Healing Earth News – Sustainable Water, Ethiopian Carnivores, Himalayan Glaciers, Khimki Forest

(editor’s note: What a glorious day! All across Gaia humans are stepping up in some really creative ways to make life better for every inhabitant.  ~All my Love, Boo)


IBM, U.Va. Launch Computing for Sustainable Water Project

The University of Virginia and IBM’s World Community Grid today launched the Computing for Sustainable Water Project, an effort to simulate and forecast the environmental and economic effects of agricultural, commercial and industrial decisions over the next 20 years in and around the Chesapeake Bay, America’s largest estuary.
World Community Grid, a kind of public supercomputer created and funded by IBM, provides the necessary computational power free of charge.
Ethiopia’s Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, and Lions Get National Action Plans
Three of Ethiopia’s large carnivores – the cheetah, wild dog, and lion – received much-needed action plans today to address future conservation of these imperiled predators, which are increasingly threatened by development and human-related activities.
The national action plan for cheetahs and wild dogs recognized that these two species have wide overlap in their conservation needs. Both require larger areas than many other carnivore species making conservation actions more difficult. Rapid expansion of land under agriculture and construction in Ethiopia compounds the problem. Other risk factors include livestock conflicts, prey loss, poorly managed tourism, illegal trade, and disease – particularly for wild dogs.
State of Himalayan Glaciers Less Alarming Than Feared
 Together with international researchers, glaciologists from the University of Zurich now reveal that the glaciers in the Himalayas are declining less rapidly than was previously thought.
Ever since the false prognoses of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Himalayan glaciers have been a focus of public and scientific debate.
“The majority of the Himalayan glaciers are shrinking, but much less rapidly than predicted earlier.” Based on their analyses, the researchers assume that glacier shrinkage will not have a major impact on the water drainage of large rivers like the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra in the coming decades.
Russian Mother Takes On Government, Powerful Interests to Save Moscow’s Lungs, the Khimki Forest
Seeing a red “X” on a tree during a routine walk through the forest would change Evgenia Chirikova’s life. She knew the 2,500-acre forest—the “green lungs of Moscow”—was federally protected land. Once she learned the government was planning to build a highway directly through the forest, Chirikova began to dig deeper and mobilize her community
We’ve achieved a number of things, including a six-month halt to the project, during which no logging occurred. During that time, we were able to generate the public environmental impact report, which included the development of the alternative routes. Overall, we’ve been able to completely stop logging of the oak grove—the most valuable part of Khimki Forest.
A Message from the Elementals:
Most people from “old countries”, particularly Ireland, have a long history of practical knowledge of who we are. Many Americans  have lost contact with the stories of our working history together, so we thought we would begin to introduce ourselves.
We sincerely hope that as you go about your day you will begin to “look” for us in places we reside. This requires beoming still in your mind and body, closing your physical eyes and remaining open to our subtle “hellos.”
Undines, Nakki, and Vestri are water fairies. They are found near water bodies both large and small (even in a garden fountain). In water locations where you also find grapes, thyme, iris flowers or willows there are most certainly members of the water fae family.
Gnomes, Elves, and Dwarves are earth fairies. They thrive in rocks and rich soil. Look for mushrooms, ferns, alfalfa or tulips. In the deep stillness of these locations, you are sure way to hear their giggles.
Sylphs, Cloud People and Austri are known as air fairies. Hanging wind chimes, clusters of feathers or prayers flags out delights them to no end. Lemongrass, clover and of course dandilions make thoughtful gifts as well.
Salamanders, Hobs and Penates are the fire fairies. While rather illusive, they seem to enjoy congregating around solar lights -especially those in gardens. Dill, garlic, juniper and sunflowers offer compatible vibrations for these busy Elementals.
When you find or create a spot dedicated to attracting a particular species of Elemental you may find yourself in the company of an occasional visitor or even ones who decide to take up permanent residence!
Be a good host and leave offerings of honeycakes and ale or sweet cream as a “thank you.”
~The Elementals (20 April, Year of the Light)

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