Nature is Beautiful :)

I would like to apologize for my decreased presence on this site recently; I have spoken briefly of how these newer and purer energies have been effecting me and I am and have been quite drained as of late. Despite this, Life has never been better and I personally feel that I am unlocking so many more layers and facets of my overall higher self, the me who came here to experience myself and my full form once the distortions thrown over my eyes were transcended… and that time is soon coming.

Anyhoo… :)

The point of this post was to let you guys know that I will be out camping this weekend, so this site may continue not to get updated over the next few days unless KP is around. Obviously it will not continue to be this way, as updating this site every day has been and still is one of my favorite things. This integration period is soon to be ‘replaced’ with the next phase in my personal cycle wherein I feel the abundance of energy that sees me able to perform all of my duties happily with a smile on my face.

At this current moment however, I may have to ask you guys to bear with me a bit. :) :) :D

See ya’ soon! :) :)

Wes :)

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5 comments on “Nature is Beautiful :)

  1. iamstasha says:

    angel. i didnt even realize it was thursday. i thought it was monday
    u are not alone
    i love you

    • Wes Annac says:

      Thank you so much dear friend, your Love is so greatly appreciated and happily absorbed :) :) :)

      • iamstasha says:

        sooo much i have to tell you
        but i will leave you to simply connect with my energy or call upon my guides for this message… i want to thank you as u may or may not realize that YOU single handedly reunited the one true… long lost family. words would only cheapen this. i send love to your family as you have blessed mine beyond belief.

  2. iamstasha says:

    angel… you are SO not alone

  3. iamstasha says:

    you know that i am always here… i thought today was monday

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