The Energies of April 2012


Sunday, 1 April, 2012

We have been in a heavy retrograde period since January 23 and it has impacted every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a project, relationship, life decision, or outcome that was would not move, no matter how important it was or how hard we tried, this period has brought much of our lives to a standstill. Like a breath of fresh air, energy that has been stuck for weeks has begun to move  again and now we can start taking action. But although we have cosmic support to help us move forward, everything is not a ‘go’, as we now have to set a new energetic center and decide where we want to go and what is moving ahead with us.

March energy focused our attention on the imbalances in our individual and collective reality by turning our attention to what doesn’t serve us, decisions we avoid, things we hope will simply take care of themselves or what we are willing to tolerate. But in the magnifying mirror that retrogrades can become, everything looks distorted and we saw where we have been short changing ourselves, robbing ourselves of our joy, and limiting our movement by not standing firmly in our power. This was a time for assessment, review, strategizing and purging. April is when we can implement and take action. But we aren’t fully out of the retrograde ‘woods’ yet, so to speak.

As we move into this new month which holds a lot of promise and potential, we are being asked to do an energy inventory so we know where our energy is going and what it is creating. We’re always creating, all of the time, even if most of our creative process is unconscious. Some of what March’s energies revealed may need to go on a DNR list (Do Not Resuscitate) so we stop putting our energy towards things which do not serve us. What will you put on your DNR list, limiting beliefs, habitual thinking or fears? April’s energies are about taking conscious, deliberate and intentional action in areas that serve our most cherished dreams and desires.

There is a new moon on April 6, Easter on April 8, a time of rebirth and renewal, a powerful full moon on April 21 and the Sun is now in Aries, which is the actual beginning of the new year. So set some new year’s resolutions to maintain your energetic balance, stay focused, centered and grounded in your intention for your life. We are in a powerful manifestation period now and it’s all happening instantaneously.  Be aware of how your creative power is working in your life. The Universe will support us in anything we create, so we might as well create things we like.  And happy birthday to my fellow Aries this month! Have a great month.

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