Wes Annac: Purging and Cleansing Update – Day One

It's a New Beginning! Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image

February 27, 2012: Day one of attempted purging

1:17 PM – This is day one and the purging has begun, and as anticipated it is difficult. Been feeling really strong urges to do exactly what I am purging myself from, which was anticipated as I knew there would be those parts of myself who want only to continue the old paradigm; and in this case ‘continuing the old paradigm’ means indulging in exactly what I wish to get away from.

The human mind and emotions are staggering when it comes to habits or addictive types of behavior. I have not been at this long and already I’ve felt and thought of a slew of rationalizations and attempted decisions which are not in alignment with what I am trying to do, and if not for the support of Brandy as well as so many sending me their Lighted energies, I may have buckled under the pressure already.

I have things that I set up for myself to do whilst involved in this purging, and much of it is centered around reading material and learning more about the higher realms from such material, as well as meditation and a general going within to find ‘highs’ and higher dimensional stimulations that are so much greater and more fulfilling than any of my current habits are able to grace me with.

I was to start this day with a morning meditation, which turned instead into me getting on the computer which I must watch doing in itself, because the energies coming from the computer can be and are just as dense as the low frequencies coming through the television, though I do recognize that for the most part the computer is necessary in my daily Life; when it comes to updating my site or chatting on the forum of wonderful, supporting friends whose community I have the supreme pleasure of being a part of.

As of right now, I can go without cannabis and television. I had to eat foods that were a bit heavier today because we didn’t have much else, but besides the accompanying heavy feelings gained after ingesting such densities, the effects have not been too overwhelming and have not made me want to indulge in other addictions that I am attempting to purge myself from. I do wish I could have started this Day One of purging better. I wish I could have been able to go without eating any types of heavy foods, as I know that the energies behind such foods can lay the foundation for a lower dimensional experience, but I am happy to be able to eat at all. There are plenty of people who do not have the ‘privilege’ to do so though obviously, everyone should be able to.

Will share further updates at a later time.

Update – February 27, 2011 (Day One) 4:00 PM:

The usual culprits of frustration, depression and anger have tried their very hardest through events manifested today since my last update, to get me to break this purging and watch tv or do any of the other things I have been attempting to cut myself off cold turkey from. There have also been many 3D related events for the better that have manifested today, but that themselves caused a small bit of frustration and angst. As of yet, I have not completely broken the purging though I am drinking a non-caffeinated soda at the moment. As for later on tonight, I cannot be so sure.

If I were to break the purging tonight and indulge in that which I am trying to get away from, it will by no means thwart or stop this effort of mine. Even if I ‘fail’ today (which even if I do, I do not consider it a failure nor does Brandy, as I have learned so very much today and gone very far in this effort) I will continue at this effort tomorrow, and even if I ‘fail’ a million times I will still keep at it, as this is an effort on my part that is not going away, regardless of whether or not I am able to achieve such Masterful discipline on this day. One thing I have certainly learned today is how hard this whole thing really is. But it will be worth it. Oh, it will be worth it.

Final update of Day One, 12:09 AM:

This day was very different and interesting, and today has served to teach me much about myself, about the defensive behavior patterns that are rooted deeper than I expected. It seems I have a bit more uprooting to do energetically when it comes to such patterns, and this is something I am to continue working on in the days ahead. The wonderful thing about today is that even when times seemed to get rough and I was being tested as I knew I would be, the underlying need not to indulge in that which has been familiar has been made extremely apparent.

I can feel the higher realms which lay beyond the indulgence in lower dimensional bindings, and the abundance of higher dimensional energy that seems to be available at this time is getting easier and easier to access, and especially since making this commitment I have felt the energetic assistance of many of my and our guides in the higher realms.

I can feel that this is a Divinely sanctioned mission I am now undertaking, and one that will serve to unlock my Higher Self and bring my true, undistorted self through to this reality and world in much more established ways than this current method and these current densities I am Living and perceiving through; they were left over from the walk-in and aligned with lessons in past Lives that were energetically washed away through the Law of Grace, but they were lessons that I wished to perfect in this incarnation.

While today did not align completely with my expectations, in many ways it was much better as I have learned so very much about myself and I feel I am gaining increasing access to the higher realms in ways I have never dreamed of, just by finding it within myself to cleanse the densities I have been feeding. This effort is still very young, and yet I can feel that the outcome has already been decided, as I am feeling increasingly the parts of myself that Created this Life-template and decided in advance the main events and decisions on my part to manifest, and this purging and cleansing is certainly a part of such decreed Life events.

I will share further updates tomorrow. Thank you all for your supportive energies, comments and emails. I can really feel a flow of pure Love coming through me and flowing around me when thinking of all that this wonderful Life is to bring all of us as we shed these densities once and for all, and your supportive energies and words have certainly been feeding this cycle of pure flowing Love. We are all performing such work, on purer planes of existence established both without and within ourselves. For quickest access, I would suggest searching within to find such realms, as they are here.

Wes Annac



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6 comments on “Wes Annac: Purging and Cleansing Update – Day One

  1. Blessings and strength to you in this journey of self-discovery, Wes. Your higher self, the basic thing that makes up YOU without all the “crap” of this dimension, is coming through more and more now, even just in this one day. Thank you for showing others the way, my friend! Exciting times indeed… Namaste

  2. Scott says:

    You got this man. I was 24/7 cannabis user for 18 yrs. Went cold turkey and stayed sober for 13 and 1/2 yrs. At that point I decided to challenge myself and see if I was indeed a different person where the psychological addiction was not in control. Started using cannabis again at the rate of one, maybe two small hits on weekends or when I wasn’t working or… not daily use. So 8+ yrs back at it , just not 24/7. Then the issue came up here regarding working our mission with the galactic brethren and them not being able to use us stoners. I knew I was ready to be done at that point. I had walked away before so I felt very strong in my decision which is all well and good but we know about the nagging voices that suggest that it might be OK to have a puff as a reward or whatever. As an adjunct to my decision to quit once and for all because of my intent to work with the GFed I went to a medical hynotist in Sedona where in one session we clearly moved those nagging voices completely out of the picture. Highly recommend self hypnosis to help you here Wes. The guy I went to did all his work on himself through self hypnosis. He is now a recovering alcoholic, who walked away from 7 or 9 prescription meds including anti-depressants and lost 105 lbs. That’s inspiring. For me it has been 7 or 8 weeks since my session and although I have a bag of cannabis in the other room I could care less. Just wanted to be there for you brother. Peace and Love

  3. Tiamssaï says:


    Congratulations and applause for your efforts and dedication to yourself.

    I believe I can understand the nature of the “mind struggles” you must be facing right now. And I will certainly not underestimate the power of our ego-minds when it so convincingly tries to bring us back on the old ways we are attempting to reprogram within ourselves from. The ego likes a subtle play and that makes him even more a fierce adversary.

    Know that you have my full lighted support in the measure of my capacities, for I respect most such enterprise as yours. “If you want to change the world, start with yourself” is an adage that I fully resonate with and as you surely understand, this inner path of the lightworker is where stands the true challenge of one’s life.

    If I may share my humble experience with you, I would advise to find a thought that holds great light, power and significance to you. Such thought can become a lifeline in moments of struggle with one’s ego-mind. I personally hold the thought that Source is always here within, supporting me at all times, especially when interacting with un-awakened persons. Reminding myself of His presence not only at my side but within brings me peace and reminds me of the Big Picture, of our role of light holders and love sharers. It reminds me to relax, which is something I have a tendency to forget easily. This is of most importance, as remaining in a relaxed state keeps away many of the subtle attempts of the ego-mind to pull us back off the illuminated path.

    Concerning food, I cannot give you much advice as I do not know the habits of a US citizen on this matter. In Northern Europe Bio food is becoming quite easily accessible. I also made the effort to become vegetarian one year ago, a choice that I never regretted since then. But again, here I had the full support of my dear wife, who dedicated herself to learn vegetarian cooking. Now she likes it almost better than me and we eat in such a wonderful way that I did not believe possible only a year ago.

    As for the TV, I personally decided one day to put in a well taped cardboard and put it in the attic. This way I am no longer tempted and it turned out to be a great relief in my life and that of my little family.

    Well, all this to show you that you deserve great merits for the difficult action you are undertaking. Again, I dearly support your courageous enterprise, just as I support every action adding light to this almost born new world.

    Felicitations for this inner “breakthrough” and keep up the lighted intentions!

    Peace & Joy

    [Note: This post is to show you my suppost and is not necessarily to be posted. Unless of course you decide to do so, which is fine too.]

  4. Betty says:

    Dear Wes…

    As we do these things, remember to be KIND to yourself… thru the experiences of “change” we gain understandings which lead to more “compassion” WITHIN our own hearts, all of which gives Us MORE to rely upon in the moments of our ongoing lives. We never know when we may encounter another soul who (at a later time) may be going thru exactly as you are… learning about judgements, and how we harshly judge ourselves is key in learning how “not to” in order that we (later) also learn how to not judge any other we meet along our path. Compassion comes to us thru experience. So, try to remember not to judge yourself as there is no right or wrong… just opportunities.

    Blessings to you WITH all You want for today~

  5. I am wondering where this leaves those of us who use Herb to alleviate the symptoms of very Real physical issues? I may not be suitable for commanding a craft that is “form with Intelligence”, but I have Many other gifts I bring to Any table. What of us?

  6. Meridian Gestalt says:

    Diet takes a while to change dude! =O

    And you are taking on a few things at once so it’s OK Wes =)
    There’s always wanting to do better but it’s OK, don’t have to beat yourself up about it!, it’s OK to have a stash of chicken nuggets, just make sure it is free range organic chicken and something like Japanese Panko crumbs [REALLY crunchy!] and sesame seeds and freeze them in a container with greaseproof paper in between layers [organic coconut oil is the best oil, please go to the health food shop and do you and Brandy a favour =) not only you can put on your skin [healed my dermatitis] it is instantly absorbed also it is very nutrient rich fuel for your liver when used in cooking and does not hydrogenate like other oil when heated ^_^ [plus supporting islanders with jobs]

    Eating meat is still ingesting light but have to do it right…

    here is link for really invaluable information, please both of you guys read it if you haven’t stumbled across this one already:

    2. Alimentation (Feeding)

    Number two: how we feed ourselves. To eat what the body needs, not what you believe your body needs. If the body just needs water, give it water. If it needs meat, then meat. It’s important to respect the needs of our body.

    link: http://bridgetoearth.com/2012/02/27/matias-de-stefano-keys-of-ater-tumti-part-3/

    good to go to previous one part 2/3 for the first part of the Spanish to English translation and read the entire thing from the beginning…. if nothing else, please read this, i tried to get my housemate to read it but he was still asking my advice on matters covered in this transcript, he would benefit greatly from reading this also >_<

    Bless you Wes and Brandy!

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