Larry Buzzell – The Ego Body and the Service-to-Others Paradox

Ahh yes, the ego body. Necessary for you to have, as without it, you would perish. Easily controlled by ‘others’ through fear. The ability to process fear reintroduces you to a healthy relationship with that ego body. Why oh why have we been advised so many times to live in a fashion where fear does not control our actions? Why oh why is fear the primary tool of the not quite so bright. The primary tool, fear, is the dimmest, slowest. The inability to easily process this experience, choose rather than react, cumulatively diminishes our vibration. A very good example of this is in the service to others paradigm.I fear if I am selfish with my energy, others will suffer.

If I live in service to others, I am not in service to self. This is something of a paradox if you consider the understandings of a oneness consciousness. If we are indeed one, service to others is also service to self. Service to others also creates a need for ‘others’ to be served, helped, fixed, informed, healed. When you use your ‘personal’ energy in service to others, you diminish yourself. Your goal is to increase your vibration, not diminish it. You may ‘channel’ source energy (an unlimited inexhaustible supply) to accomplish this kind of work, and not diminish your own in the process, but the needs of the collective are still best served vibrationally by increasing your power of self (which is not to be confused with service to self… a fear that there will not be enough for self if I share).

Assisting others who may be guided to ask for information is not creating individuals who need help. Seeking others to help and devoting your personal energy to this does. This is a perfectly acceptable path, naturally, since all paths lead to the same conclusions; the only difference may be the experiences to be had on the path, and the amount of ‘linear’ time that may be required. I was very interested in Steve [Beckow's] last post where he described the experience he’s been feeling, somewhat selfish with his time, not answering the email, the phone, the schedule set out for him to accomplish. In a seeming paradox, this was empowering, while the other life, draining. Why would this be true, how could “being in service to others” be draining, where does this idea that a diminished being in service to other even more needy beings is somehow better originate? Wonderful questions to ponder,

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2 comments on “Larry Buzzell – The Ego Body and the Service-to-Others Paradox

  1. babajij says:

    ~I Am Sorry…Please Forgive Me,yet I Now Cringe at the Word (raef) Bravery…Courage< to Be Seen More Often in Print and In Action…Thank You…babajij/John Paul~

  2. autumn says:

    Timely article Wes as usual. Just put that concept together myself. Some One asked the question “what is the puzzle in the Law of One”. It is the STS, STO paradox. lol!! Thank you my Friend.

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