2 comments on “We think Too Much and Feel Too Little

  1. Phyllis Maka says:

    I think we talk too much and do too little, especially in getting rid of these nasty beings who simply are allowed too do these god-awful things to the human race… BARIUM ,ALUMINUM OXCIDE,STRONTIUM 90 AND URANIUM 238 ARE BEING SPRAYED ON US VIA CHEMTRAILS http://deadlinelive.info/2012/03/10/barium-aluminum-oxcidestrontium-90-and-uranium-238-are-being-sprayed-on-us-via-chemtrails/

  2. Phyllis Maka says:

    Here’s another one: Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks http://deadlinelive.info/2011/05/10/fukushima-haarp-nuclear-attack-by-cia-doe-bp-for-london-banks/

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