Lucas – Turning Outside In and Inside Out – Understanding the Bigger Picture

In the talks about the current shifts and happenings I regularly have with Bill Ballard, he and I came to the same conclusion. I had not seen his video yet and posted it this morning. In this article I write about the understanding the bigger picture of what is happening.

It is maybe strange but people still can not see that the solution can not be found outside ourselves but in ourselves. The notion that all is a  reflection of us on a higher level or lower level.  Like we have chakra’s,  Earth has chakra’s the Universe  has chakra’s , etc., etc.  See it like the Russian Matroyshka Dolls.  Everything is the same build on different levels and fitting in each other. So our earth fits in  our galaxy Matroyshka  as a part of that doll.

But it is even more difficult than that. The you in the mirror is not a mirror image it is you and not a flipped around image. You can test this fact by drawing an X on your right hand and see in the mirror where that X is . It will be on your right hand as you will see.  So the mirror image is really you!  But what is it then. It is seeing things can be seen different.  The  matrix  is the veil in front of you that makes you think that your mirror image, in standing before the mirror, is flipped around but in real it is not.

If that is difficult let us make it easier on you. In seeing we are only helping the transition and ascension process in not looking outside ourselves in trying to  correct things but by looking inside for changes. All the changes you make by skipping duality and working on opening and activating all your chakra’s  will be the changes made to the things outside of you also on different levels, micro to macro, etc. All is interconnected and there is no need for difficult gatherings and meditations or visualizations as the works of change inside will find its way in synchronicity to the right place and time at all levels.  See it as your are connected to the unity grid on this earth and earth connected to the unity grid of the galaxy and so on and on. You can make yourself the difference is therefore a true statement indeed. You just have to turn inside for this.

We, Our world, The Universe, Parallel Universes, Timelines, etc.,  are converging in a spiral downwards to the  inevitable point of Oneness.  See it like Bill Brockbrader’s AKA Bill Wood’s timeline One experience that will be the Oneness that expresses itself as he experiencing it as a wall at the endpoint. The wall which is merely a new state of being One is what makes it an invisible wall. This invisible wall is without duality and therefore all is and is not at the same time in balance.  The spiral or vortex that is continuous converging all back that is divided into dualities or polarities into Oneness is what is happening now for some time.  The vortex will find its way down in converging all faster and faster in time. The experiencing of our time speeding up in this spiraling down of all things to the unconditional Oneness and love that always was and is the Source of all at the end.

Our ascension and converging to the vortex endpoint, also the new beginning is what we on this earth initiated as the first and smallest Matroyshka doll. It will  change the outside and also therefore inside of the other dolls. The change therefore will effect all our universe in this convergence down the spiral.  This is why We,  who came here as divine souls on this earth, will become from students of the duality process the teachers of the new-found knowledge leading back to oneness in all after reaching our end-point and start of the new.

I hope to have explained, in simplified form, the way I see the bigger picture . Remember whatever you choose to do, the converging down the spiral will continue. We all will inevitably find ourselves at the long-awaited point back at the end of this vortex and we will be  One again in unconditional love from and united with the Source.

Love and Light,


(c) 2012 – Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with the blog mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

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3 comments on “Lucas – Turning Outside In and Inside Out – Understanding the Bigger Picture

  1. Andreea says:


  2. Kalna Yamski says:

    Sometimes you need to discuss with others to realise the knowledge IS inside you.Just a bit of brotherly sisterly interaction and you realise aha I knew that already what a simple minded idiot I can be.ha ha ha

  3. Kalna Yamski says:

    After all thats what we are all there for init for each other

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