Looking for Assistance with a Project

I am thinking of starting up a project where I give interviews on this site, and I may need a bit of assistance with setting everything up if anybody is interested in helping out. If you are interested in helping set up this project, leave a comment on this message or send an email to wesremal@yahoo.com. I first need somebody to add me on skype (name: Wes Annac) so that I can test out call-recording software that I have downloaded. Beyond that will be much more work, including finding music for the (probably weekly) segments, finding guests, working with Ustream (which I know little about at present) and more.

I would prefer the assistance of somebody who knows a great deal about this stuff; about setting up live streams and broadcasting them on this site, as I am quite a beginner when it comes to such things but really, any and all help will be appreciated from anybody. If you know somebody who is awakening and knows about setting up streams and the like, perhaps let them know about the help that is being sought after for this project.

Thanks in advance friends, I hope to get some replies and hope to get this project going and have it be one more source of Light and truth in our ongoing ascension processes.

Much Love,

Wes :)

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7 comments on “Looking for Assistance with a Project

  1. corey says:


    I am a starseed with extensive computer hardware and video experience. I have a BA in Film Studies from the university of north carolina at wilmington, and would love to help you out. When should we talk to hash out the details?

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hey Corey,

      I will be back home later this evening, I will be happy to send you an email and begin discussing everything and working out the kinks and what not. Thank you dearly for your interest in helping out, dear friend. It is much appreciated. :) :)

      Much Love :)

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hello again Corey. I realized that I do not have your email, and was wondering if you could send me an email at wesremal@yahoo.com or add me on skype (Wes Annac)

      Thanks again dear friend,

      Much Love :)

  2. Pauli says:

    Dear Wes, – I would jump at your request for assistance if I knew ANYTHING about the technology that you need.
    Instead, I and the 67,000 + visitors to your site will, I am sure, send you, and all who can help you, the most positive and grateful “Vibes” to help you bring about your desires with alacrity and great cheer ! :-)

  3. HeliMurf says:

    Dear Wes, – If I knew ANYTHING about the technology you require, I would jump to assist you in this.
    However, instead, I am sure that the 67,000+ visitors to your site will join me in sending you, and whoever comes forward to help you, the most positive and grateful good “Vibes” to propel your project into fact, with alacrity and great good cheer ! :-)

  4. Melanie Shrives says:

    Dido, Pauli. From South Africa with love, Wes Im so proud that there is starseeds that do something. I am not an IT/Broadcasting fundi, but will help from this side of the world if I can. Whether helping distribute your material, advertise or any help where I can assist. P.S I say Im not a fundi in broadcasting, but a genius at anything I try, so feel free to ask, I can learn something new. mjgas@eject.co.za. Goodluck sweetie, your so strong.

  5. Teka Ikao says:

    If you still need help ill help you where i can. I have no BA or something but i still know how to record edit and broadcast …. Maybe the problems i could help you most would be more acustically than visually but still if i can do anything just ask me please :D email: tekao7@hotmail.com

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