Healing Earth News – BP Oil Spill Natural Recovery Far Greater Than Expected!


(editor’s note: It’s been nearly two years since BP spilled oil into our waters causing panic worldwide. “The fears of most people — that there would be a catastrophic collapse of the ecosystem in the Gulf — never materialized.” In fact, the speed at which recoveries are happening can be quite mind blowing!  I also love how this particular article didn’t try to “humanize” the recoveries by taking credit, rather simply calling it a “Natural Recovery.”  ~All my Love, Boo)



BP Oil Spill, Two Years Later: Natural Recovery Far Greater Than Expected

“The fisheries have come back like gangbusters,”


“The marshes that I saw actually looked very good,”






Here are the NASA photos of the spill region taken in early May, 2010


A Message From The Elementals:

As you are probably beginning to see, many “disasters” that man has caused are being lessened by the collective efforts of many non-humans.

The fish and fowl who were choking to death on the oil in their lungs cried out in anguish.

The plantlife released similar cries as they began to decay.

Are you beginning to understand that we will not be ignored?

My survival depends on your survival -this must become a mantra in the hearts of every human.

It is certainly a reality WE understand.

Tomorrow (the 19th of April) there will be an energy shift when the Sun changes from the Aries sign to Taurus.

Taurus the bull is quite insistent that the changes you have begun to make now be nurtured so they can continue to develop during the next month.

You have a lot of work to do and we are working right along with you!

~The Elementals (18 April, Year of the Light)

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One comment on “Healing Earth News – BP Oil Spill Natural Recovery Far Greater Than Expected!

  1. theo says:

    Hi, Boo!
    I greatly share your JOY for the miraculous speed of such “natural recovery”…
    The Gulf of Mexico was ABSOLUTELY right on the edge of a MASSIVE EXPLOSION.
    So what we all should surely know, is that THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET HAS A CREATOR.
    Which CREATOR was healing the Gulf by reversing time.
    With the help of the technology of HIS Galactic Friends.
    Just as with the Madrid Fault, California, Fukushima, or the 8,6 and 8,2 earthquakes,
    in which not one single human was dying.
    The Elementals themselves are HIS CREATION TOO.

    There comes a time,
    we’ll all need call the things
    by their right name.

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