Response to Comments

Thank you to everybody who has been commenting and attempting to get ahold of me via the comments – I do indeed see them and wish that I could get back to everybody. Things are moving quite quickly at the moment and I find myself very busy – both with ascension work and with events in my own 3D Life – so I cannot get back to everybody at this very moment. As my heart does not like to let questions go unanswered, I will more than likely be better able to answer comments at a later time.

Just wanted to let all who have commented to me know that I am not ignoring you!! :)

Much Love all,

Wes :)

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One comment on “Response to Comments

  1. Ian says:

    Thank you very much for your work Wes! You helped me to discover who I am. And my task is to join you in the revelation of Ascension. I speak french (I’m from Quebec Canada) and I have to produce videos in french telling human beings what is going on… You are my main inspiration! I’m Pleiadian. Love and Light my friend! : )

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