Melchizedek ~~ The Transit of Love and the Light


Friday, June 8, 2012
Melchizedek ~~ The Transit of Love and the Light ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dearly Beloveds,

I Am Melchizedek and I have a message for you. The Venus Transit brought with it a further succesful transition into a higher consciousness. The Love of our beloved Goddess Venus splashed off of Her and was directed your way. These feminine and loving energies are most valuable to facilitate your shift and to even stir the most recalcitrant souls. Those huge waves of Love arrive on your shores as an energetic tsunami and cover your entire Earth surface as a kind of flood.

Not a single blade of grass nor a single energetic cell escapes this tsunami of Love. It was a necessary phase in the transformational shift that will detach everything and will change it all visibly into the new paradigm. As the seeds have been sown it is now time for them to germinate and to become visible and tangible for you. We are so grateful for these given facts and so should you! You have contributed a lot and it is thanks to you all that what had been divinely decreed, came to pass.

Nevertheless, more is yet to come as what has already transpired is but the tip of the iceberg. It will all intensify more and more and one facet will follow the previous one in a continuous stream upwards. Beginning with the drastic changes, another issue will surface and here I refer to the ominous newsflashes concerning the members of the cabal and the plans they concocted against you. Rest assured, those plans are defeated and won’t be executed anymore.

During the coming changes you will be kept appraised of all their heinous deeds and plans concocted against you. And those plans were unspeakably evil even to the point that you, as humans, cannot comprehend how far off in negativity they truly were. I don’t wish for you to get into those plans at the risk of giving them power. It is far better to only focus on Love and your own Light. Empower those rather than the negative, lower illusions. The moment you get to know the whole evil story, just let it go without giving it any further thought! Don’t be influenced by it and don’t be tempted to find out the reasons for these plans.

It is pointless to get mixed up in that for the reasons for their heinous plans have no basis in the Light of All That Is and, everything that has not come from this Source is something you better not get into. Just be aware that you have been lied to by egotistical, tyrannical people ; don’t involve yourself in digging out the reasons why or even try to comprehend it all, for you can’t. It goes way too far!

Just focus on all the positive issues which will arrive on your path and let them comfort and enlighten you. It is such a wonderful feeling to again become One with All That Is and this is what you yearn for anyway. United as One we go for it! There’s no stopping us. We are One Divine Source of Love and pure Light from which we all split so long ago, and each and everyone of us is one tiny aspect of this Source. We complement each other with our virtues, our appearances simply by being ourSelves.

Remain loyal to yourSelf, my beloved friends, for standing in your Truth is the way you have to follow. Remain centered in your Light for it is so beautiful We are well on our way and we are almost there. Hold on, you are doing a great job. I am aware that it seems a long way in your illusory Earth time, but then again : what are a few months compared to a few lifetimes? Keep this in mind for it can motivate you to hold on and to continue on the path you have followed for so long now to reach the most beautiful goal that of your own Ascension process and your own created New World! Freedom is almost upon you!

Enjoy these wondrous times and the wonderful opportunities that will be bestowed upon you, not only in such a short time but also on such a massive scale. You are loved, we know each and everyone of you. We are One, never forget that! Allow the Love now to do the work by detaching everything that needs to be detached then you will see the pieces surface and you will come to comprehend it all. It can be like a huge AHA moment of instant understanding where all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Just a few more pieces of the puzzle have yet to be placed in the whole puzzle whereafter you will be able to behold a most wondrous work of art.

I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for sharing this message. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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