New Message on Earth Changes from the Elohim

Blessings children of Earth!


We are coming to you now with an update on the planetary changes happening in your universe.


Please be aware of the energetic shifts swirling around the globe as “Codes of Renewal” will assist you in releasing past judgements and emotional trauma.


These codes starting coming through when the 11:11:11 Stargate was opened last year and will continue to flood the Earth with Love & Light.


It’s time for a Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the “Light Codes” or “Cosmic Codes” of Renewal were received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth.


Codes are intelligent frequencies designed to shift the energetic energy via vibrations.


The reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for a reconnection as the planet continues on her journey into the divine heart of multi-dimensional consciousness.


Allow these codes to bathe you in the sweet glow of unconditional LOVE as you release those things that no longer serve you.

We are the Elohim

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