The Issue of Emails

I’ve never fared extremely well when it comes to the more ‘bureaucratic’ aspects of this job – editing and proofreading channelings, transcribing, trying to keep up with everything – and I regret to inform that I must for the time being, close off my public email account (wesremal@yahoo)

From groups of friends asking me to take part in astral trips that I dearly wish I could answer and accept, to awakening and fellow walk-ins looking for advice en masse that I also wish I could answer and give assistance to, to people using emails of mine that I hardly remember writing in the first place in legal battles… it’s just getting to be a bit too much, so I must close off my email for a while or rather, keep it open but the majority who send me an email can more than likely expect not to get a response. I am dearly sorry and am not trying to be uncaring or anything of the sort, I simply must eliminate one of many stresses if I am to keep my own energies in tact enough to be able to be of assistance.

With the recent increases in purity of the energies we are being given with the 5-5-5 energy gate, certain aspects of my still-prevalent ego have been shown to me in undeniable ways and in ways that demand action and re-shifting for my own growth and ascension out of these vibrations. Unfortunately, the email situation has gotten a bit ridiculous to the point where it can become a cause of stress and a hinder of my own growth.

I still have all those who applied on my list for readings, so one does not need to worry about that.

Much Love all,

Wes :)

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3 comments on “The Issue of Emails

  1. N.E. says:

    Wes–take good care of yourself!

  2. pocahontasbrandy says:

    just to let everyone know i will be keeping an eye on weses emails for him so if there is something very important or you just simply want to tell him something i will tell him :)

  3. Melanie Shrives says:

    I for one, just dont know how you have been doing it all in the first place, seriously remarkable. Forgetting that you are a walk in, at 18yrs its nearly impossible to get anyone at that age to focus on one thing, yet you have written and collaborated 1000’s of messages and guidance, in this demanding 3d life, we all have yet something truly astonishing to learn from you. Good on you, for knowing its time to do things differently.

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