be rescued by my guides. Your guides are never more than an arm’s reach away, so don’t think they are powerless to help if you really need it.

  18. pilgrimfinder says:

    You have come too far, and know too much, to become discouraged and bail out. We all must remember that we are still in 3rd dimensions and the universal laws still apply. Despite the good work that we are all doing we must do the work to keep our selves protected, cleansed and become conscious of situations that generate fear (call for your guides and protection angels to give you courage to stand up under the situation).
    I am a pranic healer and we are always reminded to cleanse our selves and always cut cords after healing sessions as the energy stays on us (we actually end up having signs and symptoms of the sicknesses that we have healed). I would have thought that somehow it would be sorted out as we are doing more important things but it does not work like that. Energy is real -ve or +ve they are prevalent, powerful and equal. that is why we have the light energy working to eliminate the darkness, and it has been a long process and intention is KEY. If they are doing the work, then we must follow suit.
    Together with taking a bath, u must use salt smear it all over your body as it dis-integrates and neutralized energy, also hold the intention as you do the work. Energy follows thought!
    To my dear brother and sisters, let us hold Wes in our thoughts and stand in the gap as he goes though this process, send him lots of divine healing, love, light and protection.
    Wes, your path is great, learn what u need to out of this n as you exhale, come our stronger.
    Atma Namaste.

  19. Kalna Yamski says:

    I thank You and am gratfull you are there.You have confirmed that my intuition was right and that I was not paronoid .Once you realise you are being attacked you can defend your self by just realising the attack.I dont blaim you for taking any kind of rest.That is needed in these difficult times.The vibes of this year are getting higher as you all know so that means the Dark are getting pissed off and will seek the obvious targets Who are shinning the light.I have had good friends who are Lihjtworkers and have died because they shine. When I have Shone my light I always wondered how I could be feeling so gross a few days after.
    What these creeps realy dislike though is when you laugh and make jokes at their expence.So go and have a good old laugh with our Space Families they know alot of good jokes coss they have been observing this Planet for millenia

  20. devapriya says:

    wes, taking a break is a good idea to recharge again :-)
    “they” are after us again, esp. after the past 2 weeks… so let them try and chase, there’s no need to run^^…

    every day, once or twice, i command all negative entities, all negative ETs and all negative energies out of my energy field and taht of my family and out of my house. our friends in the light are happily cleaning out the space then and protect it. called on that for you, too, after i read your report here, and yes, clearing support and protection is there, as far as it fits with your life plan and you ask for it.

    whenever fear comes up, i focus on the heart again and usually it subsides. sometimes i even contact the force to check with it and embrace it in love. when showered with love and light, they either melt or run.
    when i’m identified with the uncomfort and blocked from the love space, i do the “out of here!”-ritual again. these days, which are very loving for me, i know, the attack of negativity comes from the outside, other peoples emotions or/and some entity at work.

    as there is a lot of doubt around these days concerning the light or dark nature of voices we hear and energies we feel in the meditation, i tend to easily get into the mind right now, when i’m addressed internally. this is a call for me to directly connect with my greater self and with source, instead of using a mirror, a projection, an “outside” entity to relate to.

    when i had been under attack for 6 weeks in 1997, at a certain moment everything stopped – when i realized, it was an ego game. i had drawn everything to me, in a spiral that was calling me deeper and deeper into fear. i had made myself visible and vulnurable and important and had opened the doors for invaders.
    cannot explain, what happened then. but it was like being pulled out of the game, into a higher perspective, lovingly looking down onto my smaller self and the other players in the game. it felt, as if suddenly i was not present anymore, where they were targeting at, as if i had jumped somewhere else and they were running empty. i felt invincible, and invisible. and from one minute to the other the whole spook was over…

    sending you a huge sunny smile, and lots of love and light to the attackers (may they melt or run^^) – devapriya

  21. Clearing negative entities

    My negativity decree:

    from Greg Giles Jan 20th

    ‘I command at this time that all negative entities, extraterrestrials and terrestrial’s leave my sphere at once and forever, immediately vacating my home and my surrounding area.’

    I also ask the Galactic Family to clear me and my home of all negative energies from computer, cell phone, tv or anything else known or unknown.

    And so it is.

    Also, please go to my Light Work Project, and see how it is done, then make an affirmation list for your entire life, and repeat the process with your list. You could name the list with God, email me the name of it, and I will send the high vibrational Oneness Blessings to empower your list daily.

    You could send it to me via my jeannie.alvin@gmail.com with “healing” in subject
    All who read this are welcome to send a healing list and the name of your affirmation list. Super powerful.

    For the healing list, which I read to God then file, totally private otherwise, send me your full name, city, state, or equivalent, conditions you wish healed. I’ll send very powerful healings daily to you and all like you globally, and ask for good blessings to you for the others like you healing, which would not happen except for your healing request.

    Healings sent daily remotely, live on Sundays at 10am. ALL INFO help privately, never used for anything else. Only God (your terminology) and I see it ever.

    http://www.livestream.com/ready4changeilluminehealgrow daily 8am Light Work Project, recordings avail 24/7

    ~ Sundays 10am Panama time (same as Eastern time), live healings and meditation

    blessings and love and healings and upliftment to all, Jeannie / Nadhashree

  22. Also for all, including Wes,

    super easy, super powerful, came from 2 1/2 weeks of pure Oneness,

    my clearing decree, also called my cause, core, record + effect process / prayer/ intention (your way works!)

    The Cause, Core, Record and Effect Process/ Partnership Prayer/ Game
    by Jeannie Alvin/ Nadhashree

    A Partnership Prayer is a unique form of prayer or process, where you are linked all day long with the Source of All, by whatever name you call it. Since you are linked all day long, this draws you into a very high vibrational, spiritual state all day long, greatly assisting your healing and clearing desires.
    You can create a separate Partnership/ Prayer process for anything and everything in your life! Then, each day, say, “Dear God (your terminology for the Source of Everything), let’s do our X Y and Z partnership prayers.” and you just notice your body all day long, God does the rest. Instructions are below.
    This clearing process came from the state of Oneness I was in for 2 1/2 weeks, and the work I did the following year, investigating the physical sensations in our bodies. It is an outgrowth of the processes in my book “Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed!” on the lulu websites below. The discovery that our troubles can clear away by noticing our physical sensations, and that we can call them forth, which we do with these games/processes/prayers, is a discovery I share in my book. The book has eight other processes to assist you into a state of Oneness. It is a great gift for the unawakened and non spiritual or rigidly spiritual friends and family, because it is written in plain, non spiritual language! They may awaken to Oneness, and describe it in their own vocabulary and point of view. For those folks, send them to the non spiritual website for that and my book “Heart to Heart Healing,” which is a simple guide to emotional/ mental healing. It is at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/NewDiscoveries. For the people who are financially challenged, these books are available very cheaply as downloads, or as high quality paperbacks.
    This process is so simple, I often call it a game. For those who use prayers, this partnership prayer process is similar; use the term as you would to pray, such as Jesus or God or Allah. For the scientifically minded who don’t pray, you could use a term that fits for you. You know you have more than your conscious mind, so you might use the term Greater Mind or Greater Self, or Universal Intelligence, or Cosmic Consciousness, or The Force.

    Then, notice in the area of your heart, then sincerely speak the rest of the process, partnership prayer, or game, if you prefer calling it a game. You will name each process, a wonderful shortcut. I suggest naming it something simple or neutral or positive. For example, to heal lung trouble, you might call it “breathing freely,” to heal an upset with another person, you could use that person’s name. Keep a list of the names of your prayers/ processes, so you remember the names you chose. God will always remember them.

    Once you name it, you do not need to ever repeat the prayer/ process for that issue. You simply use your term “Dear Greater Self, or Dear God, let’s do our “X” process / play our “X” game, putting in the name you chose. Your part is to notice the physical sensations in your body, that is all. Many troubles in any part of life clear this way.

    The next day, or a year later, you only need to say, “Dear Greater Self, or Dear God, let’s play our “X” game, or let’s do our “X” prayer and that Greater Self, or God, will have remembered the whole process.

    For the healing process, you can begin at any time by creating one of these processes or “games” for yourself for anything you want healed. I suggest playing the game daily for that condition until it is totally healed. You can create and play more than one game at a time, no problem. People find this process very, very powerful on its own.

    Dear _(God, Greater Self, or your term)__ , please heal the cause, core, record and effect of __any negativity or condition__ (say as little or as much as you wish as you describe the problem)
    from my subconscious, my unconscious, and my conscious minds, from all my bodies and chakras, from this life and all lives, including parallel lives, everything known and unknown, all vows, decisions and beliefs, illumine me from all denials, heal the cellular memories of all negativity and pain from all points of entry. Heal all people, all dimensions, times and spaces. Please bring back all soul fragments, remove negative cords, clear chakra links, curses, spells, miasms, and negative thought forms, and please let me feel the related sensations in my physical body. Please forgive me and all others for everything related to this. I forgive myself and all others for everything related to this. I am naming this our __________ game.
    Now, _(God, Greater Self, or your term)_ , let’s do/play our _(the name you gave)_ process/game (all day long). Now notice your sensations.

    From Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed! c. 2004 Jeannie Alvin available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/awakening and http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/NewDiscoveries.

    ISBN 978-1-105-10562-3

    Don’t miss my live or recorded healing events, where I always include this healing process.
    http://www.livestream.com/ready4changeilluminehealgrow Sundays 8am PDT
    New short meditation + healings 4 spiritual growth, Oneness, , Global Healings + Templates of God

    blessings, Jeannie / Nadhashree
    Here is the new non-spiritual website!


    9 free books at http://www.inetworld.net/lovesource

    http://www.lulu.com/awakening free books, paperbacks + ebooks

    http://2012andbeyondliftoff.blogspot.com Go for the Gold…en Age! Uplifting, informative

    http://www.livestream.com/ready4changeilluminehealgrow Sundays 8am PDT
    New short meditation + healings 4 Oneness, Growth, Global Healings + Templates of God
    Please forward and post this widely, as this can become a chain of Light worldwide!

  23. I am also continuously under attack since a few years but recently has becoming stronger,I think is because we are passing in the lower 4 dimensional areas,and I hope will soon cease.WE need to go on anyway,with our light,and intention to overcome all this,so please don’t let them bring you down,enjoy your time yourself and your family,maybe a holiday, some nice time sharing a cup of hot chocolate all that make you happy,take all your time ,but keep on with your vision!!

  24. weare1ne says:

    I had many attacks years ago. I discovered they only have power if you allow them power. They feed on fear and depression. You must KNOW you are stronger — because you ARE. Light will always root out darkness. Just picture them as little cartoon devils and flick them into the light with your fingers! Ha!

  25. Frank Lee says:

    I am not a regular reader. A friend shared your link with me. I believe she is also sharing some of the same sort of frustration that you are encountering. Remember that we are the creators of our experience and your experience is a reflection of your beliefs. All beliefs are metaphors for what is that cannot be expressed in words. In other words, beliefs are not truths, but the constructs we choose to create our experience. It is important to note that we choose our constructs (beliefs) whether we know this or not. Being aware that we choose our constructs empowers us. Examine each belief, no matter how small and ask “Does this belief serve me?” Don’t be surprised that the answer to this question is almost always “yes”. Then ask “Does this belief serve my happiness?”; further, ask “Does this belief serve the highest good?”. It is there you will gain insight.

    Once you identify constructs (beliefs) that don’t serve you, release them. I can provide more information on ways to do this. You hold beliefs that channeling and light work do not pay your bills and is interfering with you ability to do so. Is this true? Do these beliefs serve your highest good? Perhaps they do.

    You also have beliefs that you are prone to being victim to lower vibrations and psychic attacks. Is this true? Yes, this is your belief system and your constructs. You have the ability to modify these constructs and protect yourself from lower vibrations and even directed psychic attacks. In order to use this ability, it is easier once you know that you can. Can you allow the possibility that this is true?

    Your path is your path and it is for your choosing. Know that by becoming aware, you can consciously influence your path by working with your belief systems. The internal changes that you can make are far more powerful than the illusion of how it shows up in your reality which we call experience.

    I wish the best for you on your path. If you would like to know more, I would be happy to share with you.


  26. 007blueray says:

    Namaste Wes,

    Sending Reiki Blessings your way, Wes. Know that you’re in our daily intentions to aid all of us in experiencing financial freedom, peace of mind and with our loved ones, balance in our every moment of Now, acknowledge our sovereign and divine essence of who we truly are. Know, feel, understand and feel the experience with divine wisdom that no one and nothing can ‘touch’ us in any negative way. I truly understand what you might be going through, as the ego has been trying to get to me too with extreme negative thoughts…but We will persevere and we will be victorious, Wes. Just know this.

    Father Mother God will not allow any challenges to arise if we are not capable to overcome and We will. Just know that we are all Warriors of the Light, Champions of the weak and meek and the Rainbows and Light in the dark.

    Will be sending constant Reiki Blessings your way. Know that We are all behind you with divine love and support in every aspects of our journey, the best that We know how.

    May Father Mother God shine their divine love upon you, cleanse you, love you, embrace you, protect you and light your paths bright ahead of you, so that you will see and feel the light and move courageously forward and upward towards ascension and so it is, Amen.

    In divine love, service and Reiki Blessings,

  27. autumn says:

    We are here as One, together in Light and Love, surrounding you and those you care for Wes. Please know I have been working on this ‘attack’ in unison with some of the most dedicated and talented sources of Divine Energy I know of….in human form. Please create joy and peace during your respite my friend in the complete knowing of our success. NOW your intention stands for protection and strength. Love in ALL forms ♡ Lisa♡

  28. Stevie says:


    A fellow lightworker turned me onto your site several weeks ago, and I enjoyed what I read, but didn’t spend more time on it after that. Interestingly (or synchronistically) I have been undergoing extreme mental suffering and emotional pain for the past several weeks; a psychic healer told me that I was dealing with entity attachment. I learned a lot from her about how to protect myself, and have been trying to follow the path, but have been inundated with fear, pain, panic, terror all revolving around how to make a living, how to pay the bills, but even more fundamentally how to live in peace and light, as I feel that much of my life has been defined by this kind of psychic torture even though I’ve embraced a spiritual path for over 30 years.
    This morning I was asking my guides for some direction (they always point me to a channelling, a book, or something else in the moment that brings respite from suffering), and your site came to mind. Lo and behold I read your message, and it was truly an aha! moment, because suddenly I realized that everything I’ve been going through was not personal to me, but is being experienced by many others. Yesterday was a horrible day for me, the same day you posted your message. Not to say that misery loves company, but the pain lifted for me when I read your message because it points out that when we are striving for ascension, the “dark forces” (be it our lower ego, our “pain-body” per Eckhart Tolle, or some other entity) are going to pump up the volume. The good news is we have the power to raise our vibration level, and to send off these lower vibrations with love and light to be healed. I was instructed that compassion for these energies is essential as it disengages them from the cycle of feeding on pain–as is compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.
    You are truly gifted; when I read your entries I am blown away by their depth and clarity, not to mention all of the inspiring and healing channellings you provide. You will be back in the saddle very soon, I am sure!

    P.S. I also indulged in certain addictive behaviors for years and knew that I had to stop them as 2012 dawned. Then, when I sought help, I was told specifically not to smoke any pot or drink any alcohol EVER as these lower our vibration and make us catnip for entities. Not easy to do, but when I went against this advice I immediately paid the price with more pain and suffering. Not worth it!!

  29. Kimberley says:

    Just wanted to remind you that your hands and feet are receptors too. Left hand brings in and the right is out. You might want to test the foods you eat, soap you use, what you are wearing to see if it “vibes” with you. Lifts you up. You may be VERY surprized at what no longer works for you.
    Love and Light for you and yours,

  30. macmarts says:

    Enjoy your time off, a vacation if you will, dear Wes!

    Use this time off to recharge your energies, to take strolls in nature, and to bask in the beautiful Light you help bring in this World every day with your hard work.

    If you keep struggling with dark entities, you can indulge in one of my new favorite hobby:

    Organize and set up Sting Operations with the Galactic Federation of Light, to help GFL staff round up negative entities and bring them into the Light.

    It’s easy: if you recognize patterns that bring dark ones into your space, notify the GFL by briefing them, thus setting up the whole thing in advance.

    I did it a couple of times using my son’s taste for horror movie flicks, which as you know tends to attract dark ETs and/or 4D based negatives.

    When he goes out to rent such a movie, I alert the GFL in advance, and by doing so we set up a trap for the dark entities.

    As the dark ones gather around the negative energies of the horror movie, I wait a while, and then I call the GFL into action through a predetermined command (it can be a voiced command, or a predetermined song that you play, whatever you prefer)… and Boom! the GFL barges in on the negative party, scoops up the negatives, and brings them back into the Light.

    And while you are away, be assured:

    All of us will try to provide all the help you may need, at all times.

    When push comes to shove, Light will always disolve Darkness.

    Many thanks!

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