Wes Annac – Encoded Interpretations of a Dream

Plenty of people document and remember their dreams, because the messages we are given in such realms not only give us guidance and advice on endeavors in our own Lives, our dreams have also served to generally predict events that are to occur, or rather encode such ‘predictions’ through symbolism that we are given to decode in our own dreams.

Again, plenty of people document their dreams and many predictions given through dreams have indeed occurred, and while I do not normally remember my dreams I would like to share a segment from a dream I had this morning that I actually remembered. This is only a small segment of this dream that I have remembered, but I think the symbolism given in this dream is significant so I feel that sharing it would be significant.

I guess I should ‘set the stage’ for this dream, as to what I can actually remember from it. I was walking down the street of an area very close to the area I Live, though the setting in this dream was merged between three towns in this area I Live, that I am very close to. These towns I speak of are within 3 miles of each other, and are very closely-nit. These are also three towns that I have had vast experience with during this current Life of mine, which is why the settings from each town were displayed in my dream. 

The dream was displaying the fact that I was inhabiting somewhere familiar, somewhere known and somewhere I am comfortable in. So, I was walking around this place as normal, as if I was walking to a store or doing whatever else I would be walking around to do. I wish I could set up better what happened next, but I will just have to jump right into it and explain it the best I can.

I saw in the sky, not very far up, a large disc-shaped craft, and I mean large – this thing was very big in diameter and flying quite close to the ground. Now, despite all of my experience with our extraterrestrial and ascended brethren, having seen their ships before in my waking state though only momentarily, and having seen them and their craft in much more revealing ways in the dreamscape, (Mariara the Pleiadian personally contacted me from one of her starships in the dreamscape, which is what kick-started my relationship with her and my channeling of her.) were I to see such a thing in the sky flying so close to the ground in my waking Life, I would probably feel a bit of a rush of adrenaline and excitement, and I’ll admit that the sheer awesomeness of the whole thing may scare or shock me at first, until I would be able to soak the whole event in.

This is not what happened in this dream. I saw this large craft flying close to the ground, and I did not panic or fear in any way. I simply stopped and watched this thing fly around, and part of me wants to say that there were other craft flying around as well during this time but I cannot remember fully enough to say for sure. I watched this thing fly around calmly, and noticed that at the top of the craft there seemed to be a gazebo, which to me has always been a symbol of a higher dimensional freedom, for reasons that I am unsure of but every time I see a gazebo, I am filled with Lighted feelings and emotions.

Before continuing the description of this dream, I must reiterate that what happens in dreams are not always meant to be literal physical interpretations, rather what happens is meant as symbolism, to again be decoded and understood by the person having the dream. As I noticed this large craft and the carousel-type gazebo that seemed to not only be on top of this craft, but seemed in a way to be this craft, it started spinning out of control and as I watched this happen, the craft came closer to me and eventually crashed near me.

Still with no fear in my heart and rather with a calm excitement, I ran over to get the person out of this craft who had crashed. The person who was in the craft, was a childhood friend of mine and he seemed to be badly injured, with his leg twisted and bruised. I don’t know if what I’m about to say is relevant to the message given in the dream, but the childhood friend’s name was Michael, shortened to Mike. (This is a real person who I used to be friends with, but I don’t talk to him often. To the best of my knowledge, he still Lives in my original hometown, which is again only a couple miles away from where I currently Live.)

Again, as soon as this craft crashed almost as if I knew the crash was going to happen and that I would be needed to respond, I ran over and pulled my friend Mike out of the gazebo-based craft in which he had been flying. My friend was injured, and a few other people who I did not and do not know came running to be of assistance, and in the dream these people were apparently friends of Mike. They were quite surprised and a little freaked out, and despite the seeming intensity of Mike’s injuries (leg twisted up and bruised among other injuries) I was assuring these friends of his that he was going to be ok and that everything was going to be ok.

I feel that there are many encoded messages in this dream, and I will analyze some of them and what I can remember of the dream now. First, I think it should be noted that this craft seemed to appear in my dream out of nowhere, while I was comfy walking around in my three-town physical paradigm. It should also be noted for me personally the gazebo on the top of this craft that in some parts of the dream seemed to be this craft, as again, for some reason gazebos have always been significant to me, though I don’t exactly know why.

The appearance of the craft out of nowhere, in my view symbolizes and predicts the boldness and sheer ‘out of nowhere-ness’ in which disclosure and many planned flyovers of starships and motherships are to take place on our world, while many people are comfy in their own paradigms. The craft showing up did indeed excite me, but it was a calm excitement, almost as if I knew that this entire event was going to be happening.

The spin that is going to be put on disclosure from the typical expected darker sources who are based in disinformation and propaganda, was displayed as the spinning out of control of the craft, as the spin put on such matters by the dark will be for the purposes of crashing the disclosure announcements, which of course will be for the attempts to further hurt the general unawakened public, which was of course represented by my childhood friend who to the best of my knowledge is unawakened, crashing the craft and getting hurt because of the spin put on the craft.

Also, the fact that his leg was twisted, in my view represents the fact that the dark propaganda-machines will try to twist the stories and disclosures around into stories that make the general public fearful and submissive. The purpose of this twisting will be again, to hurt the general unawakened public and this is represented in the dream by my friend’s injuries.

Without trying to sound egotistical, I feel that my hastened and quick response was a sign in this dream as well, but this was more of a personal sign for me, as indeed it was my dream and the Guides of mine who constructed the dream for me to experience, wished to give me personal messages along with the general message. I think what is represented in the dream by me immediately running over and trying to help, is the fact that many of us Lightworkers and Light Holders will be quickly responding to the attempted propaganda that will be churned-out in the beginning of the disclosures and announcements, and we will be working diligently to reverse such attempted propaganda and programming.

This entire dream was a simple prediction of the times to come and what will be happening in the immediate period ahead, with some other encoded messages for me personally. I think that the dream was significant, and if there are any other impressions that any of you have gotten from reading this account, don’t hesitate to post a comment on this article about other possible things you think this dream could have been saying. Any opinions are welcome!

Much Love all,

Wes Annac :)

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15 comments on “Wes Annac – Encoded Interpretations of a Dream

  1. Tauno says:

    Hi, Wes, amazing dream indeed, I have to share my dream from last night here too, as well as a talk between me and Umbro last night, the talk and the dream are closely connected and now your dream confirms all! Thank you, here are my experiences, first – the talk with Umbro from GLS TULYA
    6th of April 2012
    Update from Umbro

    I was meditating with Leos and i got a message from Umbro

    Umbro : This is Umbro speaking again. We are very close to manifest ourselves into the physical as is your common wish. Remember that all that is happening at your physical plane is part of the experience in your 3D reality and yet it is a part of the illusion, only the lessons make sense, we are watching all of you closely, you are making progress, your heart chakras are opening for the Oneness and your minds realize the many layers of existence, the pyramids are means for keeping/storing the knowledge and conveying the energy

    Tauno – Thank you, Umbro

    Second – my dream that is connected with one of my friends personal experiences

    April 7, 2012 @ 3:06 am [Edit]

    Dear friends
    I had a dream and a strange Being I saw in my dream….small body with two legs and two arms,huge head that looked like the Sun with rays, it was shining with a strong golden Light, the Being looked like the ancient little statues found in South America, now I start to think about these halos….I think I was connecting with a friend of ours that is helping Les, I hope she is ok
    Love and Light

    April 7, 2012 @ 3:18 am [Edit]

    …Omg!…Tauna,that Description is Very Similiar to the Short,Golden Skin Being that Appeared Beside By Bed,Months Ago!…and i Actually Saw Him…In the Moments that He Appeared,iAsked Him His Name and iGot, “Dawn”…From Then On,iThought He was My One of My Guides…Dawn was/is about 3 Feet High…and the Only Word that iRemebered was His Name…Very Cool!!… :D
    April 7, 2012 @ 3:24 am [Edit]

    Dawn – resonates !!!! This Being was standing in the air, not on the ground although it does not have wings , it was just in the air and its body was golden and yet etheric ….Yes, I think you are right, Babajij! WOW, we are doing a great job :) Keep rocking, my friend!!!!!!!!
    Love you
    April 7, 2012 @ 3:37 am [Edit]

    Awesome :-)

    • Wes Annac says:

      That is so beautiful Tauno, thank you for sharing with us! If you begin channeling Umbro regularly, I will gladly post the words of this beautiful being on this site ♥

      And thank you as well for sharing your experience with Dawn!! Crazy how you and dear babajij have had similar experiences with this being! :)

      Much Love :)

      • Tauno says:

        Thank you, dear Wes, this is the second time that Umbro talks with me, all is in STC and the most wonderful thing is that we are together, person alone cannot see where he/she stands on the way of his/her progress, synchronicity is our means for understanding, I hope to meet you tonight during dream time on GLS ALGIZ, just Center in the Now-Heart and you will be teleported and….let`s pray for our dear Leslee to be healed
        Love and Light, dear Wes!

  2. Mandy says:

    Freaky…….3 years ago I was driving to college in the city. The sunrise was awesome and I began my prayer “Dear God allow me to be an instrument of Your Will……”. When I completed my prayer I noticed that, about 2 kilometres ahead of me, a tractor trailer was jack-knifing at an intersection. I saw the middle traffic light go flying. It took me about 2 minutes to reach the intersection, where about 20 cars were stopped. There was a small pick up truck down an embankment. I still, to this day, am stunned that no one had bothered to get out of their vehicles to help.
    I ran to the pick up. The man inside was unconscious. I tried to open his door but it was jammed. I ran to the other side and got in, propped him up as he was choking on blood. By that time a few men had jumped into action to help me – one of them held the man up, as he was too heavy for me and the truck was leaning. I went to the driver’s side where they were trying to open the door. One guy said “I need something to pry it open.” Being it was a work truck, I looked around the ground as the tools were all scattered. I picked up a crow bar and tapped the guy and said “Here you go, use this.” He looked at the crow bar in my hand and then just stared at me. I had to shove it at him and say “HERE! USE IT!”
    I walked to the front of the truck. The guy inside that was tending to the man looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up. He instantly relaxed and smiled back. I could hear the sirens coming and concluded there wasn’t anything more for me to do, so I said a prayer asking the Angels to come and comfort and heal everyone, and I left. Unfortunately, the man died.
    When I asked God later “Why did I have this experience?” the answer I got was “Practice for what is coming.”
    I pass this site often, acknowledge the spirit that passed that day, and smile when I think of the perception the men who helped must have had of me that day. If I were them, I’d be thinking “Was that an Angel who appeared out of nowhere and left just as quickly?”
    Thanks for this reminder – I keep intending to track down his family to let them know that he was definitely not alone in his final moments.

  3. Brenda says:

    I had a very similar dream (message) last night as well involving a large disc-like ship hovering very low in the sky. I was also in a very comfortable spot with people that I knew and people that I didn’t know. I also was very excited because I have not seen any star ships in my awake life and the dream began with me looking up to see 3 or 4 light orbs that were moving around, expanding, changing colors and one made the spiral (very exciting to see that). In my dream there was a young man (I didn’t know) crying…because he said this did not fit in with his religious beliefs and others were very afraid of the large craft, which actually scared me too. My feeling this morning was this…We are here and we love you so much that we are not revealing ourselves just yet because the fear is still too great for some of you. I was so comforted by this message and my own fear (which I was consciously unaware of) has subsided considerably. I am delighted that others are having these dreams/connections with our galactic friends. This feels like disclosure in the gentlest way. Much love to you Wes.

    • Wes Annac says:

      Brenda, it is amazing to hear how similar your dream was to the dream and message I received. It is like they do not yet wish to allow the hurt of the general humanity who is unawakened, which results from the shenanigans of the dark ones whenever significant progress is attempted to be made.

      Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Denise Jennings says:

    Hi…wes and friends

    Although ….I have many vivid dreams…I would like to mention a dream my son had..he is 12 years old. He told me in his dream he woke up from his bed and walked to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom and started to walk back to his room he saw a tall being standing by his door…he stopped and stared….the being raised his hand ….the being had four fingers and one of the fingers started to light up and touched my son on the forehead….and he woke up..

    The most amazing part in this dream was the being was himself but an older version….if anyone can please offer an explanation of what this can possibly mean it would be a great help. To top it off my sons birthday is on 12-21. And this year he will be turning 13….

    Thank you and much love to everyone….

    Denise Jennings

    • Tauno says:

      Hi, Denise
      Your son has met his Higher Self perhaps and he has got a very strong message and a invitation , he will start his own mission as an active Lightworker soon, I had a similar dream experience but the Being there was one of my Guides

      • denise says:

        Thank you Tauno…..Bless you and thank you so much for your response I appreciate it so very much….this is truly amazing to learn that he received a strong message and invitation…i had a feeling it meant something strong but did not know about an invitation..does this mean that he needs to start doing something inorder to reach a certain path or is this an invitation that will present itself to him later on?

  5. Leonard says:

    Dear Wes,

    I like very much your articles, but this one i loved. I had such dreams since my young adulthood, in the 90’s. Please allow me to give you my own understanding about your vision.
    First of all, all the images in your dream, are the language intended to be understood by you only. The objects and people in your dream can be signs for a future happening, BUT, more important, they are also symbols for a higher reality intended to be understood BY YOU.
    The surroundings are intimately known and very familiar to you, meaning that it is this 3D world. The boy (Michael) have the image of your friend, meaning that he’s an entity known by you, but not entirely understood by you (his twisted leg is the way YOU understand him, you recognize him but not entirely accurately). Also, he is known by other people who also misunderstand him in a way or another (you don’t know if they have seen him with the same leg problem, or other injuries, do you?).
    It’s the situation with us and our friends from higher realms. When they are in their domain, they made themselves known to us using messages, but when they will make themselves suddenly visible, they will be partially misunderstood in unpredictable ways, seen by you in your dream, like accidents. You and the people around will want to help and to do your best, and you know that all will be OK.
    That’s all, the situation is imminent, and we are ready. How do i know? You recognized the boy, he have only a broken leg. If you have had any fear, i think that the entity have been a stranger in your dream, perhaps a violent or ugly one.
    Love/Light to everyone. Leonard

    • Wes Annac says:

      Thank you very much for this interpretation Leonard, and I think that you are on to something. What you have said resonates with my mind and heart, and could explain much of the encoded symbolism given in this dream.

      I am happy that I felt no fear, and was rather calm and ready to help the soul out of the craft. I think we should all start paying extreme attention to our dreams if we can, just like David Wilcock has been saying for nearly a decade. :)

      Thanks again, Much Love :)

  6. Kalna Yamski says:

    I have had many dreams of Lightships recently and have seen them in the evenings very briefly in the same spots as in my dreams.I have over come my fears but they were the kind of fears that I felt were projected to me outside of me and one was quiet painfull.As I was watching one of my light palls floating around I heard this voice say I hate these kind of people and the emotion from them was that our kind of people are a nuicanse coss they have to sort it out at night when they could be tucked up in a chair with a beer. The lightship slowly winked out and a helicopter came by and I went home in a state of shock.Two evenings later I saw two lightships sending me waves of comfort and love trying to tell me we did not send that message and I thought up to them I know it wasnt you it is OK I know but the shock of hearing and feeling that kind of thing lasted a few days and still has an affect when I remember it.This is not a dream this happened in June 2011.

  7. Kalna Yamski says:

    I would be grate full of any advice from any of you remembering this is painfull and I get scared of going out at night.I make myself do it as I know I must to get on with the Missions we all must achieve and even a Star seed like me who knows and has been aware of our light friends for years can get a bit over whelmed when these things come into our physical lives.If I hear helicopters i panic and go inside quickly.I have also seen those horrible black jets that give out bad vibes.Sometimes when I have seen those helicopters go by I feel sick and nausouse and get stomach aches. This is what can set you back and prevent you from going to meet our light pals these are the sources of the outside fears created in you also I think some of these fear vibes come from the phone mast that are every where sending out electromagnetic waves to supress your spiritual abilities.
    So a few thoughts for you all to think on.

  8. Tauno says:

    Hi, Denise
    Your son has to wait for the Spirit to show him the path. Just live his life as before …nothing more…the Spirit leads him in the most loving way to his highest good , your son will inwardly know what to do when the time comes
    Be Blessed with Love and Light, dear!

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