Anchoring your Rainbow Pillars of Light


Anchoring Your Rainbow Pillars of Light. The Council of the Venus Ray, through Rastran of Sirius. By, AuroRa Le. April 13, 2012..

Greetings, Dear Hearts, I am Rastran. I come before you this day to remind you of a gift you each were given and of a task you all agreed to perform, prior to your bodily incarnation upon the surface of our blessed Gaia. You, the Bringers of Light, the Wayshowers, the Custodians of the Earth. The gift of which I speak is one which you agreed to bestow upon her, at a time in your future, when the energies were aligned.

“What is this thing,” you ask? “I have no memory of this?” But, alas, dig deep and you shall see that you do. You are remembering, every time you choose to connect yourself to her magnificent core-crystal or as you set afire the crystalline grid. This gift I speak of is your gift of color; your own spectacular array, which carries the vibrant shades and unique tones of your soul’s own personal energetic signature. Like a snowflake or a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. Within you exists the power to control this light and direct it where it is needed most. So I say to you now, that it is your beloved Mother Earth who is most sorely in need of your services at this time.

Within each of you resides the power to transmit your nurturing heart-essence deeply into the body of Gaia. This light you carry is constantly being replenished from Source, the Great Central Sun. You have agreed to share of this light with her, at such a time as this. Her birthing pains are growing greater and you are feeling it as she begins to thrash more violently in the throes of her labor. You experience this happening now, do you not? Her surface will be cleansed and the great continents will rise up again, but do you think she does this on her own? No. It is you who shall tenderly nurse her through these painful hours, your very essence acting as a cool cloth laid across her brow; an anesthetic to dull her aches. Yours is the firm hand she grasps with each contraction.

Do this thing for Gaia, as it is actually quite simple, and it is something that can be done as you go to and from your daily destinations. Trust that it shall only take a few moments of your time. Imagine you are walking down the street or driving in your car. Envision before you rows of translucent pillars of brilliant light, each one carrying the loveliest variations of your own hue. Visualize these glowing pillars literally planted along the sidewalks and medians, like towering multicolored streetlamps. Plant them. Raise them high, over the trees in a grassy park or strategically encircling a school, playground, or a place of commerce. Anchor them at their base and send them, like roots, deep into the very center of the Earth. Stabilizing. Strengthening. Fill them with your precious love. Let it stream into these pillars, thereby feeding Gaia as only her sweet children can. Embrace this task with great intensity. All are Divinely connected.

Accept that it is you, my Dears, who are the Creators of a rapidly transforming world. Give of yourself to Gaia, so that she may more painlessly nourish and grow a healthy and grand new civilization. Behold those pillars of your own creation and know that they are YOU. They are your soul’s blueprint in dazzling form. A rainbow of love.

Carry on in blessed service. You are loved.

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5 comments on “Anchoring your Rainbow Pillars of Light

  1. Cindy says:

    Hello and thank you for another enjoyable post and a new tool!

    I am interested in hearing what others have heard/read or others perspectives on this comment, “Her surface will be cleansed and the great continents will rise up again…”.

    In gratitude, Cindy

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hello Cindy,

      I think what is referred to in this message is the sunken land of Atlantis rising back up from the waters. This has been among the prophecies and predictions given for this time, that of Atlantis emerging back up from the depths of the ocean. As always, we will have to wait and see if it’s true. :)

      Much Love :)

  2. Kalna Yamski says:

    Also the Lands of Lemuria are going to rise too.I know the dibate on Earth changes is a difficult one to comprehend and the thought of the losses of familier places is horrifying, But we must remeber It is Mother Earths body and alot of these familier places have been contaminated by this Dark cabal and our own fears and negativity.There will be places of safety and most of you who read this site know you can call on our Space Families.
    Do we not call upon the support of our families when we have got our selves in a mess.We must support Mother Earth most of all as an act of unselfishness and with a lack of fear.
    I am scared of these changes I only know the basics of survival and the thought of losing the familiarity of my suroundings even Morisons is daunting but I know it is for Mother Earths benefit and that is enough.

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