How do we Handle the Intense Energies that are Coming in Now?

How do we handle the intense energies that are coming in now?

Perhaps it is me but I’m seeing two very distinct ways that people are reacting (posting online) to them especially in the last week.  The first, and the majority of them, is that they send messages of peace, love, and joy.  The second type of messages is one of fear and anger.  All of us are welcome here and entitled to own opinion.  Each of us are unique in that we have had to live our own experiences that color our own “reality”. How things play out in the ribbon of events that make up our lives determines the place that we call now.  Each of us and the events that happen within our live are unique.

What is important is how we move forward in the now.  This moment.  We can at any moment of the now, choose any number of ways in which to re-act or to consciously choose how we wish to think, speak, and take action on what is placed before us.  Nothing is by chance in the grand scheme of things.

There have been so many acts of hatred, rage, war, and just plain evil enacted on our planet that have been perpetuated for far to long.  We are finding out that it has been but a few of the evil puppeteers pulling their evil strings who have been responsible for the dark and oppressive way of living that our world has been encloaked for thousands of years.  Setting one person or group against another has been their way of operating that is now coming to an end.  It has been this way that those who have done this have profited and become the very wealthy who now are running scared.  The vale of illusion is now being lifted and those who have committed these acts of crime shall now be exposed.

What is important now is that we all take a deep breath.  Question how our “incited” re-actions of the past worked, and how should we now move forward in a way that reflects what is truly in our hearts and in the interest of all the people of our word.

I ask you.  Are you going to hold onto your anger, knowing that it will ultimately hold only you and those who do so back from moving forward into a new most wonderful place of co-creation? Will you consciously choose to envision and make real what our planet is destined to become, a wonder that reflects the love and beauty that will be looked at and admired by be-ings throughout the universe and beyond?

May the Blessings Be

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5 comments on “How do we Handle the Intense Energies that are Coming in Now?

  1. Debbie says:

    The message that my Higher Self and Guides have been giving me for the past 10 months is to: “Lighten Up and Let Go”. At first this was difficult, but now I do this with joy and love in my heart for myself and all of creation.

    Blessing to you Wes!

  2. Kalna Yamski says:

    Get your Fundie backsides of my Planet
    We dont want your Fundie Religions
    Get your fundie Backsides of my world
    We dont want war with Iran
    Get your Fundie rumpies of our Planet
    We dont want war with anyone
    Get your Fundie Rumpies of our World
    We dont want your Fundie Armageddon
    NO Atomic War
    No Atomic War
    No Atomic War
    Sing to the Acid Synth Part on Pendelums Track Imersion

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