American Holocaust of Native American Indians – 2 June 2012

Uploade by  on 5 November 2011.

‘American Holocaust’, a powerful and hard-hitting documentary, is quite possibly the only film that makes the connection between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed the lives of approximately six-million Jews, and the unacknowledged American genocide, which inspired the Nazis and which, according to conservative estimates, claimed the lives of over nineteen-million Indigenous American people. This fact has been shoved under the rug for far too long and it is fully exposed in ‘American Holocaust’. We have no doubt that you will be deeply moved by what you see in this film. If you’re like us, you will need to break out the Kleenex and be prepared to ‘watch it and weep’. To tune in, click on the link.

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3 comments on “American Holocaust of Native American Indians – 2 June 2012

  1. Melanie Shrives says:

    OMG, please, please God, I hope none of us in our past lives were responsible for hurting these beautiful beings i still do not know. God how do we go back and un-do all this pain?. How do we give these people back everything they were and are?

    • Wes Annac says:

      Even if we were dear friend, as we have played any and every role whilst on this world, we have been long forgiven and worked through very heavy karma as a result of such actions.

      For all we know, some of the men who were responsible for the holocuast of Native Americans could have reincarnated right into the very tribes that they destroyed, to experience what they had done. All is perfect and balances out. :) :)

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