9 comments on “Konstantinos’s art-2012

  1. Tauno says:

    Awesome!!!Konstantinos,none of us is forgotten ! It is a real masterpiece! Thank you! Love and Light!

  2. kp40 says:

    I was just sitting in my room and while I was thinking about the year of 2012 and its meaning (to me) I visualised this drawing in my mind…and I felt an indescribably fulfillment. From the bottom of the drawing I present the male and female energies which come through the samshara circle and with their united spiritual upliftment they and Gaia move to the next level. With their united force of Love they break the chains of slavery and the Illuminati pyramid of tyrrany, in which the Cabal’s supporters scream in pain and fear..from the right side of the pyramid, AAM holds his blue flame on the top combined with the Purple Flame of Sain Germain and behind him are the Angelic forces and the Council of Elohim. From the left side of the pyramid appears Sananda with the ascended masters and other souls of the Divine Hierarchy and above them are the Space forces of Light like the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation. Also, notice the symbols of Caduceus (Kerykeion in Greek) the stick of Hermes with its spirals like the ones of DNA and the tsakras through its 7 openings. The symbol of Ankh, the sun for the male energy and the moon for the female one.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Much Love and Light.

  3. kp40 says:

    Thank you Wes. Also, thank you Leslee, Troy and Tauno.

    Much Love to you.

  4. babajij says:

    …Brilliantly Multi-Layered & Deep…

  5. pat says:

    Konstantinos–thankyou so much for your courage and your beautiful sharing of the images from the higher dimensions of the GFL- i am so touched the tears are streaming down my face–and my love enfolds you and all the people of Greece–you are leading the world in just saying no to the fascist dark cabal–and like so long ago, spreading the light of truth and beauty just like the Greeks of thousands of years ago. Hold your light bright and know truly “we are all ONE”. and many gazzillions of hugs and thankyous! By the way–i have had first hand three d experience of this group in my life–many years ago…It was bizzare to say the least…thousands of reports in the immediate area of Kansas and reported in the local evening news–and the next day the news dropped like it never happened!–and your images evoke an association within me of the GFL.

  6. kp40 says:

    Thank you dear Babajij for your kind words. Much Love to you.
    Dear Pat, I immensely thank you for your beautiful comments and I’m very glad that my work evokes an association within you of the GFL. Much Love and Appreciation.

  7. Betty says:

    A magnificance work of art… multidimensionality abounding!
    Truly awesome to be so inspired and then be able to do this…and we are so blessed with you sharing… thank you… thank you~

    ~Love and Peace… Cheers to 2012, Gaia and Oneness in Ascension to ALL


  8. kp40 says:

    Thank you dear Betty. Much Love and Appreciation (-_-).

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