Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/9/12 ‘The Gift of Youth’

  What would sheer vitality, youth, meaning and purpose mean to you and your life? What would these gifts do for you, and how would they change the way you live and go about your day? This is a question you are being asked at this time, as this is a very appropriate question for you to think about as these are some of the gifts that are being offered you. We would like to see more of you think about these things and focus upon them, making them a reality for you, for this is how it works and all these things are possible for you. What we see for you is an entirely new way of life where so many of the problems and limitations that you currently experience will be lifted from your lives, and as a result would leave many of you a much clearer and pleasant path on which to travel.  

  One of the things we, the Galactic Federation of Light, can do for you in these areas, through the gift of advanced technologies, is help you restore your youthful appearance and vitality, strength and endurance, health, drive, determination and focus. These are some of the attributes of a younger physical being, and in many cases not an older or aging physical being. We have the technologies to change all that by erasing many years of your lives while, of course, retaining all your experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired. This is a wonderful gift that we offer you in the days ahead, and it is entirely your choice whether you choose to accept these gifts from us or not.  
  Your health can be relatively easily restored, bringing back the essentials of life for your physical vessels that have experienced a level of wear and tear throughout the many years of your current incarnations into the physical. Erasing these years is like turning back the clock on your life, yet while preserving your cherished memories of fond experiences and important lessons that you have learned. This procedure is a very safe procedure, as we have highly qualified technicians in this field who have many years of experience assisting all kinds of beings throughout this universe restore their bodies back to an age where they function optimally and more efficiently than any other period in their lifespan, no matter how short or how long the average lifespan is for their particular species. This is just as true for the human species dear ones, and we offer you this gift of youth with no strings attached, no fine print, no ‘deals with the devil’, as it were.  
  There is nothing for you to be suspicious about. We do understand there is an area of the human psyche that believes that something can be too good to be true. We have studied this area of your belief systems and we have come to some conclusions as to why some of you believe that your experience is full of nonadjustable limitations and boundaries. In due time, we would like to work with you on removing these false belief systems of lack, limitation, scarcity, borders, boundaries and rules for you, and allow you to see clearer what your universe and your lives can be like, and this includes your physical bodies as well.  
  There is no reason for you to age the way you do at this point of your journeys. Much of what you are experiencing here is simply part of the illusion that you agreed to participate in before your current incarnations. Many of the parameters of your current experience will be radically altered in the days ahead, and what we are doing at this time is preparing you for these inevitabilities and these gifts that are rightfully yours and have always been yours. These are not gifts that are ‘ungodly’, ‘unholy’ or unnatural for you and your species, not at all. The gifts of youth, health and vitality are the gifts bestowed upon you by your Creator, who is the Creator of all things in this universe.  
  We would first like to escort as many of you as we can beyond the borders of the mindset that you and your people possess that you have to age the way you do, suffering such serious debilities, illness, disease and discomfort as you get older. No one has ever said that this must be the case. No one has ever written this law in stone, and it is not a law that you of the human race must follow. We foresee many of you being quite happy to hear such wonderful news and we share your excitement and youthful exuberance at such possibilities, and we say to you that this gift is indeed yours and that nothing is too good to be true in this entire universe that we all share together.  
  We would like to explain in greater detail just how your bodies will be retrofitted with youth and vitality, strength and power, and abilities to fight off easily all disease, illness, virus and attacks on it from harsh elements such as your sun’s radiation and even man-made forces such as chemicals that today bombard your system. We would like to share with you the gifts that we possess and happily offer these gifts to you that will allow the human being to blossom and become the living flower of life that you are and have always been throughout your long journey. Allow us, your brothers and sisters, your family and friends, to share this wonderful gift of youth with you.  
  When you meet us face-to-face or are able to see our appearance in other ways, you will immediately see that many of us maintain a very youthful appearance no matter how many years of experience we possess as universal beings on a journey just as you. You will see, except for a few exceptions here and there, that many of us choose to appear approximately the same age, and this age relative to your current human experience we would say would be in the range of your low to mid twenties. This is an age that we feel would be quite suitable for your race as well, as this is where your human vessels, according to our studies, function operatively and at peak performance and also reach a high level of aesthetics or appearance.  
  We would like to make these gifts available to you as soon as we could, and although there are so many pressing matters here in your world at this time, there are also many of you who are suffering due to ailments and disabilities and we would like to relieve you of these hardships as soon as is possible to allow you to experience your journey through a vessel that is much more suited for the experience. What would you say to this offer? Would you allow fear, distrust, suspicion and a hyper imaginable mind to deter you from accepting such a gift from us, or would you accept this gift of youth and vitality, health, function, performance and beauty from us, your family? We would like to see your comments about such an offer, and we are interested in reading your conversations back and forth about this gift throughout your online social networks.  
  We again will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of your online communities simply to compile statistics and data to more clearly understand your consciousness levels at this time and reach some conclusions as to how prepared you are for the presentation of these, as well as other gifts that we possess and would like nothing more than to share them with you, our brothers and sisters of the human family. No matter what your views and opinions are on this matter, we welcome your thoughts and opinions at all times, as even negative replies assist us in compiling the data necessary before we move ahead which such plans. (You may leave a comment under this message throughout the Internet, or if no comment field is provided, beneath this message on my blog @ Please do not send me a private message, as the GFL will not read our private mail as they respect and honor our privacy at all times.)   
  We thank all of you again at this time for participating in such discussions throughout your online communities, and tell you that your efforts are assisting greatly our mission here and remind you that all the hard work so many of you are doing does not go unappreciated and will not go unrewarded. Thank you again for your time today, and we look forward to your comments and discussions of our offer. Thank you, and have a blessed and wonderful day. 
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.  
As channeled through Greg Giles English – Spanish – Brazil – Bulgarian – Croatian – Dutch -German – Greek – Hebrew – Polish – Japanese Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Slovenian -Swedish – Traditional Chinese – Hungarian French Turkish
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42 comments on “Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/9/12 ‘The Gift of Youth’

  1. kp40 says:

    Well, although in this lifetime, on July I’ll be 21, I generally consider the gift of youth (like the other gifts that have mentioned before) as a wonderful tool through which people can have more completed experiences. Thank you for your assistance so far.
    Much Love and Appreciation.

  2. Absolutely YES, YES, YES, I certainly willingly accept this offer, duh, lol.

  3. Sam says:

    Do we have to wait? I, for one find it hard to wait! Ive only waited for thousands of years for this chance. Put me on this list. I am more than ready. Thank you for everything!

  4. Anastasios says:

    We love GFL. Always GFL family.I,m fanatic for Salusa and i am all in”

  5. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I have been waiting for this since my youth ( now long gone) When I did not appreciate the thought of aging one bit.

    Now I am still getting happier but the body is not.

    I am willing to be your prototype. You can do this for me first if you like. I feel quite strong enough to deal with the fallout, shock reactions etc. to the new fabulous me.

    I LOVE you guys!! :)

  6. Jacquelyn Reynoso says:

    That sounds great!! Sign me up :)!!

  7. rhoda says:

    The gift of youth would be wonderful but the gift of perfect health at this point in my life would be the greatest gift. Free of pain, free of illness..

  8. maureen says:

    Help me with something. Is this process that you speak of different from our family who live in the inner earth(lemurians of Telos a light city) achieve youth and vitality by living in the heart and maintaining the eternal flames gifted to us by source. I have been requesting the restoration of my divine blueprint( as it relates to the physical) through meditation and use of the I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE, mantra. Is what you offer different and what must the individual do through choice to achieve this. I have intuited that shortly this gift will be bestowed and that this will manifest shortly. I have also been made aware of the responsibility that this will bring because it will bring increased power to co-create Thus restoration of our divine blueprint is assured.

    I am ready and hey SALUSA I cannot wait to meet you person to person however that may manifest so energetically or physically or telepathically . I have truly resonated with the manner in which you communicate with us and all messages delivered resonate deep within me. Thank you for your committment to helping us transcend this 3D illusion and your assistance in bringing to fruition the divine plan of source for all of us throughout the many mansions of Source. Love and light
    Thank you for the gift

  9. Gordon Jones says:

    You can include me ,I would love to have my 25year old pain free body back or a new one,I could apply to be an Ambassador for The Galactic Federation
    Love and Light Gordon

  10. Joanne says:

    My Spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak…I have been yearning so to be relieved of the chronic health issues & physical limitations that come from being 61 and being bombarded in every direction by the toxins that are purposely being used against the Earth’s population. Health and vitality are needed to move forward in creating a Golden Age on this planet. My heart cries out in gratitude at such a loving and generous gift! Yes! Count me in my beloved Brothers and Sisters from the Stars!!!

  11. k9 says:

    This is all very impressive news, but I have personally known that these technologies exist and have been waiting and waiting… The design for the pyramid molecular exchange unit is interesting, but only the major corporations have the ability and funds in our current 3D reality to create these devices, at least for now… How about some simplified designs that anybody with a little electrical experience can create with common and easily obtainable materials? Is this too much to ask? Does the GFL not trust us to build and use these technologies without holding our hands? How about simple plans for a universal energy extraction device NOW? LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL!

  12. babajij says:

    ~Yes…I Welcome the Healing Methods/Technology…Thank You in Re-Establishing Me to Great Health in My Body,Mind & Spirit~

  13. Rosaria says:

    A most resounding YES! Eternally grateful for this incredible GIFT and BLESSING.
    It can’t happen soon enough.

  14. Susan says:

    yes please and thank you!

  15. says:

    I am more than ready to accept your most loving gift.

  16. Spanish Dancer says:

    What a fabulous post!
    As to me, if I am asked whether I am open to have eliminated just the side effects of my anti depressants that have allowed me to function somewhat more effectively over the last 17 years but have brought about (and noted on the specs as possibilities) severe rheumatoid arthritis (fingers now permanently gnarled and swollen and all joints in my body painfully stiff and inflexible) extreme high blood pressure (on more medication for this) permanently damaged corneas and impaired eye sight, constant and severe migraines (on more medication for this which has caused damage to the lining of my stomach – more medication for this) as well as constant and severe lower back pain – I would say, with immense excitement and gratitude, BRING IT ON . . . YESTERDAY!

    However, age reversal in the case of my son would not help.

    Because of medical negligence in the handling of his premature birth he is deaf (due to the medication to treat his bacterial meningitis at 3 weeks old, weighing 3 lbs.) fitted with a cranial shunt and cognitively handicapped to the extent that he will never be able to be talk let alone be independent.

    Would it be possible to receive information on cases like his? Thank you.

  17. Kalna Yamski says:

    Thank You for your help and I know through my dreams you have been helping me keep the youthfullnes in me.To al you others above who wish for this it will happen as soon as you ask when you go to sleep

  18. Imeria says:

    Yes, yes please! What a wonderful gift!
    Please let this happen soon.

  19. Susanne says:

    It will be super nice to get a healthy and young body again and no more pain. :-)
    What a super nice gift from GFL. Love to you all :-)

  20. Gwenna Mueller says:

    I am really interested in this healing! Bring it on, I am tired of this pain!

  21. Suzanne says:

    To be able to reveal who I see in my mind without the walls I put around me for protection finally being removed is a wish I have had for many years. As I want to work in a job that helps humanity I need a body that is able to preform to the best of its ability. At this point the body I have is in much need of love, care and the gift of youth. I humbly acknowledge I let the energies in that caused the harm and wish I had known the affect and toll these energies would have. So I ask for the return of my youth and the ability to carry out my roll in any way I am needed in the near future. Thank you does not seem enough these days so I hope you may feel love flowing toward you in a hug full of warmth. and thanks.

  22. Lazaro Sanchez says:

    Sign me up to go back to my twenties right away. No need to second guess that. Essentially the gift of immortality and lack of illness. What greater Creator gift can there be?

  23. Tony says:

    Super Nice gift :-) bring it on :-) Thank you so much !
    I really could use some healing right now, having some problems with my left arm.
    The thought of being more healthy young and fresh is wonderfull,- feeling nice in the body makes the mood and spirit higher …awesome :-)

  24. Lucia Villaveces says:

    Of course I would love having a youthful and healthy body that never feels tired, gets sick or ages! I am sure this is part of our inmediate future and look forward to it with enthusiasm! Don’t we all?

  25. Mimi says:

    What a generous offer and yes at first when I read this post my alarm bells went off. However, I believe! I strongly believe that where LOVE and PURE LIGHT are, everything is possible… And I welcome this offer with my arms wide open and with LOVE. I alslo wish this for my mother :)

  26. yessica says:

    Most definitely we, my husband and I, would love to accept this unbelievable gift from you.

  27. Kimberley says:

    If this is where I can sign up–sign me up–yesterday. We all could be wonderful examples of the new technoligy and love & Light in physicality–with healed bodies free from disease. Thank you for the opportunity to be a youthful living loving example. Thank you for your continuous energy toward bringing about our Golden Time.

  28. Yes Yes Yes
    Sign me up.
    I am happy to my part to bring these technologies to Humanity
    Florence Guest

  29. Jose Rodriguez jr says:

    Ive been reading these messages for a while and all sounds great and keeps me awake to the real world. I would be open to any gift that helps me, to in turn help others. I’ve tried to meditate but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I would like some help in this area so I can complete my connect to all forms of energy. Thanks in advance

  30. Francesca says:

    As my 50-year high school reunion nears in September, I can enthusiastically state that I will joyfully and gratefully accept this Gift.

  31. Gonnie Siebel says:

    Thanks you for the beautiful message and offer of help. I’ve come to a time of life when more vitality, strength, endurance, health, drive, determination and focus would be very helpful in order to be more useful and of service in our transformation to embracing our Oneness. I accept.

  32. THERE ARE TRULY NO WORDS THAT CAN EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE I have for my brothers and sisters of the stars. The thought of looking at my loved ones on Terra as young, healthy, happy beings with no more sickness is a dream come true. Your words are a true blessing. May humanity open their precious hearts to your words and embrace the new opportunities being offered to us! Thank you. I love you.

  33. Sam B. says:

    Sure.. We thank you for the Gift…

  34. Vincent Holt says:

    yeh I think that sounds a go :). ALL of the Galactics plans sound a go to be honest :)

  35. RICK RETZ says:


  36. [...] Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/9/12 ‘The Gift of Youth’ ( [...]

  37. Anna says:

    Dearest Galactic Federation of Light. Please help me, my life is a complete mess and I am really not coping. I have battled depression for many many years and recently it got really really bad. I had a major depressive episode with psychosis, fell into a deep hopeless despair and tried to commmit suicide by overdosing on all my medication. Since then I have been at home with my family who are trying to take care of me. I have seen many medical professionals and recieve councelling but honestly I don’t believe anyone on earth can actually help me. I feel like I did actually die when I overdosed and now I am a walking corpse. Every day I am fighting of the major urges to just give up but I can’t because I would absolutely devistate my family and loved ones and I do not want to do this. I need help bad, I feel like I am slipping away. I don’t feel like myself anymore and have lost my spirit. I used to have so many hopes and dreams but now there is only darkness. I have a beautiful partner who has stuck with me for 10 years who is living in another city, I havent seen him for so long and I am really worried he is going to move on without me because it is taking so long for me to get better. I am sooo very lost. I would give absolutely anything to get back to my old self as I was before I got unwell and my world crashed down around me. I can’t live like this anymore I am sooo miserable and hopeless.I am trying so very hard not to snap for my families sake but it is very hard to keep going when everything just seems so hopeless. I was planning to poison myself a few days ago when I was staying at a place for people who are mentally unwell but was stopped by a friend.I really am getting very desperate! Please help me! Please save me-soon! SOS!!!

  38. Anna says:

    Also, its not only me in my family who could really use your help, My dear Mum is very unwell with oesteoperosis. She has been to many doctors but they say there is nothing they can do for her- we could really use your help!

  39. Anna says:

    I Love you and really really want to help you in anyway I can but feel that I am in too much of a mess at the moment to be any good. If you could heal me up I could devote myself to helping you as much as I can. Please help me I am sooo very desperate! If there is any way you could let me know that you have got my messages and that you can help me please do- I really am on the edge!

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