Internet problems

This is an e-mail message I got from Wes about his internet problems:

I write you again from my phone as our internet has been down for days. I was hoping you could let everybody know that we think its the modem and it will cost a decent amount of money for a new one. We will be working on getting the money for a new modem over this upcoming week but this is the weekend of my earthly birthday anyhow, so I’m taking this unfortunate event to use as a bit of a vacation until we have the money for the new modem.

I (and sure many others) hope you to get this problem fixed as soon as possible, so it won’t take long till you are here with us again. Happy earthly birthday dear friend =) .

Much Love and Light on your way.

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8 comments on “Internet problems

  1. Pauli says:

    With over 59, 000 visitors to since April the 11th, each with the opportunity to Donate, I would sincerely hope that the necessary money for a new modem would be forthcoming, if not already arrived…..? [it seems only a couple of dozen days ago that the visitor count was just 1700, the first time I noticed it ! :-) ]
    If this is not the case, please do get back to me and I will be happy to “fork out” in any case !
    I value this communication channel SO VERY MUCH ! – More than words can express ! :-)

  2. Seren Poeth says:

    My husband and I just cancelled our DSL service because we are tethering our laptop through our phones for internet now. I have a perfectly functioning DSL modem and wireless router that are yours if you want them.
    -Seren Poeth

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Thank you dear friend, we think we have everything fixed now but your offer is still so very appreciated :) :)

  3. Happy Birthday Wes. Also ask if you need support financial towards your modem. I did also ask help and there some good hearts cam to help. We need to help each other whenever we can.

    Love and Light,

  4. babajij says:

    ~Hapi Borne Day, Wes!…I Wish for a decent Resolution with Ur Modem…Seize the Day and Expect Miracles!~

  5. Dave Ashwell says:


    It sure would be great if we knew just WHO this person is. There is no name associated with the message whatsoever, which is pretty sad. ALSO, tyere is no sign of WHO posted this message. Are we all supposed to be mind readers??

    Well we will be very soon, but just at the moment we are still in human frm, so PLEASE let us know WHY you are, and WHO this person is that you (whoever you are) refers to.

  6. M says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your latest Archangel Raphael message. It resonated with me especially the puppy part. Thanks M

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