Wes Annac – We Hardly Know a Thing

Gaia is beautiful

After a recent discussion with the always beautiful and Loving Archangel Michael (1), Steve Beckow has reached the assessment that we truly do not know very much about our Star Families and about our Angelic Guides and allies alike (2). As has been expressed, we have fashioned the very ideas of these beings in our own image based on what we expect a being to look and act like, and to please us in an effort to aide us in so very many different time periods, our Angelic Guides have taken on forms that we would expect and understand better.

As a result, much modern belief about these Angelic souls be it religious or otherwise, does still seem to be quite fashioned and pushed into the third dimensional boxes that we would expect such souls to fit into based on our experiences on Earth and in the lower dimensions.

I personally have always seen the various Archangels as beautiful, tall winged men and women who of course, possessed ascended qualities and in my many astral travels this is how these souls have presented themselves to me, even when visiting Acclipthys and the many other ascended cities where one would think that the form that each ascended being truly is and would wish to take, would be the ‘name of the game’ rather than such souls taking a form that one Earthling visiting their Lighted cities would be used to.

So, while these souls present themselves in such ways to us for our comfort, it does seem that a bit of a veil has been placed and fed for some time without much questioning on the part of us who are feeding such veil. This has been a veil of distorted illusion when it comes to knowing and feeling many things about our ascended brethren and about the higher realms alike. Indeed, we have begun to feel the energies of the higher realms and the resulting communications with the many ascended beings who inhabit these realms, but how have we expected to see and feel such beings upon meeting and communicating with them?

Again, for me personally when it comes to meeting such ascended souls across the veil be them our fifth dimensional extraterrestrial ascended souls or the Angelic souls further ascended along their path, I nearly always imagine what our view of a Lighted person would be, and as we are being lead to discover this simply is not so with the majority of ascended souls.

Yes, there are many extraterrestrial fifth dimensional souls who take the form of humans and this is because when they were inhabiting the lower dimensions, they were inhabiting such dimensions in the basic human form that we are experiencing now, and upon ascending many of them took to ascending into the upgraded human version of an ascended Light Body, while some chose to detach from the body and stay discarnate as the beautiful Source energy that we all truly are behind the ‘meat suits’.

Either choice is respected as all souls are Loved unconditionally in the higher realms. One thing that I’m sure will confuse many people when it comes to fathoming our ascended Angelic brethren, is the aspect of a collective consciousness and how each and every ascended and Angelic soul is made up of soul-fragments of equally ascended or otherwise souls, who inhabit and make up the very collective forms of these beings.

Many people know of SanJAsKa, the ascended Pleiadian who works with the Pleiadian High Council and the Pleiadian Council of Nine while funneling guidance and Loving energies down to any soul on Earth who are open to such energies. I have found out recently that this soul is the fifth dimensional aspect of the grander oversoul of the Royal Angels or RA, that I am a part of.

SanJAsKa and many other fifth dimensional ascended souls at this time are the result of the funneling-down into lower and denser realms of aspects of the collective consciousness of souls who exist in the sixth, seventh dimensions and beyond; in other words, souls who are far more ascended than those inhabiting the fifth dimension who have funneled down fifth dimensional Mother/Father aspects of themselves to assist souls on Earth who are further funneled down from the original template of the much higher ascended beings. David Wilcock has discussed this subject before.

See, it’s already getting confusing! And we have barely scratched the surface.

One of the most interesting aspects of this discussion is that while many fifth dimensional souls are themselves lower dimensional extensions of souls who exist in much purer dimensions of consciousness, they still funnel even lower dimensional aspects of themselves to exist in the third and fourth dimensions on Earth [in this current scenario] to lay the foundation of Lighted energies to assist in Gaia’s ascension.

Just how this is done is truly mind-boggling, and I myself have barely begun to understand it. I have discovered quite a few other souls on Earth who are also extensions of the soul who is SanJAsKa, and while giving readings I have also communicated with the Higher Selves and Guides of many souls on Earth who are themselves third and fourth dimensional extensions of the oversouls who I would be communicating with for their reading.

In conclusion, Steve Beckow was right on the ball in his assessment that we hardly know our ascended brethren. We have begun to open up our minds when it comes to perceiving and knowing of these beings, but what is now required is for us to open up our minds and hearts even further as we realize that we have more to learn than we may have thought when it comes to ascension, our ascended brethren and so much more.

We have begun a discussion of the forms of our ascended brethren in relation to how little we know and perceive of such forms in this article, and hopefully the ascended and celestial sources speaking to us through channels at this time will begin to give us more explanation as we open ourselves up more and more.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC




(1) http://the2012scenario.com/2012/03/archangels-michael-and-gabriel-on-the-angelic-realm-hour-with-an-angel-transcript-march-26-2012/

(2) http://the2012scenario.com/2012/03/learning-to-laugh-a-lot/

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5 comments on “Wes Annac – We Hardly Know a Thing

  1. Francine says:

    Very poignant article Wes! Open my heart and my mind wider and I may receive, learn and grow farther than my imagination. I welcome and thirst more knowledge on our ascended star brethens, ascension and more….

    I knew SanJAsKa was a special being – “….found out recently that this soul is the fifth dimensional aspect of the grander oversoul of the Royal Angels or RA.” Very happy you two have a connection.

    Many Blessings and much Love! Francine

  2. babajij says:

    …This has Been on My Mind Too…iWonder How “Life” is like on Sirius (Hello SaLuSa!)…By Now,We All Have Been Offered an Abundance of Archives Pertaining to Ascension…iNow Desire Something New to Hear from the Multi-Dimensionals…Do They manifest as Orbs?…iCertainly Hope to Begin Reading More About Them…In Order to Level the Field…What More Can We Give,In Order For Us to Recieve?…

    • Wes Annac says:

      I remember reading a transcript of a discussion with AA Michael, he was discussing many ways that they like to appear and wouldn’t you know it, he specifically mentioned orbs and beams of Light!

      I know what you mean babajij, I am ready to remember and fully perceive of our friends in the heavens as well…. I can’t wait! :)

      Much Love :)

    • Wes Annac says:

      I remember reading a discussion with AA Michael, and he directly mentioned orbs and beams of Light as two of a infinite amount of ways that they like to appear.

      I know what you mean dear friend, I too am ready to perceive and remember our celestial friends and guides in as least distorted of a way as possible. :)

      Much Love :) :)

  3. Mickey says:

    Life on Sirius, my friends………..
    For me, I have recently re-connected with what I guess we would call my “Sister – of soul”. After a few months of discovering her.

    She is SeLagun, and I have run through the fields of a Sirian planet with her, where we both had the opportunity to shape the landscape through our manifestation. It was a Wonderful moment, where I could finally enjoy the tiny snippets of past visions that I have recieved during meditation.

    Also think of the final scenes of LOTR where the elves leave middle Earth…. I truly believe that literature such as this, past and present, of Elves, be it fictious or “factual”, is a link to our star families.

    My brother Wes, I enjoyed this article, as ever…. Rather than a “poignancy”, I would say it has a Loving energy to it. Just MY thoughts, as I AM!


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