Computer Problems!

The charger to my only computer has tapped out (it’s not working anymore) and we have ordered a new charger that should be here within the next week. Wanted to let everybody know that I may be absent the next few days or so because of this, but we have ordered a new cord and I will be back when it arrives. If we can salvage what’s left of the current charger over the next few days, than I may not be gone but in that avenue, it is not looking good.

So in other words: be back later.

Much Love all,

Wes :)

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An Appeal from Lucas of Lucas2012infos (With note from Wes)

[Note from Wes: I can see the criticism now, over my reposting of this article asking for donations to Lucas' site. This soul has given practically everything of himself to the informing of humanity, and has even personally helped struggling Lightworkers out financially. He is not trying to 'beg money' out of anybody but if you are in an easy financial situation at this moment and would like to help out knowing your money is going to the financial aiding of a soul who has given so much of himself for our benefit, head on over to Lucas' site. The good karma will be quite appreciated.]

Second note: If you wish to donate to Lucas, please DO NOT use the donate button on this site, Aquarius Channelings. Donations made from the donate button on this site go to me, Wes Annac, and the donate button for Lucas is on his site, Lucas2012infos.

Dear readers,

As  I  write and maintain my blog lucas2012infos and also FB groups with that name for a substantial time I need your help now.

The blog and FB groups  I have been keeping updated every day.  Thereby I inform you about the news you need to know in this changing times and give you articles and channelings to read as well as videos and audio.  It takes a lot of time and effort. And I have done this with no regrets ever. But now I need your help as I run out of income and I spent a lot of time on this blog. Continue reading

Archangel Michael through Ron Head: This is the Beginning of Humanity’s Birth into It’s Full Possibilities

    Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese

It is important that we discuss your many practical problems today.  It appears to you that there are no solutions in sight.  We tell you that the solutions are not only in sight, but are almost upon you.  Your perspective is the reason for your lack of seeing. Continue reading

Oneness: Leading? Following? It’s all Good

Oneness: Leading? Following? It’s All Good
Please watch this short video (1:17)
This represents a visual metaphor for what we are all experiencing; finding our way out of the darkness, out of fear. 
Are you leading or following? It does not matter. You simply trust your heart and move out when the time “feels” right. Keep your eyes on the road no matter what else is going on around you, no matter how frightened others around you become. If there is a trusted friend ahead of you -follow them! What you cannot see in the darkness you are leaving behind are the others who are looking to YOU to help them find the calmness of Light once more.
This is Oneness, it’s how we all help eachother~
All my Love, Boo

Ann Albers: Message from the Angels and Ann


Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In every moment, in every endeavor, God is with you. In everything you do you have an opportunity to invite God’s love to come to the surface in your life, to assist you, and to allow your life to flow with greater grace and ease. When you have a concern, stop and give it to God. When you are worried, stop and give your cares to God. When you don’t know the next step in your lives, stop and ask God for assistance. We have said this many times, dear friends, but God moves the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and can easily assist you in every aspect of your life if only you will believe, ask, and receive. Continue reading

Adama: Longing to be Together Again


Longing To Be Together Again

This is Adama, High Priest of Telos. It is wonderful to be with you at this time my brothers and sisters. It is always a pleasure that we can share with you in these times knowing that soon, very soon, these times are going to change. Understand that much has been happening for a long period of time, much upon the surface as well as below the surface. We have been waiting for a very long time to once again find ourselves merged with you, our brothers and sisters of planet Gaia. We are so longing for that time where we can once again emerge to the surface. However this cannot happen until consciousness has changed enough to allow for that process to happen. But understand, consciousness is changing and is evolving and very soon the consciousness upon the planet herself will be altered enough that we can once again make our movement to the surface. Continue reading

Dave Schmidt: Building Unity

As a child growing up I lived in a unique setting. It was a small town in Oregon of less than 4000 people,  founded by a religious community in the late 1800’s and attracted all kinds of churches. There was always this rumor floating around of a national magazine doing an article on our unique little community.

Interview with Dave Schmidt and Steve Beckow. The first part of the show (first hour) is mainly biographical; the second part is more of a discussion of issues.

What Do You Think? Interview

(It takes fifteen seconds for the audiofile to load and begin.)

In the early 1960’s we had the highest juvenile delinquency rate per capita in the state of Oregon while we also had the largest number of churches per capita of almost anywhere in America. Population of less than 4000 and 32 churches. You can do the math, one church for about every 125 residents which included children and babies.

Talk about diversity, we had it. And wow, did it show up in the public schools on Monday. Most of the recess and lunch time seemed to be kids arguing about who was right about their Sunday school and church experience. Continue reading

Planetary Evacuation/Relocation: Pro and Con | The 2012 Scenario

Written by Steve Beckow

The editors of the 2012 Scenario have discussed our situation with regard to the conversation taking place here, on other blogsites, and in discussion groups on whether or not a planetary evacuation or relocation will occur.

We know that a new paradigm in lightwork is needed. We know that the mass arrests are removing what SaLuSa calls the dark ones and so issues with disinformation may soon ease. At the same time, it may never be the case that lightworkers will always agree and so the degree to which we can tolerate our differences will always present us with challenges that need to be met. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Ascended Spirit Structures, Variety of Ascended Beings and the Energetic Work being Performed

Gaia is beautiful

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

In most instances and scenarios, we do not inhabit the forms of ‘body’ or structure that any souls on the surface of Earth would perceive of us taking. We do not take the form of a human for the most part and indeed, even upon contacting this scribe in the astral we did not appear to him in a human form. We have long since ascended from the want to inhabit a body, and we instead prefer to express ourselves by showing the beautiful Divine ray of pure Logos energy that we are, and while we experience a much higher dimensional point of view than many ascended souls who choose to inhabit bodies, we will still occasionally show ourselves in such forms to please the souls whom we would be showing ourselves to.

You have begun to hear extensively of the extraterrestrial contacts and the direct incarnation of many Ascended Masters on your world, but something that you have not heard very much about is the aspect of us ascended beings who are existing in the astral realms of your Earth and Sun, who while inhabiting very pure sates of consciousness still exist in such forms in the realms of a planet experiencing such low vibrations. Continue reading

Wes Annac és Tanácsadói: A kinyilatkoztatások megvalósulásához szükséges teremtő erőfeszítésekről (Hungarian Translation)

Wes Annac és Tanácsadói:
A kinyilatkoztatások megvalósulásához szükséges teremtő erőfeszítésekről

© Wes Annac

Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Manifestation Efforts to bring forth Disclosure

Ma a Tanácsadóink és én szeretnénk tovább szemügyre venni azt, hogy amit érzünk és gondolunk, hogyan teremti meg a valóságot körülöttünk, és ez hogyan vonatkozik a közlések létrejöttére és még sok mindent, amiket a csatornázott forrásokból hallottunk néha. Ez egy olyan téma, ami engem és sokunkat érint; fontos téma, amivel folyamatosan foglalkozni kell, hogy mélyen beívódjon és megértsük, hogy mi vagyunk a teremtői és meghatározói a saját valóságunknak. Continue reading