Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Every Aspect of Life on your Planet is about to Change Radically

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Your world today is being bombarded with massive amounts of love and light.  Every soul knows this.  Many, however, are not in touch with their soul yet.  It is imperative that each find a way to remedy that situation soon.  Any effort in that direction now will be very effective.  Lack of effort now may mean a more stressful change at a later date.

Huge changes to the physical, emotional, and energy bodies are needed and that will be easier if it is spread over a longer period of time.  You will be much different in many ways than you were a few short years ago.  Mentally you will easily handle concepts that are impossible for you today.  Your body physical will be able to reverse the aging process.  There will no longer be any disease for which you have no cure.  Many abilities which you do not believe possible today will be commonplace.  Most of these are beginning to manifest now for some people, but they will not talk about them.  That will begin to change soon.

As people begin to feel more comfortable with these things, more and more will find these abilities in themselves.  It is like simple telepathy.  How many people know of friends or family members who have had experiences of it, but who never speak of them?  Start a conversation about it at a party however and everybody has a story to add.  How many, also, have had experiences of being out of their body, or have had a lucid dream, or have seen an apparition?  The abilities we are talking about are quite natural, to some extent, even now.  But they are not widespread because they are considered ‘weird’, ‘supernatural’, or impossible, and you have been carefully taught not to be different.  Wait, my friends, until you find how different you can be from what you are now.

By that time your lives will be so different from what they are now that little will surprise you.  Every aspect of life on your planet is about to change radically.  You may think of your current ‘modern society’ as the ‘dark ages’.  Think George Jetson Spock in the Garden of Eden.  Many of the images in your stories were glimpses into the possible.  They were entertainment, so you allowed them into your world.  You are going to be amazed how many of them were not really fictional at all.  Are you going to be nervous or eager the first time ’Scotty’ beams you up?  How many five minute trips across the ocean before you spend it using your communicator?

This is a playful conversation today, but it has a purpose.  Change can be a shock to many.  And change is going be the major portion of every day for you during the next months and years.  Perhaps learn to play again like you did as a young person.  Have fun with the change.  If you can remember how to do that, the coming times will be much easier on you.  We will do all we can to make your lives enjoyable.  That, you see, is how they were intended to be.  Until tomorrow, then.  Good-bye.

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2 comments on “Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Every Aspect of Life on your Planet is about to Change Radically

  1. Melanie Shrives says:

    Sob Sob, so beautiful, Archangel Michael seems so of love and more love, may he strip us from our fears and caterpalt us into this change, cant wait. Guidance is so important for all. Love to all. xoxoxoxoxo

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