The Eyes of God / Creation Await Our Arrival!


Well yesterday was a first in my reading world, every single person got the same visual.  Imagine the worlds largest shower curtain, that’s what it looked like.  A huge circular golden rod at the very top of this white curtain of circular energy around each persons body and life.  We could see nothing else.  And the field wasn’t offering up anything tangible at all.  However, we did get some interesting details about whats coming up… well, a wee bit.

First, if we can look at the month of May as having gone thru a car wash.  April served to get our “car” completely ready for “life after the eclipse” and May (so far) has served to be the last power wash to get any remaining goo of our energy bodies, then a super rinse and now the final wax.

Every step of the way, the human(s) were shifting and bending, releasing and infusing… making subtle choice after subtle choice.  Every new choice change the grid of their life.  From what I am understanding this morning, the energy of the 15th starts to bring this all to life in your (our) world.  It feels like the sprouts before a huge dump of fertilizer takes place (the eclipse.)

Even fertilizer is a double edge sword, those prepared for it (energetically and consciously) will really begin to thrive, those in resistance, it burns.

I also got some interesting information about our field of Harvest.  I refer often to “good karma coins” that will be released energetically as the Eclipse opens the veil further.  Something that I never thought about until yesterday as I was having a conversation with someone.

Over the months, it became clear to me that anything awaiting our harvest in the West field of life can only be good and positive.  No negative crap can exist in this field.  This alone has been a comforting thought.  Then this pesky little added detail emerged: What we do with it, is up to us!

Example:  Lets say you have a handful of good karma coins each day you wake up.  You suddenly have a thought and its filled with bitterness for another person.  If you don’t honestly and truly transmute that thought and feel the true gift of whatever made you bitter in the first place… those karma coins are bringing something bitter to your life, maybe someone close to you all of sudden has bitterness towards you.  Keep in mind, this is a small and general example.

No wonder it has been said over and over by so many people, that being conscious of your thoughts and feelings are crucial!

In one of the readings I had this past week, if I am not mistaken, it was the man with the big wagon wheel rainbow energy thingie in his life… on what I now refer to as “the other side of the eclipse” I had seen two really really large beautiful eyes looking back at him, in his present moment.  I really didn’t understand it at all.

I am also learning that when I see something in a reading and I don’t fully understand it, not only do I not write about it, it goes into the abyss of information that has come thru that I just forget about.  I really do need a bigger brain to hold all this information!!

A new blogger said hi and invited me to his blog page via the comments section of my blog.  This mans heart is poetry made manifest.  He has a section call “Your Beautiful Eyes” and even tho it contained only 4 lines, I was hit with an understanding about the eyes I had seen on the other side of the eclipse!

Everything has now come together in such a profound understanding (Thank youSubhan Zain!!)

Thru the hypnosis The Eye of Horus, the very ending of that event held the energy and visual of liquid yellow energy filling the month of May.  I believe it was also thru that hypnosis event where the Guardians refereed to that liquid energy as the soul energy of the creator himSelf.  Yes, masculine… we… the children of the earth are the feminine, the dreamer.  This liquid yellow energy, the soul of the creator is what brings it into manifested reality.

I have also heard so many times thru soooo many readings that the energy of living “Heaven on earth” begins as the eclipse crosses the earth on May 20th.  So when I read these 4 lines (an excerpt from Sabhan’s book “Malula”… the ah-ha feeling hit me so hard I almost fell out of my comfy chair (smile.)

Sweetheart, I flew to heaven last night

In there, I saw  your beautiful eyes

I have returned to the earth just now

And I see heaven in your beautiful eyes

I remembered the eyes from that reading.  They were at least 3 feet wide each, looking with both love and longing… excited and patient all at the same time!

Even now, it comes with such a feeling of the bridegroom (Creation) watching his bride (every one of us) prepare for the Holy Marriage talked about thru every sacred text out there.

That visual of yesterday… what I laughingly refer to as earths “Golden Shower” is our final dressing room… the details, not even the bridegroom gets to see.  And tomorrow (today, in some parts of the world,) we start our walk down the aisle!!

June and July is the honeymoon period… where we are adjusting and fine-tuning our merged relationship with Creation itself!

In awe and gratitude and bliss filled joy!!

Lisa Gawlas

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One comment on “The Eyes of God / Creation Await Our Arrival!

  1. Herrienne says:

    Thank u Lisa for such a lovely insight into this it reminds me of when in a dream i had not long ago about the sun and moon in the sky at the same time being like a pair of eyes. I also tell my star family that they also have beautiful big baby blue eyes and they laugh and smile love and light

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