Linda Dillon: On Dec. 27, 1984, I Died

From Linda Dillon, The Great Awakening. 2012.

On the night of December 27, 1984, I died. The drive home was brutal. But as the saying goes “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Pulling onto our exit, we hit black ice. In those frozen moments we flew up one side of a hill and bounced ass-over-tea-kettle down. That’s when I left my body and found myself standing in a cold winter night’s sky with my guardian angel Nathaniel.

What was weirder – standing in thin air, or being with an angel? Angel, hands down. I felt no pain, just the warm connection that somehow I had always known. Gently, Nathaniel told me it was time to make a decision to stay or return home – to die. It wasn’t a high-drama moment; it was calm, peaceful, just a choice. I knew very clearly that I had not completed the mission or reason I chose to be born. I didn’t know what that reason was, but I knew beyond a doubt that I hadn’t done it yet. And so, I chose to live.

The recovery was long and painful – it was a time before much was understood about crushed bodies and closed head injuries. But what happened during those years of recovery is the beginning of the story. I had always had a strong spiritual life and connection with the universe but I kept it in what I believed was proper perspective. I avidly pursued a career that I loved in human services. I was helping people and communities with issues that needed addressing for the disenfranchised, disabled and underprivileged. I was doing good work, work that obviously laid the foundation for what was to come but miles away from what became my soul/sole journey.

In an effort to stay sane and relieve pain, it was suggested that I try meditating. While I had done deep prayer work and taken a little yoga, meditating was a foreign concept to me. However, lying in bed and having no other alternatives to deal with the pain I began. I relaxed, began with a little prayer and asked for help. Immediately a huge golden orb appeared in my mind’s eye and hovered over me, moving from my head down my body to my feet and back again. The process was repeated several times. Then an orb of the most beautiful rich emerald green I have ever seen appeared and repeated the same process. I felt warm, relaxed and the pain was reduced. Wow – maybe there’s something to this meditation stuff.

After several days, I was feeling remarkably better, emotionally and physically but I was also curious as all get out – what was going on? So one morning when the golden orb appeared on schedule I asked –“Who are you?” I don’t know why but I definitely knew it was a who. A booming voice answered “I am Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth.” I repeated the process with the emerald orb and received a more modest reply “I am James, Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior, Son of God.” Now I knew that I had crossed the line from depression and discouragement to being absolutely off my rocker. But because I kept feeling better I ignored common sense and kept going.

After a couple of weeks of this morning routine I was compelled to get up, go to my kitchen table, get pen and paper and start writing. You could say I felt I was in an altered state. After making squiggles and circles on the paper my hand began to move of its own volition and the words appeared “Welcome to the Council of Love.” Immediately I asked who they were and the answer they gave is the answer I relate to this day:

“The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, Archangels, enlightened saints, the Apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the Ascended Masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth.”

As if this wasn’t enough for one lifetime when I asked what they wanted with me Gabriel’s answer was they wanted to talk and teach and prepare humanity for the Shift. I had no idea what the Shift was – talking to non-physical beings was enough without them telling me that I was to be their messenger to help the world prepare for the Shift. Nevertheless, they began to talk about the Shift – and while the primary speakers were Archangel Gabriel and the Apostle James they were regularly joined by others of the heavenly realm particularly Archangel Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary.

The Council told me that the Shift was a shift for Earth and humanity from the third dimension of duality to the seventh dimension of Christ Consciousness. Part of this Shift would involve a tilt in the Earth’s axis south by southwest, by seven-point-three degrees which would result in massive destruction and that about three percent of the world’s population would survive. It would require great preparation and relocation of many if they were to survive. It was explained not only as a cleansing of Earth’s surface because of the devastation that had occurred on Gaia but the unfoldment of Divine Plan. The decision was Gaia’s to wipe her face clean and begin again with the original plan of the Universal Mother which was for Earth to be a planet of Love – a place where angels could come and play and experience physicality, the opportunity to experience Love and joy in form. [Steve: Fortunately this assessment changed - see footnote 1.]

Needless to say this information weighed heavily on me – if I believed (and I did) what I was being told, then massive disaster was coming in future years and I was to be a modern day Noah. If it wasn’t true, then I had clearly lost my mind. Now in many ways I already felt that I had lost my life with injuries and being stuck in “recovery” but this was too much. Talk about a no-win situation. But at the same time a miraculous door had opened for me. The connection to these beings was so strong, so loving, so healing and so real. I did not feel isolated or alone, I felt loved, cherished and supported, as if they knew the magnitude of what they were telling and asking of me. I did not want to let go of this connection.

One morning as I sat at the kitchen table with my unseen friends, they communicated a little and then wrote they would not write any more. I was devastated. Finally I had this incredible connection and it was being taken away. The sense of loss was overwhelming. I staggered back into my bedroom and pulled the covers over my head and stayed there in deep dark depression for days.

This link had been so sweet, so fulfilling, that I decided I was not above begging. So once again, I returned to my kitchen table and the morning ritual, anxious, fearful, and distraught – what kind of loving beings would do this to me – had I not suffered enough? Was I not strong or willing or ready enough to take on the role they had proposed for me? As I sat there feeling this despair the pen started moving once again – first circles like always then the always consistent greeting “welcome from the Council of Love.” Then they went to the place on the page where I had ended my last transmission and finished the sentence “we will not write any more because we wish to speak through you.”

My heart leapt for joy – I wasn’t on the outs after all! And so began my training as a full channel for the Council of Love. This incredible group of enlightened beings have led me every step of the way for almost thirty years. There have been victories, struggles, personal challenges but the essence has always remained the same – I am their channel and I am here to help humanity through the Shift. The plan has been modified, clarified and the pieces put in place to assist each of you in this process of Shift, of Ascension, of fulfilling your mission and purpose in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan.


(1) Later in the book Linda explains what altered that outlook but Archangel Uriel in Heavenly Blessings radio show also recently mentioned it so let me cite the latter statement:

“The future is bright. … The transition is not to be feared. It is not cataclysmic. And it most certainly is not Armageddon. It is not a pole shift. It is not oceans rising and drowning billions of people. It is not the sun falling out of the sky. It is a shift of dimensional reality. Yes, it is Gaia moving and each of you. There will be some shifting that Gaia does as she moves but it is not done in a way of cataclysm. And the reason it is not done in the way of cataclysm is because of all the healing, all the love that has been sent to this beautiful planet, this sentient being, this angel of Earth over many decades.

“What happened – humanity woke up.  So [are] there still pollution and things to be rectified?  Yes. But will it be done through devastation? No. And the reason being, it is not of love. We cannot create the new out of destruction. That is reflective of the old paradigms.  So the new emerges gently, sweetly and in love.

“If you are fearful, then go to where you feel safe because it is what calls you. And in all likelihood it is your new City of Light.  But do not move because you think that you are going to be at the mercy of Gaia. That simply is not so.”  (Archangel Uriel through Linda Dillon onHeavenly Blessings, March 28, 2012, at

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