Cosmic Wash Cycles and Cosmic Cleansing


A Message from Source Creator, Channeled Through Marie Mohler: Cosmic Wash Cycles and Cosmic Cleansings

Dear One,

It is I, Mother/Father God, Source Creator of the Heart of All Things. Dear One, it is a time of fluctuation you see. A time of cleansing energies and renewal. In the cleansing, all things must go through the wash cycle if you will. They get wet, they fill with soap, and are agitated, to release dirt and debris, to then be spun and rinsed clean and free. This is a Cosmic Wash Cycle, that is continuing for many, and just beginning for some. And some of you are feeling the spin cycle at about this point. Feeling the quickening, and rapid release of all that is not to accompany you in the new paradigm of New Light.

Dear One – all in this cleansing process will come out of its wash cycle . . . better and brighter than before. But as you know with laundry, some comes out bright white, crisp, free, and ready . . . and some needs another go of it in the wash, to clean yet another layer of accumulated stains and debris. This is how evolution goes. It is a process. Not a destination dear one. So for those eager for the bright light and white of the clean, enjoy and embrace that part of the cleansing process too. Openly feel gratitude for the whitening of things long since heavy with gray. In that gratitude, is the magic of present moment timing . . . and the power of faith and trust in the process.

The earth is undergoing more and more cosmic changes and effects on a daily cycle. This summer, it may some days feel more and more like the spin cycle . . . as the quickening does its work to shake debris free. The quickening doesn’t have to be frightening or uncomfortable. It’s just the phase of cycle that goes deep within every fiber . . . to release any must . . . any darkness . . . any shadow . . . that may try to evade the Light. Just as no laundry can escape the wetness of the rinse cycle, there is no particle of your being that can evade the brightness of the Purifying Light upon your planet.

All cells will shake loose their dirty laundry if you will. When/if the Light is allowed to purify, the wash will come out bright and clean. Almost effortlessly. If not, there may be resistance and thus struggle . . . and the fibrous cells may try to hold onto the must and debris . . . that has so long filled its center, core, and vacuum. This is a major spring cleaning if you will, of heart, mind, body, and spirit. You start at the top, and continue downwards until all particles gleam with a heart-centered, heart-woven, and heart-opened divine shine.

Allow the spin cycle now dear one. For some, it will feel agitating. For others, it will feel liberating and free-ing. In the allowance, the cosmic energies are your caretakers and stewards of your new Light Bodies. Trust in Source to be your Cosmic Cleaner. As debris rises up to release in the rinse cycle, let the waters calm and soothe any tendency to resist. Allow the purifying waters to reclaim any energies not of Light . . . to become Light again.

And out of this cleaning dear one, each being on earth will shine with a new cleansed magnetism that as yet . . . is only barely imaginable. But it is True. It is the Way. It is the process unfolding for All now.

Trust the process. Trust in the Source of all the Cleansing. Trust the Light and the Water to be your Ally. And Cleansed Abundance, Joy, Peace, Unity, and Light will be your experience.

All my Love, Dear One. Bright Lights are Shining dear one, as Love calls each and every being Home in the Heart of One, and the Heart of Love in All That Is.

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