Kauilapele – What I am Feeling Now

by GLR kauilapele

Posted on April 12, 2012 

This may apply to no one else besides myself, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Right now I am feeling rather lost. Almost like drifting, just staying afloat, not really going anywhere. Like in a grand ocean, treading water, but staying on the surface, not diving under, just there… on the surface. That’s it.

This feels like a phase just before getting lifted out of the water, and going up to a craft in the air, like a helicopter. And after getting up there, what a view! So completely different than being in the water down there. And a heck of a lot more fun.

You know, I also have absolutely no desire to find a standard work situation anymore. As it is, just like the “treading water” scenario, I’ve been getting occasional music jobs, andselling a CD or two here and there. Just enough to pay most of the bills.

The reason for this “treading water time” is that I feel there is another “job” awaiting many of us, very shortly. I feel that what is coming in is more of a “transition job”, perhaps assisting with the earth changes that are occurring now, but soon to take place in a much “bigger” way.

I had a dream recently, that I was in a class, as a teacher, but the young people in the classroom were talking, carrying on. I knew they were not quite ready for the “teachings” I was offering, so I walked out, knowing that before very long, they would be ready to hear what I had to share with them.

What is soon to take place, well, it will be a shock to very many here on this planet. A very “severe” wake-up call. Not everyone will awaken. But many will.

There will be other “jobs” beyond these “interim jobs”. Some types of galactic endeavors. Many of us have been carrying out these kinds of endeavors for awhile now. It will soon be much more necessary to move according to Guidance from Higher Self. “Move” may not mean anything physical, but certainly a move from within, to follow passions, desires of the Heart, capital H. And go, perhaps including physically, where Heart, capital H, requests.

Gaia is moving. That’s for sure. Right now, after the 8.6 in Indonesia, a bunch of other ones have come out. The USGS earthequake site around the Pacific looks like a Christmas tree. And just saw that the seismometers all around the world look almost all black, from the lines of vibrations going on now. (Thanks, Kerry, for posting the link.)

Gaia is ringing! Ringing, perhaps, with the excitement of a next grand adventure step. I am going to “ring” along with her!


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2 comments on “Kauilapele – What I am Feeling Now

  1. theo says:

    feel just the same, brother…

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yes me too and I don’t like to tread water or feel uninspired to do something anything. But to return to a new way a new life is worth the wait.

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